hey you norcal VIPz. sadly, summer is almost over, & we did have a BAY MEET in the works….

HOWEVER: there have been problems finding & reserving the location, & one of my goals was NOT to spend too much.
SO…. the proposed location of the Community Center & the DATE, AUGUST 30,th 2008, is messed, & we’re back to square 1.

I HOPE: that the bay meet will happen before summer is over, cuz summer is the best time for many of you & hopefully it won’t push to like… winter time.
SO…. i kindly as for the BAY VIPZ to comment here & do another SURVEY on WHAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO DO & WHERE WOULD YOU LIKE IT TO BE:

some ideas i have thought of:
– picnic @ a park
– potluck

i really think the performance could happen, it’s just we need a place. so if you have any ideas or got hookups, let me know as well.
we would need:
-sound system equipment
-a stage (ergo, a place to perform at)
–school gym
–a church
–a big room
–a backyard



-i can’t read your minds & i am not from your area, so only YOU will know what’s best to do, & only YOU guys could help host this meet.
-also, please come into frequent contact with me & update me on info.
I CANNOT respond to people asking me to “have one in their respective areas” when no one has asked to help host.
POTENTIAL HOSTS who have contacted me & agreed to help, you must email me back to update info, as many VIPz have been asking for updates. PLEASE EMAIL ME, & i will help you w/ the planning.

thanks for everyone’s support of this project; i want it to prosper as much as you do.


if u would like to be a part of this meet,
please email me, as well as KI @: ; or KI (another KI lol) @: or AIM sn: xXEternalxRaveXx

for other info or any questions on the project, please check out the links on the sidebar, or click HERE for details. you can also reach me at:


~ by gdluvzmc on August 1, 2008.

23 Responses to “ATTN BAY AREA VIPz”

  1. omg have one in atlanta theres a lot of vips here
    and srry i left no info
    i would love to help you host it and hearing bout ur meets
    i would also like to meet u ^^
    just email me at

  2. AWW, IS THE MEET ONLY POSSIBLE IN THE US? or is it possible to organise something for VIPS in the UK? hmm, well if thats not possible, hope US vips still have a blast. 🙂 GOOD LUCK!

  3. @samira: it’s for everywhere as long as this meeting can be set up. you can read more details about this on right corner. click on ‘details’
    you would need enough people from fansite to meet up and find someone or you can be a host and set this meeting.
    if you need more information other than what’s written in ‘details’ e-mail melly at

  4. thanks for clearing that up jeska ^^

    samria, i know a few UK vipz & if you’re willing to travel & meet up in a location you all agree to, i’ll be glad to help you set up a meeting ^^

  5. Ohh, i see. Thanks Jeska, i just read the ‘details section’, wow, i really think its an extraordinary idea. well duh. i mean POWER OF BIG BANG BRINGING TOGETHER VIPS ACROSS NATIONS. wow wow wow.

    melly/gdluvzmc i would be ever so grateful if you could in fact organize a meeting for UK VIPS. just let me know if you want me to help with anything. but seeing as though you have the connections, it would make more sense if you asked the UK VIPS you know and then see if they are interested to meet up. > and yeah, i’ll be happy to travel for the sake of uniting VIPS. especially as summer in the UK will not finish until another September. A thousand thanks for getting back to me. 🙂

  6. thanks samira. if you know any uk vipz as well, you should let them know about this project… the more the merrier!
    i will try contacting those peeps from london…

  7. no probs.
    i hope there will be a meeting a UK so i can see pics of people from there. it’s always exciting to see more fans out there.

  8. aww.i live in japan..
    and there are not much VIPs here that i know….

    anyone from japan here??T-T

  9. I probably won’t be able to make the meet, but why don’t you guys just meet up at the beach? it’s still warm enough, and if you guys meet up at the boardwalk there will the rides too. and no one has to be the host or anything. it’ll be way easier.


  11. I still have to ask if I can go to meet. I really hope I can. >.< I must ask soon…gah…

  12. Alright, I’ll contact the UK VIPS i know as well, and get back to you. Again, just wanted to say thanks! 🙂

  13. I wish I could go.. :[

  14. no one has answered my question if there could be one in ATL,GA

  15. @jnster:
    if you read carefully, i mention MANY TIMES that:
    1) any place can have a meet as long as there are VIPz around
    2) if you want to have a meet in your area, SOMEONE has to host it
    3) & if you’re interested in hosting, you have to email me, so i can try to help you set it up.

    -frankly, no one from ATL has done that, let alone email me, so it explains why:
    1) no one has answered you &
    2) i usually don’t answer such redundant questions via commenting because i get too many open-ended comments like those, “please come to __” when it goes nowhere in the process of planning a meet.

    i’ve see you made your comment in expressing interest, but if you follow the directions, i’ll gladly help you, as long as you give me ideas of what you think you guys could do.

  16. well i offered to host…but i cant find ur email -_-;; srry
    is it this one???

  17. @jinster: her e-mail is written in red on the bottom of her post. and i commented as well if you read carefully. it’s she will gladly help you as she said.

    @kimchii: they are looking for a place where they can use sound system/stage because of performance. idk if they found it now or not. but i hope performance will happen.

  18. okay thanks guys ^^
    i will email you soon
    hopefully this meet goes through 😛

  19. is it still going to be on august 30th though?
    PLEASE make it earlier haha T__T
    i’m leaving for korea on the 22nd, and i really want to participate in this!

  20. we do not need a place with sound system any more. we are not gonna do the performance. Please we need a good place to hang out. A place where we can have a potluck. any ideas contact me or Melly.

  21. I read someone else’s comment
    and they said that we should meet at the beach or something
    I actually think that that’s not a bad idea
    I don’t live really close to a beach but I mean we could all meet in like SF can’t we? that’s bout 45 minutes from me
    they have cool shops and beaches and places to hang out and parks and stuff
    too much to choose from
    just and idea

  22. where is exactly is it going to be at O_O. i wanna go now xD

  23. if it’s bay area..
    is this in CA still?
    Bay Area as in Newport Beach, ?
    i live in Irvine CA
    just let me know where u guys are going to go cuz i sure want to go(:

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