NUTHANG – GD’s Circle of Friends

they’re hot, they’re stylish, they’re tall, they’re thin, they’re nuthang.
formed : 070211*

NUTHANG: i’ts pronounced “NEW THANG” aka 누땡.
^ i can’t make that stuff up.
well-known in Korea, this group of close friends consist of 12 guys; some FAMOUS, some MODELS, & some are normal citizens.
it’s a real, legit group that they formed themselves.
I REPEAT: just a group of friends, nothing more, nothing less.

check out some of the DUDES. you recognize 2 of ’em cuz you come by here everyday, & some of em you’ve seen in those random pix of GD hanging out in the streets with at night.
some of em are pretty hot too.



Stage Name : Model Lee Soohyuk, Actor Lee Hyuksoo
Real Name : Lee Hyuksoo
Date of Birth : May 31st, 1988
Height : 185 Cm
Weight : 62 Kg
Occupation : Model, Actor
Experience (As Model) : GQ magazine, Elle magazine, General Idea Collection Fashion Show (2006), Seoul Collection Fashion Show (2007), Sweet Revenge Model, etc.
Experience (As Actor) : 투사부일체
Education : Boosok High School, Sabum Daehak, Dangook University
Company : Banana Models
Status : (rumored to be) Dating Kim MinHee


Ang Seungho : 1987, model.
you might be familiar w/ him. he’s in multiple pictures w/ gd and/or hyuksoo, like the one where GD was at the movies or summin.

like THIS ONE!

Song Kyungil : 1987, model
one of the lesser known – but he’s HOT.

^that pic is HOT. guys w/ lip piercings, HOT! but GD is already hot, so babe you don’t need to get one ❤

oh, & of course you know this dude:
Kwon Jiyong aka G-Dragon; 1988, Leader/Rapper of BIG BANG – my soulmate.

can’t even touch this (my current desktop BG <333)


oh, & this kid:
Choi Seunghyun aka TOP; 1987, Rapper of BIG BANG – sexy beast.

list of other members:

– kwon jiyong : 1988
– choi seunghyun : 1987
– lee hyuksoo : 1988
– yang seungho : 1987
– song kyungil : 1987
– lee sunki : 1987
– lee hyunjong : 1987
– jang donggeun : 1988
– lee wonsuk : 1987
– park taeyoung : 1987
– lee jongyoon : 1987
– lee joonsang : 1987

-nothing special about these dudes right? — NOT.


~ by gdluvzmc on August 8, 2008.

60 Responses to “NUTHANG – GD’s Circle of Friends”

  1. yayyy first I think =)
    ohh ha ha thats cool
    ha ha I wish I was in
    nuthang lol

  2. this “nuthang” is so random.. lol..
    i dont understand why TOP is in this list.. :/? if TOP’s on the list, why aren’t the other BB boys on it too? Hmmm….
    the guys are HOT though! ❤

  3. DAYUM!! song kyungil is a beauty. i love his eyes

  4. wait- yb and gd have been friends for like ever, so am wondering why he’s not on the list?

  5. To nuthang:
    can i be your friend?

  6. they all look hot…
    at least the ones with pics…
    Song Kyungil is a cutie…

    GD and TOP have some good looking friends…lol

  7. let me be one of your “friends” GD!!

  8. wow! what a bunch of hot dudes! I wanta know more about them! *rushes to soompi*

  9. I wish I was his friend too!! But yeah, it’s odd how Top is on the list, but the rest of BB members arent & they’re all borned in 1987?? LOL!!

  10. hahahaha! Nuthang! now we have new boiz to look at! hahaha! i’m really addicted to bad BOIZ! that’s why YB made a song for me and it goes “look at only me” hahahaha! he wants me to look at only good and innocent looking people! LOL!
    MELLY help me! i can’t get the picture of YB with his fly open during alicia’s concert off my head. DAMN DEM BOIZ makes me PERVERT! have you seen it? he was wearing white briefs or boxers i don’t know. i want to know! LOL!

  11. WTH is you talking about TOP&YB’sGIRL?
    you better share that pic w/ me

  12. oOoOo I remember reading this off soompi a while back…gosh..what I would do to have a group of guy friends like that!

    but then I can always just settle for Big Bang itself.
    but seriously, if I was to see them…ahhh..faints due to overload of hotness!!

  13. Song Kyungil is cuteeee. (:

  14. LOL weird.. I was just reading about them on soompi this morning..

    GDDD <33333333333

  16. wasnt their this show called star’s friends or something like that and they had the wondergirls on their?. well gd and top so need to go on it so they can bring these hotties along. now that they came back, hopefully they go on it.

  17. Melly, i wanted to share it with you in msn but you went out again! hahaahaha! it was a fancam. and you can really see his fly open. damn watch the vid again. you can see it.

  18. hmmm…
    is this why GD and TOP are getting thinner? idk…too skinny for me man…
    although they look pretty hot….hmm

  19. I think lip rings are sexy. I wish my friends looked that good.

  20. HOTT DAMN.

    omgd, those 2 last pics of Song Kyungil with his hands together covering his face, i think i’ve seen them tOdAy on someone’s notebook at school!!! no wonder it looked SOOO familiar, wow what a coincidence! XD i didn’t even know who he was but he’s OMGHOT ^_^

    NUTHANG…when i first saw that i thought it was supposed to sound like the word “nothing”. “NEW”thang, that’s tight B)
    are there pictures of the other members too?
    it’s cool how TOP is in it too, maybe cuz he’s close frens with em too just like GD.

