SeungRi’s accident during the GREAT concert.

There was an accident during the concert that make his ankle more worse.
he was crying.

When I saw this.
I can’t even say anything.
Now i’m all teary like an idiot.

poor baby.

 He was like in pain, and sent to the hospital right away.

I AM … heartbreaking.

credit: 홍시.BigRoom@VIPZ


You can see he twist his injured right ankle to get away from that puff of smoke.
that must hurt soo bad.
remember the performnace of him during that time and he was in pain just moving around in that leg.
now.. twist it like that..
and what make me all sad is after the concert he wrote a message apologize to us fans because he left the concert for a while.
it’s not his fault, we just want him to be healthy.
aww.. baby.
make me love him that much more.

to people who were wondering why he was unconsious.
Apparently, his ankle hurt so much that he was crying until the point where he passed out.
The staff doesn’t know what to do but to get him to the hospital right away.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


~ by Vicky on March 16, 2008.

109 Responses to “SeungRi’s accident during the GREAT concert.”

  1. oh my godd!!
    i cant believe he criedd..!! 😦 😦

    wahhhhh!!!!!!!!! 😦 😦

  2. did he faint or wat?!
    cuz he was all closing his eyes in the pic & somone was wiping his tears…


  3. I think because he was too painful so maybe they let him take something to ease the pain away and those type of medicine tend to make you sleepy so you don’t feel the pain

  4. I think because he was too painful so maybe they let him take something to ease the pain away and those type of medicine tend to make you sleepy so you don’t feel the pain

  5. omg..
    poor SR.. I want to hug him 😦

  6. omg ………..

  7. OMG…i cant bear lookin at seung ri..
    he must be in deep pain..
    i hope he’ll get better soon..
    oh…poor seung ri..

  8. aawww…..i want to Hug him tightly 😦
    Bless him

  9. omg..why must it happen to him!?
    poor seungri omg!! D:
    he was in soo much painn ><
    atleast he’s better now right? :]

  10. it’s very painful to watch.. ><
    they should like not let the puff of smoke go off if they see soomeone there.
    staffs are just like that . they just do whatever & not even bother seeing if something wrongs gonnna happen.
    i can feel his pain T_T;

    but i am glad now he’s OKAY right?

  11. OMG!!! POOR SEUNG RI!!!
    it must hurt!!!!
    aigooooo i cry!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Poor Seung Ri!!! AWWWWWWWWW… That must’ve hurt.

  13. omygosh that looks so painful. i m glad he s better now

  14. OUCHHH!

    i can feel his pain!
    this happened in the g.r.e.a.t concert right
    so was he present for the rest of the performance?

    was there any performance in the great dvd without him?/

  15. Awwww Seung Ri!!! ;___; *gives virtual hugs*

  16. omg ! Seung ri x.x ! awhhh , i hope he can come back to us without this pain =/

  17. Omg~! This make me really sad, it always makes me sad when someone gets hurt but extremely sad when it’s SeungRi or someone i really love =[
    That twist looks like he’s be in excruciating pain T_T
    I hope he’s not hurting too bad and can get back on his feet soon (literally and metaphorically).
    I hope he takes good care of his ankle and rests after too~!
    Don’t strain yourself SeungRi ah~!

  18. i dont know what to sayy i just want to give him a big huggg !!!

  19. OMO, seeing him cry in pain is like…. Ah~ I can’t even say..
    Just seeing him in pain, makes me be in pain.
    I’m like crying.. I’m so happy that he’s fine now.
    The 2 last GIF… *SIGH*
    Made me cry even more.. It’s GREAT that it all ended and he’s up jumping again.

  20. seung ri!!!>..< be strong!!!!! we’re here for youuu!

  21. omg!! poor baby >.< but he cn get through it!! ^-^ { Seungri FIGHTIN! }

  22. awe omg that must’ve hurt

    saranghae seungri obah<3

  23. when did it happen? any videos OMG never believe what happened to him just so sad but he is a great guy i hope he is. of course he is. PLS ANSWER ME WHEN DID IT HAPPEN ANY VIDEOS?

  24. omg … =(


  26. Poor baby 😦

  27. lol.

  28. Oh man…
    I know it’s old but geez…seeing him cry from pain
    is…so sad. I wonder is they sedated him or he passed out from pain? :/
    I hope it’s the first option.
    Thanks for sharing.

