Big Bang TOP reveals, “I have no concerns about my girlfriend’s age”

TOP who recently appeared on MBC “Brain Battle” was asked by Kim Na Young the question “What is the cap for the age range for when you have a girlfriend?”. TOP had answered, “Infinity(∞)”.

Also appearing on the same episode of “Brain Battle”, Big Bang members TaeYang and Seungri and also Supernova YoonHak had answered, “It is okay if she is older than me by 10 years.”

When it comes to relationship questions, TOP had answered 2 questions, SeungRi 2 and TaeYang none on the episode.

TaeYang who was asked the question, “Did you ever try kissing?”, had answered, “It takes away the innocence of it.” which has raised curiosity amongst the audience.

TaeYang‘s first kiss was actually in the MV for his solo song “Ma Girl” with the female lead of the MV. TaeYang said, “Everytime I look at the MV and think back about it, I feel shy. But now, I hadn’t have a true kiss before. But I do wish to have a real kiss with my girlfriend some day.”

For SeungRi who answered one of the relationship questions posed to him said, “I had been seeing my girlfriend for 3 years and we agreed to respect each other and separated before Big Bang debut.”

SeungRi also delivered a message on the show to his ex girlfriend, “Thank you for having giving me the chance to learn to be mature. I am grateful if you cheer for me in your heart when you see me being hardworking.”




~ by Momo on July 2, 2008.

57 Responses to “Big Bang TOP reveals, “I have no concerns about my girlfriend’s age””

  1. they’re all so cute…
    and poor SeungRi ex-girlfriend :/
    [yeeah i’m so damn jealous about her, but i’m also pity ._.]

    @YB~> you can train your kisses with me… I do this charity 🙂

    hahahha xD

    [gosh my english is terrible ;-;]

  2. speechless again(stiLL?).., 🙂

  3. WOW! So fast!! So they already filmed this, but it’s waiting to air on Saturday? Ahh~ it’s killing me…Seugri is so sweet…wonder if they still keep in contacts now that Big Bang got soooo HUGE! No worries for Taeyang, he will find someone who truly loves him one day…Thanks for sharing the news with us!

  4. lol top is going to regret saying “infinity” when he gets an old grandma stalking him..
    ahaha , jk

    everyone has the right to love him =D
    … kind of.

    and yeah. thats sweet of seungri.

  5. Aww Seung Ri is so sweet.
    Three years of going out then
    they just separated. I’d find
    it kinda hard to let go :[

    && here goes T.O.P again
    with AGE DOESNT MATTER [[;
    hehehehe. It doesnt eh.

    && ahhh innocent Tae Yang 😀

  6. awww… Tae yang *cries*
    You’ll find your true love!!! i knowit!! and u’ll get ur first true kiss..hahaha and many moreee!!!

    haha and TOP…your great!!~ =] no age requirements…niceeeee~~***

  7. Tae Yang innocence is killing me. Seung ri so kind now forget about her and move onto me. Haha be funny if a 5 year old girl be like I love you now do

  8. aw TOP is so cool!!!

  9. awww Seung Ri….how sad =(

  10. Hahaha…..Seung-Ri is so funny—–that little devil.

    And Tea Young is so cool in his shyness.

  11. aww…..

    seung ri oppa….

    u r so0 sweet….

    hope can b ur gurl….


  12. @dubseeXvip
    u know i was thinkin about that tooo about TOP
    wonder if he everrr fall in love with a grandny…. HAHAHA


    SR is soooooooo sweet
    if i was his gf
    i wouldnt mindd waiting
    after soo long
    he still remember her
    i bet her heart just melt wen she hear thatt
    i know i would if i was his ex
    sooo cute

  13. Awwww my baby is going up
    Awwww, how cute and sweet!! =]
    Ahaha i can’t believe TOP said infinity
    OMG she must of been sad i think
    but yet happy cuz he said this
    “Thank you for having giving me the chance to learn to be mature. I am grateful if you cheer for me in your heart when you see me being hardworking.”
    Man GD wasnt there! dissapointed*
    Aww TaeYang, i feel bad for him…
    Seung ri is getting better and better at WORDS
    LMAO i love him! =]

  14. can’t wait can’t wait to see it!

  15. aww, baby seung ri. lol.

  16. hm, how about 7-8 years younger?? xp

  17. Top: Is 7 years younger alright? xD

    Taeyang will surely find someone out there.

    Seungri Aww! That’s so sweet.
    Doesn’t that mean he was with her since he was 13?
    And they broke off when he was 16? My god D:
    Maknaeee! Poorrrrr thing…

  18. Oops! It since seungri was 14 Sorry :X

  19. HONESTLY, whoever ends up becoming TOP’S, GD’S, YB’S DS’S & SR’S ‘THE ONE’ will have so much happiness in their lives. These boys epitomise everything a girl could want in a guy. *sighs deeply* !!!

    ……………………………………..To the future ‘Mrs’ of our boys – well done…………………………..

    P.s. do not f them about! lol. – subtle warning! ^_^

  20. ^^ damn!! somebody used my computer and changed my name….i did not notice that my name was changed until i posted it.. momo please do erase the first message thanks!!! whoever used my computer stole files from my pc…i’m gonna kill her whoever she is…i’m pretty sure she stole bb’s pictures..huhuhuhu!!!

