AHHHHH i hope your channelchooser wasn’t being gay on you guyz, but i JUST got out of the shower when GYANG spammed me, telling me to watch MBC.
4/5 members were set to be on… but we’re missing one…
THE Kwon Jiyong CAME ON!!! he was guest MC for Music Core along w/ SR & DS. gahhh sooo cute!!!
his hair is different btw, THE BANGS R BACK!!! i called it a while back, & it’s true! xD
he looks sexy in that vest suit.
SR & DS being cute as usual. it was funny when DS was a magician & made the water in the cup disappear or sumthing. haha. it’s the lil things that make me crack up about daesungie.
Uhm Jung Hwa did well in her comeback. She sang “DJ” & CL came on. (she was aiite)
& “D.I.S.C.O”… OMG TOP was SEXYYYY. in a full SUIT… & his hair… it looked better than the MV. fosho!!!
(i was watching this on TVAnts, in MQ)

that’s right — YB is on his first VARIETY SHOW! & he’s soooooo FREAKIN CUTE!!!
you must watch it right now!
i’ll be coming back to spam.

SPAM UPDATE: DUDE… YB is utterly enjoying himself… he’s having so much fun. HE HASN’T STOPPED SMILING! it makes me happy to watch him have fun. & ALSO to be on w/ his 2 bros, TOP & SR. it’s freakin cute to watch them celebrate when they get points. xD GAHHH BB LOVE !!! & the other team w/ the older ppl, they love teasing the younger group. haha it’s cute.

oh yea, feel free to spam away here. i made it for you ❀

YB is hush-hush about his love life. xD typical.


IT’s over now. i congratulate all the VIPz who were lucky enough to watch it LIVE. nothing beats LIVE . lol

**EDIT: PICTURES! CLICK! u’ll see wat i mean by GD & TOP’s HAIR! xD


credit: newsen; seraphim@bbvipz


~ by gdluvzmc on July 4, 2008.

46 Responses to “BIG BANG taking over PRIMETIME in KOREA”

  1. aww damn i missed Music Core and Jiyong! Omg someone pleaseee upload that on youtube soon! 😦 Oh well I’ll try to catch what’s left of Brain Battle!

  2. aww goshhh
    that website went gay on me too
    n i didnt knwo to watch it on MBC
    i thought it was on sbs
    hic hic hic
    but im watchin some type of game show rite now (TY,SR,TOP)
    top just beat-box and TY just say say goodbye
    it good
    n hu is the other 2 cutety…
    sooo mad rite now

  3. OMGGGGGGGGG music core was the s*** and i dont just this online alot omgg 5 of themm

    Brain Battle is so funny and i like this side of Taeyang its just so cuteeeeee

  4. Im watching brain battle too.
    bt i can’tderstand nothing.
    i just ove looking at them at watch what they do.

    and i miss jiyong to. i haven’t seen for a while.


    & Jiyong being there was a pleasantly expected surprise πŸ˜› Too bad they didn’t perform With U ;___;

  6. I WATCHED THE WHOLEEEEE THING =DDD except the very very beginning of mbc music core…so I missed the part where GD came on ='( so when they cut to the hosts after this person singing, I was like WTFX WHY IS KWON JI YONG THERE loool xDDD I was so excited. Augh GD has such an amazing presence I was so happy. =D


    I’m so glad the idol group won yaaaay big bang’s so smart. like no lie hahahaa xD Wow Seung Ri was enjoying himself wayy too much there with singing his musical haha.

    Does anyone know who the other two people on the idol group were? =|

  7. ^ they are from supernova

  8. i just watched the brain battle show they were soo cute….i kinda didnt kno wat was goin on..but thats ok lol

  9. just finished watching both!
    MY GOODNESS the boys totally beat the MCs. hahahhaha. so cute.
    TY was very leader-ish. kekekke. he’s a very smart boy.

    oh and TOP perf with UHM WAS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!! his hair does look better during the perf than in the MV.

    i didn’t get to watch CL’s perf because i was at my sis’ house….missed the first 20 mins of music core…but when i finally got it to run….UHM was performing D.I.S.C.O and then TOP comes on…and then after that we got to see all the boys!!! that was a very good surprise!!!!

