The power of BIG BANG to bring human beings together.
We can attest to their power this summer!

jeska & I were talking about this today, & what started as a simple LA meet, turned into a project/goal to gather all VIPz together to make new friends.

“PROJECT MEET & GREET” 2008 is slowly moving towards bigger things, but we need your help to propel this PROJECT to GREATER HEIGHTS.
We have the potential to reach many cities, states, & possibly countries!

So let us know if you would like to participate or have any GREAT IDEAS to contribute to this global project. We are currently in a preliminary mode, which means we are just brainstorming right now. so IDEAS are essential at this moment.

We will slowly move towards a guestlist, host list, host sites, etc.

Success, or the EXISTENCE of this project, depends on the number of participants & ideas we get.

Let me know what you think about it & if you’d like to participate.


**EDIT: a list of possible locations is up… the more stars, the more likely something could happen! be on the lookout for updates.

thanks for taking interest!



**EDIT: thanks for your interests in this project. i am going to make it official now, as you can see the link on the sidebar. i will be making updated posts from time to time & you can check out the side for more info.
as of now, there seems to be lots of head counts in specific areas. i will wait a few more days until i do a follow-up post on the next step in the process.
IMPORTANT: if you are interested in hosting a meet-up in your area, or have any questions in general, i can be contacted at best via AIM; my sn: MeLLYbLoOm12
feel free to add me to ask me anything on BB or if u just wanna chat in general.
ALSO: for those who are reluctant to participate b/c they aren’t sure if they can make the traveling distance, THERE WILL BE A SUB-PROJECT THAT INVOLVES YOU & YOUR CAMERA! more details to come. i’ll do my best to include everyone. hope you all enjoy it.
thanks for reading all of my rambling! ^^ ~melly
Let me know where you’re from & what you think is great to do in you area.
For those in the California area, preferably in the Los Angeles area – there is a GREAT POSSIBILITY that one will be coming up in the summer. so if you’re in the LA area, let me know if you wanna hang out! ^^

remember, it’s not just LA. it’s everywhere. if u think there’s enough ppl to have fun w/ in your area, let me know & i’ll add it to the possible list.
then this project can be official.
& we’ll document this on our site & show BIG BANG what they’re missing out on all over the world – that there’s more VIPz outside of Korea, which means they need to come HERE pronto! lol

EVIDENCE THAT VIPZ are seriously hiding out in every niche of the country, & even the WORLD xD

Interested Locations: (stars indicate greater possibilities)
Los Angeles**** (you can hang out w/ me & jeska ^^)
Bay Area**
Boston** (you can hang out w/ Kim… but who is that? lolol jk)
New Jersey**
Long Beach*** (LB kids… i would love to combine forces w/ you guys. we’ll meet half way… the beach rofl)
Detroit (you can hang out w/ JT ^^)
St. Paul
Washington DC
New Zealand
Hong Kong

JULY 25th (FRIDAY) is the proposed date for the Los Angeles meet up. to LA & LONG BEACH VIPz: are you available on friday? i want to make this meet fun, so this’ll only take up your afternoon, & if need be longer. if FRIDAY is good for you, please respond to this post or IM ME (sn listed above) for details & we will have a chat about possible list of things to do. i hope you guys can make it. ~melly


~ by gdluvzmc on July 10, 2008.

320 Responses to “PROJECT MEET & GREET© 2008 Survey”

  1. i wanna go to LA! 😀

  2. Aww It’s at LA? I’m in Singapore LOL.
    Which is like 10+ hours away?! My gosh! Haha.

  3. lol emry: if we get a lot of ppl from singapore, there could be one there too!
    we just have to organize it.
    that’s wat i’m trying to do.
    if we can get a lot of ppl who are interested, i will try to work some stuff out.
    don’t worry, you won’t miss out on the fun!

  4. Aww, you LA fans are SO lucky!

    Well, I’m in the NYC area…opposite of LA…but there must be people near NYC…right? LOL.

    But, great idea! =)

  5. i’ma beantown baby, but idk if there are that many people in beantown who know of big bang. i know my fam does lmao. but that’s about it so far. & like, it has to be a day where i don’t work. thats the only way i could attend.

  6. i want to attend!!! but it has to be on a weekend coz no one’s gonna take me there… lol

    i’m from bellflower, CA…(40 min away from LA)…. : ]

  7. lol. this is such a great idea.
    i live in Delaware but i’m willing to spend time in Philly if that’s better for anyone.
    i’m destined to meet Kim one day =D
    she’s gonna sneak me in at work, right Kim?

  8. wow thats great idea,,im always excited 2 meet d VIPz!!! im @ california bay area(MORGAN HILL more like a suburb in SAN JOSE) anywayz im not sure if i can go 2 LA but i really want 2 go..hehe..tnx..ill think about it!!!

  9. oh yes, if you come to boston i’d totally let you in. lol

  10. I see theres people here on the east coast interested. I’m willing to go to NYC or Phili. I’m about the same distance away from both. I’m in NJ so either or is fine to me. If i have to i will go anywhere in the US to see them. ^^ but east coast is more convienent

  11. Hey gdluvzmc ^^ well i’m from Perú =/ i don’t know many people who likes BB here, just me and my sister xD!

    But if you decide to come to visit this great country someday, specially the coast region ^o^ i will be glad to show u VIPZ my city xD

  12. haha BAY AREA.
    if there’s ppl from the bay who r interested, things could be arranged too.

    the goal of the survey right now is to see who’s interested & where they are from…

    so if there’s a lot coming from the bay, we’ll ask to see if anyone would like to host, & that way there’s a meeting place & plans will be made to just hang out w/ VIPZ in your area.

    i’m glad to see ppl in the east coast reppin’

    i’ma make kim handle the east coast.
    ROFL. don’t kill me kim!

  13. omg!
    i live in vancity in canada!
    i can’t make it to LA. 😦
    but maybe there are enough ppl in vancouver to meet up? 🙂

  14. u should do one in NYC.

    i can host if someone can help me 😀

  15. You got my support from Boston!

  16. WOW. nice idea.

    do you have to be in these location.
    Los Angeles, Bay Area, Philly, Boston, New Jersey, Peru, NYC, & Vancouver.