  29. to all those who asked about it: this happened during the great concert performances… i think O_O

    SEUNGRIIIIII why did you have to do this to yourself?!?! to see him lying in that stretcher thingy 😦

  30. OMG ><
    poor seung ri
    i wanna cry now T.T


  31. OMFG @ THE GIF 😥 he was already in a lot of pain from the ankle and more when getting burned?! PORR SEUNG-RI 😦 yeah seeing him cry made me cry 😦 </33

  32. omg… im like abt 2 cry wen i saw our maknae crying… and like my mom saw me wit d teary eyed and she was like why u crying? hahaha and she saw i was looking at seung ri hahahha! wel good thing hes all ok now! =>

  33. Fuck That maan ..
    I going too cry right know
    that is so sad…

  34. OMFG<–This is what I screamed, out loud, mind you, when I saw that GIF. Damn. What is this, the fourth or fifth time?
    And the poor kid’s got a musical, too, right?!
    I hate how he turns away quickly and twists his ankle and his jacket is still smoking, but the booty girl dancer is still twirling around all gung-ho 😦

  35. OMGG NOOO.
    Awww……poor baby…
    I hope he feels better!!
    Gosh whats with everyone getting injured D= first enhyuk and now seunri D= aww ❤

  36. *tears*ohmygoodness- thats all that could come out of my mouth right now.

  37. at first i serious’d then i lol’d.

    i wonder if he just got too carried away with his perf. and forgot where the pyrotechnics were. he’s lucky his hair didnt catch on fire like micheal jacko.

  38. icecreamsoda93: What happend to Enhyuk?

  39. poor baby I want to hug him so bad T_T *cries* but Im glad he is ok, I know he is strong
    hwaiting SR

  40. noooo~ y make a gif? its playing over and over again
    made me shed tears TT____TT
    now im sad
    but thankful
    thankful that he is fine now.
    Seung Ri, im looking up to you
    please take care!

  41. OMFG.

  42. oh my goodness…i cried when i saw these. i seriously did. how can someone LAUGH at these photos? its so disrespectful..<.<

    poor baby… im just glad he’s okay now.. but he must’ve been in so much pain :{ i just want to hug him and never let go


  44. Seung-riiiiiiiiii =`(

  45. Omuna!
    He passed out?!

  46. OMG o______O
    From the gif, it looked like he got blinded or something from the
    smoke too! I can see the pain on his face – MAAAAKNAE! ❤

  47. I literally cried so much… this is the saddest thing ever
    my babys hurt 😥
    But i’m really happy he’s doing well right now<3

  48. omgah, poor baby. the way he twisted himself looked sooo painful. poor thing. STUPID SMOKE. its good that he’s okay now. let’s not think about this anymore or we’ll all be sad. lol

  49. i really really hate those smoke coming out from the ground!
    im sure this is not the first time it had injured them
    i remember seeing gd with his arm(?) injured in this performance but it’s just not as severe as seungri’s injury.
    seriously.. if i was there, i’d rather not see any special effects than to see my boys getting hurt
    you know.. seeing them getting hurt like this worrys me =(

  50. What’s wrong with the smoke, is it like burning hot or something?
    Seung Ri you can do it, I live with a permanently semi-dislocated ankle. = )
    Don’t push yourself too hard though.

  51. So his old ankle injury still didn’t get better yet?

  52. awww .. poor baby. makes me feel soo heartbroken. gosh that pain mustve hurted soo bad. im glad hes okay now 😦

  53. OMG! I’m so glad hes better now!

  54. omg, that is so dangerous. the explosion is right at his face. that is so freaking crazy. ahhh, i know what magnae feels when he twist his ankle. i broke my ankle once. then once when i was about to turn just like magnae did… i twisted my ankle and dislocated my knee. i feel it hurt like hell. i was practically yelling for help. ahhhhhhh! ok anyways, i’m glad he feel better. that pictures kinda scares me… he passed out and they had to carry him. believe it or not, he looks cute when he passed out. i’m sorry. :p and he cried!!!

  55. *it hurt like hell.

  56. OMG! I want to go hug him right now
    although this incident wasn’t today.
    I just want to go hug him.

  57. NOOO again?? thats horrible!! did he get burned too from the pyrotechnics? oh this is awful!!!

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  59. oh my gosh..
    it makes me so sad…
    it looks so painful…
    it makes me want to learn healing abilities………..

  60. omg…y bringin back this sad issue again T..T
    i’m so heartbreaking..seriously >.<
    when saw he crying…his face even turn colourless for suffering the pain?
    thx god he’s fine now..n always!

  61. omfg…whoa i didn’t know this happend! is this in the DVD??

    oh dayum…was the tech person blind???? didn’t they see SEungri there!
    omfg ahhhh ><

  62. oh god! GEE .. i can’t believe it dat i saw this!!
    and dats why he fainted? looks painful alot..
    really sad to know this.. badsituatin there!
    hope i could help him when the concert began..
    is he ok now? wish it doesn’t happening in the next their concert & future..

  63. ohh lordd

    T__T the pain seung rii had to go through
    so sad =(

  64. congratulation! YOU in
    top blogs

  65. im shocked T_T

    poor Seung Ri ='(

  66. omg!!!! seungri looks so sad n him crying makes me cry!!
    at least his better now!

