Why Bong?


Okay, I know that I (Vicky) have a habit of calling Ji Yong (GD) Bong.
and lots lots of people are confused why the heck I called him that.
at first, I didn’t know either, I just think the name is too darn cute, so I call him that.
but I since he had the bun for “Lies”, I assume that people start calling him that because of the bun.

But recently, I just become friend with the person that came up with the name.
this is her explanation.

“Yong sounds like Bong and i thought it sounded funny so i started calling him that. Also “bong” means stick in Korean so it fits cause he’s so damn skinny “

haha. I think it’s cute and make perfect sense.
I don’t know about you.
These days, lots of people call him Bong too.
on fansites, forum.

On this fansite, I blame me.
So I hope this clear up the WHY BONG?” questions for all of you.
Bong is such a cute name, don’t you agree?

 Now. this post would be BORING if there’s no freaking cute adorable pics right?

YG Entertainment is coming out with a school supplies line with chibi Big Bang.
The release day is Febuary 14
But there’s no info about it realeasing for over-sea fan.
I hope they’ll be an update on that soon.
I am so so want one.
but then.. bye bye money.
haha. it’s worth it for the boys.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

This is the official chibi version from YG.

If you speak Korean, maybe you would like to give us more info about this.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

There were some words on him.
so I kinda fixed it with PS.
then add the BONG to the blank part.
hehe. my BONG.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

For more info, [if you speak korean] go to YGbigbang


~ by Vicky on January 28, 2008.

54 Responses to “Why Bong?”

  1. awww !! BONG is liike the cutesst namee eveeerr ❤
    and maaan those school supplies andd hecck cuteee!
    i seriously wannt theem =)

  2. yeh…that makes sense….

    oh GOD…i miss him :((..

  3. ohhhhh.
    okie dokie.
    it is a really cute name.

  4. thanx 4 de explanation….
    bong…it sounds soooo cute!!!

  5. thanks foh dha whole explanation. now everyone will probably be callinq him bong nows. lols. i want dhose skool supplies. >.>

  6. Oh… My… Goodness…
    I want to start calling him Bong too… But I won’t. x’D
    I’m not special enough to do that. LOL. x’D

    And like… Yeah, once again.
    Oh… My… Goodness…
    I want ChibiBang.
    Look at Youngbae.
    With those eyes.

  7. haha[=
    its doesn’t make any difference to mean about what bong means,cause im
    cambodian(southeast asian)
    and “BONG” means the same like
    oppa/hyung,so if i call him “bong”
    it’s cool cause he is older than me>___<plus bong is such a cute nickname<33

  8. i’m cambodian also and i thought you meant oppa.. haha just like bbynoodles said… lol

  9. I’m glad you finally did this! lol! I’ve seen you explain this to a lot of people. This was a much easier way to explain why people called GD “Bong” ^^
    OHH and thanks for the info about the school supplies thingo, I’ve been seeing those pics around but I didn’t know what they were actually about! =]

  10. aah i want the skool supplies too!

    omo! seung ri looks TOO weird in this drawing! >_<

  11. “Bong” is so catchy. I find it completely interchangeable with all of his other names: GD G-Dragon Jiyong… etc. lol. I think I pair each name with different occasions. If he is being particularly himself-ish, I think “Bong.” It’s fun to know about its origins!

  12. haha half cambodian here
    and when i read the whole bong thing
    i was like woah.
    😀 its cool cuhz its like intermixing countries together

  13. haha no wonder xD
    thnx gdbabygurl ^^
    && uhhh skool supplies ? no clue waht enything says but shuree haha
    i`ll buy xD buh dnt think i can since no info abt it realeasing for over-sea fans ):

  14. im korean!
    i love the name bong! so cute<3
    anyway, the article is basically saying the shop will open february 1 and end february 12
    $ 25
    sorry im kind of horrible at translating

  15. wow
    those pix r really kute for sure
    and wat r they gonna release actually???
    skool supplies??
    plus, the ygbigbang website
    i dont understand a bit cuz it s not in eng

  16. DaesungWifey s2M

    yea. from my broken english
    they’re coming with stuff like pencil cases, notebooks, pens..etc.. stuff like that
    I don’t understand korean either, well I’m learning.
    I just pretty much guess what they’re saying on ygbigbang haha

  17. haha, everytime vicky calls G-Dragon “bong” it reminds me of “oppa” but in Cambodian. Cause that is what we call like older ones around your age you know.

    but i like her explanation of it. and the pictures look simplicity perfection.

