[VIP Story] Momo in Bangkok for Global Warning Tour

I just got back from Bangkok yesterday’s evening. All i can say it was great and i had so much fun meeting with my Thai friends and other IVIPs as well like Juhjuh, Anne, Meg, Meli, Zaza and gangs to name a few. Like i mentioned before i left, i will try to remember everything as possible and pencil it down before i get amnesia all of a sudden. Well, i did get an amnesia and the only think i could remember was our encounters with Big Bang 4 times within 2 days in a row, close proximity too.


  • Encounter 3 updated + few pictures taken by Thai VIP
  • Fancam of the boys coming down the escalator at the hotel taken by ANNE
  • Encounter 4 updated
  • Concert overview updated


Encounter 1: Saturday June 7th. BB was about to leave the hotel to the concert venue

We were at Central World, when i called my Thai friend Ai (Admin for jiyongtabi Forum). She said that BB will be having their lunch at Kong-ju, Korean Restaurant at the hotel. So she asked me to come back to the hotel ASAP. We just got to Central World, didnt have the chance to look around. I told Anne and others about it and decided to rush back to the hotel. U could imagine how tired our legs were…with walking here and there..nonstop for that day.

We got to the hotel and waited at the hotel lobby which was on the 2nd floor. Had our lunch at the Korean restaurant and waited patiently. A few Thai VIPs came in to dine at the restaurant whom i then realized one of them was my THai friend, Shinbi. So while waiting for the boys and crew to arrive, we had our IVIPs warming up session.

We were there from 11.45am till 1 pm, still no sign of the boys or the crew, so we decided to go back to our room to get freshen up before the concert. Meg and Meli waited at the lobby just in case if she meets any of the YG Staff passing by, she could pass her gifts to the boys thru them. So did we. Anne, Jaja and I waited at the lobby as well for about 20 mins to 30 mins..Then Anne decided to go up to the room, Jaja and i followed as i was planning to take a quick shower.

At the lift area, waiting patiently, the lift suddenly opened and saw…………………………………………..3 YG Staff. We were on the same lift. Anne couldn’t helped it but to ask them “Are you from YG???” and one the staff said “Yes……why?” One of them was Big Bang’s Manager. He didn’t say much and i think he was like observing us as i could feel when someone was looking at you from the back. As Anne was explaining to one of the YG Staff about Meg’s gifts to the boys, then suddenly lift stopped at 14th Floor and the manager got out. It was a sign….saying that BB was staying on that floor. The other 2 YG Staff got out at the 15th floor and said “byebye” to us. After they all got out, i was like ” Whaaaaaaaaat just happened?” And we continued spazzing till we reached our floor.

We got to our room. Busy doing our stuff….Anne received a call from Meg and said she just saw a glimpse of Seungri passing by..Without even thinking..all of us ran out to the lift. I even ran without putting on my shoes..i was on bare foot..hahahahah…luckily for me, i managed to grab one and put it on while waiting for the lift. When we reached the lobby, all of us were out of breathe…So Meg and Meli explained to us on the exact location they saw Seungri. According to them, she saw somewhat like Seungri’s description came out from the other entrance which connected to MBK shopping (it was next to the hotel lift area. Pretty Close too). He was alone..maybe went out buying something. No one noticed except for Meg and Meli.

It was convenient for us to wait at the lobby as we were one the hotel guest. So for other Thai VIPs, they had to wait at the ground floor as they were not allowed to roam around on the 2nd Floor. So i must say that we were pretty grateful that we got to see our boys first hand. If you saw from my previous post on Fancam at Pathumwan Hotel (June 5th) where TOP took the coke from a fan as they were going up on the escalator, that was actually leading up to the 2nd Floor> to the Lobby Area. So basically we spent most of our time there, on the 2nd Floor.

it was getting late and we were still at the hotel, we have not yet decided to leave to the concert venue. Saw my friend Ai and she said they boys had just finished swimming and was about getting ready to leave at 5pm. OMG..our room had the clear view of the Swimming POOL..and we were not even in our ROOM when the boys were there. So then we were thinking that was maybe the reason why Seungri went shopping alone. He was getting himself a swimming trunk…LOLs…Apparently he did as what my friends told me.

