Finally! Birthday Project Pictures!


2012eli.png picture by azngal427

gahh! terribly sorry for the delay, but i finally figured out my Photobucket password! XD wells, here they are! just like i promised.

DaeDae’s special extra: a Doraemon [looks a little funny;; sorry Dae! hope you forgive me! i tried XD] made of styrofoam balls and paint.

YoungBae’s letter book. looks a bit cheesy, but i tried XD [don’t have pictures for DaeDae’s because i’d already sent it in at the time. sorry! but it looks similar to this one]

YoungBae’s fitted hat. ‘B’ for Big Bang of course!

Abby’s knitted hat made especially for TaeYang. yes, the ‘TY’ stands for TaeYang =]

the finished project XD

wahh! so tell me what you think =]


~ by HaNeul-Saem on August 5, 2008.

56 Responses to “Finally! Birthday Project Pictures!”

  1. oh gosh, the TY hat is adorable!! its soo cute and i love the “B” cap…haha reminds me of the whole Crown J and “A” phenom happening….awesmoe job with the doreamon stufff =) im sure they loved it!

  2. YB’s hat is insane. Though the Doraemon looks deformed, it’s the meaning of the gift not the appearance. =] Great job!

  3. omg the hat looks helluh awesome
    doraemon looks… interesting haha
    but cute
    awesomee projects ^^

  4. ahah! i know!
    i’m sorry! but it was a late notice and i couldn’t find anything Doraemon!
    i tried my best =/

  5. WOW! YB’s fitted hat is really nice!!! i hope he gets it and wears it!

  6. OMG i love the B hat. >.< i hope he wears it but i think his hair will be like messy lols

  7. love the B cap..and its 59fifty..i love 59fifty caps..question: have YB wore it? maybe not yet..

  8. i love the b cap design did u make it?
    n ur knitted wrk looks nice =]

  9. hahah awesome xD what about gd’s music notebook?

  10. Verrry sweet!!

    great job!

  11. did u already send these to them? sorry, am a little behind on bb project info stuff.

  12. really sweet! great job! ๐Ÿ˜€


  14. love the cap! its ooo kool! how did u do it??? man the doraemon is soooo KUTE! u are sooo skillful! thanks for sharing!

  15. OMG! I like a hat ti’s awesome!!

  16. its d “thought” that counts!!! gOOd jOb guyz!!!

    i’m glad u figured out ur pw wendy.
    thanks! i will cap these soon

  18. good job! Thanks for putting all our stuff together:D

    i LoOooooooOve the Doraemon
    DaeSung’s probably gonna sleep next to it at night XD
    and the hats are HOT.

  20. cuteee…
    GREAT JOB haneul!!!

  21. huahuahuahua..
    finally u post it..
    yeahh.. so happyy…
    the doraemon is so adorable.. haha
    and TY’s hats.. cool..!!
    good job for u..! =D
    thanks.. ^ ^

  22. wow! the gifts are so cute!!!!
    I love the hat!
    aha~ imma catch young bae wearing that. yeah I know he would.

  23. aahh cute !
    if he would wear them at interviews or something, i’d lose my mind ! 8DDDDD

    i LOOOOOVE YB’s hat & beanie! B stands for me, Brooklyn! lol, nah it stands for Big BANG! ๐Ÿ˜€
    i wanna buy a hat like that one day, the design looks Familiar actually ^,^
    nahhh, the letters aren’t too cheesy, besides, it’s better to have something handmade than something that’s generic cuz it’s made with TRUE FAN LOVE<3 ^__^


  25. wow ^.^ those are too cute and perfect ๐Ÿ™‚ i love them all ^.^ i wish i could do a thing like them ^.^ but i just can draw pictures x3

  26. HAHA dude i have the same bb hat but its a P instead and its the same size

  27. Wow
    it looks AWESOME! =]

  28. oh yess; Boston =D
    the projects are soo cutee ^^

  29. ohh i didnt participate with this stuff. i dont have time for make and sent mine at the right time. he deadline was killed me. i gor so many due duty things..

  30. wah the B hat looks really cool, plus it’s black!

  31. OMG I love the fitted hat.
    Hope he wears it to like perfs or something.
    And when he does, you’ll guys know, where it’s from LOL

    I want a fitted hat like that. ::jealous::

  32. Dude that looks so great..omg I wish I could of helped =[

  33. wow~ those look amazing!! ^^
    love the Doraemon!! haha.

  34. Great job on the gifts! I’m not sure if its just me… but I have seen TY wearing the same fitted already! Like around last year to early this year…maybe I’m wrong but I noticed it then and said to myself: hmmmm…nice fitted! Thats why I’m sure… but nonetheless, he can have two…great job! Can someone let me know if they have seen the same pic? because now I will drive myself crazy looking for it!

  35. I hope he wears them… Lovin the Boston hat!! I have one myself… lol

  36. awww; i can’t see the pictures anymore :[

  37. yeah ๐Ÿ˜ฆ hope you can repost them ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. yea da piktures r gone.hope yuhh can repost dem again โค

  39. hye…can u post their pictures to my email please…they have fan also here in Malaysia. send it to
    hope to hear from all. Thanks…

  40. hey. . . .nice music u guys get der . .
    love it . . .hope u guys come here in big island hawaii . . .
    . .

  41. hey can u plz up the black hat again
    im gonna make 1 so plzz

  42. oh gosh,
    the hat is so cute and it will for sure make ty look so cool just like i saaw him in my dream,! i am from bhutan, a small and happy country!

    it’s been removed fomr your photobucket account apparantly?
    aww, i wanted to see them.. snifflesniffle ~

  44. i wanna see them D:! lol..repost the pics ? ๐Ÿ˜›

  45. aww the pics dont work

  46. the pictures, it has been deleted…

    I want to see it ne…


  47. i don’t see the pictures here eather. It stood the image or the video has been delete or moved.

  48. The pictures work for me..
    wow, yu got him pretty cool presents.
    how’d you send them?

  49. so what did u do with those stuff?sorry im new please dont call me stupid mianhe

  50. Hey I’m curious, is there any vid or anything which shows YoungBae wearing the hat ?

  51. ^YB’s birthday is in May yeah? So he probably hasn’t received his birthday gift yet I reckon?.. Unless if the 21st in the card represent his Korean age, which means that this was meant for 2008’s birthday gift *shrug*

  52. @Foru

    Yea, this is meant for his 2008 birthday
    It’s like a year ago, the project birthday happened

  53. omg…I found the DORAEMON cute! and i lovin the hats!

  54. hey whea can i buy tae yang smiley hat

  55. cool!

  56. how did you send it? do you actually know big bang’s address? o.O

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