    .. . if not. im From Kent, WA.
    shoot i know like maybe 10 people i know who like BIG BANG,
    and in know maybe 10 people i hate, but they like big bang.

    and i im going to Los Angeles & Bay Area on september , yo!

  17. ^ it’s time for you to get to know those 10 friends of yours more! lol
    if there’s more ppl from your area, one could be definitely set up & u could host it!

  18. I’D LOVE TO!

    From Montreal, Canada. I’m sure there are tons of Big Bang fans over here.
    Let me know the deets when they come, you have my email ^^

  19. omg THAT SOUNDS FUN!
    my friends and i would love to go for the LA one!

  20. Pittsburgh. Please do one in Pittsburgh. I would die without one.

  21. I’m from Malaysia!!!
    plz make one in Malaysia too!!!!

  22. this sounds like a good idea for my friend and i to meet other vips in NYC. if we meet, which borough? that’s hard to decide since their are 5… any is good for me 😀
    whoever came up with this idea is SMART! thank you 😀

  23. i live in long beach
    its near LA kewl
    i hope i could go

  24. I’d prefer somewhere near Toronto, cause I can’t get down to LA. I just had a recent trip to HK and now I’m flat out broke. And plus I’m too young. 14!

  25. NEWJERSEY!! :]

  26. ohmigod! i think this is such a great idea!
    except im in jersey…you people in LA are so lucky!!!!!
    pleasssssse do one in jersey!!!!


    they would blow up vancouver~~~~

  28. YEAH!!!!!!!! I would LOVE it if they could come to Vancouver!!!!!!!!!! I know LOTS of people who LOVES big bang!! WOO HOO!!!

  29. Long Beach =P(about 30 minutes from LA)

  30. lol. but what about my 149818947 family members, Kim? XD i kidd.
    seems there are a lot of people in Jersey and from the East Coast.
    Melly or Kim, if you need help, i’m willing anytime.
    just IM me on aim if anything. =]

  31. This is an awesome idea!!!!

    I live near Detroit, Michigan so i could probably do something in the NYC area or in Canada! I have 2 friends that i got into BB so i could bring them too!

  32. St.Paul, MPLS, BC/BP, MINNESOTA anyone???


  33. Kay-chan & Rebecca…

    I’m from NJ too!!
    The east-coasters should def. go to NYC!

  34. I vote Washington DC or NYC. East coast FTW!

  35. cool idea =D
    I live in NYC!! *w00t!*

  36. tons of ppl in nyc, like meeeee =)

    ima be in california the first or second week of august. dunno which part though :\

  37. i vote for the bay area!!!!!!!!!

  38. boston!!. =] theres alot of bigbang fans here that i know of including myself. =]

  39. omg..
    im from Indonesia..
    i know some fans of Bigbang in Indonesia..
    some fans hv gone to the thailand concert..
    and some fans unlucky, like me, cannot go their concert.. =(
    and im sure that Indonesia hv many fans of Bigbang..!
    and their put ‘VIP’ in their last name.. XD

  40. NYC baby . So much to do there . KoreanTown in Manhattan . Flushing in Queens. We could go shopping for a lifesize Doreamon for Daesung . We could buy bape for TOP . and just hang around KoreanTown.
    You have no idea how crazy obessed frineds i have

  41. aww
    i’m from indonesia
    hope we can have one in indonesia

  42. Im from the bayarea :[

  43. @Connie
    there’s KoreanTown in NYC? i thought there was only one in cali.
    i live in flushing and there’s one really busy block with a lot of koreans. but i know they’re many more bb vips hiding out in NYC. we just need to find them.

  44. anyone from toronto??? i would love to do a toronto meet with fellow big bang fans

  45. I wanna meet Bay Area VIPs!

  46. i am glad that everyone seems positive about this idea.
    and yes. if you live near LA area and don’t mind driving to LA, you should join me and melly to hang out. once we get enough people, we will decide what we can do and stuff. it will be awesome to meet up as VIP and make new friends.

  47. WHOA
    well i’m from St.paul
    YESSIR so i’m glad
    it is AMAZING! in August
    we have state fairs, and
    other festival in the summer
    Hrmm i gotta think about more things
    i gotta hurry up and off the computer
    cuz my sister gotta use it but i’ll say more later
    Hrmm but i would like to vist anywhere
    i’ve been to LA but for a couple days
    Bye, i’ll get back later about AWESOME things
    about st.paul

  48. nyccc babyyyy :]
    i second on ktown

  49. since im moving to boston 4 college that would be the best, but nyc would also be pretty chill

    VIP ppl in boston i need to find you!

  50. im so totally pumped about meeting the V.I.P.’s!
    anyone from the Boston area?
    eastern massachusettes to be in general.

    I CAN’T WAIT >.<

  51. i want to go

    i’m from bellflower, ca…it’s near LA…like what my sister mentioned earlier….

  52. oh cool i wanna go but i live all da way in New Zealand and deres not much ppl here who r into BB

    im going to Philippines in da end of the year maybe you can host one there!
    lol at the meet and greet you should have games like how well do you know BB and the winner gets BB prizes YAY!! hehe

  53. I’m like 3 hours north of LA…the armpit of Cali! lol JK… Visalia, CA ….too bad the meeting wasn’t like 2 days ago…i was just in LA dropping my husband off at the LAX and I don’t think i’ll have a babysitter for my two kids and also i am about to start school again soon….but hey it’s a BIG Bang thing..and i love them so maybe i can make it! yay! 😀

  54. umm….am i the grandma of this forum!? haha…wow i feel old…anyone else 21 yrs old?

  55. YAY! , I’m going to LA soon , EEK!

  56. NYC 🙂

  57. Ahh……This sounds fun, but I live in Central Florida!

  58. long beach , ca VIPS in the city
    hope you guys come here
    or ill go to LA
    doesnt matter to me
    ill still go 😀

  59. awww . im like in australiaaaa ! sydney . ahaha .