About 5.15 pm or so..we saw dancers passing by. Followed by YG Crew and Organizers. Then, the first person we saw tagging along was :

  • Seungri….looking at us (it was impossible not to notice as there were only 10 of us). He saw us..there was a smirk on his face..and SMILED eventually.
  • GD….was on earphones, cap and shades. I saw him and did make an eye contact, so i waved at him. He was being a GD, as usual, didn’t show any interaction. Instead, i think he was looking up at the ceiling for god knows why.
  • Taeyang… smiling HAPPILY 🙂 (i love him more and more. Such a sweetheart)
  • TOP…on shades and earphones..guess he didn’t hear us when we said “Hwaiting” But i could tell TOP was extremely a shy person. And OMG..he has such a beautiful hair style. i know its long..but he looked really good.
  • Daesung was standing next to TOP…on earphones as well..until one of the security had to tap Daesung’s shoulder, he turned and saw us, HE SMILED AND BOWED! (We were so happy to see that)

That was really close..about 10 steps away from them..We didn’t go all crazy. We just stood there and kept our poise. We just kept on looking at them as they passed by. Am so sorry that we couldn’t snap any pictures as you all know that it wasn’t allowed. Plus, the security was really tight and they were with them 24/7, so it was impossible to go all paparazzi and snapped a few. Also Meg managed to pass her gifts to the YG Staff.

Encounter 2: After the concert, BB returned back to the hotel.

The concert ended about nearly 11pm or so. The concert was about 3 hours or less. (i wasnt sure as i was worried about something else..my eardrum..hahah..with all the shouting and screaming, i couldnt hear anything clearly. And MY GOD, Thai VIPs could really SCREAM their lungs out)

Waiting for taxi, man that was the hardest thing to do. Thanks to Prao@BBLJ, she helped us that nite. The area wasn’t that friendly..as in Taxi friendly..but then we managed to get back to out hotel safely. When we reached our hotel, we saw Thai VIPs waited outside at the hotel. I was so tired and my legs couldn’t take it anymore, so i couldn’t be bothered about waiting for the boys to return. I had my GDreason 😛 So we went straight to our room. Meg and Meli and other friends followed us.

I just landed myself on the bed and relax and breath as normal as i could. (yes, it can be tiring as i was screaming and shouting during the concert. And not forgetting jumping. Hence, jumping + knees worn out = PAIN)

After the rest went back, Anne, Jaja and i soaked out feet with HOT WATER. it felt nice and comfy too. we havent had our dinner yet, so Anne decided to go to 7/11 which is across the street. While waiting for others to get ready, i text message my Thai friend, Ai (was using Thai Number at that time) and asked if she was at the hotel. She called me and said the boys will return soon and asked us to come down to the lobby. Told Anne and Jaja about it..but for me i was dead tired. I didnt care much about seeing them again and again i had my GDreason. So we decided to go out with the intention of going to 7/11 to grab a bite to eat.

As we were walking towards the lobby, i saw my friend Ai, in her blue pyjamas along with her 2 friends in PJs too. Then Ai told us, not to go and asked us to wait for the boys to come back. Also, she told us the hotel securities had just put out the barriers, so it was impossible for us to go out, let alone to come back in later.

So we waited at the lobby. While waiting for the boys to return, we spazzed about the concert and about our encounter with the boys that late afternoon as they were about to leave for the concert venue. Then we heard fans screaming. So we knew that the boys has just arrived. Again we kept our poise and sat still. Mind you that there were only 6 of us at the lobby so again it was pretty IMPOSSIBLE not to see us especially my friend Ai who was in her Pyjamas.

We saw dancers and crew passed by. Then the first person we saw:

  • GD…talking to one of the YG crew/security. I again, saw him and did make an eye contact. I waved, he again as usual, being a GD, no interaction and continued talking to the YG crew/security.
  • Daesung…looked surprised to see us there. Or maybe he did remember us from that afternoon. He did look a lil’ bit puzzled that nite. (or shall i say early in the morning as they did get back to the hotel around 1.30am)
  • Taeyang..being sweet as ever, saw us and wanted to approach us. But the security pulled him away. Again, he gave us that “SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE SMILING FACE”
  • Seungri…OMG..he was so chirpy. He saw us and he gave us a big smiled and waved..and he said to us “GOOD NITE” happily. (He was still waving at us as he walked by)
  • TOP came last..he was then busy talking to the YG Staff. He did see us there, but i think he was in the middle of a conversation, so he didn’t show any interaction. TOP looked really good in person. He’s really tall and dead gorgeous too.

