Last Farewell MV OUT! & Download xD

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EDIT// Bonus Article

Big Bang, “If we want to, we’ll do Trot”
Translated by melodygreenleaf.

TY: “Before, unless the five of us were together, people didn’t recognize us. But now, even if we go around separately, people recognize us. I think it’s because more people know about us now than before. Also, our songs are becoming very popular.”

GD: “If we were to do the songs we want and according to what our fans tell us, Daesung is ballad, Seungri is pop, TOP is hiphop, and Taeyang is R&B. But when people listen to us and say, “It sounds like it’s a song by Big Bang,” we’re happy.”

TY: “Because the words “About Love” is in the lyrics, we thought it would become the title of the song, but Yang Hyun Seok President called it “Last Farewell”. Because of the saying, “Singers reflect the titles of their songs,” we were worried at first that this might become our “Last Farewell”. But then we decided to ignore this like Wheesung did with his hit song “Does this not work?”

DS: “I think a good song is a song that anybody can enjoy listening to. So that’s why we try to do an easy song that anybody can listen and sing along to.”

GD: “We went with hiphop first, then disco-style second. If we suddenly feel like doing Trot one day, we might even do a Trot song.”
[*T/N: Disco-style in Korea is club music. Techno basically.]

GD: “We’re trying to make [our concert] a cool one. Although we can’t reveal this yet, there are incredible people helping us.”

SR: “We’re excited too [about the concert]. I’ll be happy if a lot of people came.”



~ by balloonz on November 25, 2007.

30 Responses to “Last Farewell MV OUT! & Download xD”

    ive been trying to DL GOMTV but my computer wa being retarded so i spazzed out
    and i was checkng this site literally every minute hoping you would upload it

  2. lol i like the part where she finally realized who he was.
    awesome vid!

  3. yey THANKS

    awesome vid.

  4. yay!
    can’t wait until you upload. (:
    i love it. ^^

  5. love this video! great story!

  6. Lee Dong Gun looks so frek/n good in the clubs !!!
    love it !!

  7. Where can i download this ?

  8. YEAY…it’s out…saw it and i LOVE BB…love the movie…love the music

  9. same style with Lies MV xD

  10. the third pic in this article:
    TY seems to have a bruise or sth on his face. wonder what it is

  11. yup..saw it…am wondering about it myself. *curious*..thanks for sharing

  12. i love this song ^ ^” ..
    i think its the best song of big bang ever d0ne

    B to the I ,g /BANG BANG

    ћeч baъч G-¹rΙ [ωat ‘s чр] 혹시 오늘이 무슨 날인지 아니? 넌 알고있니ч kпoш?

    s○ s¹ск οғ lο√е Ѕ○ⁿӘs .. ћate ч tћė m○st mέмeлto οғ оuяѕ 거짓말

  13. It’s awsome.The MV is best ,Lee Dong Gun look like lovely but BigBang is No.1.Hehe,I want download MV

  14. i put the download up you guys

  15. Thanks for the video (:
    Im so glad that they didnt make us wait as long as the Always MV.
    But the MV was definitely worth it.
    It makes my head spin everytime its the club scenes -_____-;;
    Ahh well the beat is totally awesome.

    Maknae is too adorable when he sniffed the alcohol <33

  16. (: thanks for looking for the d/l link. toootally made my day. ^^

  17. thank you balloonz

  18. whoo! thanks man! i love these boys! they’re the hottest!

  19. Love this MV *_*;;

    Omg, I think I have to watch this MV in slowmotion again %DDD~ *everthing was so fast*…

  20. This might be a stupid question, but um, what’s trot?

  21. @Alex: All I know is that it’s a genre of music. U can read a bit more about it here

  22. I think the Divshare link is broken ><
    It goes to ”This blog has been archived or suspended for a violation of our Terms of Service.”

  23. i love this video it goes so well with song big bang is awseome

  24. i fix the link for divshare

  25. you guys have done a very good job!!Big Bang’s kool…oh!! I think I ‘ve fall in luv with BigBang!!hahaha….go for it guys!!

  26. Ah i DLed this, of course, and loved it! I think its so funny and cute, haah the girl got what she deserved.^^ lol

  27. I just finished download
    I love B i g —-B a n g

    Thanks For sharing

  28. aahhh..lucky ppl who actually get to the concert..i m so jealous of you. big bang~come to malaysia~pls~i beg

  29. hey can any give me the site to d/l this vid. its so good!!

  30. Tq!!~

    Its Hot!!!

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