  60. sigh, i feel so isolated. no one/nothing ever exciting ever happens where i am T__T
    (im from the northwestern part of the US…the rainy states…)

  61. rofl CONNIE
    i was thinking the same thing too…
    well at diff ends of the country.
    we could tour ktown (ROFL)
    & like… go gift shopping for the boyz
    we’ll see.
    i’m glad everyone’s taking lots of interest.
    i will be looking forward to seeing more responses.
    hopefully ^^

  62. emryisvip, i’m a Singaporean too ;D
    i should get more singaporean to get involve in this.

  63. i’m from Malaysia guys..nice to meet ya all~~i think Malaysia have many VIP too…but,,where are MVIP???

    Sarah : don’t worry,,i’m 21 years old too…neway,,don’t feel old girl..hahaha..just kidd..

  64. **edit : gdluvzmc,,,you guys are doing great job… 🙂

  65. momovip & wanie-chan is from Malaysia too,rite???
    LaviesVIP is from Malaysia too…although she’s in Penang…keke
    not sure whether they wanna join dis project or not…..
    anymore Malaysians here???

  66. FLORIDA!

  67. @whoelse_i,
    u’re Malaysian too??
    where do u live???

  68. @crystalluvgd,

    yeah,,they are malaysian…i live in are from malaysia too right??where??

  69. Wowwww *__* Vip’s around the world *O*

  70. @whoelse_i,
    i live in KL too!!!!!
    i live at cheras…wat about u??
    have friendster???

  71. Am I the only one living in Arizona? Well, it’s next to Cali. but there are not much Asian people there either b/c of the hot weather…but maybe sometime we can meet if I come to visit my grandparents + my best friend visit trip (she’s also a big Bang fan) from ATL, then we can meet u guys…that’ll be fun!!

  72. we should so do it in la!! i m so there!

  73. Aww, those that live in California are SO luckyy~!

    I’m from England! :]

  74. @crystalluvgd,

    haha,,such a fate…i live in ampang..sorry,,but i don’t have any friendster…have ym??

  75. haha, this is so awesome!
    i’m from the bay area, but i’m moving up to the davis/sacramento area in the fall for school :]

  76. FINLAND !!!!!

    aawwwww is there anyone else from here ;_;

    you guys are so lucky~

  77. wow nice idea !
    I’m from Lao P D R!!!!!!!!!
    LA VIP SOOO LUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. HONG KONG!

  79. Singapore definitely! 😀

  80. I used to live in the bay area. That would of been awesome to meet VIPs there.
    Now in Seattle, Washington. There’s alot of Koreans Washington.
    We even have our very own Korean Town in Lakewood which is about 45 mins. from Seattle.

  81. @whoelse_i,
    ampang is near cheras…at least,it’s still in KL,not in another state…kekeke
    my email add is &

  82. darn it, I was in LA a few days ago TT_______TT huuuu~ COME TO VIETNAM

  83. proud of being a VIP T~T*


  84. it would be so awesome if we all just went to Korea!
    and like go to one of their concerts there…im sure theyll
    have another coming up this year..maybe during winter 🙂

    anyway! that’s just fantasy~ but you can count me in!
    I like the idea of Washington or California, well in general..
    the west coast! 😀

    I’m good with the southeast asia side too!

    Is there not going to be one primary location?
    a single plac where all vips are gonna meet?

  85. you guys are lukcy !!

    MELLY please do one in LONDON !!

    i knoe…there are loads of VIPz hiding out in UK !!

    c’mon this is such a great idea to meet up !!!

  86. nugushun@ I’m from Sweden and I have a lot’s of friends here in Sweden that like Big Bang, so maybe you could come to Sweden? ^^
    we had a meeting in the end of june where not that many could come but we were at least 6 people (from the begining it was 12 people) and know I’ve fine more people that like Big Bang…
    so how many people should you be in a country (since Sweden is kinda small we’re having country meetings :P) to be a part of the prodject? ^^


    haha. it’s a sunny sunny sunny place here that really rains like crazy (when it wants to) 😀
    oh, and we have an official BIGBANGSINGAPORE site 😀

  88. anystar, that sounds cool.
    i know that there’s lot’s of big bang fans in finland too, but i know just one : D she’s my friend. then i’ve talked to some people at internet. we don’t have any meetings~~ so maybe we could do something like that. i would say that stockholm would be great place, or helsinki~

  89. oMG,, Sydney as in australia sydney? :0

    i live in Melbourne ;] Melbourne much more friendly 🙂 haha, and i know some awesome places in Melbourne 😀 come to Melbourne too? ^^

    Big Bang shud have Global tour for sure, 😀

  90. I’m like Stacysim, residing in England! but not london like probably alot of people! I’m in a village in the middle of nowwhere where nothing happens (-_-)

    Great idea though- sounds like alot of fun~

  91. @van: WHAT IS IT?! LOL.

  92. @crystalluvgd,

    yeah,,it’s near…like you said,,as long as it’s still in KL…huhuhu~i already add you at name is nur…

  93. Is there any one from Mexico? I don´t know if you’ll like to come here. But I can definetly go to US. This is a great idea btw. VIP’S UNITED!!

  94. Hiiiii!!!
    I am Bea from Spain .I am a VIP since 1year and a half and i really want to colaborate on averything about the boys,I am from Spain but here….I don’t know any other Big Bang fan,just me,hope to meet someone more 😛
    my friends listen to them too because of me but they are not VIPS….not now but maybe….buahahaha
    good job girls!!


