10/26/07 FM Osaka Radio Part I & II

10/26/07 FM Osaka Radio Part I
Translated by melodygreenleaf. Credit if taking.

TY: Everyone listening to Music in the House, Hello. This is Big Bang.
Please listen to our title song “Lie” which is number 1 in Korea right now.
Also we…prepared a present. There’s a song called
Always in our minialbum…we will sing a little bit of that song.
TOP: one two three…
(A little bit of Always live♬) (+beatbox)
(Then the song “Lie”♬ was played on the radio.)
DJ: We will now welcome tonight’s guests.
We were waiting a long time for you to appear here.
I thought you guys were very charismatic ever since I saw your MV two years ago on TV.
Finally, these five members are in front of my eyes. Please introduce yourselves.

DS: Yes. I’m Delight.
TY: I am Sol.
GD: I’ll introduce myself for the first time. (T/N: common phrase) I am called G-Dragon.
TOP: I’ll introduce myself for the first time. I am TOP.
SR: I’ll introduce myself for the first time. I am V.I.
(short live of BIGBANG English version♬)
DJ: Hello~ (in Korean)
BB: Hello~

DJ: Impressive. Do you always beatbox when you go on radio shows?
TY: Although that’s true, this is the first time.
DJ: First time?
TY: This is also our first time introducing ourselves on radio.
DJ : In Japan?
TY: Yes.

DJ: It’s an honor. Thanks. Thank you. (In Korean) (Laugh)
Although I said this before, Big Bang. Finally Japan debut!
In the news corner of our radio show, we talked about this.
Whether you were going to debut singing in Indian or English-
We were saying, “When will it be, when it will be.” Finally your debut has been decided.
Right now your feelings, how are your feelings about debuting?

SR: We’re nervous.

DJ: (Laugh) Nervous?

TY: Our hearts are pounding.
DJ: Really? You guys don’t look nervous~ you seem confident- is this incorrect?
TY: It’s incorrect.

DJ: Sol, do you speak Japanese well? (In Korean)
TY: I still have a long way to go. Really.
I’m still studying, but Japanese gets slowly harder the more I learn. Right now, it’s really difficult.

DJ: Even still, it’s impressive. Applause. Applause. Let’s introduce the members again.
Although you already introduced yourself, once more…
First, sitting in front of me, in Korean, Daesung-shii..
And from what you told us, Daesung-shii will become Delight?
Then will you go by Delight in Japan also?

DS: My name is originally Daesung. D from Daesung. Delight.

DJ: You took it from the D in the Dae of Daesung. The D in Delight.
DS: Because the meaning of Delight is the feeling joy.
Because I’m always smiling and having fun, I was given this name.

DJ: Ah, the smiling face?
DS(?): It’s a smiling face.

DJ: You’re cute.(Laugh) And now TaeYang. Sol. This..
TY: Yes. Originally I go by the name TaeYang in Korea.
The word TaeYang means Taiyo in Japanese.

DJ: Taiyo.
TY: In Spanish, it is Sol.

DJ: Ah, you’re going by the Spanish word for TaeYang.
TY: Yes. When you pronounce Sol, it sounds like soul.
It sounded cool.

DJ: Because it’s soul. The pronounciation is similar. I understand. It’s SOL?

TY: Yes.

DJ: Yes. TaeYang is SOL. And G-dragon is G-dragon. It’s the same?
GD: My real name is Jiyong..After changing Jiyong into G-Dragon, I’ve been been using the name G-Dragon.
Even if I don’t change the name, the name itself doesn’t seem like it will cause any problems
so I decided to just go by G-Dragon.

DJ: Ah, ah. And another member who didn’t change his name, TOP.
TOP: Yes, exactly like my name, in order to reach the top.. with the meaning of getting to the top
Our YG Entertainment sanpai (TOP mispronounced senpai, which means teacher in Japanese), our sunbae Seven sunbae-nim,
who debuted in Japan before us,
gave me the name TOP with the meaning of becoming the top of the music industry.

DJ: Last is V.I. Seungri. In Korea, Seungri.
SR: My original name in Korea is Seungri. Its meaning is victory. Victory.

DJ: Ah, so it’s like that-
SR: Yes. Victory. So my Japanese name is V.I.

DJ: V.I~. It is like that. Can we say V.I with an English pronounciation?
SR: Yes.


