Miraculous Victory & Defeat Download

01.06.08 SBS Good Sunday
Miraculous Victory & Defeat
496 MB – High Quality



credit: bigbangpop clubbox
upload: Vicky

I’m a fan of this show, watch it everyweek
and I have to say, the dance game was MADE for SunDae
see it for yourself, I don’t wanna spoil anything for those who wait for HQ like me
but it is seriously. LOL. LMAO. ROFL. anything sort of LO you can think of.



~ by Vicky on January 7, 2008.

18 Responses to “Miraculous Victory & Defeat Download”

  1. AM I FIRST???
    Yes, I am.
    Thanks for uploading the video.
    I love this game show.
    I wish someone would put English sub on the video,
    so I would be able to understand what everyone
    [Mostly JiYong and DaeSung]
    Thanks for the HQ version of the video.

  2. DO I have to register in megaupload to download anything from their server?

  3. @b-wy12m: apparently you have to register!

  4. hiii..actually where do u watch this show from…?? If you are watchin it on the net , can i possibly get the link pleaseeee =) thanksss

    omg..it is totally hilarious..i just keep watchin over and over again and yet they never stop amusing me..especially when im stress from work XD

    ~dae sung luver~

  5. @ doraemon

    if you can download from clubbox [a korean download website]
    it’s on koreanent’s clubbox every week
    i download it from there.
    part of the Good Sunday program
    you’re right, these shows are great shows to watch especially when in stress.

    the other part of good sunday is super junior’s explore the human body, and this show where korean people help these vietnamese womans that has to leave their country to marry men in korea in order to help their family, it’s a great show, makes me cry my heart out everytime.

  6. thank you!!
    i’ve been waiting for this ^^

  7. thanks you oh so muchies (=
    is there more to it? if it is r u gonna keep uploading it?

  8. I really wanna watch all the shows having BB…but it’s all in Korean 😦

    but they look happy ^^ so that’s fine ^^

  9. is this ep. 9?

    do you by any chance have 8 or the ones with SR too? xD

  10. @ireanie
    they gonna air the continue part to that this sunday
    I’ll upload it as soon as i can.

    I’m not sure which episode this is
    I do have the episode with Seung Ri and GD
    but since it’s old
    i don’t know if many people want to download it

  11. yea I think it is 9
    its not that old but thanx 😀

  12. @ gdbabygurl

    thanksss alottt for the info…!! ~~

  13. lmao i watched it and it was sooo funnie and soo cuteee
    Dae Sung and GD were like hanging onto each other lol soo kawaii
    and maaan Dae Sung and GD can danceeee =)
    both preee–hottt too <33

  14. that was my 2nd time watching it and I was still cracking up
    funny stuff

  15. This isnt uploaded onto YouTube Right?

  16. i love this show… haha crazy hilarious! thanks for uploading!!! v^_^v

  17. @ iqwoo: I watched it on YT before I downloaded it

  18. you have the episode 8? can you upload please?

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