[MVIPs]KBS MUsic Bank Show 21/3 @Astro

Malaysian VIps,

If my calculation is correct, please dont forget to tune in to channel 303 KBS World on Astro to watch Gummy’s Comeback Stage featuring TOP > I”M SORRY PERF..

Date: April 12th 2008 SATURDAY

Time: 3 pm

You’ll get to see TOP winks at you on your big tv screen^^



~ by Momo on April 8, 2008.

14 Responses to “[MVIPs]KBS MUsic Bank Show 21/3 @Astro”

  1. wah, although i’m not from malaysia but we’re using malaysian time on astro.
    thank you for the info! x)

  2. ohh gosh TOP winks make me drool

  3. MOMO,
    is this just a replay of the performance last time? thanks…
    ah and one more thing if you can get hold of the audio of big bang’s manager talking about our boys it will be gladly appreciated..it’s amazing because he revealed some things about our voice..like who wakes up first and how does he wake them up..like he also said that TOP is the noisiest member after waking up…

    i’m trying to look for it too…

  4. awww i want that channel T.T

  5. thankz a lot 4 de info!!!
    i luv u,momovip!!!!
    lol,jz kidding…i still luv my beloved Bong…keke 🙂

  6. thanks!!!! waiting for it

  7. huh??
    i dont have dose kinda od cable ya have

  8. lol, thnx momo!! this is one of the reasons it pays off to install astro!!
    i feel so lalala~~ evrytime i turn the channel on.
    but why’d they have to air it wen i’m not in malaysia ryt now?? TT____________TT

  9. OMG thanks for this info. I so can’t wait xD for saturday!

  10. ye…i’m looking forward to it…thks for informing

  11. oooh i cant wait!!! must set a reminder so that i dont forget and then slap myself for missing it.

  12. i hav kbs world too but i dun’t noe wat time it will on
    help me plz?

  13. bigbang_4ever//

    Date: April 12th 2008 SATURDAY

    Time: 3 pm

    Channel: 303

  14. momovip-i noe but mine kbs iz start at 7 so yeh
    i want ot make sure wat time it be
    ohh by the way i live in CALIFORNIA

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