“I like Big Bang oppa”

Anybody recognize this adorable little girl??? It’s Sean’s daughter during backstage of Big Bang’s concert, she was wearing the shirt too awww….

This was posted on Sean’s mini homepage with the caption “I like Big Bang oppa! ^^”
You can see Bong’s arm on the right side corner too, awww.. Little Ha Eummie is too cute for words!! Look at them chubby cheeks, korean babies are amazingly cute, I say this today, I HAVE to marry a korean man and have little viet/korean mixed kids, I won’t accept any other. mark my word.

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~ by Vicky on July 20, 2008.

53 Responses to ““I like Big Bang oppa””

  1. smart choice, Vicky!! haha ^^
    u first, and i’ll be second!!! o_0 yeah??

  2. AHHHHH That’s too cute! >____< I wanna pinch her chubby little cheeks.

  3. LOL, she’s a cutie.

  4. aww, she’s adorable ^____^

  5. She has good taste!!

  6. looks like taeyang is holding her hand.

  7. 하음이도 아이돌이야야얌!!
    하음이 넘넘 귀업다ㅏㅏㅏㅏㅇ

  8. OMG!
    she’s holding onto YB’s hand & staring at jiyongie…
    dude forreal vicky
    i want to marry a korean man & have mixed babies too…
    nice viet/korean ones…
    that is a GOOD MIX!

  9. heheeeeee she is so cute,
    lol poor GD’s hand with tattoo , love him more dan anyone!!!

  10. yeah… “We like Big Bang oppa too!!!!” kekeke 😛

  11. awwwww shes so cute

    and she`s so lucky !!!
    big bang like her !

  12. HAHA! OMG! You are EXACTLY like me!
    I said the exact same things to my friends. “I have to marry a korean man and have viet/korean babies”
    LOLL~ And I’m sticking with what I say! I’m not going back to any other nationality! I SWEAR! LOLL! 😀

  13. girL we have d same GOAL 4 marriage haha…thats ever since BIG BANG!!! shes sOOO cute…

  14. melly majo..you are reallly right…i’m so jealous…
    hahahaha!!!! she looks like you..you are holding onto YB’s hand but looking to GD…
    that’s your story girl…i think GD was like telling her “Eummie ya GD obba chalseng gyoso?” and Eummie’s like “kkkk” Dangyonhaji obba”

  15. Aww….she’s so cute! I want that shirt!

  16. yeah, i wonder if that really is TY’s hand that she’s holding. it really looks like it is. hehehe
    that’s too adorable.
    she’s wearing their global warning shirt. what a cutie!!!

  17. I know it’ stupid to ask..
    but who exactly is Sean?????>”<
    I saw pultiple times everyone mention of the name
    without knowing who is he/she(??)
    can anyone tell me plz

  18. Ilene

    Sean is a member of the duo JinuSean
    who are also under/partial owner of YG Entertainment, the company BIg Bang’s under

  19. AWW shes sooo lucky and cute!!! i want her shirt… :]
    ty looks good from the back/ butt heehee xD

  20. ok so i forgot to mention i wonder whos hand she is holding on too
    is it taeyang?? lol so cute!

  21. aww she so cute high five to that vicky imma
    have a viet/korean mix baby too hehe [:

  22. she’s soo cute! I’ll marry a korean and have viet/korean kids just like vicky:D

  23. OMO~! she is sooo cute!
    aww and she’s wearing the shirt!! haha.

    I totally agree with you on marrying a korean man ;D lol.

  24. doubt I’d find any korean guys in this little town in florida…


    adorable mini-shirt ^_^

  25. hahah is she holding her dad’s hands?

  26. she is ADORABLE!!!!!
    i bet GD and her was just staring at each other
    SO CUTE~~


  28. hihi
    she’s so kute

  29. HWAHAH looks like she likes GD 😀 AWHAH <33333

  30. I know what you mean when you say you need to find a Korean man. But it’s not easy to find some that look like our boys here in the U.S.! Trust me, I looked! Hhhaaha.
    She’s such a cutie, is that Taeyang holding her hand? That looks like his pants/belt.

  31. HAHAHA the little t-shirt XD and she’s grinning at my Bong!
    omg lucky little girl gets to grow up around all these awesome people TT_____TT
    *suddenly has the urge to draw a fancomic about BB trying to babysit her for a week XXD*
    VICKY, we gotta go on a korean-man-hunt together!!! XD I WANT KOREAN BABIES. lol

  32. and i think it is TY that she’s holding hand…
    cuz he wore that pant in his concert~~~

    and i guess Sean was the one that took photo of her with TY hehe….
    she looking at GD…i wonder what did GD say or do hehe…

  33. LOL looks like everyone wants a korean guy, we should all get together and like have a stampede through korea looking for our future husbands XXD

  34. aww she cute ❤

    i love Big Bang oppa too XD

  35. OHH HA EUM~~~
    I love big bang oppa too~~~~~ x’DDDDD

    Agree with you on that: Korean hubby for the win.
    More preferably a Big Bang member.
    More preferable a Dong Youngbae.

  36. oh my she is just adorablee…..hahah i want to imagine GD’s trying to get her to come with him cause she’s just to cute….so she’s being amused at his antics….all the while holding onto YB oppa…..awww cuteness

  37. 😀 😀 😀 😀

    little Bigbang girl! hahaha


  38. aww…the t-shirt was special edition for her? i’m sooo jealous over this lil gal xD

    we love big bang oppa too~

  39. yeahh vicky…
    our viet and korean babies will be amazingly cute =]

  40. CUTIE VIP^__^

  41. lol
    ok i think a couple year later (wen im legal to marry) we should all gather together for a day and call that day “hunt korean guys day”
    since we allllll here want a korean husband

  42. this is super cute.

  43. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWW she’s made my day… ah i think i teared…. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaww!


  44. awwww so cute >.< and she’s holding YB’s hand ^_____^

  45. hahaha i want a Korean husband too!!! lol….

    awww cute kid..and so lucky hanging out w/ Big Bang Oppas!

  46. awwwww …. me too, i love big bang oppa, too …. wait, so you are vietnamese?

  47. hey vicky, wat’s the link to sean’s mini-hmepage. tnx

  48. Aww she is soo cute
    hella yea,,ima marry some korean guy too
    and it’ll be hmong/korean kidd

  49. Aww~~
    That’s so cute!
    Wait, who’s hand is she holding?
    TY? Ahh~~~
    Kiyoo wahh~~

  50. Haha.
    Heck yeah Nina!
    A Hmong wife + A Korean husband = Hmong/Korean Kid [!!!]

    Tehehehe. =P

  51. Yea I was thinking the same thing. ” Is that TaeYang hand?” LOL because it looks likes his clothing and shape body. haha

  52. awww, the cutest and luckiest little girl ever!
    big bang so cute when they are around kids.

  53. haha some extra pics

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