  18. thanks vicki for clearing that up for us..for the longest time i wondered why you guys called him bong..i love that name..bong is hot!!

  19. now im gonna call GD bong! love the pics! especially how DS is so energetic in the second one!! i wanna see the bb school kit. the supplies I bet are gonna be spam with BB! Can’t wait!

  20. Hahaa I think of my Uncle Bong. Lol

  21. Ok agree! Call him with BONG! its lil weird but its kinda cute..
    and those pic are veryvery hmm~

  22. hahah..yes Bong loves Momo..has a nice ring to it hahahahah 😛

  23. BOng Bong Bang ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  24. lmfao at @luvBB’s comment…it just made me think of **Jiyong is BONGin~!** haha xD

  25. glad u came up with bong!
    it’s super cute !

  26. haha i adopted Bong : )

  27. omg. i so want the chibi dolls.
    i always call jiyong bong too. 😀
    it just seems so cute even though i dont understand the meaning, that time. ahhaa.

  28. i LOVE the TAE YANG cartoon.
    it’s SOO CUTE.
    i LOVE them.

  29. They’re really cute!! :3 ♥

  30. omg chibi big bang? ❤ i want one tooooo but its still january… id have to wait another month T.T

  31. personally, i always associate the word “bong” with marijuana… =S
    so it seems a bit weird to me… >.<
    but it IS really cute, as long as you don’t think of it in that negative way =]

  32. Wow you guys are so awesome! I really love reading your comments~ HELLO! *waves* first comment here~

    BONG is love~ I used to call him GD or Jiyong but BONG is like pure love~ :DDD LOL it’s fun and cute like when I’m watching a Last Farewell perf and singing B-I-G BONG BONG~~ HAHAHAHAHA *me is a dork* XDDD

    He is our BABY BONG!!! <333 And Bong is a very common nickname here in Manila. So calling him Bong is like calling a boy/best friend or a relative or an elder/younger bro. He is like that close to my heart <333 BONG~~

  33. @shooniex: MANILA?!?
    are you filo!?? =D

  34. haha, i was curious as to why you were calling him Bong…
    but i just assumed that you were cambodian, b/c in cambodian Bong means something equivalent to Oppa… so that’s why i thought you were calling him Bong…
    hahaha, but now i know the real reason why, haha =]

  35. @x3babyfilo: YUP, well it’s actually NEAR mla 😉
    waah~ homg *clings* BB SPAZZ BUDDY!!!!! 😀

  36. umm.. I was wondering “why Bong?” as well.. lol
    now I understand why.. thanks a lot~ ^^

  37. LOL vicky i can’t believe you actually posted this up here.

    I also can’t believe how many people are calling him Bong these days. I had no idea it would catch on so well when i first started the whole damn thing XD

  38. Ai
    why can’t you believe?
    that name is just too adorable not to be call
    and you know me and my mouth
    just keep on spazzing about Bong
    then ppl start to wondering
    so I just HAVE to explain to them
    you should be proud gurl
    you started the most popular english nick name for GD.

  39. Ooooh that explains this! Like the other Cambodians have said up there, whenever I saw it I was just like “Bong..?” because that’s the word in Cambodian for elders like oppa/hyung. He’s my Bong anyway, so yay double meanings xD

  40. BONG BONG BONG <3333333

  41. OMG no wonder
    lmao aww cute though

    tell u wat vicky?
    under your influence i started calling him BONG too even though i didnt know the reason behind this name
    it’s a nice name!!
    now i couldnt stop calling him bong~~

  43. Isn’t “stick” in Korean “maktegi?” I know for sure because I asked my friend who’s of Korean descent. But I think your explanation is pretty clear. 🙂

  44. BONG…I’m cambodian and when i first started noticing that vicky called GD Bong i just thought that she was refering to him as oppa cause that’s what it means in cambodian. but it’s still GD so it dosen’t really make a difference.

  45. lol, it makes me laugh how much the picture looks just like them! Seung Ri has his dark circles, Daesung’s smile is blinding, and TOP looks like a cat 😛 Is Taeyang doing the “Last Farewell” dance? o.o

  46. hola soy Cobra 97 de mexico

  47. love it!
    EASY to write


  48. i like daesung he is so funi

  49. Wow! So damn cute! :’D<3

  50. AWW Bong is a really cute name if you think about it.

  51. […] Bong! What is Bong? Refer here: Why Bong? […]

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  54. Bong in my language is like oppa, or onii-chan. It’s a term of endearment or saying older brother or older sister.

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