080705 MBC Music Core Clips + Brain Battle Clip

Witness today, July 5th, 2008. a day that all VIPZ should be watching Korean TV.

here’s some clips.

i’m kinda tired, so i’ll just put this one up for now. i’m sure more will come later.
this clip is HILARIOUS! it’s BIG BANG DOING MATH! xD
YB is 1st on deck. & it’s on this contraption which reminds me of the jurassic park game @ chuck e. cheese (i hope someone gets it too lol)
so they go thru these math probs, & boy, YB is hella fast, before i could finish reading the question, he punched in the answer. & every time a BB member got the answer right, their victory dance would be the “baby baby dance” xD CUTE!
SR was forced to sing some sonagi.
TOP‘s reaction was the CUTEST: his face was like: “whoa… i got that right?!?!” ahaha
i so wish american celebs would be willing enough to put themselves up on variety shows. more reason why i love koreans & BIG BANG ❤

080705 MBC Brain Battle: YB, TOP, Seungri, Supernova

This is when GD comes out of nowhere & made all of TEAM GD have their heart skip a few beats:
080705 MBC Music Core MC Cuts: Seungri, Daesung, Solbi, GD

— SR calls up his hyung on his phone, & BAM! my baby jiyongie comes out of nowhere. note his hair, again xD ❤

DS does a magic trick, making the water in a cup disappear & the magic words were: “WINGARDIUM LEVIOSA” ROFL!
080705 MBC Music Core MC Cuts: Magic Trick

credits: MeLLYbLoOm12@youtube


fosho there’s more… click to see performance clips

080705 MBC Music Core MC Cuts: Seungri, Daesung, Solbi, GD CUT 2

credit: MeLLYbLoOm12@youtube

080705 MBC Music Core Uhm Jung Hwa – DJ ft CL

credit: gyangO7@youtube

–shaun evaristo was the DJ xD i can only assume he was the guy behind the DISCO dance too. WAY TO COLLAB w/ YG SHAUN!

080705 MBC Music Core Uhm Jung Hwa – DISCO (feat. TOP)

080705 MBC Music Core Tae Yang – Look Only At Me

credits: the7REAL@youtube

~ by gdluvzmc on July 5, 2008.

43 Responses to “080705 MBC Music Core Clips + Brain Battle Clip”

  1. i love you.

    i hope you know that =D

  2. ahahahah


    ‘but baby thats fo’sho)

  3. @dubsee:
    at least someone does ^^
    thank you.
    i think that’s worth getting yelled at by the father. -_-;

  4. omigod
    TOP’s hot hot hot!!!!!

  5. omfgilysfm !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. i love you too! even though i saw this live LOL

    still awaaaake and my mom just left for work. i needz me some shiny HQ of jiyongie

  7. keriann:
    there’s some caps of his hairdo, in the post below! xD


  9. lol keriann go to sleep

    i totally missed it :/ but am waiting for the MBC music core cuts! esp. of jiyong!

  10. ~gdluvzmc ur d best..i luv u..wish ur my relatives :)!!! tnx sOOO much 4 this!!! i wasnt able 2 watch this, i dont know whats wrong but it doenst play on mah laptop ( i mean d site 2 watch MBC, cant open somehow)…tnx…yah my dad yelled @ meh 2..hahah..!!! love it!!!

  11. Lmfao @ Seungri: What’s up hyung! (with the big voice)

    GD = awesome! ❤

  12. remember to vote for Big Bang! The percentage is dropping ):
    Big Bang HWAITING!

    -o—-BIG BANG——o


  14. i didnt have the chance to see it live
    so i CNT SLEEP
    i stay up the whole nite waiting for someone to post it up
    ty soo much for postin is
    n YES i love you too
    thx keriannxb too for helpin me

  15. PS:.. is it me or TY song seem to go faster then the normal verson??
    GD IS SOOO CUTE WITH HIS NEW HAIR… sooo korean-ish
    wow alll big bang member is there.. but thy didnt perform together
    hic hic hic

  16. omg, new hair my bongie is cool! IMO all the boys look damn cool, and more mature hope thier album’s hot too! Heard this rumor that the album is pushed forward to 15 July? Anyone has any base on this? Please reply soon! Haha, I love the brain battle clip haha, Seung Ri’s so enthu.! Haha.

  17. wow~~
    TOP’s here looked good there~~~
    and GD
    ahh~~ Ma Yong~~~~~

    TY- GREAT as always hehe~

  18. not only is YB hot but hes smart as well WOW total package!! lol

  19. @tooswt – I know right? Intelligence is mad sexy.