All of them looked really good IN PERSON. But then i will tell you who i think is the most gorgeous person among all. So as you can see, my friends and i met the boys twice in one day and it was 10 steps away when that happened. Imagine how close we were.

Encounter 3: Sunday June 8th. BB went shopping.

Tired as hell. I couldn’t move that morning but then since i was going back on the following day, i had to do some quick sight seeing at the shopping mall..or at least do some last minute shopping. So was not planning not to see BB again. But then, things turned out differently for me. Please read on. Will explain as i go along.

Jaja was going back to Malaysia that day along with Meg to Philippines. After sending them off, Anne and i decided to go sight seeing. We met her Thai friend and he’s a guy. He was really chatty and friendly too. Thanks to him, we managed to go to places where they were selling vintage clothing. The stuff was really cheap there if you’re into vintage style.

While looking for things to buy, my Thai friend called and said that BB was getting ready to leave and they were planning to go to Siam Discovery. What a coindinky, i was at Siam Square (i think) and it was actually opposite the Siam Discovery. So i told Anne and we decided to check the place out. Also, i called SG VIPS and told them the news.

The mall was really nice. They had all sorts of stuff, branded stuff per se. Then, i met up with SG VIPs. We were formally introduce to one another. We even had time to do a lil’ spazz about our encounters with Big Bang at the hotel yesterday, in the middle of a pathway..LOLs. After that, they decided to go off to check out the place where by Anne, her thai friend (whom i couldnt remember his name) and i walked up to the next floor and did some window shopping. I got stopped by the a few SG VIPs( Sarah, Jo, Vanessa and Qian Hui) and they told me that they got separated with Zaza and gang. So again we chatted and chatted in the middle of the pathway, and suddenly i saw:

  • Taeyang walking towards us. Passing by us. He was wearing earphones, cap and was all in black if i remembered it correctly. Smiling as usual.
  • Daesung…was looking puzzled again..I think he was a bit confused seeing me there. Maybe he was thinking he did see me at the hotel yesterday and now at Siam Discovery. He must have thought that i was such a good stalker and always on the right place at the right time. (trust me! i didn’t have the intention on seeing them. thats was pure coindinky..LOLs)
  • Seungri..cute as ever..walking..i think i saw him smiling..
  • GD..hmm..he was HOT. Thats all i can say. He has his GD moment.
  • TOP…well he wasn’t there with them. One of my Thai friend said, he went to Central World to see TVXQ. And yes TVXQ was in town that Sunday for Fan Signing Event.

My friends (SG VIPs) and i were like 5 STEPS AWAY when they passed by. As usual, we kept our poise and did nothing..I think Jo (who lost her voice) was calling out for Seungri’s name and he was looking around to see who. (maybe he was confused was it a girl or a “guy” calling out to him. Jo is a sweet girl + lost her voice at the concert = low tone and more manly voice……:P)

The more i don’t want to see them, the more they kept on appearing right in front of me. I kept telling Anne that.

Ohh..i forgot to mention that i saw one of the dancer, the long hair dude..yes outside Siam Centre. One of the dancer was busy taking his picture. So i told Anne that i wanted to take pic with him. If i couldnt get any pics with Boys, the dancers will do just fine by me. Well for now..So i ran slowly to catch up with him..i tap his shoulder and asked if i could take pic with him. He showed some gesture saying that he was tired and sweaty..(maybe he thought that he wont look good in a PIC..i think..LOls)

Well for me at least i get to touch one of the dancer..heheheh 😛

Few pictures taken by Thai VIP:

Photo taken by :Koru + Uploaded by Kathae@jiyongtabi

Encounter 4: At the hotel. BB was about to leave the hotel to the airport.

After shopping, we decided to head back to our hotel. Our feet was killing us and couldn’t take it anymore. Thai VIPS were still waiting at the hotel BIstro, eating and having a blast time with each other while waiting for the boys to leave the hotel.

We met up with Thai friends, May and Vanessa (Admins for BBThailand.com) and spazzed again about our encounters with BB last nite. Then May told us that BB had just got back from Shopping and went up to their rooms. We had only missed them by a few seconds.