  10. Ah! It just ended!!! TOP was sooo cute!!! i’m going to sleep now!! ^^’

  11. oh I seee….thanks Daisy! =)

    btw BB doing math was sooo cute. xDD They all had their thinking caps on, yay. okay I’m done I’m going to sleep. Haha sooo tired x___X

  12. !!!! channelchooser bein dumb? YOU KNOWWW ITTT

    aha. can’t wait for the vids

    im slightly overwhelmed from today… BB love overflow

  13. OMG I JSUT FINISHED WATCHING…. i get to watch it jsut abit before u vicky~~ BUT DAMNNNNN TOPPIE IS SOO SEXIIII AND TAE YANG ON THE SHOW xD HES SOOOO FREAKING CUTE~~~~ AND SEUNGRI omg SEUNGRI~~~ JUST TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE they are coming back together again!!!! yayyyyyy i love the math game xD top had a right answer for one of them but he ran out of time before pressing enter!!!! TT_TT poor toppie~~ waaaa i can’t get enough of them~

  14. i missed parts in music core i was tired and sleep T_T
    but i saw in the end Bong, SR, TOP(with his sexy hair =p) and the TY performance was the perfect end of music core!!
    and the brain battle show, was so cute seeing they dancing everytime when they get points! and their jokes with the other group was so funny!
    someone please upload that and put some eng sub =p
    i think that sometime they were talking about kiss, im not sure….
    im so happy to see all f them(or most XD) doing something together on TV!!!
    “yes! big bang is back, most Most definitely, incredible! Hey move!
    B to the I to the G (bang bang) about LOVE!” ^^

  15. omg someone post download links for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    this is the best day ever dont no if i can sleep now T_T

    and if u can sub thanks a lot

  16. OMFGGG !!
    i couldn`t even dl it at that time DAMNNN

  17. @tytopgirl: lol it’s actually melly (gdluvzmc) who posted.

    had to spazz again and didn’t feel like editing my post. LOL they went into song so many times and yeah CL was aight but that’s okay~ TOP… fckin HOT. TY did the new choreography which I think is better than the old (no doubt the other was hot but I like this one more). 90% sure GD was gonna be on AND HE WAS. am i good or what? haha. and DaeDae with TOP’s hugeass gagman sunglasses. SeungRi looks good in red pants, iunno LOL.

    I hate that math game; makes me feel stupid all over but it’s so damn fun LOL SR looked so O_____O WOAHHH the first time lmao. and again, they broke into song so many times LOL I LOVE THEM

    WHY CAN’T WE HAVE THOSE SHOWS (they’d be less fun though… BB makes everytihng better ;____; )

  18. OH MY…
    i wanna watch all these shows that are coming on but idk i can, guess i’ll try.

    today, i don’t know why, but i think i was going into a state of depression because of missing Big Bang being together nowadays O___O. & that one video/post about the Last Farewell award thing must’ve been the reason. i began to reminisce the memories of Big Bang & wished they would never leave us. i think i’m going crazy, HaHa =] but reading this post (& listening to DBSK’s “Balloons” & “Hug”) made me feel better πŸ˜€
    oh yeah, & NEVER FOREGET TO VOTE! Even though we’re all enjoying Big Bang on the shows πŸ˜€

  19. keriannxb

    it`s still on now ?

  20. GD`S_WiFEYY,

    noooo ;____; it ended like 30 minutes ago. Someone else or I will put it up asap though! ^^

  21. keriannxb

    freak … ughh w/e as long as someone posts it on yt or something , i`ll be happy haha
    this is all my mom`s fault for not letting me get on comp. but forcing me to sleep xD

  22. AAHHHHH!!!!!!!! I had a total Big Bang overload for tonite! and I love every single part of it! Musci Core was OMG!!! they were all there!! ahah Got me all excited seeing GD popping in like that! Seungri and his dancing, Daesung the magician! GAHH YB looked so freaking hot in that red vest!!!!!! He’s a lady killer I tell you!!! Pure love! and then TOP was looking good too! so fresh and clean! and then he pops in randomly like that too! oh my, I was freaking so happy! lol

    and Brain Battle was HILARIOUS!! YB was aaahh looked so relaxed and everything. I’m glad!! He was smiles throughout the entire show! LOTS of Bae-ri action was seen on that show! YB was freaking HOT when he was leading in that one game! intelligence is such a turn on. They never fail to impress me no matter what! they’re so killing me here! BB over dose! lol Man those random Baby Baby Baby dances..haha gotta love them. They all looked so happy! I want subs on this now! haha Wanna watch it all over again.

  23. GRAH
    I MISSED IT!!!!
    i hope someone uploads it soon :[

  24. TOP was damn foine!!! though I think I like the other song, DJ better! CL was sooo cute I think! the new YG girl group is gonna be amazing!!! CL reminds me of Lisa Lopes from the early TLC days–the getup, the hair, the way she raps, everything!!

