Care to Share? Pt. 2

Remember THIS?!?

according to JT, the post above is the MOST VIEWED POST in the history of our fansite. lol. not including the DL page, Galleries, etc. how cool!

well i’ve recently made a new background for myself, & i’ve decided to CHALLENGE YOU to show off your PS skills & see what you’re all staring at on your computer screens. i HOPE it’s BIG BANG-related. it’s only expected of you AWESOME VIPz.

so — no cheating, be honest, & PRINT SCREEN whatever your desktop looks like. then, upload it to a photo host site & link it for all of us to see!

(if you don’t know what PRINT SCREEN is… it’s a button located on your keyboard, usually around the top right corner, a special function that takes an image of whatever is on your screen at the moment…)

time to show off, or time to be embarrassed!

as i said before, i made an AWESOME new background for myself. story: i was trying to choose a new background, but i couldn’t decide which i wanted!! that’s wat big bang does to you… so hard to choose JUST ONE! so… i decided to put them all on one background, & this is wat happened…


show me yours!


well here is mine… click for bigger image:



it took me a while to make. i fell in love w/ it afterwards & was spazzing all night. if i like you, i might share w/ you.. xD


~ by gdluvzmc on May 5, 2008.

69 Responses to “Care to Share? Pt. 2”

  1. here’s mine !

    i was gonna show that i was skyping you. lol but it would block my wallpaper so nvm. i’ll just let peole know I SKYPED MELINDA!

  2. uhh.. I make this a LOONNNNGG time ago, back in Valentine’s Day.
    I have something else on my wallpaper
    but it wasn’t made by me
    so this is one that I have on before i change it and use my friend’s
    it’s of course, MY HUBBy.
    I barely look at my wallpaper really, I always have something popping up on my screen.

  3. hi.
    my name and dayara
    I love the group big bang.
    I’m Brazilian.
    Korean love music.
    kisses to everyone.

  4. mines not that good but its GD lol

  5. Uhh here’s minee hehe (; its sort of similar to the one YG entertainment has but, couldn’t help myself 😛 [i’m new here?] (downloaded the images from here of course ^^)

  6. haha so i didn`t make it ….
    oops ?

    ahh oh well … i`m a loser @ps haha

  7. this one is mine. its an old pic. but i like it ^_^
    i change it from time to time 🙂
    but right now i have this one up 😉

    @ Vicky
    omg thats soooo COOL and CUTE! you got skills!! 🙂 its so pretty. GD is so hott ^_^ heehee

    i like it alot. its cool 🙂 so much big bang love.. -awwwww- ^_^

  8. oops. i posted mine on the old post but i’ll just repost it here again :]
    ❤ :] it’s kind of like yours actually. lol. x]

  9. @ Ne Ne i really like yours too!!!!
    @`Ann you is cool too super cool! 🙂

  10. haha mine just is a picture.
    but it depends on which one i feel like putting up on a certain day.
    recently it’s been between these two :]

    [[i flipped that around cuz i didnt want tops face to be covered by icons if i added more ;D]]


  11. I neeeeeeeeeeeeed heeeeeeeeeeeeelp. Rawr. So I got a new laptop &I don’t have $650 to spend on Adobe Photoshop CS3. Does anyone know any good Photoshop programs or where I can get Adobe Photoshop CS3? :l Thanks.

  12. limewire.

  13. well.. i was a bit lazy to photoshop or do any design when deciding if i should put a big bang picture as my walllpaper..

    so i just used a picture of all of them =] it was too perfect lol

    DONT MIND ALL THE ICONS T_T i get lazyyyyy.. alot.. lol

    oh and about the bluring…
    i feel as though it is my right to keep some stuff confidential lol

  14. I like keeping my desktop neat and clean and I think that this pictures sums it all up. ^-^

    @ candysweet882 We have the same background! I really like the picture, simple and hella hott. haha

  15. oops. i put the wrong url. it’s actually hehe.. sorry

  16. Heres mine =)

    and i kinda big banged my msn as well xD

  17. lol cuz u told me to… here it is! xD

  18. i decided to do another one lol

  19. WOW, gdluvzmc, that’s so ADORABLE!!!
    im always using a shared computer, so i cant put up any BB wallpapers T___T
    (my parents would ramble on about why i put up pics of random guys on the desktop…)

  20. omg.. you ladies are crazy big bang art creator peoples! LOL! i swear!! but i love them all. steal!! j/k my boyfriend is too jealous already about me with big bang this and that. kekeke! so i took my screensaver off.

  21. OMG Tooth, how’d you do that to your MSN?!
    That’s AWESOME.

    BTW, here’s mines ^^”

    Not the best.. I’m not that good in Photoshop =/

  22. Whoops 😦 Guess I’m not a loyal Big Bang fan. BAH I’M SORRY!! Lee Minwoo’s just too gorgeous!!! (PS sorry I don’t know how to post it on here)

  23. ,ines isnt as good as everyone else but i think it okay
    ** viluv music urs i filled with them looks awesome

  24. haha here’s mine…. i use BB imgs for my desktop calendar weee so cute!!1 =D

    i wish i was that ice cream cone taeyang is holding…AHHH! <3<3

  25. oops the link didn’t work——–>

  26. not so loyal with other boys but m really loyal with TOP…

    but i’ll change it soon

  27. ahh I wish I had ps skills like you guys^^…but no
    anyway uh one day I was messing around with the camera and watching the Great
    and this was one of the snapshots haha
    kinda like Sweeney Todd meets Seungri

  28. ahhh~ finally finish mine!
    hate how the vista stuff is now >.< stretch things makes it soo weird looking

  29. oopsie wrong link

  30. hey top&yb’s girl

    where can i find it?