  95. INDONESIAN FANS!!!!!! is anybody an indo gan here?? oh gosh, It would be great if
    we meet up! =)

  96. Washington DC!!

  97. TORONTO!!! i know many bigbang fans here. + i saw people from montreal writing, they can just drive / take the train here:) it’s only 6 hours drive! HEHE;)

  98. please have one in boston!
    i actually live close enough to go to one there
    this is a really good idea, it sounds like lots of fun 🙂

  99. nyc is pretty good too since its not to far away either 🙂

  100. You should come to Rochester, New York xDD

  101. wow dats a gr8 idea but phooo i think im still too young not even 15 =(
    ^^but itz a gr8 idea hope it goes well
    gud luck 2 every1 hav fun !! an i bet u will XD

  102. meyo VIP and MRS,CHOI
    I WOULD LOVE THAT!!! reply to me or IM me ok! xD
    I know a few of indo VIPs too xD

  103. anyone else out there from vancouver?
    i’m willing to help organize! 🙂

  104. DETROIT BABY. I could probobly get like 6-10 other people too!!

  105. im in NYC!
    lets meet up talk bigbang all day!

  106. if i go, && is able to take like 10+ people w/ me, anyone wanna mind paying for my plane ticket? haha

  107. What about Paris?? loool
    im joking!
    guyz, i want to be wit all of you, VIPz!
    dang, im jealous!

  108. this is cool, but all those locations are in the states or somewhere else T^T
    taiwan aaahhhh~
    they should plan to debut in taiwan! like dbsk!!!
    i cant even find their CD here >( *pouts*

  109. NEW YORK CITY! 🙂

  110. ^ Yeah yeah, NYC all the wayyy!

  111. omg that sounds so cool !! 😀

    newyorkcityyy please (:

  112. That’s a good idea! I live in San Francisco..I hope I can still go there!

  113. LMAO . I guess there’s two connie’s from NYC *points to comment above me by 2*
    HI CONNIEE . I’m Connie Tooo :]

    @allison :
    Yeah there’s another KoreanTown in Manhattan . I think 32st . But dont rely on me. I’m a bad New Yorker.

    @gdluvzmc :
    We should totally do that . It would be awesome. Their birthdays couldnt be anymore special . Yepyep.

  114. OMGG!! where in st.paul
    and what state ??
    you guys should do a state per region
    so everybody will be a ble tah attend

  115. I’m from vancouver~ haha comeee ~~~ =D


  117. I used to live in Pittsburgh, and I visit a LOT = ]]

    Otherwise I reside in Harlemmmmmm = ]

  118. I was thinking that maybe we all could plan like an event different days, like a day where its more convenient for people from that certain area. for example: Monday – Boston Area meets, Tuesday: Long Beach Area meets & etc. We would have activities planned, of course its gotta be something that fits our budget. Which could be, chilling at the beach, bumpin to some music, someone’s house, sports day, play kiddy games or just simply sit and chat. Someone bring a camera and take pictures, email it to me or someone from the bbfansite and then post it, each day there’s a different post of the different districts.

    So Mel said she might make me the head of the East Coast/Boston convention thing. loll. Although i’m not 100% sure whether I can uphold that position yet, you kids from the Boston area, or are willing to head to the Boston area, should get at me via AIM: Lidopreshuzkim or Hotmail: or Email: Apparently, from what i’m reading, there’s mad heads down in the Beantown/Boston residence. You guys should get at me and we can arrange something. First I just have to know what day it is, to see whether I can make it, yaDIG?

  119. Hi
    here in Brazil “big bang” has many fans.
    Big Bang and a success, they may become a worldwide phenomenon.
    YG need to disclose their work for the brazil and the world.


  121. i’m in ohio. lol northeast, akron///cleveland easy access to surrounding cities like detroit and chicago.

  122. Awesome NYC and JERSEY are two of the top ones for this on the East Coast ^^ Either or is fine by me. Can’t wait to see where is going to be picked.

  123. ^ I live in NJ, but I would prefer NYC.
    Because I can just grab my friend (who loves Big Bang as well) and hop on the train and go to the city. If it’s held in NJ, it’s too big…people might have transportation problems…

  124. Someone tell me about the Sydney area.
    I’ll possibly tell me friends =)

  125. Hello bay area is invaded with VIPS

  126. Well me and my friends who are Big Bang fans live in Virginia….Washington DC is right there soo i guess my vote is for would be fun…plus thats the capital of the US..what stars have not or would not want to go there. 🙂

  127. Bay area! San Fransisco! Se7en was here a couple months back and alot of yg fans showed up. Big Bang is huge here

  128. omg i am in flushing can’t c u but will be still a BIGBANG fan

  129. this is such a great idea!. althought i wouldn’t be able to go anywhere except Vancouver.. (where i live) cause i’m only 13 =(.; but if there was a meet and greet and Vancity, i would sooo go

  130. i can go to both Long Beach and LA….coz it’s close to Bellflower! : ]


  132. i’m gonna say Vietnam for sure.!

  133. COLORADO!

  134. COLORADO PLZ i have LOTS of friends who like big bang!

  135. Lmao. I’m Kim, someone mad dope ! Durh ! Silly, did you even have to ask that? Well, Mel& availability days vary from Mon-Wed. Any other days you can catch me in my turqioues/greenish blue uniform [figure out where I work with that hint], so hit me up via AIM,MSN or email. & I’ll decide whether we can chill. JayKay ! Just get at me if you have any questions or concerns =P Ok, enough comments for the day.

  136. Got some love from Arizonaaa. Especially in Suprise, Arizona. We can go kick it at WestGate with the AMC20 or ArrowHead Mall fashoo.


    @emryisvip; =]

  138. I live in Virginia but I can definitely go to Washington D.C. I love this idea.

  139. honolulu, hawaii~ please

  140. i can be the honolulu hawaii meet and greet president if needed
    or in charge or like a person that you can contact.

  141. I’m in malaysia and i’m interested.

    fangirls can add me? i would love to make more friends.

  142. @yunnie,
    yeah!!! another Malaysian VIP!!!!
    i’ll add u when i get home tonite… 🙂
    i’ll add u through yahoo messenger…
    my msn messenger can’t be used at home…

  143. @ kimvipbunny:

    it’s gonna be fun if we can have a gathering with another Indo VIPZ. I’ll be waiting for further information about the date and venue. Maybe I’ll contact you through FS or IM. See you….

  144. LONDON !!!!

    i knoe…there are loads of England Vipz too……c’mon gurlzz… its the only way to Unitee !!!!