So we went up to our room to keep our stuff aside and tried to relax our feet. It was dead tired. Got a text message from Miroo saying that they wanted to pass something to BB but was not allowed to go in to the hotel. So they asked if i could pass it to the receptionist and later on pass it to Yg Staff. I said ok and told Anne about it. As we were coming down to the ground floor to hang out at the Bistro, i saw 2 YG Staff whom we have met at the lift a day before, was at hotel counter with a few people. Guessing they were in the midst of preparing to settle everything and do the the necessary before they leave.

We sat at the Bistro and almost got thrown out coz the hotel security got confused with us as one the “FANCLUB MEMBERS” and not as HOTEL GUEST. Also, there were so many times that both Anne and i were mistaken as Thai Gals. Until i had to show my room key, the security backed out. Again, another GDreason for me not to throw a GD.

So we waited at the Bistro with the intention of waiting for Zaza to give me her gifts to pass on. While waiting for her, i asked my Thai friend, if the boys would go back to their rooms after dinner. So i texted Miroo and told her about it. The chances of giving it to YG Staff was like 50%-50%. But i kept on waiting at the BIstro and was trying to enjoy the last view before i leave. Then, i saw the securities upstairs weren’t that strict as i saw a lot of fangirls were roaming around at the 2nd Floor. They could even run here and there to find the best position to see the boys.

Anne asked if i wanted to join her standing together with May and Vanessa upfront (at the Bistro Area) to see the boys leave. I told her again, i couldn’t be bother as i didn’t have the attention to see them off. But something changed my mind, i eventually followed Anne to join with other Thai VIPs.. didn’t know what changed my mind tho. Anyway, was standing right in front of the escalator and almost block another Aussie couple’s view. Both Anne and i had to apologize in advance and they didn’t mind at all. They were all interested to see the boys as well. Anne explained to the couple about BB’s music genre and how many fans coming all the way just to see their concert. The Aussie couple were impressed to see our dedication and our passion towards BB and their music. They could feel our LOVE and SUPPORT. Heck i could feel the support i felt from Thai VIPs.

A few minutes later, dancers came down using lift straight to the Ground Floor. I think i saw May gave BB’s Choreographer SungMIn , a can of drink and he took it. He was such a doll and amazingly adorable too. Then i heard fans from upstairs started to scream BB’s names. I looked up and saw:

  • Taeyang..looking all mighty FINE and FABULOUS. Again, as expected, giving us the warmest SMILE EVER.
  • TOP..man this boy is one shy dude. I could see that he was really really shy..and didnt know how to react..so he kept his POISE. He was so COOL and POSH LOOKING too.
  • Daesung..“OH MY GOD”..thats what Anne and i saw came out from Daesung’s mouth. He said OMG..(Monologue to himself) i think he was shocked to see so many fans sending them off..as he expected some might be at TVXQ event @ Central World. I think he wanted to show some appreciation to all of the fans but didnt know how..so he thanked us by SMILING 🙂
  • GD came later with his “heavy wightlifting gesture” with his WICKED SMILE ..well i guess he was alright. He showed a bit of GDsmile after all. Was cute tho.
  • Seungri…came down last holding a light stick (normal light stick.Not BB’s) and waved to everyone with his dorkabke smile. (dork +adorable). Seungri was smiling and waving at the same time. He is adorable maknae after all..

Again, it was another upclose encounter. And all i did was smiling at all of them as they passed by. They all looked GREAT and BIG BANG IS VIP indeed. I was happy to experience the UNEXPECTED ENCOUNTERs altho i wish i could have given them a HIGH5 and asked YG to adopt me. hahaha..I literally said to the girls as i did plan to say it to Mr YG if i see him..LOLs

Fancam: BB departing from the Hotel

Fancam taken by Annebloom188@BBLJ

( i was standing next to her. And her cam was running out of battery too..So she manage to take a short clip of em)

Global Warning Tour Concert, Bangkok.

