DaeSung to join Big Bang in Japan later due to “Family Outing”

Big Bang DaeSung will be following the rest of the members to Japan for the promotion of their Japanese single “With You”.

They will be having a fan meeting cum promotion for the single on 11th August. But DaeSung did not depart for Japan on the same day as the rest of the members and stayed back in Seoul.

The reason being that there will be filming for “Family Outing” which DaeSung has a part in on 11th and 12th August. Hence DaeSung will join back Big Bang 1 day later.

Big Bang had their comeback stage on 10th August on SBS Inkigayo after their new minialbum “Stand Up” was released on 8th August. And for DaeSung who will be doing both music promotional activities and on activities on variety shows will be put on a busy schedule.

When asked about how he felt having to juggle both Big Bang activities and his own on variety show, he said easily, “I just go for it with the feeling that I am going to have fun doing the activities.”

Big Bang will be in Japan Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya for promoting their new Japanese single. And will be returning back to Korea on 15th August.

credit: sookyeong.wordpress.com



~ by gdluvzmc on August 10, 2008.

13 Responses to “DaeSung to join Big Bang in Japan later due to “Family Outing””

  1. YES! i love him with family outing : ) but i want him with BIG BANG TOO 😦 I HOPE THEY DOO WELL IN JAPAN! 😀 <33 LOVE FO THEM 😀

  2. I like him in Family outing too. and want he still always in Family outing!

  3. i thought they already released
    with youu..iam confused

  4. awwww so they’re in Japan U_U

  5. ahh da 15th they comin back gosh dey always go to japan
    lucky fans haha go to LA lol hehe [: but poor my dae dae
    he must b tired i wonder if mc yoo would sing haru haru
    haha [:

  6. yay Daesungi sO busy!!! i hope hes gettin’ rest though!!! Proud of him..

  7. gosh…im scared he might not get enough rest with the
    whole BB & family outing~~but i like seeing him do
    so amy stuff other than BB ^^
    now hes going to be like TOP missing BB stuff while
    doing some show xD (for TOP drama but yea)

  8. I wonder if DaeSung and Hyori use the same hair dye? =/

  9. I need to catch up on Family Outing. Go Big Bang! Why aren’t they that famous in Japan?

  10. is there no family outing this week b/c of olympics??

  11. Of all the dates they’re going to japan..Why 11th to 15th *wail*
    *pray* stay longer*Pray*

  12. Awww
    Wow now DaeSung’s BUSY BUSY BUSY
    Big Bang FIGHTING!

  13. does anyone know big bang’s schedule in japan?

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