  145. @gdluvzmc
    i think i can go to the LA meet up if it’s past 12 pm coz i have summer school….
    and i still need to find someone who would take me there…

  146. @kimvipbunny and Chi-Cita:
    let’s gather indo VIP
    i would love to talk about big bang with you guys
    i’ll contact kimvipbunny via fs
    chi-cita, how can i contact you?
    your fs e-mail maybe?

  147. @mrs. CHOI:

    Hey yo Mrs. CHOI…

    Here is my e-mail address:

    Just add me, OKE!!!

  148. @ kimvipbunny, mrs CHOI, Chi-Cita:

    Hey! im indo too..
    dont forget me!!

  149. aww
    is anyone in here 4rm the mid. east???
    i live in memphis, tennesse..
    i only know 4 fans here…
    i guess it not gonna happen since there not many ppl

  150. IM IN N Y!!!
    but then im goin 2 China from July 14 till Aug 29…so yea…

  151. yay!!!!!!! im in new jersey and i wanna go!!

  152. or the people in new jersey can just simply meet with the people in new york and go to a hotel there

  153. and you guys should make a chatroom on aim or a group on facebook xP

  154. Hmm, I live in Long Beach
    But LA is okaay too 😀

  155. I live in the Netherlands but i’m from Vietnam so if the meeting is there i would def go there !!

  156. i would love to be a part of it! i’ll be in LA during that time too and i live in MN (STP)
    someone plz get back at meeh abotu this email ish


  157. so, n2807utz , me, chi cita, mrs,choi, and meyo VIP . 5 indo VIPs! I’ve got melle, an indo
    VIP too, so 6 it is! anybody else? xD

  158. aww i live too far!! all the way in Chicago…u guys should put chicago on the list!

  159. flushing’s easier than the city for me but i might be able to arrange to go to the city. (train stops both places just whether or not my parents r gonna let me go xP)

  160. city = NYC

  161. @xjellox
    i agree. flushing is a lot easier and quiet. they’re a few good places to meet there. we could meet at flushing mall or the flushing library.

  162. omggg so ghei, i wont be in la on the 25th. boooo -o-

  163. for those interested in the LA/LONG BEACH, NYC, INDONESIA VIP meets, please contact me via AIM
    if you use msn:

    we need to discuss the next step of the process.

  164. i just got back from LA

  165. Bay Area!!!! We should hold meetings everywhere! If possible, so that everyone has a chance to meet other fans…

  166. I dont get it.



    simple enough huh? lol i’m surprised that wasn’t taken… but every other form was.
    that’s why i kept saying that was my nickname for him. 😛

  168. Hey!! you can most defintely add me to the St. Paul meet!! I live in Minnesota so i’m assuming that’s the St. Paul its referring to. ^_^

  169. @n2807utz:
    what’s your e-mail?
    i’ll add you on your fs
    so we can spazz about BB there

    i believe xander lives in indonesia too

  170. oh!
    and i know some people who love big bang as well
    they’re my seniors at school
    but i can work things out
    for BB and VIPs sake

  171. Indonesian meets..!
    so interesting..! and make me so curious..
    Indonesia hv many cities and borough..
    kimvipbunnie from bekasi..
    and im from makassar, but i am in Surabaya too for my college..
    so, another Indonesia vip.. where r u all come from?

  172. Some place in central Florida would be great!

  173. i’m from jakarta

  174. hey guys if your from hawaii and your a big bang fan


    thanks guys! add me on myspace if needed!

  175. ok, i got this..
    Indonesian VIP..
    kimvipbunnie from Bekasi,
    mrs.CHOI from Jakarta,
    and im from Makassar and Surabaya,
    so, hw about the other Indonesian VIP..?

  176. the easiest place to meet is jakarta I guess. but meyo loves in makassar wa so far.
    when will you come here? =) I will look for other indo VIPs !! xD

  177. @meyo VIP:

    I’m from Jakarta. ^_^


    I agree with you. We are better to meet in Jakarta. Sudirman, maybe?

  178. n2807utz is also an indonesian VIP
    more indo VIP

    i’ll also look for some more

  179. awwww i wish i could do this kind of stuff but can’t because i live nowhere near any of these places, lol. i only know aaaangel! from here though :] (hey we should meet up sometime! :D) haha.
    ooooooh all you people should TOTALLY come here to Hawaii. I could show you guys the places where Big Bang shot their music video “Always” XD and took pictures. i even went to “Ala Moana beach park” a few days ago to take pictures w/ my family, which is where they shot those scenes when they were jumping on a trampoline and took a picture with a bench, lolz 😀

  180. omfg
    i’m pretty sure taht i can go to L.A
    I was planing on going with my friend anyway :]

    that would be so cool :]

  181. @kimvipbunnie :
    yup.. i think Jakarta is the best place..i will come to Jakarta..never mind to me.. =)

    kimvipbunnie from Bekasi,
    mrs.CHOI from Jakarta,
    Chi-Cita from Jakarta,
    and im from Makassar and Surabaya..
    hw about n2807utz..?
    wait the other Indonesia VIP.. ^ ^

  182. July 25th?
    I will so so so so so be there if it really happens :]

    but wait where would it be?

  183. @mrs. CHOI:
    my email / msn:
    add me! haha.

    @meyo VIPz:
    im from surabaya. haha.
    you go to college here? wew. where, man?

    some kiddos from my old high school loves bigbang.
    my friends also love bigbang.
    it’ll be cool if we really get together and do stuffs. hahaha.