  • It was GREAT and the performance was GREAT too especially when Seungri did his solo dance. He gave it his all. He gave his 150% at that concert. I was really impressed to see his passion, persistence and sincerity to perform the best to all fans.
  • I had a different feeling when i watched BB’s concert on a DVD. I could see that they were great. But by watching them performing live, the feeling was indeed different. I could feel their energy and their passion as performers.
  • Taeyang..performing his SOLO singles was PURE LOVE. And just realized he has a BODY to die for.
  • The best part of the concert i liked was when Seungri told everyone at Zone A not to push. He said “Please Calm down…Calm down” “Please don’t PUSH and PUNCH…its DANGEROUS”….i was LOL my heart out. I could see the boys were LOL too..especially GD..he giggled at the corner of the stage.
  • TOP..no words can explain how SEXY this boy can be…With his long wet hair, I was like Oh Wow…shouting and screaming like any fangirls would do. SUPERBLY HOT
  • Daesung…he’s my DORAEMON in my heart. I feel warmed inside whenever i see him. I know why….coz he’s such a sweetheart. So is Taeyang
  • GD..he knows that he’s HOT. Nothing can change that. But i do admire his passion for music and as a performer the most and he did the best!
  • We got to watch the video clip of “Until Whenever”. It was such a good song and was able to hear it CLEARLY. I was overwhelmed when i listened to the lyric. I was proud to be apart of the 10,000 fans who came to the concert.
  • Performing 21 songs for nearly 3 hours..THEY ALL DID GREAT. AMAZINGLY GREAT. NO DOUBT ABOUT THAT. I was grateful that i was able to come and see them performed live. These boys GOT TALENT IN EACH OF THEM. Big Bang is pretty UNIQUE and there is no one like ’em. Thank you to Mr YG for scouting the most unique personalities and talent amongst all.

Most GORGEOUS in person : Taeyang


SUPERBLY CUTE and ADORABLE : Seungri and Daesung

Note: Their flight was supposed to leave at 10.45pm but they changed it to 1.30 am, June 9th due to unforeseen circumstances.( i was on my bed packing when my Thai friend texted me) They even made a Thai VIDEO MESSAGE before they left for Korea. (maybe thanking everyone who came all the way to give their love and support to BIg Bang’s Global Warning Tour in Bangkok)


~ by Momo on June 9, 2008.

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    me and Nina were about to go to Paragon on Sunday but we didn’t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m gonna be all depressed now *SOB*

  33. YongtoriLita// thats ok..well at least NINA had the best time of her life! Tell her i said Hi!!!

  34. youre so lucky momo! i wished i was there if i dont have exams…thanks for sharing~~!! i cant stop smiling imagining wat u just wrote.hahahha 4 times encountered u must be really satisfied and xtremely happyyyy

  35. siigh. i’m telling you.
    wait til they have another LA showcase/concert-showdown.
    i’m sooo there & sooo down to stalk, i mean show the boyz around.
    i know the wayz!
    come to me my lovez!!!

  36. lol. they changed their flight and we missed our flight. =X

  37. SO LUCKY~ =)

  38. MOMO! you were SO lucky 😀
    did TOP really go for tvxq fan thingy? o_o
    AND OMG @ RI’S ENGRISH. 😀 it’s so full of cuteness 😀

  39. Hm…….I must say I´m not really surprised. The way they reacted was pretty much what I expected.

    Gd is getting less and less popular with me, Tae Young on the other hand is gaining more and more points.



  42. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahwww :]
    you are so lucky hehee ^^
    oooh .. very very nice to see BB very close XD <33
    i would .. faint .. i think XD

  43. You are so lucky !
    Thanks to share your unexpected encounter!
    I hope one day I’ll have such experience ! To see BB in concert , to be in the same hotel and share this moment with all my vIP friends!

  44. wowowowowow! i’ve only read your first encounter and you are soo~ lucky!!! i bet you’ll remember your Thailand visit forever! thanks for sharing with us ^^ i hope YG plans another YG Family tour and stops in NYC so i can stalk the boys myself ahahaha

  45. omgosh, there a few things i want to say about this post…

    1) HOLY SHIT! they such an amazing experience for you Momo! i’m super jealous. seriously, I AM! i’m at work while all this happensed. didn’t have such a good time a work though. anyways…

    2) that part where you guys encountered with the YG staff and your friend couldn’t but to asked are they YG staff or not is quite funny. hehehe. so cute.

    3) then BB keeps on appearing infront of you… man that is sooo freaking awesome!

    4) explaining about each member is soooo great. TOP is my favourite and when you said he look so gorgeous and hot in person that made me smile. magnae so cute. GD being GD. TY being TY with his smile. DS being super cute. gosh.