  31. mine varies wen im in a GD mood its :

    if im in a TOP mood:

    ive been in a seung ri mood buht ive been to lazy to make one for him XD
    currently mine looks like this:

  32. haha. i change mine almost every single day.
    i m sure i m not the only one that does that. xP
    mine :
    at least currently 😀
    everyone is so good at ps =)

  33. wow
    i spend lik 1 hr or 2 on mine n yep
    wen i come bak
    there lik soooo many beautiful ones
    hic hic hic
    o well
    imma upload it anyway

  34. something is wrong don’t know what..but i can’t post a comment..
    m gonna try another one later…

  35. now it’s working..let me do it again

    dubseeXvip, thanks you can find it in but i’m not sure if you can access it
    easily..sometimes you have to be korean or at least have a korean account to access it. but just try…

    current wallpaper:

    FAVORITE: had this long time ago

    worked hard and like these:

  36. yeah, this is mine..i totally LOVE it..i can stare at my screen for hours juz bcoz of took the pic here

    p/s: i post at pt.1 too since i didn’t do it

  37. wow! awesome wall papers…here’s mine…the first one was with BB which I use daily until today since a friend made me a top I’m using it now!!sorry! I’m so loyal to TOP!

    BB wallpaper

    TOP wallpaper

  38. Yeah I had the problem too that I can’t post a comment on old entries esp. ones w/ lots of comments…

    I love the Baskin Robbins CF and promo pics 🙂 I’m using one of the promo pic as my wallie, it’s simple yet special, coz it’s BB~

  39. hi ! ^^/
    the first time of BB on my desktop is T.O.P *-*
    i think TOP on black color so cool ★

    but now i used BIGBANG theme
    i made from poster
    i love them color hehe~XD

  40. here’s mine
    *hope that i copied the right link

  41. oops..
    that’s the wallpaper alone
    my bad..
    here’s my dekstop

  42. OMG yours is so good x]
    you should make a wallpaper section for people to post wallpapers x]
    i’d make a screen shot of mine right now, but i’m at school -.-
    i’ll do it first thing i get home :]
    i really like mine.

  43. It’s time for me to share mine too.

    Made this wallpapers in the past.
    Now, it’s time.
    To show mine’s best.

    Here’s they are.

  44. yaaay here’s mine :]

  45. @ rebecca: that’s a good idea!
    i’ll work on it when i have time.

  46. @nisa omg i really like yours x] pretty pretty!
    @Paradizekid omg yours is so colorful x]
    @linda — yours is just. AMAZING. ❤
    @tooth –AHHHH GD <3333
    @win win — ah it looks cool x] hehe
    @KayKay&WhyBee — i like yours a lot x] hehe

  47. @ Paradizekids:
    Where can I have the real picture of bb? 🙂

  48. If only i had my own folder it’ll be bigbang but i dont
    so its my baby cousin! :/

  49. I have two but this is the one i’m looking at!

    this is the other one

  50. I made mine the day I found out TOP had a girlfriend, HAH. Lmfao.

  51. jkkl;j

  52. Click Here For Mine

  53. WOW !!!!!!!!!!!
    all wallpapers sooooo cute^___^ but i shared computer wit ma sist T___T

  54. omgaaah! that sure is nice and cute and hot and gaaah x3
    soo goood *O*

    My cousin did one too 8D

  55. My cousin did this

    but wooah I love all you wallies *O*

  56. I didnt make the wallpaper..
    But i did the letters XD
    Yea mine looks weird >.<

  57. @ rebecca — BB made me crazy colorful XD

    @ Lalle — I don’t know what did you mean about the real picture of bb 😮
    poster or wallpaper ? but i upload BB wallpaper and Posted link on
    bigbangkorean.wordpress new page …
    ” Fan-Made Wallpapers [new] ”
    ……………………. hope you see it~^.^

  58. Heres Mine : )

  59. PS skills as in Print Screen skills or PhotoShop skills? xD

  60. lol moni… PHOTOSHOP skillz.
    i dont think u need a brain to print screen.
    but then again, some ppl print screen pop ups & stuff… xD

  61. I make this cuz I loved the Baskin Robbins new video XD

    sorry my english i’m from brazil…

  62. lol i was in school!

    HI NATALIA!!! 😀 woo! Brazilian vip!

  63. nisa..
    yours is awesome!
    love it!

  64. Hi all…
    I just wanna share this:

    And this:

    Sorry if there are some mistakes for my writing technical.

  65. […] ahh it goes waayy back. PART 1 | PART 2 […]

  66. way WAY back…

  67. My background is sooo plain.

    but it’s TOP. lol


  68. lol sorry mine is so cheesy but here it is:

    and yes that quote is by him ;D

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