No Genre Just Music: Daishi Dance & No Brain (Lee Seung Woo)

We all know that Daishi Dance is responsible for the music arrangement for both Haru Haru and Heaven song tracks in the 3rd Mini Album “STAND UP”. As announced that HARU HARU will be the first SINGLE out from the album, lyricist and co-composers non other than our very own VIP Kwon Leader and Daishi Dance.

While waiting for THE DAY to come knocking on your door, might as well we listen to a cool track from DD for us to enjoy and relax.


*can u imagine now how “Haru Haru” is going to sound like????”

NO Brain will be the co-composer for OH My Friend and also resposible for the music arrangement. As u all know that NO BRAIN is a Korean Punk-Rockstars, so my take would be..that it is MOST DEFINITELY going to be the most interesting collabo ever!. Random track i picked for u again to imagine how OH MY FRIEND is gonna sound like!



~ by Momo on July 24, 2008.

14 Responses to “No Genre Just Music: Daishi Dance & No Brain (Lee Seung Woo)”

  1. wow
    can’t wait to hear the finished work~~~

  2. omgosh i just noticed that Vickyisvip’s account on youtube got suspended! =(
    i hope you guys will make another one!
    i miss the big bang vids already..

  3. i just noticed too…
    wat happened?..
    why did they suspend your account?….:((

  4. AHHH!! so it’s Haru Haru [which translated into Day after Day right?] hope that’s the right translation.
    CAN’T WAIT!!

    sharooonana & ncly

    yea, Youtube delete my account, it was sad that all the videos are gone but don’t worry, I just make a new account and will be updating it often just like i did with the last account

    subscribe for update on the vids.

  5. OMG!!!! i can imagine how is gonna sound! >..<)\m/

    CAN’T WAIT!!! ❤

  6. oh noooz Vicky! it was fine when i checked it out earlier today. why did they suspend it? you were even labeled as a Guru. 😦 well it’s good that you made a new account though & i just subscribed 😀 i hope things will go well =]

    soooo, i watched both vids. NO BRAIN is pretty cool & so was their MV. i think i know why GD got that new tattoo of his on his back =] & i really like Daishi Dance, i’m sorta into the whole dance/techno/a bit of trance kind of music, it’s a got a real good feel. that DD vid impressed me, so now i know that i should be impressed with what we’re going to hear from BB 😀

  7. WOW. the 1st video posted sounds really good.

  8. whoa this is definately going to be interesting….i guess it goes with the new “rebel” image BB is coming out with…i guess BB’s going to be the first to bring techno-punk to korea….just like they brought rap-r&b fusion..thats what i love about BB..always doing something different and bringing something new

  9. Whoa i liked the first video
    damms i can’t wait for the album
    to come out!

  10. hey, this song sung by No Brain is the song Gong Yoo and that actress of Princess Hours were singing when they were drunk in the drama Coffee Prince!

  11. wow thats so awesomee
    I’m soo exciteddd gahh i can’t wait =)

  12. This album will be different. The song on the first video was tight. 2nd video like the beat. Koreans need more punk/rock and Big Bang will deliver. FOR SURE!

  13. preetty cool!!

    (but they look like japanese peepz. hehe!)

    caaant waaait

  14. Dude, that club is pumping right there.
    That’s hot.

    And the song you have of No Brain…
    FTTS sang that song at their concert!
    I didn’t know who they were until now,
    so… Yay. :’D

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