Ha Eummie and JiYong Oppa

awwwwwwww… this is so amazingly cute I have no words to describe it. These were posted on Sean’s mini homepage, this was taken during backstage of TaeYang’s concert

“JiYong Oppa is so cute”

“Ha Eummie Having Fun with JiYong”

So freaking incredibly cute!! ahhh!! I just wanna bite her cheeks forreal!!! Bong can’t loose either haha, cuteness overload.

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~ by Vicky on July 24, 2008.

67 Responses to “Ha Eummie and JiYong Oppa”

  1. omg how cute awwww bless them thanks for sharing ^^

  2. AAAAH SO CUTE >_<
    i love her Sakun hoodie hahaha

  3. AWWWWWSS!! jiyongieee~~ :]
    the first pic is SOOOO ADORABLEEES!
    the second pic ~~ ahmygod! SO CUTEEEE! LOL
    all the pics are SO SO SO SOOOO ADORABLES 🙂
    makes me love jiyong more moreeeeeeee~

  4. oma 😥 thats so sweet 😥 im im …:(

  5. I just pay Sean’s homepage a visit and I am now fill with envy
    OMGB! His family really make everyone want to start a happy family of their own.
    So loving!!! It’s really is amazing. awwwwww~~~~ His youngest son mnake me scream “CUTE~” out loud.


  7. haha

  8. That’s so cute!!
    Aww, BB’s good with KIDS! Tehehehe. =D

    What’s Sean’s Homepage?
    Can anyone give me the link?
    Please & Thank You.

  9. She’s so cuteeeeeeeeeeee
    I want to pinch her : D
    and ji yong XD lol.
    I like the hoodie : D

  10. wow her clothes are so YG style
    i think jiyongie is more cute XDDD

  11. ohhh god so cute
    sakun baby

  12. Jiyong is so great with kids!
    He can be a father^^v That’s so cute.
    I love his hair, her hoodie.
    Dammit they’re so adorableeeeee.

    Cool, I saw a Eun Mi.
    Anyway, I’m a Mi Eun o_o *Wave

  13. hella cute….!!!!!!!!!!
    both of them….haha

  14. lol no offense, but when it comes to cuteness, gdragon wins by a mile xD and he got tanner :]
    and i really like the clothes sean buys for her T.T

  15. um i have a question totally unrelated… did gd fix his teeth or is this just my imagination?

  16. SSSSSSSOOOOOO LUCKY!!! can Sean adopt me? hahahaha! i want to get close to BB too. i want to touch their face too.hahahaha!
    and i want more!!!

  17. how cute love you GD

  18. dhey r so cute togethers. she be rockinq dha kids version of sakun. shes such a G status.

  19. waaaa i cant see the 2nd picture 😦
    but the first one is soooo cute<333 X]

    two extremely cute people next to each other.
    OMG *hyperventilating*
    i love her hoodie XD so BIGBANGish!!! XXD
    my yong’s skin looking tanner?

  21. Yea…Ji Yong looks tan? OMG!! The pictures r cute!! Sakun produce mini versions of their hoodie also? The first picture is cute…the 2nd pic shows that they r equally cute!! LOL!!! ^^

  22. that’s so sweet…look how cute both of them…^_^

  23. they look so adorable on the first pic…
    and so as the second pic…

    love the way she dresses…
    they’re both freakin’ cute…

  24. VERY CUTE ^^

  25. yeah that’s it g-dragon is my perfect man.

  26. OMFG.
    vicky u can’t do that to me.
    ❤ my babies. that’s all i gotta say.

  27. OMGOMG
    GD is so cute while playing with that little girl
    oneday GD will get married and have his own baby,too
    and he’ll play around with his own child><

  28. Awwwwwwwwwwwww~
    So flippin’ cute.
    My heart aches from all the adorable intake.

  29. & SHE’s WEARING BAPE!!!
    ahhh that lil girl….
    wait til ha eummie gets to sit on TOP oppa’s lap as he plays santa…
    wooooo i’m draining now…

  30. jiyongie’s actually getting darker than me?!?! damn i need to get out more..
    it’s alright, our babies will still be yellow lol.
    that’s how our babies will look like – as beautiful as ha eum…

