Big Bang Music Video: Haru Haru MV

Big Bang Music Video
Haru Haru MV
36 MB

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I heard the main female lead in the MV was gonna be Park Min Young, guess it’s true. To start with the song, definately catchy, the first time I heard it, it already stuck in my head. The MV start out intense with hotness, I mean 2 hot guys fight with their 3 hot friends hold them back??.. you tell me haha, then it’s just all Bong being depress.. which is somewhat painful to see. Then at the end… I CRY LIKE A FREAKING IDIOT…. the plot… the girl has cancer so she have to be the bad person and break Bong’s heart right now before he found out the truth..which he did at the end… I cry everytime i rewatch this.


~ by Vicky on August 7, 2008.

40 Responses to “Big Bang Music Video: Haru Haru MV”

  1. i keep rewatching it and every time i cry my eyes out, cant help seeing gd that way

  2. thanksss so much!!
    now i jus need translations
    so i can sub!! (^_^)

  3. its okay guys~~~~ i cried every time too~~
    gahhh~~~ sucha great mv,sucha great song<3
    thanks for the upload!!<33333333333

  4. that was really good!
    i tried soo hard to fight the tears.
    please someone sub it!

    but what i dont get is
    that why did seungri ONLY held back TOP?
    i mean like the youngest member had to do that while
    GD had Daesung and Taeyang holding him back from TOP.
    that was the one thing that got me. 0.o

  5. omg it was amazing
    thank you so much… yeah i want to know what top said to gd

    hey, is the 2nd mv up yet?

  6. i cried too ='( i LOVE this vid! β™₯ the fight was sad too but kinda hot xD! TOP vs GD xD! hotness! xD! sad vid U.U *sigh*

  7. hahaha i forgot THANX the UPLOAD ^^

  8. omg thanks SO MUCH!! this song is awesome!! and hot!!! ahh!

  9. wowww it’s such cool, haru haru!
    i waited it since 4am. i did not sleep yet until now!!! goshhh crazy me!!! xDD

    i also cry when i watch it!!!! πŸ˜₯

  10. irinakang(X

    well since TOP wasn’t really gonna hurt Bong, he’s acting when Bong’s gonna hurt him forreal, so they just leave TOP to the maknae

    i freaken love this MV!!!!
    man…all their MVs get better and better everytime.
    TOP and GD’s acting is excellent!

    beautiful and painful…makes it too much to take it all at once…so i’ll rewatch and rewatch and rewatch. ^^

    their vocals have improved even more again!!!
    so can’t wait for their comeback stage!!!
    i think i’m going to hyperventilate. i mean i already am!

  12. Such a great video. So sad she dies. I wish I knew Korean so I would understand the lyrics.

  13. thanks so much~~~
    the MV is so great, so perfect!
    i’m touched!
    this really is BB, our boys strenght!
    i wish i could understand what they are singing
    although i can’t understand but i cried also..
    PS: lucky it was only an act, i really don’t want to see our boys fighting over a girl ^^

  14. i did cry!!!
    but i think i cried bcoz of tears of joy…
    oh n i gotta say dis song is really good n its almost like a fresh take of d boys…
    it sound very BB but at the same it’s different…
    all i can say, CHUWAYO!!!

    this is an AWESOME song. AHHHHHH…
    i wonder what critics are going to say. OMG.
    i wish yb had more part. but…MAN…AWESOME VID…!

  16. AHHHHHHHHHHH! i m watchin it over and over again heehee πŸ˜€
    so intense its ironic and all!!!!! WAHHHHHHHHH TOP AND GD FIGHTING AND baby, dae and ty tried to stop it.. AHHH!

  17. i agree wit u vicky i cry a lot too when i rewatch it
    like omg i was like ahhh…speechless

  18. OMG, i swear Big bang has a thing with stalking people in parking lot and stuff. lmao ❀

  19. Thanks for sharing!
    Are you going to have an HQ version up soon?

  20. thank youu for sharing w/ us all! i wish i could understand what they’re singing but i guess ill have to wait for translations! the tune is so good though and the video’s so sad and…deep! our boys keep amazing us every time huh ^^;

  21. oh and i have a question: is top just her friend in here or does he like her too?

  22. diemie

    no he’s helping her out by being the bad guy so GD won’t know the truth about her illness and that’s she’s dying soon

  23. omggg. LOOOOOOOOOOOVE ITT <33 ;D

  24. TX Vicky for sharing..^^’s really worth it to wait big bang cuz d mv soo GREAT!

  25. I LOVE IT!! m dumbfounded!

  26. omgee i’m so happy!i love it!!!i’m just speechless!
    i’m so gonna download this!

  27. i don’t get why in korean shows/movies/mvs the person with cancer always has to leave their lover or break their lover’s hearts.


  28. oma im crying 😦 im really crying 😦 what a great mv and song owww poor gd 😦


  30. I love big bang love teayang
    Tukta Thailand

  31. love top very much loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    iwant go to korea meeting you ye. thailand

  32. uwaaa……i really wanna see their new MV
    Thx for uploading it ^o^

  33. thazx u vicky^__^

  34. Thanks πŸ˜€
    Uh… YG didn’t announce that ‘Oh My Friend”s MV will also be released on August 8th?? Where is it? o_O

  35. olryte…i cry each time i rewatch this video agen and agen!!!

  36. thank you… ive heard this song so many times and ive finally watched the clip.. [hehe big bang noob] and chek out dat intense-ness between them… dang…

  37. Hi All !! Greetings

  38. me encanta su muuusiiica!!!!!

  39. Kak mojno ska4at haru haru

  40. πŸ˜·β“β“β“β“β“β“β“β“

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