  184. @n2807utz :
    yup, my college in Surabaya.. at PETRA University.. =D

    kimvipbunnie from Bekasi,
    mrs.CHOI from Jakarta,
    Chi-Cita from Jakarta,
    n2807utz from Surabaya,
    and me from Makassar & Surabaya..
    wait the other Indonesian VIP.. ^ ^

  185. It seems like there a few people who lives in MN.
    We could probably figure out something.
    I know a few people who also like BB. =]
    Let’s see if there are more people who is close or lives in St. Paul/Minneapolis.
    I will be going into High School soon…
    & I heard that there are LOTS of BB Fans in my High School.
    Yay! I’ll have more BB partners! Lol.
    There is also a Korean Club at my High School. Hopefully those kids in there likes BB.
    But, yeah.
    MINNESOTA VIP right here! =D



  188. kimvipbunnie from Bekasi,
    mrs.CHOI from Jakarta,
    Chi-Cita from Jakarta,
    n2807utz from Surabaya,
    LaBelle (at soompi) from Jakarta,
    and me from Makassar & Surabaya..
    wait the other Indonesian VIP.. ^ ^

  189. I officially think I;m the youngest, 11! TORONTO! But I probably wouldn’t because of age! I would be there in spirit then! VIPz UNITE!

  190. heeeyy Indonesian VIP.. there’s still me here! I’m from Indonesia too!!! lol
    Me and my friends are huge fans of big bang, we’re from Jakarta 😀

    my msn:

  191. nice! hey there tasia! wow so many indo VIPs! I am very happy ! XD
    I;m excited to meet you all, anyways, why don’t we introduce ourselves.
    I’m adeline, 14 years old, first year of senior high xD
    so, I’m looking forward for further actions! xD
    so there’re me, meyo, mrs,choi, xanders, tasia, n2807utz , chi chita, melle, labelle,
    and my friend jiyul x)

  192. my e-mail
    add me at YM ! xD
    friendster : dline@vip.bigbang
    I dont have msn T.T
    xD but contact me ok!! xD

  193. I’m from WA!

  194. I have collected a few indo VIPs from FS. still waiting to hear from them! xD

  195. nham? qua di may mam’ oiiiiiiiiiiiii… nhieu chuyen de lam ma ko lam …..lo may cai vo van nay ……

  196. @Tasia:
    hey there!
    glad to know another indonesian VIP

    i’ll contact my senior at school
    she loves dae sung till death

  197. NO HOUSTON?!

  198. kimvipbunnie from Bekasi,
    mrs.CHOI from Jakarta,
    Chi-Cita from Jakarta,
    n2807utz from Surabaya,
    LaBelle (at soompi) from Jakarta,
    tasia from Jakarta,
    and me from Makassar n Surabaya..
    wait the other Indonesian VIP.. ^ ^

    wow, Jakarta is dominant.. haha..

  199. Yo! All those who live in the Bay Area, we should all meet! E-mail me at and add me on myspace!

  200. @meyo VIPz:
    hiyaa dude. it’s getting freaky. u’re at the same university as me, man.
    maybe there’s a chance of me meeting u on monday. hahaha.

  201. oh no…not the 25th!!! i have school orientation…oh well….i guess its okay. 😦

  202. @ n2807utz :
    really..? same university..? hahaha.. good..
    i will back to Surabaya may be on july 27.. =D

  203. YO!!!


    (i’m so lateee…T.T….vocation made me crazyyy) haha

    yeah..this is wad i’m lookin for..
    TX for GDLUVZMC…u r so brilliant..
    i can’t wait to see all of indonesia VIPz ^^

    ah..i’ve got a plan for make a indonesia VIPz group in friendster..
    but i’m in ma holiday now..still not finish it
    i’ll contact all of u later
    and we could discuss about meet up in jkt at december

  204. NOTE:
    pliz for all INDONESIAN VIPZ to fill this and email me…: TX^^
    (i need to survey n wanna noe more all of u guys!)

    FAV member:


  205. hi Tasia…
    hi LinDv…

    I’ve sent an email for you. Hope you can reply it. ^_^

  206. nugushun@
    yeah, that would be great! 😀
    let’s talk more on msn maybe? ^^

  207. i live in new jersey but i can make it to new york(:
    ahh i love this idea it will be so fun!!!!

  208. […] if you think your area should be on this list b/c you can make something happen, refer to the DETAILS post & email me; i will get back to you […]

  209. I’m from JaKArTA… I’m VIP…
    WaiteD bIg BAng To Come To IndonesIa…

  210. SYDNEY!!!!
    just tell me when and where and i’ll be there. with homemade cookies ^^

  211. but if there’s gonna be a meetup of VIPs in jakarta in december count me in too.
    im going back then.

  212. anystar@

    yea, i’ll add you !

  213. List of Indonesian VIP :
    1. meyo VIP from Makassar & Surabaya
    2. kimvipbunnie from Bekasi
    3. mrs.CHOI from Jakarta
    4. Chi-Cita from Jakarta
    5. n2807utz from Surabaya
    6. LaBelle (@soompi) from Jakarta
    7. tasia from Jakarta
    8. LinDV from makassar & Surabaya
    9. Manda (@Friendster) from Jakarta
    10. dEv from Jakarta

  214. @ryniiVIP :
    r u from Indonesia too?

  215. Heyyy Indo VIP! I’m from Indonesia too!! 🙂
    I’m from Jakarta

  216. List of Indonesia VIP :
    1. meyo VIP from Makassar & Surabaya
    2. kimvipbunnie from Bekasi
    3. mrs.CHOI from Jakarta
    4. Chi-Cita from Jakarta
    5. n2807utz from Surabaya
    6. LaBelle (@soompi) from Jakarta
    7. tasia from Jakarta
    8. LinDV from makassar & Surabaya
    9. Manda (@Friendster) from Jakarta
    10. dEv from Jakarta
    11. Icha from Jakarta

  217. Wow….
    I never thought there are so many Indo VIPZ from Jakarta.

  218. I dont get it.


  219. Toronto Representin’!
    I’m Not Sure if You Can Tell if alot Of Poeple Know Big Bang In Toronto But Like My WHOLE School Knows Big Bang And Thats Like 1000 Poeple Also My Cuzin’s Know BigBang And Right Now I’m telling All My Friends To listen To Them Cuz i want To Make Them Number 1 in Toronto xD

  220. TORONTO BABY~!!!!!!

  221. Toronto FTW~!

  222. I live in Norway…Pleas theres no one from norway ??T-T
    I’m from Vietnam but I can’t make it because it’s 24 H from norway to Vietnam To bad I didn’t travle to vietnam this year >.<
    Please theres no one from noraway??

