070508 Brain Battle

I don’t know how long it’s been seen I hear ParkMyungSoo’s “HAHAHAHA” if you see me write hahaha too much, you can blame him. [the dude with decreasing hairline haha] TOP is soo cute. gah~~ he and PMS keep messing with each other. I LOVE HOW YB GET ALL EXCITED WHENEVER THEY GOT THE RIGHT ANSWER hahaha. I only saw part 1 cuz I forgot I haven’t eat anything since I woke up andi t’s 12 AM already, but i’m sure I’ll be enjoying all of this later. haha

6 parts right here.

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Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6


~ by Vicky on July 5, 2008.

44 Responses to “070508 Brain Battle”

  1. THANKS for posting the vid here….
    i didn’t get to watch it live….

    YB, Seungri & TOP look so adorable…. : ]

  2. Yay!Im the first!WHOO!This Rocks.LIKE OMG!Super Funn!

  3. Oh Dang.Im second

  4. yah! thanks!!
    my hubby YB looks so happy there!
    maknae is cute as always!
    and TOP sure lost some pounds!

  5. i’ve never seen TY talking SO MUCH there hehe~~
    he’s getting so happy and talkative these days~~ YAY~~
    and i see him taking care of SR SO MUCH~~ WOA~~~ there’s Tae-RI now? hehe
    i love it when SR kinda over reacted and TY just laughed at maknae~ SO CUTE~~
    and TOP is so dorky~ hehe
    it’s so fun watching them~`
    it would be much more fun if all members are there hehe

  6. totally watched it. They are soo cute!

  7. watch a half 😀
    must go to bed 😦
    i will keep it on tomorrow mornin’ 😀
    they are so so so cute

  8. Aww Taeyang looks so happy and cute! ^^
    he’s so small compared to everyone else. they’re like giants hovering over the little guy. XD

  9. thanx for the video^^

  10. Aww, Taeyang looks so happy.
    He’s so cute.
    Big Bang doing math, haha, awesome.

  11. can anyone sub what they were asking YB in part 6??

  12. they are so cute! YB is smart =D

  13. what is the name of that guy in yellow?
    which group are they from?

  14. i’m so sad…cause TOP answered the 2nd math problem correctly but didn’t punch it in in time…so he didn’t get it. ^~^
    oh well, my boy is smart and hot! hahhahaha.

  15. they sooo cute.. i think u miss a part..
    cuz wen i watch that… i saw a part that ty n sr singin.. and top beatboxin..

  16. no subs? xD

  17. i dont think i’ve seen YB this happy on a variety show…actually he hasnt been on too many to begin with, i hope that changes cause hes just SO MUCH FUN to watch…..

    i loved how he gets all excited like a kid in a candy shop whenever they get a answer right and the high fives and clapping and jumping…..seriously he looked like such a little boy with the smiles and giggles, i couldnt help but have a HUGE grin while watching him……

    and the BAERI action >> whoa!!!!!!! TONS of it going on and i was loving every second of it….seriously i didnt think the two were THAT close but YB had his hands on SR almost all the time, esp during the cart ride….it was all SR and YB moments….SOOOOO CUTE!!

  18. this freakin show is like… THE BEST SHOW i’ve seen in a long time.
    it tests their knowledge.
    it’s great to know our boyz are well-learned in many areas.

    & those supernova boyz r such good sports. they’re great.
    mad respect for you dudes.

    YB is like GD a lot, cuz he really wants to win & do well in every game. hahah
    it’s cute, & yea every time i’m in a game & i win/do well, i’ll do the “baby baby” victory dance.

  19. TY talks a lot. Hahaa! Ahh I love variety shows. eng subs please!

  20. gosh YB looked super excited and happy the whole time!! i wanna see him on more variety shows. YG should let him take a break from all his solo performances and just put him on variety shows. SR and TOP were their usual selves: big dorks! gotta love it =D i loved how the boys kept high-fiving each other and the YB+SR (my faves) love was awesome!!! =D

  21. I hope there is a download for this cuz i want it. xD

  22. On part 4 at about 00:42, it looked like TY and SR were holding hands, if so AAW!!!
    Also, I loved the last part, TY was so cute. I loved 01:02 to 01:06… his laugh was so cute.

    I was surprised with TY, I’ve gained much love for him from this show. He seems so excited, even more so than the younger SR. TY keeps surprising! Also, he seems to be looking after SR a lot, especially in part 4!!!

    Big Bang need to all star in a variety/game show properly, it should’ve been all five on the show.

  23. AHHHH so cute! :] my internet was being wonky so i didn’t get to watch the video properly. thank you for uploading!

  24. I was up until about 3:00 AM here in New York, but it never came on, all that was on was JiYong randomly on MC. I got frustrated and went to bed.

  25. HAHAHA
    OMG They are SOO Funnies
    it’s soo funny and cute when
    The three of them hit it right
    cuz they high-five each other
    but Especially TaeYang
    Seung ri lookes so cute when he thinks
    OhMyGawwd video 3 looks SOO COOL
    i wanna ride or play too now

  26. Ahhh…..it looks so funny, I wanna know what they are saying.
    I hope someone subs this………
    Cant wait to understand it properly


    Period .

  28. sheesh p.s.s

    What did they ask YB to put THAT Kool-Aid smile on his face ???

  29. aww that was cute.especially YB. but i do hope that some one subs it so i can understand it properly. especially i wanna understand wat they asked YB in part 6.

  30. HAHAH this is sooo funny!!!!! aww Ty get so hapy when they get an answer right and baby;s reactions so cuteeeee

  31. YB is so smart!! He got to answer almost everything…and TOP is cute esp when Park Myung Soo kept hitting his head…hehe!!



  34. YESS! YG IS A GENIUS FOR PUTTING ALL 3 at the same TIME~what more can VIPS asked for!

    YB and SR is lol*

  35. (FREAKING OUT) i can’t watch it..i’m very busy…i will ask my student to download
    it for me….i am so excited…

  36. This was too funny okay. I was watching it at the office and it made me laugh out loud like mad.

    Seungri and TOP being all silly.

  37. YB’s really smart.add to his list of good qualities.top is so funny,want to pinch his face.maknae is so cute.

  38. ohemgeez.
    i SCREAMED SO BAD while i was watching it. hahahhahaa

  39. aww ❤
    top’s so freaking cute in thisssss ❤
    and yb’s smile is just so killer ❤


  40. isn’t there any with english subtitle yet?

  41. wahh
    yb is smart and sexy.,
    guys like that are so rae..
    he really is unique xD

  42. Seungri looks so cute
    D: <3333333333333
    I think I fell in love all over again

  43. YB and Seung Ri were so freakin cute.. got crazy everytime they got the answers right ..haha I love them. YB is good at math I have to write down the problem to make sure I got it right. TOP looks so hella fine and skinny but still hot!!!

  44. this show is so awesome.
    i wonder can someone PLEASE sub?
    who was those other guys? i bet their in a group too?
    thanks for sharing!

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