    DANG, most of em are pretty hotttt 🙂 i like how that one guy looks with the shades+ipod & cigarrette. he’s looks REAL cOOL, reminds me of one of those cool & popular type of kids/cliques at school 🙂 Nuthang seems like a cool clique sort of thing, kinda.
    GD really is one of those guys who hang out with the “cool crowd” since he’s a cool guy himself B] sucha popular-cool kid 🙂 i love<3 him for that tOO 😀

  21. Oh wait I’m confused!!!
    I don’t get the arrangement (based on the pics). FAIL.

    So who’s who again??


  22. and when was YB’s fly open??!!

  23. o ho!

    Song Kyungi oppa!

    He’s handsome!

  24. i wish i was in the cirlce of friends i so wanna chill out w. T.O.P n GD

  25. LoL~~ wow cant imagine that the monkey guy can b so HOT!! xD

    our Jiyongie n Topie is da hottest right?^^

  26. eeeeeeeh…
    me 2 wanna be in the circe of friend 2 be with TOP..

  27. gosh…they are hot n young!! n damn thin!! kinda rebellious type i see..with those piercings..haha..

  28. Dammnnn. These guys are right up my alley! Can I be your friend? They are hot, especially GD and TOP! =)

  29. man
    i wish i cn be in that group
    (whisper) ill be the only girl

  30. man
    i wish i was in that group
    (whisper) ill be the only girl!

  31. ew half of them smoke -.-
    i don’t want gdragon breathing in that disgusting smoke and polluting his beautiful lungs =(

  32. Most of them are prety HOT!!!
    especially TOP aka “sexy beast”
    LOL(definetly loved that)

  33. i guess hott people hang out with other hott ppl…
    so that must be why my friends are…….
    they are all hott..
    xcept some..ppl….lol

  34. wow they’re hot…but HEY…..isnt YB like one of GD’s best friends…WHAT..why aint he on the list!?!?

  35. LOL, Nuthang…haha, thanks for the pronounciation because I def. pronounced it wrong at first.

    Whoo…Kwon Jiyong is the sexiest one in the group! Followed by Top of course. And that dude who’s one of the lesser known ones is good looking too.

  36. Wow, I fit right in age-wise… now, I just have to become a hot Korean boy with wicked fashion sense and a dose of anorexia and I’m IN. LMFAO. Seriously though, this almost seems to wild to be true. It’s like some kind of club for awesome hotties.

  37. wew, wonder why YB is not on this list…
    but anyway it’s already hot as it is now, couldnt imagine how it’ll be if YB joins in…
    this is just so cool, lol they even name themselves. i wonder if they have rules or something like that lol, that’ll be awesome

  38. how do join this nuthang group lol and im wondering why isnt
    the other BB members not in it o.O

  39. OMG wow

    what on earth is BETTER THAN THAT god dammit!

  41. wowwwiee how hot!! :O
    ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ i wouldn’t mind spending my free time with nuthang(;

  42. OKAY. NUTHANG =)
    looking HOTT man!

  43. […] NUTHANG – GD’s Circle of Friends NUTHANG. they’re hot, they’re stylish, they’re tall, they’re thin, they’re […] […]

  44. lmfao “nut hang, might as well call it ball drop” that line makes me laugh all the time hahah

  45. gahh haah ok the one with milk or whatever is funny. gahh he is sooo skinny too! lol.

  46. cool group U///U

  47. AHAHHA!

    GD & TOP are like me.
    Hanging with the “emo” & “rockers”-likes people. (’cause my friends loves those emo guys and love those emo musics. (noez offense)


  48. is gdragon ur fav?

  49. NUTHANG; Wow. Thats Hot.
    Awesome Too!

    Like It. Like It.

  50. @sweetsorrow & bloodstripes
    i’ve been wondering the same thing too..i thought YB would be on the list, and that guy, Kim Junsu from JYP Entertainment cos i heard he’s good friends with YB & GD.. but i guess GD has his own crew too..NUTHANG is too damn HOT…=D

  51. sorry2…my bad…i mean boldstripes, not bloodstripes..huhuhh.. =P

  52. if lee hyuksu is up there, then I’m surprised daul kim and whee hwang (and his other friends, who are in the arts/fashion) aren’t also included….

  53. who are the two random guys below kyungil’s photos o.o is that kyungil too?

    looks nothing like him..

  54. the pictures have names & details on it.
    they’re other people obviously.

  55. these pics might has well have been blank pics with the words [in bold] START DROOLING.

  56. I’m glad T.O.P is within his circle of friends. ❤ When I first got to know Big Bang, "Come To Play' was amongst the first variety shows I saw of them, and I thought G-Dragon and T.O.P were, like, best friends. I really liked the thought that they might be=. ❤

  57. uhm..
    i think YB is a good child =p
    so he didn’t join in this =)
    anyw. GD is the hottest !! :***
    next : T.O.P – of course <333

  58. […] and are kinda loaded. They’re from Gangnam, after all. I hope they’re not like the Nuthang clique because I’d totally freak out, but looking at Yongjin, naaaah I doubt it! I’m excited […]

  59. Hi

  60. haha, look at Kyungil oppa now !! he’s a beast

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