  223. oooohh im definetely interested in NYC 😀
    wait Conniee is that youu?
    im mixed up if your the connie i know but yeahs.
    when will the NYC one be hosted?

  224. Toronto!!

  225. Count me in…!!!

    Another BB Fans frm Indonesia here…



  226. vancouver

  227. Melly, I spoke to Sari (Admin BB Indonesia/ YGBB) and she said she has already sent you an email about joined program as in BBindonesia with bbfansite. i told her also that ur leading this project and yeah, maybe you 2 can work things out.

    Also, For BBMalaysia, if you’re guys planning to have that event anytime soon, i would suggest that you should open that invitation to anyone who is residing in Malaysia. I know a few people who are Non Malaysian like indonesian especially who are currently studying in guess you can include them in. It applies to anyone who is residing in Malaysia for that matter.

  228. I’m from Indonesia too..hehe dreamin of bb everyday,really luv to meet all of VIPz!!!!!!!

  229. List of Indonesia VIP @ BB Fan Site:
    1. meyo VIP from Makassar & Surabaya
    2. kimvipbunnie from Bekasi
    3. mrs.CHOI from Jakarta
    4. Chi-Cita from Jakarta
    5. n2807utz from Surabaya
    6. LaBelle (@Soompi)from Jakarta
    7. tasia from Jakarta
    8. LinDV from makassar & Surabaya
    9. Manda (@friendster)from Jakarta
    10. dEv from Jakarta
    11. Icha from Jakarta
    12. Fira (@ BB Indo) from Jogyakarta
    13. Magenta (@ soompi) from Jakarta
    14. Kuy

  230. @ dEV,
    @ Kuy
    @ epha :

    where r u live? Jakarta?
    please email me ( or KIM ( for ur contact..

    thanks.. =)

  231. malaysia plezzzz (^~^)

  232. Something definitely should happen in FLORIDA! I love them! We need to spread the word!

  233. :O i live so close to LA!
    but course ~.~ my dad doesn’t let me go up there alone
    & it’d be weird…a bunch of big bang fans spanzing out
    while he’s just staring at us like we’re crazy LOL .
    i wish it go could ;O
    you should another one! but bring it down to the OC!
    Garden Grove baby ;D

  234. what about MILWAUKEE?
    looks like there are NO VIPZ in Milwaukee?
    Ha; its all good. the closest to me is in St. Paul…
    maybe next time when there’s a Meet and Greet 2, you’ll be in Milwaukee.
    take TONS of photos VIPZ; cause i wanna see =)

  235. gdluvzmc, I’m sorry I am not able to reply your e-mail cause I am so busy these days
    school problems and it’s my damned brother who is not getting off the computer
    I am lucky enough to be able to comment now,
    I promise to reply and update later, sorry and thankyou! =)
    oh and there are some updates going on here
    check it out =) thanks a lot ! see you soon .

  236. can we have any in Malaysia or S’pore???
    cos it’s much more closer 4 M’sia n S’pore VIPz…

  237. boston would be nice, its like a 5 hour drive from where i live, but maybe with bribery and begging i could go, lol.

  238. Ugh o-o. I wanna go.
    But i’ll probably be the youngest. xD.
    2 hrs away though. 😀

  239. BOSTON PLEASE! hahas Boston never gets anything so I’m always sad =(


  240. What about SACRAMENTO, CA. there’s a lot of girls there who would probably like to participate…

  241. Bay Area! =D

  242. Haha. Malaysia for me too. Btw, I’m going for the MTV Asia Awards! Can’t wait to see the boys. Really want them to win!

  243. […] for those now who are intrigued to join, please check out the details on the sidebar & the location updates. you can totally host one in your area, even if […]

  244. I think Vietnam could work~ I know 3 other girls who would come FOR SURE from my school, and possibly 1 guy [WOW, i know, right? XD] and his sister so that’d be 6 of us~ and if there’s any other iVIPs in Hanoi we could meet at like Vincom or something? =D cuz this korean restaurant Cook Cook’s really close~ =D

  245. wheres bay area?
    i live near philly and i could possibly go to nj or nyc
    r u going to have gatherings to all of places listed?

  246. djshfkjsdf.


    because… I need some hardcore Toronto crazy BB fangirls.

  247. have one in GA >.<
    i wanna meet all the vips and
    dont worry ill craze up the group 🙂

  248. bay area counts as san jose right?
    i wanna meet vipzz 😀

  249. Germany please! >.<

  250. dang.
    no one lives in edmonton?

  251. SYDNEYYYYYY~ :]

  252. bay area: as long as you can find a ride or something to san francisco area, i am sure you can go. i am not sure where exactly there will be meeting, but i would say san francisco would be best unless people live closer to san jose or something. idk.
    sacramento can have their own meeting as long as you can gather people and talk to melly.
    if you want a copy of logo file so you can use it at the meeting let melly know so i can give her a file.

  253. I’m from Philly and there are Big Bang fans over here in Philly too!!!!

  254. […] by: gdluvzmc An ongoing project to set up places for VIPz to meet up, make friends & hang out! DETAILS LOCATION […]

  255. people from Boston we need to do this. because i know alot of people who love big bang from brookline high school and boston latin

  256. arrgs if there was one in Singapore!

  257. rawr, SINGAPOOL! lol, i meant singapore.
    i dont think i can make it even IF there’s one.
    UGHHH, i hate school. ㅠ_ㅠ

  258. everyone’s so far away! i guess there aren’t really any fans from north carolina?

  259. washington DC!!! 🙂
    this is a great idea! i hope more people respond!

  260. If you’re still accepting locations.. I could probably make it to the Toronto one, since I go there most weekends anyway. And I’d definitely bring some friends/fans along ahaha =DD The hosting for me would be a possibility, but perhaps not a probability ^^;;

  261. LONG BEACH ❤
    a lot of longbechians i know are vips
    i will mosdef go 😀

  262. Vancouver and Chicago!!!

  263. i’m thinking victoria/vancouver area?
    i have friends here who love big bang 🙂

  264. hi I’m kinda new here…interested in the Meet & Greet in Indonesia.
    So…add me 2 your list of Indonesia VIP k? =) Nice 2 meet u..thank you ^^

  265. anyone in nyc, abby (crazyfool) and i (daisy) are going to have a meet on the 25th for a project. anyone can go to the chatroom or IM me at stardaisy on aim. 😀 thanks

  266. I would totally go for seattle, washington. THERE are ALOT of koreans here in washington. Since I can’t visit LA all the time.