10/2607 FM Osaka Radio Part II
Translated by melodygreenleaf. Credit if taking.


DJ: Yes. I’ll be careful [when pronouncing]~ (Laugh) Like this, these five have gathered here.
I have to memorize your names again now that you changed them. (Laugh)
I entrust you well. (T/N: This Korean phrase is very difficult to translate into English.) There’s so much I want to ask.
Right now in your country..Your popularity is Korea is impressive.
Since your debut, you had a concert sell out and had hit songs. How do you think of your current popularity?

TY: Thank you very much. ..Although we have been out since last year.
Because so many people are giving this minialbum love,
(DJ: That’s right~) I have this thought that I should work even harder.

DJ: Because there are many really good songs. In this minialbum.
I listened to the album very joyfully, and I felt Big Bang
in the many styles of the songs in the album. It seems like this one album
is filled with all the various styles of Big Bang.

GD: For me, that’s a great compliment.
Because of [the many different styles], I feel that it is an opportunity for us to work more and more diligently.
Although just saying that we’re going to work hard doesn’t mean it’s everything, many fans saw this as endearing,
so I think that’s another reason behind our popularity.

DJ: Right now, you guys are the best in Korea?
For the best group to go to a foreign country means leaving Korea empty. Will the fans be okay?

GD: The fans miss us a lot, but also because they are our fans,
even though we may physically be apart, our minds are close, so we don’t worry about that.
Also, there are fans in Korea who are watching us,
so we feel that we should work hard and show a good image.

DJ: I see. Really.. ..Then how did the five members meet?
GD: As for Sol and I, we entered as trainees seven years ago when we were in elementary school
and we’ve been practicing since then, when we were told YG
will be making a group and had auditions. The remaining friends
entered through auditions and we ended up doing a documentary together.
(*T/N: this was actually one entire sentence. You know how GD likes to go on and on ^^)

DJ: Then when the two of you first met, what kind of music did you want to do?
What kind of music did you think you would like to do?

TY: Ah, from that time on, even then, I entered the company thinking, “As expected, hiphop is so good!”

DJ: Mmm. (T/N: Not a “yummy mmm” but a “I heard you mmm”) Even when Se7en was doing an interview, he definitely said that there was a time when he worried a lot..
He was rarely allowed to sing, he wasn’t told he can debut.
That there was a time when he had to just clean and clean..
Clean-up clean-up! (Laugh) He said this, but how was it like for you? (Great laughter)

TY: Ah, back then, G-Dragon and I did the cleaning.
(DJ : Clean-up, it came out!) (*T/N: referring to how TY admitted that they had to clean) (GD: Clean-up, clean-up)
Before practice we cleaned, and after practice we cleaned again, and then we went home.

DJ: Because that kind of time existed, you guys are here now. You are saying that you are thankful.
TY: Yes yes.

DJ: You’re saying that after that time, the five members met by luck. (T/N: Can be luck/fate/destiny/etc)
BB: Yes yes.

DJ : Japan debut confirmed as the first month of next year! It’s your debut. January 4, 2008 will be your debut.
For debut, you will be releasing a minialbum. Please tell us today, with the idea of making this day memorable,
will you able to show a demo to give us a slight feel of [your song].
(TY: Yes, yes.) It’s okay. We’ll be showing it specially for the listeners.
(How Gee Demo)
DJ: What about the title [song]! Sol! What do you call it!
TY: It’s How Gee. How Gee.

DJ: How Gee! There’s really a feeling of underground beat (T/N: The underground in Korea/Japan is hardcore hiphop)..it sounds like it.
TY: Yes, something like old skool hiphop…

DJ: Yes. I was surprised.
TY: It’s a song that was famous in the past..
DJ: Ah, a remake?
TY: Yes, yes.

DJ : Yes, I see. Right now, How Gee special! We’ll be hearing a little bit of it.
Everyone, please mark January 4 [on your calendars].
From next week on, we’ll be welcoming one member at a time.
Because we want to tell you more about Big Bang litttle by little.
Let’s start with Delight first. You don’t like [being first] in the beginning- really. (T/N: Saying how DS might not like going first, but that feeling will disappear)
Anyways, I entrust you well. (BB: I entrust you well~)
Thank you for coming here tonight.


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