**EDIT: added 3 more pictures! ahh i actually saved this one of jiyong. i … cannot, will not save anymore pix of bb, cuz my comp is gonna die soon 😦

I JUST REALIZED, they’re all wearing the same pants xD that’s cute.

they keep getting hotter & HOTTER.
jiyongie’s so cute. xD
& YB w/ his stunna shades. LOVE.
TOP is like bringing back those H.O.T gloves xD
DAE isn’t there cuz of Family Outing filming.


always more —->

credit: B.G @Big Room, bbvipz



^ SO CUTE WITH HIS HAIR! gahh i love you jiyongie<3

~ by gdluvzmc on August 11, 2008.


  1. omgah the boys are so cute so adorable
    kekkeke i love love love love the close up ones
    damn HOTNESS
    golly im lost in them!!!!

  2. WOW
    sizzling HOT
    HOT HOT HOT ^^

  3. eeeh~
    I like the top close up.
    and of course the GD ones too!
    I can finally see his gun earrings clearly.

  4. HOW CUTE omg their in japan! when will they come to LA USA MAN!! LOL IM SOOOO DESPARATE FOR THEM TO COME HERE LOL!! awww everyone look soo cuteee gd with his sexy hair and his fashionable accessories and seung ri looks like he got almost rid of his dark circles but not completely lOL! still cute cute! 😀 wish DAE SUNG was there tooo! hes coming though! 😀 how nice of him not to ditch sbs family outing!

  5. does anyone know what their schedule is in japan?

  6. awww NO DAE!! 😦 probably filming Family Outing 🙂 but damnn! GD looks cute with the hair in these pics :)! their super adorable!


    YB 8) < — THAT’S YB LOL

  8. aww i miss daesung already lol haha damn taeyang
    u killin me wit dem stunnas hahah melts

  9. they are so darn cute =)

  10. it’s nice to see GD smile. 🙂

  11. why does youngbae look so freaken rich??? hahhahahahhah
    scrolling down all the solo pics…everyone’s just cute and regular…then POW!!!! YB and his shiny ass stunna shades. hahahhaha. cracked me up.

    anyways…too bad dae’s not there until after family outing shooting.

  12. hehehehehe yayyy they’re cute again(:
    and when they go back to performing haru haru itll be completely hottnesss and lots of charisma 8]
    hehehehehe GD<3


    really, despite so many bad comments bout it 😀

  14. they are really good looking! i really can’t understand y translators are hidden at the back of the stars. hahahaha!
    they could always smell BB! so cute!

  15. they do keep getting hotter and hotter!

  16. it been soo long since i see BONGIE smile sooo big

  17. holy crap.. why do they have to be so frikin hot?
    i mean. seriously.. esp. top and taeyang..
    seungri being soo frikin cute as usual =).. but i think
    he needs a small haircut.. he’d be soo hottt..
    and esp GD.. lovin the haircute tehee.. notice the spelling


  18. Damn they are HOT!!!
    TOP is definitely killing me
    he just keeps on getting hotter! XD

  19. awww Daesungi is nOt there!!! TOP is regular TOP, GD is sOOO cute w/ his smile (1st time i saw him cuter than maknae) n’ d hair is LOVE man,..maknae promote his name VI hehe..spread d word (i meant d sign finger) ..n’ YB haha, it seems that his pointy nose is doin’ d job 4 him (cuz his nose is holdin’ d shade) hes shinin’ 2..i think he has more confident look now than b4!!! I LOVE d boyz over n’ over … i cant wait 4 them 2 perform their songs again!!!

  20. omo! i wish i was their translator!..hahaha i’ll always be with them!^^ they’re so cute!! specially GD with his new hairstyle..wooh!

    dae’s going to be with them after his shoot for the show in korea right?..i wanna see them all!! omg!! haha..^_^

  21. Hehe look what Baby was doing with his hands in the second pic XD VI! So cute ❤
    And TOP with his gigantic gloves XD

  22. OMGG
    The all look tired
    Hrm GD is looken pretty HOT!
    all baby seungri looks tired
    but looks cute with his
    hair flat..
    Aha TOP’s gloves are now
    i love them! and his hair
    Hrm YB, did his mohawk get
    smaller or is it jus me getting tired??
    iono but still HOT!
    aww DaeSung couldn’t be there
    that sucks but he’s shooting Family Outgoing
    so i guess..
    i Love Big BANG no matter what! (:

  23. OOOH MYY EFFIIIING GAAAAAWSH. my maaknae looks soo cuuute :3 teheee! i just fell in love with him all over again (= aand heeey, in those pictures, yong yong’s hair aint that baaad.. 🙂

  24. GD is looking great!!! YB and TOP – always sexxy!!! SR is too adorable!!

  25. love YB’s smile :3 he is so cute and sexy

    and they r as HOT and SEXY as usual XD

  26. oooooooooommmmgggg!
    he so cuteeee + seeexyyy (:

  27. AIGOOO, after being a VIP for so long, these guys can still make my heart beat faster
    GD looks adorable in his new hair ^^ and SeungRI, AHHH CUTENESS OVERLOAD.