  31. Awww…omg.
    When I saw these pics, the first word that came outta my mouth was AWWWW.

  32. I hate this hair of JY’s :((

  33. jk;safoiej can gd be bad at anything?!! he’s good with babies even!!~~ LMAO she is wearing bape xP

  34. Awwww 2 cute! I luv the 1st pic!!! It’s sooooo cute! It’s like it’s GD’s own daughter ^^

    It’s looks like a skiprope is tied onto GD’s wrist in the first pic ^^

    Did anyone recognize blue writing on GD’s arm??? I can’t really make out what it says ^///^’

    GD does look darker! Has he been sunbathing or gone 2 the beach??? I dun think so cause he’s been pretty busy!

    Ahh I wish I was Oppa I wanna touch his face 2 “I luv GD ga ga!” ^^ But not as much as TY and TOP though…^^

  35. dude, that is so freaking cute as hell! aw, i love them.

  36. AGHHH
    SO CUTE!!
    i bet in the 2nd picture GD was using his phone to take a picture of him with Ha Eum~~~
    this is so freaking adorable!!
    can’t use any other words to describe both of them haha~~

  37. awwww-that is sooo adorable! *smiles wholeheartedy*
    So cuteeee! 🙂 ^_^

  38. awww how cute!!! wat a bunch of cuties together!!!

  39. OMG OMG!!!!!! this is too cute
    thanks for the pics. i love her cute sakun hoodie. i didn’t know they made those in such a small size…it’s probably personalized. kekekke.

  40. she’s so adorable!
    but no matter how cute she is she can’t beat jiyong! especially in the last pic! he’s too cute

  41. Aww GDragon looks cute
    playing with the her
    OOh he has liner on

  42. that is too ADORABLE!
    i so wish i was Ha Eummie, she gets all the “cuteness”
    & GDragon, he cant get any cuter than this..
    or can he? hehe.

  43. ahh too ADORABLE! both pictures just KILLS XP

  44. both are two freakin adorable. she’s wearing a sakun sweater. She has a fashion sense since birth.

  45. That is so adorable ❤ [:

  46. These are mega cute. I am so jealous

  47. omg! the first picture is soo cutee ❤

  48. she is super duper adorable!!~ and gd looks super tan 🙂 and adorable!!! ahh~~

    im sooo envy her rite nowww
    hic hic hic
    de thuong wa’ a

  50. sooo cute!
    i wanna be her. -.-”
    gd is probably really good with kids. XD

  51. Awwh, he’s so sweeet with kids (:
    GD has a super tan though

  52. omg those are the cutest pictures ever!!
    ha eum is soo adorable

  53. OMG, these have to be the CUTEST pics of any BB member. period.
    ha eum’s so cute, and so is jiyongie ❤

  54. yeah my jiyonggie is great w/ children…<3

  55. omg!!!! >.< that’s super cute!!! <3~JiYong~<3

  56. awwww how cute^^

  57. jiyong is pretty dark.
    or maybe its the lighting.

    it sucks that the girl wont remember ever touching a
    good lookin guy like jiyong when she gets older haa

  58. caseyl

    I’m sure Bong would still be around when Ha Eum grew older hehe

  59. It would be awesome if G-Dragon and I got married. Ha Eummie looks so adorable.

  60. aww can i be a god daughter to any YG celebrity?
    haha dey soo cute

  61. Oh cute….. ^_^

    She’s so adorable.

  62. first with Taeyang, now with Jiyong @_@
    she’s soooooo adorably CUTE!
    spoiled kid, HAHA ^_^

    ohmyGD, i could sense TaeYang & GD as either a potential Oppa or…APPA X__X
    dude, when TY & GD each have their own kids in the future…they’re gonna spoil em like crazy! EsPeCiAllY GD! -AiG00-the thought of all this children talk is SO crazy, LOLZ.


    i luv u ji yong^__^

  64. yeah…jiyong looks like he’s good with kids…

  65. ahh sweet.. ha eum,i envy u personality! u are too cute,u are sean’s daughter thats all explaining why u could be in them side (Big Bang)

  66. Wow…she’s so cute!
    hahaha GD’s funny laughing

  67. auwww…so sweet…

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