    5) that is so nice of TOP to go and see TVXQ. 🙂 awwww!~

    6) you finally got to see them… like infront of your eyes! super awesome.

    7) all this experience of yours must’ve been so crazy.

    8) DS and SR look so neat and cute in that picture. GD being GD, i wish there is a pic of TOP. TY being TY as well. hehe.

    9) hahahaha aw magnae!~ english. at least hes trying, right? thats pretty good. i think its funny to him too. sooo cute. hahaha.

    10) that second video of SR “don’t push” when BB starts the beat and GD thats RAD!

    i wish to see them live one day, or even talk to them. seriously, i really i do. take loadsa picture so i could remember it all. reading this post made me lovelove them more and more, and i can’t wait for their new full record to come out soon. they are in thailand and i’m in brunei, thats quite near… i think. haha. mann, i couldn’t even imagine. they are super lucky guys being trained under YG, and YG Entertainment are super lucky to have sucha talented young boys like them. i love how they put so much effort in everything.

    THANK YOU SO MUCH Momo for sharing all these… all your experience! i’m glad you have sucha good time there.

  46. MOMO!! Welcome back!! I just wanted to say ..
    you confirmed what I always knew xD

  47. aish…you are so lucky….it’s good you have fun….

  48. Wow such a detailed report from Momo~
    Glad you’ve had great time in Thailand >v<

    Here’s my report for BB concert

    It’s all in Thai(but I’d try to do an English one if anyone wants me to)
    I’ve taken lots of photos and I’ve posted them in there ~
    If you want any pics of the original size feel free to email me 😀
    I’d be more that happy to send them to you.

  49. omg i really do wish i was dere
    but noo
    my mum was like
    exams are more important
    was taeyang friendly likee??
    omg cnt wait till i meet him
    one day XD

  50. omg seung ri.. so freakin cute!!!!

  51. ahaha…when seungri said PUNCH…i died.

  52. LUCKY !!!
    you were only like 10 steps away…from BB….aaahhh !!!!

    Y can’t GD atleast smile, wen vips waves at him….ahh trynnaa show his attitude..xP


  54. haha that sounds really fun and tiring!!!im sorry!!! but just one question whats ur GDreason??? hehehehe..lucky u guys..im having my final exams that day!!!

    i cnt wait tile i work over 18
    it must be fun ha?
    soooo luckyyyyyyyy

  56. Did you just erease my post again???!!!

  57. omg so many unexpected encounters!!!!!!!!!!! your trip sounds so great, thanks for sharing it with us!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. I don’t know if I could put it in here


    go check this out~
    Very clear and large pictures of BB concert :D~~~~

  59. OMG!!! Momooo you get to see the boyzzz ♥___♥ lucky girl =D

  60. = O. Oh my god.
    You’re trip sounded awesomee.
    Hehe, when I read the part where you said Tae Yang wanted to go over to you guys, my mouth wouldn’t close = p.
    If I ever saw the boys that many times, I’d prolly fainnnt.
    Thanks for sharing with alll of us = ]

  61. spinx// excuse me..what comment? ur comment #39 is still there!! didnt erase anything..

  62. OMGosh It’s SO adorable when the boys speak english!

    So CUTE @ SeungRi!

  63. wow…you are one lucky girl!!..i would love to see Seung Hyun in person!!! huhuhu…
    since MTV Asia Award 2008 are going to be done in Malaysia this August, i hope Big Bang can come and perform though…i hope they won’t send DBSK coming though…hahaha…sorry to DBSK fans..hehe..

  64. omg! momo! you’re so lucky to be able to meet them for like 4 times! ^^

  65. Wow!! They even went swimming?!?!? Seung-ri buying swimming trunks? LOL!!! Ur fren seems as if she works for YG of sth…she gets all the latest info…ur encounter is awesome!!! I was sleeping in the hotel lounge tho when they were in Gaysorn (spelt like tat rite?)…and it was juz exactly next to my hotel…Total regrets!!! Newayz thanks for sharing ur encounters!! ^^ I hope they will send BIg Bang too instead of DBSK…

  66. yesterday all day i was just wondering how seungri might have sed.. “calm down, calm down”

    but wen i saw the video..he sounded even cuter than i had imagined !!!

    ahhh.. aigooo! *dies*
    while watching the video i had this wideeee smile on my face which didn’t even fit my face. ;p
    ahhh! thankyou alot for all those videos and sharing your experience.

    i didn’t except GD to like not say hi or even smile at all.

    khamsam mida again unnie. ^-^”

  67. omg omg omg omg…. omg omg omg omg!!!!!! *_______________________*
    you were so damn lucky *O*
    I’m like O______________________________________O
    .. I’m totally gonna go with you next time they’re in thailand or something. I wanna see them in person too *O*

  68. […] läääääs *O* […]

  69. “Ok Everybody! Do not puch and do not PUNCH!”

