Big Bang Documentary Eng Subs

Finally someone took the time to sub the first episode of their documentary. I’ve been waiting for a while and was surprised that no one did. If anyone is interested in seeing how the boys came to be. Hope they sub the rest!

Episode 1 – Part 1/3

Episode 1 – Part 2/3

Episode 1 – Part 3/3

Credits and much thanks to: frostsg@youtube


~ by jxley on March 31, 2008.

23 Responses to “Big Bang Documentary Eng Subs”

  1. this is great!!!
    thx for sharing ALOT!!!!

  2. yay!
    someone subbed this (:
    lol i saw their documentary without subs & couldn’t understand a word xD

  3. O

  4. haha. i went crazy when i found this video.
    finally, someone did.
    i wait for like FOREVER for it probably since last year. i missed a few of the episode when they aired it on mtvasia with subs.

  5. thankz 4 de upload…
    i have been waiting 4 de subs for a long time too… 🙂

  6. lol, thnx for the post!! i only watched part 1 earlier, didn’t noe there was the rest.
    kekeke~~did u guys notice 5.18?? ionno if the it was the name of the song or summat, but it sed “tempo(diamonds)” during top’s song. DIAMONDS!!!
    lol, n lil seunghyun?? the dance instructor!! and poor top, all stressed bout dancing and daesung all skinny and gd all chubby and youngbae as hot as ever!!! was funny how youngbae talked bout so-1..

  7. thx 4 upload …
    aah .. now i understand why big bang think CEO of Yg is scary ^__^

  8. AHHH YES! Finally I’ve been looking for this

  9. oh yeahs i have been seeing it from the up loader. I think we should all thank him/her for uploading to show how much he had helped us ;]

  10. finally got to c this after months and months!


  11. o my goshh
    dat CEO dude is sooo mean to GD
    hic hic
    he said “just 6 years of trainin u want to go home already?”
    wt was dat surpose to mean
    hic hic hic
    i feel sry for GD
    but hey
    at least he turn out good

  12. Kooolll…

    Is there any subtitle files for the documentary…

    If yes, can u upload it on MF???

    Gomawoyoo… ^_^


  13. Ahh the CEO is scary 😦
    Poor Big Bang but I guess constructive comments like those just helps them become better performers.

  14. YG is tough. hm =/

    and THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SUBS! waited so long and FINALLY! 😀

  15. ohhhh finally!!!!
    i wanna see the rest of the episodes with subs T^T

  16. where can i look for the rest of the subbed episodess?? help me pleaseeee

  17. my poor GD…getting scolded at de end of de third clip… 😦
    i wanna go hug him!!! 😛

  18. oh no, video is no longer available =(
    where can i find the dcoumentary episodes subbed in english???

  19. oh… video no long available.. ahhh why!

  20. NOOOO i wanted to see this!!!

  21. go to youtube and u will find a copy there

  22. oh finally found a place revelant, i looking for the sub too, there a gal i like really love this group , i got the whole 10 episode from in avi
    but no sub~~~ aiigooooo need help~~~

  23. ahhh….. badly wants to watch this subbed. anyone knows where else to watch the whole documentary??

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