  67. OMG! poor seungri. they’re always getting hurt. first exhaustion and now pyrotechnic explosions in the face. i’m glad he’s okay now but man that looks so painful and he looks so lifeless in those pix. i just wanna run up to him and give him a big hug and a kiss. we need our boys around for as long as possible!

  68. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    poor baby……
    he must be in pain……………
    I can feel it baby!!!!!!!!!!! TT^TT
    don’t you worry………..
    we (fan) will always support you from the back……..

  69. What a dangerous performance.. poor SR T___T

  70. poor sr…
    the stage is one dangerous place.
    first it was gd who almost got hit by fireworks, it’s sr who got smoked!

  71. Get well soon seung ri oppa….take care of ur health,btw i think there must be smething wrong with his ankle cuz last time it was the sme problem,right?!anyway he should get a lot of rest…he definitely should!!

  72. omgosh! that’s crazy! stupid freakin explosion thingy! that’s seriously messed up!… 😦 man he was hurt so bad… he cried… 😦 well he’s ok now. but I felt so bad.. what he had to go through.. but.. he’s strong! :D:D Seung Ri ❤

  73. ….he’s still a kid…….
    i know that must have hurt alot..
    and yeah…tears came out…..
    but but but…i’m glad that he’s fine now…hope that his ankle is good now…
    SR don’t worry!!! VIPs are always caring about you!!

  74. D: when was this exactly?
    like the DATE? =\

  75. OMG!! was this recently?! poor seung ri!! but he is ok rite? it must have hurt alot for him to cry till he passed out. i wanna hug him!!! >__< buht he does look really cute passed out ^^ SR GET BETTERR YOUR FANS ARE WORRYING WE LOVE YOU

  76. feeling so sad now when i look at the pics~ T_T eyes getting teary…

  77. rebecca// this accident happened during last December..

  78. aww poor sR! omg! looking at those pictures its so sad… hope hez doin good!

  79. aww baby. he’s ok now. STAY STRONG!! PANDA fighting! : )


  81. It’s recent ?!?

  82. That sucks.. Bad luck.. but if he’s okay now. XD You see the smoke follow his face. Soo sad. It wouldn’t have been that bad if his ankle wasn’t already hurt. Poor Seung ri.

  83. T_____________________________T
    @X3 BB its not soo recent so u can be at ease…
    it was during the GREAT concert…so late Dec. of 07
    Poor Hunnie…. ! @ tHU I kno u can c the smoke following his face…. T______________________T
    POOR SR, Saranghaendajl!!!!!!!!!!!! <3333333

  84. OMG…
    I don’t know what I have to say
    It’s so painful to see SR’s feeling pain and crying

  85. OMG…

    seung ri oppa…..

    i can feel d pain too….


  86. OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!
    OH! SR hope u alrigth!. be careful ma honey ^______^

  87. OMFG!
    so this is why he didnt come out in that musical drama with wonder girls ):

  88. hh

  89. so painful i feel sad for him

  90. so painful i feel sorry

  91. O MY GOD!!!!!!
    I CRYING!!!!

  92. OMG,that’s really painful!poor seungri..I hope he’s better now,I feel sorry for him..Thank god it was not too late to save him..seungri oppa,fightin’!!!

    =( hope you’re okay

  94. i love u seung i love u..dont cry…it makes me cry twice as much..i love u forever…..

  95. can someone pleaseeee post the link to the youtube clip of this? I can’t find it ANYWHERE

  96. So it wasn’t that he was hurt from the smoke, he was hurt from his ankle being injured? Or both?

  97. That’s the youtube clip of this…

  98. He deserves it

  99. i really feel bad for him i mean he is the YOUNGEST ON THE GROUP SO I FEEL BAD AND BESIDES HE TWISTED HIS ANKLE

  100. It wasn’t actually smoke, but fireworks. You can kind of see the sparks shooting out. But that just makes you feel for him more, don’t it? Poor guy 😦

  101. poor seung ri..
    oh god..that’s must be pain coz he cries..
    if i at his place i will cry too…
    himnija oppa..
    we’ll here 4 u…4 support u..

  102. seung ri… oh god… i cry for you too.. .. .. ;__;

  103. Seungri-ah T_T i cant believe i just found out yesterday!! I saw their making and all in a sudden there was that.

  104. he isnt crying in the picture next to the video its actually from happy share company or manwon happiness where he wakes up the other gang

  105. awww…poor seungri….is his leg alright is he going to be fine……

  106. i rele lov u seungri n cnt bear da pain dat u hav during ur concert tim n by seeing dat i ws rele sad……so get wellll sooon…..bye…..n t.c……wid lov nam-gy

  107. awww…..serungri…….lov u alot n hop 2 see u healthy in ur nxt album……t.c

  108. ahhh… that’s the reason why he is crying, I’m sorry, I don’t understand korean!, eh?!

    *even I didn’t know why he is crying, he make me cry! TT_TT

  109. my poor bby seunri-ah ❤
    i cried for him… forever his fan

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