  267. im in honolulu hawaii!!!

  268. TORONTO!!
    If anyone else is interested, we should definitely have one here. =D

  269. well im in montreal ~ that’d be cool if you guys came here ^^’
    if possible.. but somehow i think not ):

  270. Torrance,CA! [:

    i wish i went to the LA one
    i live so fricking close!

    did i miss the Long Beach one too???

  271. Aw, I missed the LA meet! I’m 25 min. away from K-town…!

  272. big bang is holding a concert in november 2008

    just wondeeering , any bbvips in Edmonton,Alberta,Canada ?
    or am i the onlyyy onee ?

  274. OHH gdmonday !
    im frrom edmonton too !

  275. thank u for the detroit meet….ill b there!! its totally great for letting peeps know bout bigbang!! once again thank u!1 when is it?/

  276. i hope one is planned for toronto!

  277. Malaysia malaysia malaysia ^^
    i so wanna meet all the VIPs out there XD

  278. hello! i’m in singapore! >.< i really wanna meet friends tat have the same love as me.. BIG BANG!

  279. Ahhsan

    do you know when is the date of the concert? and where it is?

  280. I want to know how many VIPs are in/near central FLORIDA.

  281. Wow, there are a lot of V.I.P’s everywhere! YEY ^_^ I didn’t see my city listed in there —> Chicago. The only people I am able to talk to about K-pop is my sister and my online buddies. I have yet to meet someone, around my age, who loves listening to k-pop like me. I would love to meet other V.I.P.’s ^_^

  282. NYC NYC NYC NYC PLEASEE<33333333333333333333333

  283. my msn is :

    if u want to meet me up for V.I.P in NYC.
    please anyone?
    or aim :girlinv0gue


    My yahoo is
    I would love to attend a meet and greet!

  285. Awww, that’s so sweet!
    I’m in Singapore!! Organize one! Then we can all meet!!
    haha.. BIG BANG IS VIP!!

  286. lol i’m living in auckland, new zealand~ a few of my friends are into bb as well 😛

  287. MALAYSIA??????
    in malaysia,everybody love BIG BANG even my 21 years old bro….
    mALAYSI??? pleaZZ!!!!!!

  288. hi. I’m Indonesian but currently stay in Singapore, would love to meet Big Bang fans especially TOP.

  289. i’m indonesian =] but studying at singapore :DDDD
    finnaly i know the fan site for big bang 🙂

  290. indonesian =)

  291. indonesian’s VIP ..
    add mee :
    i’ll be very happy to noe u all.

  292. hmm…New Jersey,or maybe New York City :D?
    if there is on in New Jersey I could probably go if i persuade
    my parents >__< over protected;and im pretty young xD,prob the youngest person here xP.

    or yeah also Philly!there is this girl i met on crunchyroll and we ended up going to the same school !so she would most definetly go if in Philly^^

  293. @ Windzz :
    @ jennivip :

    so, when will u come back here?
    just enjoy bigbangiIndonesia forum.. (
    u will get another information about this gath..

  294. toronto please x]

  295. awww im frm LONDON ENGLAND me n my frens r all big big bang fans

  296. can LONDON be apart of da project because i know lots of pll here dat luvv big bang mayb u can cme 2 london n happy bdayyyyyyy TOP much luv frm every 1 here xxxtc my addys

  297. Toronto is the place to be

  298. W00t Toronto, I’ll be here waiting

  299. aw i missed the L.A & the long beach one….?

  300. I live kind of far away from LA ! I live in San Francisco the bay area you guys should have a meeting here

  301. i live 10 minutes from pittsburgh, it would be amazing to have one there! I could help out with it to 😀 since i live 5 hours from philly and my dad is not going to drive that far….

  302. SINGAPORE!!!!! lets meet up! XD
    hey just email me la,
    I SO LOVE BIGBANGGGG. and so do my friends. =D

  303. waaait. there was a long beach meetup? when?
    omg. i could’ve went. i have so much time in my hands @_@

  304. this is really tight!!!
    i live in Vegas but i always go back home to Hawaii a few times a year, and i was wondering if you know of any VIPz is Vegas or Hawaii?

    because, it would be hella cool to chill with some fellow fans!
    i got no one to relate to here in Vegas and in Hawaii!

  305. Melbourne is up there!

  306. I would love to have a meetup in NYC. Maybe we could make friends with each other and have a great time. I noticed a couple more people are in the NYC area also. Let us know. I’m sure it will be fun. What is the age range anyway? I’m like 31. : S

  307. I would like to meet at Vancouver =P

  308. i wanna meet in merced ca!!

  309. edmonton canada =)

  310. Vienna – Austria

  311. Virgina Beach or Norfolk, Virginia please =]

  312. Foo~ I live in the Bay Area….but not exactly in San jose. GOSH THERE SHOULD BE MORE BIG BANG FANS IN MONTEREY!

  313. Is this still ongoing?
    I wanna meet so VIPs in New Zealand! ^^

  314. I would love one in Washington DC! And I would love to help with any plans! ^_^ Let me know if any help is needed!

  315. cmon NYC meet!

  316. Arizona – Mesa

    Although i think i am one of those rare type of people since some people are surprised that i am a guy. =/ Anyone else in Arizona who wants to meet up?

  317. i want one in atlanta, georgia.. ^_^ ❤

  318. I’m from Paris ^^ does someone live there ?

  319. hye~
    i want join bigbang fan VIP’z~
    i really love bigbang~

  320. I would like to join but I am afraid I am a bit confused about what to do!!!

    I live in Portland and would love to head down for an L.A meet.
    Big Bang forever!

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