BIGBANG Lies Misheard Lyrics

Looking for some good ol’ Big Bang related laughter?
well watch this.
I guaranteed you will rolling on the floor LAUGHING.
well.. I did.

Oh god. too funny.


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~ by Vicky on February 2, 2008.

60 Responses to “BIGBANG Lies Misheard Lyrics”

  1. LOL!!!!!! hahaha
    OMY OMYYY!!! my cheeks
    it hurts! it hurts!!!!!!

    thanks gdbabygurl! thanks! LOL!!!!

  2. lol but dont make fun of them!!! thx 4 postin this

  3. ahahaa that was pretty funny xD at first i was thinking that it can’t be that funny.. at first i didn’t get it, then i read the words/phrases and they sounded like the lyrics. hahaa nice job whoever made this xD

  4. Lmao that`s funny x] i love my big bangies<3

  5. lmao xD
    aht first da wrds were goin 2 fast buh i aint wanna pause it cuz den da song wuld sound weird haha buh w/e REWATCHiNG ! haha

  6. LOL!
    *Sexy Sigh*
    This is really funny XD
    Thanks for posting this!

  7. LMAO…so hilarious…lols….

  8. lolllllllll
    hu wrote dis??
    it hilarious

  9. omg! lol

  10. wat the— o____O

    hah hahaha,!! pfiouh, im dead!

  12. oh mee gosh~!
    dat so had me n my friends laughin like crazii!
    i so have 2 get da lyrics. lol. [does sound like da song if u read along w/ it…helps u remember da Korean lyrics. lol]

    so funny =D

    dat so had me dead after laughing 4 so long…lol

  13. ahhahhahaha
    i was laughing my azz off when i read the lyrics.
    I was sitting on the edge of my bed
    and fell on my butt.. XD it hurt!!
    If you don’t speak korean and understand it,
    i will tell you that songs that you don’t understand can be misheard.
    My sister does this all the time.
    She says things in vietnamese and english to replace the korean words that she thinks that it sound like it.
    very funny..but she ruin the songs that i love sometimes
    thank you for sharing

  14. well
    sorry, no offence
    but dat vid s so stupid
    it s make my fav song go stupid
    but it has funny side tho

  15. OMGGGG
    That was sooo stupid….
    😀 Funny though.
    “I’m so sorry but I love now I don’t, ha!~”
    That part made me laugh the most…..
    Thanks for sharing la~

  16. I think that was stupid.
    Its like it was making fun of the Korean language.
    And it just make Lies look stupid.

  17. But I still love the song. 🙂

  18. OMG. this was funny.
    i was laughing so hard now my cheeks hurt.!!!!

  19. Oooooh my dear goddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd
    Injured my leg
    wha wha wha wha wha wha wha
    i was busting out here sooooooooooo loud

  20. that was sooo funny..i was crying of laughter!!lol

  21. lol!! I couldn’t sop laughing!!……………….People around me are starting to stare XP

  22. dha lyrics werent dhat funny buh when chu read it, it feels like dhey r cursing xDd

  23. omg, i thot i was gonna die from laughter
    hahahah (X

  24. kekeke creative idea!

  25. ahahahahahahaha. that’s hilarious. xD

    XD… that was erm… creative
    yet super stupid x(
    but i still love the song though.

  27. OMGFG… LFAO =)) =))
    Mih stomatch hurt so bad now.. thx so much, i just got a bad day and i watch this.. mih check plush mih stomact hurt so bad.. and i cant stop laughing =)) =)) =))
    U noe, u should upload more of this

  28. @ people that say it insulting the korean language

    maybe in your opinion it does
    and that okai!
    just dont think that was the purpose of the vid
    the person that made this is also a BB fan and says that “korean is a fun a beautiful language”
    … dont bash her :]

  29. lol…omg am bursting out!!! this is so hilarious!!!!

  30. LMFAOO ! THAT WAS HILARIOUS !! omg i was laughing soo hardd !
    “you got guts say, YOU’RE A BUCKET” LMFAOO !!
    thanks for sharing this (:

  31. ooh & ” Joe, I’m a joe BALLIINNN” LMFAOO

  32. rofl rofl
    this is funny
    ooh i like
    “strokin my broken on a piano??”””
    tiger jee ma

  33. LMAO, that was hilarious….
    but i think ive heard lies so many times that i cant really see how the english words and korean words sound the same
    still really funny XD

  34. esso? gin and chili?
    hahahahahahaha! that’s awesome! i’ll watch it again ^^

  35. ha ha ha …
    this one is so hilarious xD
    love the chorus : “he have a lasso… “

  36. LMFAO omg….bahahha, but you can actually learn the song with this! xD….sorta…? haha

  37. Lol I thought it was funny!


  38. So stupid but for some reason I can’t stop laughing… And yeah I think its the chorus that’s killin me

  39. FARK datz funny!! After it finished i kept laughin 4 like 5 mins! XD

  40. TIGER JEE MAH!!!!
    hahaha…dis is so hilarious!!!!
    thanx 4 making my day… 😀

  41. PWAHAHHAHA!!! WTF!! HAHAHAH…Sooooo funny, can’t breah…


    My favourite part was the *Homo, nada* part…
    Nada means ‘nothing’ in Spanish….
    LOL, it’s like *Homo, nada*….

  42. Oh my GOD that was hilarious~!
    The only parts I had a problem with were -1:53 and -0:42. I know it was meant to be a joke and it does kinda sound like that but still.




    Seriously! This is FUNNY! AHHAHAAH!!

    Dang, Gin Chili! XD AHAHH
    he said i’m guilty! OMGOOOOD! HAHAHA

    btw, yeah. she said on the yt page tat she didn’t mean to make fun of bigbang and korean language. she just made this for fun. 🙂

    this is a crazy story

    my cousin showed her friend this song and she started singing “I’m so sorry, but I love you LIKE A CHIMBA!” :PP

  46. HAHAHA that made me laugh so f*ckin much

  47. hahaha xDDD!

    Wow, that was too funny to explain.
    I tottally had hold in my laughter so that my parents
    wouldnt think that Im a weirdo laughing at the comp [x

  49. GYeaAHHH!!!
    co0L…. wait till BB hears this song….
    They’ll prolly roll out laughing….


    \m/ BB

  50. lol..
    i know that the maker isn’t making fun of big bang hehe
    this is fun and very creative though…
    their pronounciation sometimes can be misheard hehe..
    so funny….
    love it..
    i think that BIG BANG will laugh out loud too if they see this clip hehe

  51. is there any way to download this?

  52. thanks for sharing…it’s hialrious

    my friends who are bigbang fans thought it was funny too

  54. oh god!! is there anymore of these? cause i just love this video!!:)

  55. hahaha “im so sorry but i love u now i dont, ha!”

  56. OMG this is so funny had me rofl

  57. OMG i was lmao the whole time!!!!!!!!!!! xD

  58. Greattt ,, sugoi,,, hahhah

  59. the best song lies. .
    the lyrics also give effect. .
    damn goood. .keep it up guys. .
    love big bang so much. .

  60. Awweee, they deleted the video. But, I remember seeing it earlier on Youtube – hilarious!!

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