Can you spot Baby JiYongie??

Can you spot Baby JiYongie??

This was a cut from Star Golden Bell [070508] They were looking at old clips of a guest on the show, and when she was little, she was a child dancer, and our very own Kwon JiYong is the dude on the right dancing with all his heart. awww…
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~ by Vicky on July 6, 2008.

15 Responses to “Can you spot Baby JiYongie??”

  1. OMG–SOOO CUTEEE. AWWWW–OMG,, I DONT KNOW WHAT TO SAY! AWWWW. i keep smiling, so i have to write—awwwww. lol. awwww ^_^

  2. aww really??
    cnt see his face….
    but hey
    HE WAS BORN to b a star
    see it??

  3. anybody who can send me th elink please? thanks! i am so interested to see it…
    have mercy…youtube is blocked here

  4. Yes i can!!
    He is SOO CUTE
    and he was born
    a STAR*
    =] my baby’s always a star!

  5. OMG OMG! that’s so cute!!!
    it’s so funny how stuff from way back keeps popping up. kekkke.
    so lovely!

  6. Yo…I knew GD was in the mini version of Roora, but not Meilin. Ha…what a small world.

  7. AWWWWWWWWWW~~~~~~~~ GD is so CUTE~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Yeah he looked so cute. I don’t get bored looking at that kind of clip. Like Queenie said, he’s born to be a star 😀

  9. OMFG?!
    I watched that episode and I had no idea. x’D

  10. Now that I’m watching again,
    she’s the girl with the pony tail and the headband…
    In… another one of their performances…
    LOOOL. I forgot which one. x’DDDD
    But yeah… Right? ; ; Omfg, whatever, it’s still exciting, thanks for sharing. x’D

  11. whoa~~ they kids dance better than ordinary adult O.O

    jiyongie is sooo cute~~~

  12. GD always sooo cute^__^

  13. Hee Just LoOk so adorabllee…

  14. awww he was such a cute kid

  15. deeeeeeear goooosh(; LOL, i just wanna run up to him and hug him xD yong yong !

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