    Oh my god he sounded so good speaking in english.

    Wow. I hope that if I get the money to go over to see them in concert that someone will pick me up T-T

    You guys seemed to have so much fun! 4 ENCOUNTERS?!?! So lucky!

  70. what a cutie. do not pooosh and pull. LOL ahh . i havent noticed him for awhile because of the YB craze

  71. @momovip,
    u r sooooooooooo lucky!!!!
    4 encounters in a day???
    u r so independent…goin around everywhere wit ur frens…
    i dun think my parents will let me follow BB around if they ever held a concert in Malaysia…my parents are super strict…i wanna cry…haih
    anyway,thanks a lot for telling us ur experience…

    i’ve been MIA for a few weeks cos i’m busy working rite now..
    i have a lot to catch up…

    wat??????MTV Asia Award 2008 are going to be done in Malaysia this August???
    isit true????do u noe de venue n de date????
    i wanna go if BB’s coming!!!!!!!!!!!
    plz reply asap!!!!!!!!

  72. anyway,i was actually expecting GD to be so cool…
    he really makes me think dat he’s an arrogant looking fellow…
    but dats also one of de reasons i’m attracted to him…kekeke 😛
    anyway,if i ever met him,i would still feel disappointed if he ignore me…

  73. crystal199187//

    yes MTV Asia Awards will be held in Malaysia. August 2nd at Genting. Jared Leto to host the show

    List of nominees isn’t out yet. And am also curious to know which of the Korean Artists that will be coming and who will get nominated as Favorite Artist KOREA.

  74. @momovip,
    thanks for de info… 🙂
    if BB’s going,i’ll definitely beg my parents to let me go…
    i’ll cry,starve myself or do watever it takes to go there…kekeke
    August 2nd…great timing…i just stop work at dat time n haven’t started college yet…
    i reali hope dat BB will come…
    can u please inform me when de list is out or if BB’s coming??
    thank you in advance…

    my email add is crystal199187@yahoo.com

  75. omg thanks for the well detailed infromation!i enjoyed reading every bit of it! ugh!i wish i was there!sounds like you had lots of fun!ehhe

  76. I’ve just read your report
    OMG thx g. that i didn’t let you guys take a picture of me in pyjama >////<
    I’m more and more happy reading all of this momo…
    hope for us to wait for BB together again one day.

    ps. how can i sleep well by after listen to that deadly cute voice saying ‘Good night’ ??
    OMG momo, i can say that seungri really got me T_T

    love ya
    we’ll chat later in MSN ok?
    take care


  77. Momo!!! im soo envy T3T
    Taeyang smiling at ya…omgosh!! sweet rite??
    even whn u drink a black coffee, u din hafta add sugar o milk nimore….
    hahaahahaaa soo cute!! okok im imagine it now…but not as high as urs!!
    really sorry 4 late comment here momo….
    recently too bz with sumthing >__<Y

  78. Wow, to have such encounters… I can’t imagine how I’d act. XD *squealing at the possibilities*

  79. omg thats so !!! LUCKY! :D!
    Like 5 steps away?! and they smiling at u !!! thats so omg in heaven lmao.
    wish i was there 😀
    Big Bang ❤

  80. Omg !!! Lucky xD !
    EYE CONTACT WITH All Of them!? thats Lucky T_T and amazing..!
    lol @ gd…. who look at the ceiling.. and like nth happened..! and he dont even smile D: …
    Ty Smiling at everyone so sweet 😛 Sr too lol..
    And daesung… Look Lost… And iam sure he remember u
    the stalker! nah joking hahah :p
    i bet its a nice trip hehe….
    i wish i was there lmao..foolow them and knock on their hotel door.. lmao…joking haha!
    Big Bang Ftw! <333

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