07.06.08 MBC Brain Battle

07.06.08 MBC Brain Battle
SeungRi, TaeYang & TOP
558 MB

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001 ll 002 ll 003 ll 004 ll 005 ll 006

Credit: cashewmania clubbox
Upload: Vicky

Join them using the HJSplit ll learn how to use it here.

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~ by Vicky on July 6, 2008.

12 Responses to “07.06.08 MBC Brain Battle”

  1. thanks for sharing again…BBfansite is the best..the people here are just awesome!!!


  3. Thank you Vicky. You are a GODDESS.

  4. thank u soooooooooo much
    so u must be really good a speaking or listening to koreans?
    cuz I can’t understand a word./…
    so sad
    can anyone be kind enough to traslate it plz><

  5. OMG!!! Thank you so much!
    I longed so much to see the clear version, even though i dont understand a single word
    But i can try to guess, lol

  6. Ilene

    A LOT of ppl think that
    I don’t AT ALL
    i understand it just as much as you guys do
    when i first start to get into watching korean variety show, i always stubborn and only watch it if it has sub
    but now, there’s joy in watching it without subs, sometimes watching it with subs isn’t as much fun to me.
    a lot of ppl miss out a lot if they were waiting for subs, cuz it’s a long and hard thing to do, subbing these shows, i doubt if anybody will do it so might as well enjoy it.

  7. thanks for the upload. =)
    uhmmm, i can’t seem to watch it. i dont know why >< haha

  8. Heyy thanks alot

  9. Thank You very much.

  10. i cant to open ep2-7 dunno why ._.

  11. Vicky, i can’t download the 3rd link???

  12. Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

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