Big Bang – Stand Up [Aliks Remix Demo]

Credit: aliks089@YT

He has the same passion as Mixmaxx (UCC vid of BB and Son Dambi)..which is music and the power to remake them into something great. Both have great taste in music and really cool guys to talk with.

No genre, just music..people!


~ by Momo on August 3, 2008.

20 Responses to “Big Bang – Stand Up [Aliks Remix Demo]”

  1. oooh it’s catchy, makes you bounce a lot
    but i still like the original better =D

  2. me too but this remix is pretty good =)

  3. oh my! its hot 😀

  4. That Aliks person is awesome;
    that was hoooooooooooooot.

    The 080801 still makes me laugh.

  5. nice remix

  6. nice remix…it’s pretty good =)..
    but yaah still like the original ^^..

  7. it sounds gud
    like it 🙂

  8. Sounds good : D

  9. aliks is my friend ahahahaha
    he’s indeed awesome.

  10. sweeeet. like everyone says, tho, I ❤ the original. I wonder, is he the one who actually did that awesome remix of the Wonder Girls’ So Hot that ended up being mixed into Summer Dance Tracks 08? Hmmm.

  11. he did a so hot remix that was reached a lot in daum and such but dunno about the summer dance tracks 08 oO
    i’m going to ask him oO

  12. Oh cool! I saw other some stuff Aliks did on YouTube recently and everything is really well done. This is no exception!

  13. pretty dope. there’s like a clubbing vibe to it. =)

  14. yo this sounds so goood
    you got skills…props

  15. BigBang – Stand-Up Club Verson

  16. hahaha hot remix =) i like it ^^

  17. i likee it!

  18. woah! O.O i thought it was gonna be like a whatever video…but that was soooo hawt and awesome! ❤ any download link?

  19. Dude that so great.. I love it!

  20. Video has been removed, sadly. I think this is the new version?

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