  25. Woah—WOAH———-girl—-calm down there.

    Even though I like your excitement.

  26. and omg how cuute is jiyong? how cute are ALL of them?? ❀ ❀

  27. LOL sorry got a little excited there πŸ˜€

    i’ve always been team GD but damn, TOP really was foine right there πŸ˜€

  28. ~gdluvzmc I LOVE U..tnx 4 this…

  29. —-oOo———–oOo
    -o—-BIG BANG——o


    OH MY GOD OH MY OH–are these pics hot or what. T.O.P—stop making me faint–ITS SERIOUSLY UNHEALTHY FOR ME TO BE BUMPING MY HEAD EVERY TIME I LOOK AT YA! ^_^


    Except I can’t really tell what he did to his hair…LOL, why does it look curly?

  31. T.O.P’s hair looks cool πŸ˜€
    && yeee Jiyongieee!!! x3
    How I love it [[; So happy
    he came outta nowhere ❀ πŸ˜€

  32. is it just me or has seungri been developing some guns on his biceps, he is now a more manlier and buffer maknae. haha

  33. arg… i the only one w/problems..i know it aint my internet [highspeed broadband] its always it because there were too many ppl accessing was getting stuck..keeps on buffering..and buffering..i could only hear the audio cause the screen keeps on getting stuck…and i stayed up just to watch lord, i was so mad..i wanted to bang my labtop..

    i guess its time to snoop around for clips of them…

    thanks..i enjoy the recaps…



    TOP was damn fckin sexy. He should wear a suit all the time yumm. only TOP can pull off that hairstyle and still look amazingly fckin hot. GD FTW! At first I was like huh? Then HNOMFGF I WENT CRAZY. I had to get water cuz I couldn’t breathe. >___> definitely worth staying up for. CUZ HIS HAIR OMGD! I FREAKIN LOVE HIM IN BANGS. I LOVE HIM WITH ANY HAIRSTYLE OK? and going back and forth btwn SR & DS…. CHOOSE ONE ALREADY! preferably riri plz. & him in that vest + entire getup…. hot. and after TOP’s performance when he went to the place w/ the hosts i really wanted to stick taeyang in there to complete BB >< but yea i wrote this before but HOMFGGG i love the new choreography!

    brain battle… i can’t spam anymore LOL. the entire show was just ridiculously funny. ty’s first variety show and alla them going crazy and happy, CUTE!

    BB taking over the world one step at a time… starting from your tv =]

  36. yes, i have to agree with you!

  37. i just saw Um Jung Hwa’s performance of DJ and seeing Shaun as the DJ was a blast πŸ™‚

  38. lordy! TOP and jiyong both look so hot hot hot, i simply cannot get enough of these gorgeous korean men…they make me smile so much when i think about them (i go crazy!!)

  39. OMG, GD’S HAIR IS HOT~~~
    I’m honestly not a big fan of TOPie’s new hair…but the little pointy thing on top is cute(?)

  40. ALALALAALALALA, JIYONG!!!!! TOP!!!!!(swoons)

  41. i missed the show/s DX but thankfully theres youtube & whatnot :]

    OHMAHGAWD KWONJIYONG ur hair!!! @__@ even if i recently cut my hair he shouldn’t have to! whatsup with the…messy curls..or whatnot o_O oh well, actually its not that bad. i’d rather he have his hair that way than copy TOP’s disco hair, LOL =]

    & SeungRi…he’s getting kinda…sexy&&hott in a serious way @_@ oh boy X]
    But hey SeungRi, gimme yo numbah, haha ;]

  42. OMG
    Seung ri looks SOO CUTE
    GD looks okay
    i know what’s up with the
    curls. uhmm it’s okay
    not loven it but still
    love Kwon, JiYong!=]

  43. i saw this

    they were so kwet ^___^ specially Dae Dae with the big shades xD

  44. aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh…!!!! i couldn’t watch it i was out with some friends. i couldn’t say no to soju…but we where in a korean restaurant so i just asked the owner to play all big bang songs..hahaha!!! the other people where were like WTF is this..they wanted to change it..but i was very close to the manager so i told him not too or else i will never bring my students to his restaurant …he was taking aback..the power of BIG BANG!!!!!

  45. i couldn’t watch it not if i was having Basketball tournammentt…..aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!
    I miss Bigbang !!! πŸ˜€

  46. arghhhhhhh…Seung Hyun is soooo damn good looking!!!! gosh…i got nosebleed!!!

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