    @7samira7, thankyou for acknowledging me…LOL!!!

    anyway whatever it takes i’m going to steal taeyang’s first kiss…
    i’m going to korea soon…i have to…i just have to finish a lot of things…then m off…
    and TOP wait till you see me…i will take you too…hahahaha!!!!

    and seung ri is just too kind…but i really admire his girlfriend i think seung ri will still choose him after his career..did i break somebody’s heart? sorry!!!!
    but i really like his gf…

  21. YEAAAHH i totally i agree with 7samira7. i LOL’ed @ “P.s. do not f them about! lol. – subtle warning! ^_^”

    TOP, u say infinity but what about less than that? lol.

    i’m really baffled at the wonder of how Tae Yang can be this MEGA HOTTIE & have/had no GF YET @.@ maybe he’s waiting for the approval from all his YB fans LOLZ.

    awww SeungRi…it’s ok, u were young, and love is a journey for you. that goes for everyone in the world =] & i also can’t believe how grown up Maknae is now. sometimes i feel like he’s not really a maknae anymore because he’s grown up & is technically an adult now right?! X[

    oh, i’m so sad but happy, Big Bang is all grown up now, so proud of them!!! 😀

  22. momo thankyou!!! i found out the was my boss’ girlfriend…
    thanks really…

  23. top how about 6 years younger than you : D

    awww seungrii’s ex !!!! soo sweett

  24. dang,i wanna noe about GD’s answers!!!
    where is he??? i miss him so much!!!

  25. Aww, Seungri’s answer at the end was so cute.

  26. aww tae yang *blushes*….he makes me wanna go for more traditional guys *sigh*…..i hope he know HOW many girls would die to be his “one”….im sure it’ll be headline news the first time he gets a girlfriend….

  27. DAMN boi…. TY is an “everything in one package”. I would show/do/will everything to and for you…. slowly! Take my time baby…. I am 6 years older then he is so I’m still qualified. haha.. we’ll experiment together you and I ❤

  28. aww i love TY for those answers lol its so cute

  29. Seung Ri respects his ex. That`s very nice of him. Let`s hope she stays a respected EX. Ahem, yes. Anyway, Youngbae is absolutely adorable, I love it. TOP is sexy, duhh, andddd where was everyone else ?

  30. omo seung ri
    that sweet ♥
    wahhhh tae yang he’s so innocent..
    id like to be his REAL kiss xD

  31. this noona want you =D

  32. aww
    SR still remember to thank his ex..
    such a sweet gf..
    i wanna thank her for giving him a chance to become more mature~~~~

  33. BBBklyn – glad u found it amusing-but its true. we all want our boys to be joyful!

    TOP&YB’sGiRL – lol! well i’d be willing to battle u for my darling T.O.P – yup top til bottom, lol-but i see u got good taste-coz he’s fiine. ;P … as a matter of fact, all the bb members are hella fiine! *TOOT TOOT*


  34. wow they like older women =[
    im an ’89errr still kinda close to YB lol!
    i dont understand WHYYY YB does not have a GF yet. hes like super sexyy adorable ugh just EVERYTHING<333

  35. it’s so sweet how maknae is still on good terms with his ex =]

  36. what seungri needs to do is MOVE ON…(to me) hehe.

    well, that is super sweet that he thanks his girlfriend. that chick was lucky.

    i hope every one of them find someone they love and are happy (even if not with me). ahaha


  37. auwww..that’s so sweet…Seung Ri thanking his ex-girl…yeah, i know it must be hurt to clash for one’s to pursue his big dream but still, we might never know..maybe after this Maknae will search for her again after being steady in career…hahaha…don’t kill me Maknae’s fans…just saying what’s in my mind…wish them the best in love, career and future life!

  38. Aw… Ty and SR… Why are they so sweet? (I love’em to bits, and TOP too)

  39. lol TOP “Infinity”!! >_<!!
    age is nothing if there is real true love ^_^
    TaeYang is too cute ^_^ i hope his real 1st kiss is with someone that will love him forever ^_^ or you know me ^_^ j/k~
    Seung Ri!!!!! he made me cry. poor girl to have to let go of him after 3 YEARs. she must have really loved him alot. i felt really bad for the girl. poor thing must have been heart broken 😦
    his so sweet thanking her and all. 🙂

  40. awwww, magnae so cute.
    haha, TOP can date me anytime i’m a year older than him so thats pretty cool cause he look mature enough. and HOT!


  42. does that mean T.O.P doesn’t care if she’s younger either?!

  43. aifdhasdf TOP<333

  44. awwwww….. TaeYang is soo sweet
    but everyone knows he will find the right girlfriend some day
    but T.O.P is crazy for saying Infinity, lols

  45. so TOP would even date a girl like younger than him ? like around 12 or so on ?

  46. i want to be Top girlfrend

  47. Awesome! Im so glad you posted this. THERE IS STILL HOPE FOR A 18 year old to like TOP! xD yay!!!

  48. how about a fresh 17 girl???????? what it will only be 6 year age difference:)

  49. i want him

  50. so sweet 🙂 LOL

  51. Awww, Tae Yang is so innocent =D

    And HA! No age requirements for T.O.P Haha, I’m in. xD Even though at the moment it would…Kinda be illegal since I’m under 16… O_o


  53. toP how bout 5years older dan u :))

  54. […] […]

  55. i love seugri he is so sweet

  56. seungri how bout ten years younger than u because im 12 ur 22 and our birthday is in the same month mine is dec.29th ur.12th and ur my favorite

  57. So….top doesnt really have expectations on age? I wonder why.

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