    Ahhh, the boys are so energetic like they used to be. hehe. I was afraid that they would be tired like at the Volkswagon performance thingy, but they were real hyper lols. And UJH & CL & TOP rocked the stage together!! I love both songs, awesome!!

    YB’s voice has improved in this performance. Either he’s recovered from his cold, or he was feeling the energy from being together with the guys again on the same show!

    Thanks for posting the links and whoever uploaded them to YouTube. I love you people!!

  20. love the part when top comes out! but its only for like what… 10 seconds?

  21. UGH…I wish I understood Korean!
    OMG…I loved the math clip.
    Taeyang is so smart…haha, I LOVE smart guys!
    And he looked SO HOT.
    And Seungri & TOP looked SO GOOD.
    And the “Baby Baby” dances were so cute!
    LOL…who are those two random guys? Not even in BB & still doing the dances, haha.


  22. GD<333 his surprise appearance…AHHH! lols and top and ty’s performance were niceeee…!

  23. YB was so fast….he sure knows how to add… :]
    Seungri “let’s go, lets go, together!!”
    TOP was freakin’ adorable….

    and the BABY BABY dance was cute……

  24. ughh when i was watching the clip of when gd appears i was staring at the screen just waiting for him
    and then my dad barges into my room and distracts me JUST WHEN GD APPEARED
    but oh well. i rewinded it and spazzed out over him again[:

  25. omo…YUMMUYbae is so fast!! i love smart guys ^_^
    hahaha TOP and SR were so cute on the little rocket ship thingy…cant wait to watch the whole show!! im super excited

    ~woot….CL!!! i was surprised to see her perf, but im so glad she’s signed with YG, shes awesome =) im waiting for her debut~

    ~woot for TY and his perf….seems like the cold is gone *phew*…..he’s just too cute

    ~bongie’s hair! OMO….im not digging it personally, but i guess like the infamous bun, it’ll eventually grow on me

  26. YB is hella smart! Lols. How can they add so fast?!?!?!?
    I watched the show and he answered everything right and really fast.
    Yes smart guys are so sexy!

    GD! He was a pleasent surprise on Music Core.
    YG family pretty much took over MUsic core last night. It was awesome.

  27. I’m finally back from my sweet sweet slumber. FIVE HOURS OF SLEEP, YAY!


    lmao tsubibo (do i just call you that? iono D: ) i actually went to sleep at like 7-8 til 1:15 cuz i need the energy to stay up tonight =]

  28. yay CL!!

  29. *squeals….still can’t get over MBC music core and brain’s battle.
    man last night was definitely a good night. hahhahaha.

  30. i sneeked watched it 7:30 in da mornin lucky no 1 herd me haha^^
    dat lil celebration dance was so hilarious its lyk evry few secs baby baby baby lol

    wow dey can relli do maths i had a calculator in mi hand lol

    luved it x thnnx~

  31. I’m impressed with Umjonghwa’s live performance.
    ็She’s singing very well … exceeding my expectation.
    wow and CL! Is this her first stage?
    She reminds me of TLC,left-eye somehow…
    both the singing and the style 😀

    the TOP fingers swriling team was hilarious! lol
    (ok it was cool but somehow funny
    I wonder if TOP’s the one who arranged this )

    Thank you for the vids guys >________<b

  32. dude the DJ is Shaun!!

  33. ur phone is ugly vicky LMAO :)) …….

  34. @bunrieu: i would smirk at ur comment, but unfortunately, that’s not vicky’s phone.

  35. Omg. GD’s hair……..i didnt think he could get any hotter. and his little 3 piece suit. wowowowowowow. HOT

  36. cutenesss<3 overloaded.
    and CL sounds coool

  37. LOL they are too cute!
    thanks for sharing ^^

  38. did anyone noticed in the clip when DS making his magic trick, at 0:40 water/powder fell out of the cup and DS looked like he was busted.. hehe

    Seungri and Daesung seem to
    do all the talking and GDragon
    didn’t really talk, oh wells

  40. hahaha wow TY is really fast in Maths O__O he should teach me O_o

  41. Thankx a bunch…melly

    woaahh and they slightly changed the Choreography for ‘Look at only me’

  42. OMG
    GD look sooooooo sexy with his new hair stlye and the suit
    I can’t say no to man who waer suit!!!!!!!!
    SR has longer bang too
    kinda cute
    DS is halarious as usual
    love BB!!!!!!!!!
    does anyone have the clear version of these videos or maybe photos???!
    share with us plz!!!!!!!!

  43. YB and Seung Ri were so freakin cute.. got crazy everytime they got the answers right ..haha I love them. YB is good at math I have to write down the problem to make sure I got it right. TOP looks so hella fine and skinny but still hot!!!

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