  28. wow! i like their new style o///o and the close ups!! 8)
    thanx 4 upload!

  29. thanks for the photos i love the photo of t.o.p!it was great!

  30. lol after a while I just realised why Dae Sung’s not there XD *slow*

  31. *cries*
    no baby daedae? :[
    hurry up daesung !
    we miss you! X]]

  32. to : mary
    they’ll go to nagoya tomorrow
    and 300 fans can get in the studio

  33. 4 d 3 new added pix: my maknae look sad 2 me somehow,..he probably miss our daesungi!

  34. lol
    top’s gloves are HUGEE
    im getting used to GD’s hair now : )

  35. by d way gdluvzmc y dont U save all ur pix in a CD then U can erase d pix in ur computer n’ u can add more, but u know i guess its still different when u can C our boyz everyday..^_^ …

  36. ^ lol. i go searching for ’em everyday >=]
    i think that’s why i don’t bother to anymore haha.
    but uh.. i bank on the infinite bandwith of the internet & i could always go back to my posts to check…


    it’s all in my head really. they’re visible in my heart & mind, & that’s all that matters ❤

  37. Seungri looks so cute in those pictures. =3

  38. i wonder how GD’s hair looks like when he goes to sleep and when he wakes up in the morning hehe~~

  39. AWWWW..



    i don’t think my computer can withstand anymore BB hotness.

  40. my baby is not being himself!!!!
    hes not being dorky and smiley like always
    whats wrong!!!!!!!!????????? *cries*

  41. ohhh so cute
    cool style

    ncly ha ha ha me too,
    i thinking about gd’s hair
    when he dont set up


  42. They are so hottttttttt…………sigh…wish dae-sung was there….

  43. I want those oven mittttttsssssssss

    Ah they all look so cuuute

  45. Seungri, what up with the mean mugs ? 😯

    That’s not like himmmmm 😮

  46. Is any body can give me Big Bang’s 3th album New Song ? Please help me out y’all i will aprecaite it !!!

  47. aww~ good too see our boy’s smile again~^^

    Big Bang hwaiting!

  48. I thInk Now I lyKe HuBby’s HaiR ^^
    They all look so FresH !! 😀

  49. *riney* thanks. 🙂 do know what studio and what time it starts? please also if you have directions to it. thanks again.

  50. TOP HOTT

  51. young bae’s smile OMG.

  52. i wish i was that girl sitting behind them haha i know japanese!! oyy YB<3333

  53. @estefinista: omg XD i didn’t see the guns until you pointed it out, i just thought they were adorable little pink blobs XXXD

  54. aww my YB..with his lil hand motion, he’s so happy and smiling..makes me happy too….what a cutie..sigh…gotta say GD’s hair aint look so bad here =)….

  55. GAHH!!!! soo hot@! ahahah yea my computer understand yours
    overloadee XD

  56. I am starting to get use to GD new hairdo!I was shock to feel this way, cuz I thought I’ll never get used to it!I kinda love it now???great news for me!ya!

  57. woaa..they have already gone to japan?..that was fast..already promoting their new mini album there…Seung Ri looks tired…haha..still i love his expressions in those pics…=)
    n for Ji Yong..yeah, i don’t like his new hairstyle but, he is irresistible to look at..muahaha..his face in that single last me melted for a mo..

  58. They look kinda tired, but still HOT!! and they’re wearing the same pants they wore during Stand Up perfomance on their comeback!! I just love this guys!! Hope Daesung gets there soon!!!

  59. haha
    GD weraing pink guns to match with the gun on his pant~~

    and SR sticking out his peace sign and the index finger to make to letters V.I which stands for Victory~~

    and I LOVE TY’s shade~~ effin hot!!!

    and Mr.TOP is looking cold hehe~~~
    isn’t he suppose to be the hot one there? haha

  60. but i have to agree with some of you that Seung Ri is looking so sad and so not himself since their debut….

    what happened to the happy and random seung ri?..
    he looks so tired in those pictures though….~~
    GD better cheer him up >3<

  61. omgg jiyong’s the cutest little rockstar ever<3 he still looks sooo awesome in his new haircut; love him<33
    top seriously got so much more handsome with his haircut -.- so does taeyang, his hair really makes him look handsome; seungri’s handsome too, i love that adorable guy<3
    and daesung looks even better too.
    i’m still like in shock how gdragon can pull ANYTHING off. i’m actually starting to like this new hairstyle better than his bowlcut. or they tie :]

  62. omg wheres daesung?

  63. why is gd’s ear peircing the bottom of his ears..
    TAEYANG looks really cute here…lol

  64. TOP is so finee

  65. i love jiyong.
    holy. and to think that i ever doubted him being able to pull off that hairstyle.

    seungri looks like such a little kid. a really tired little kid, but still, omg so cute<3

  66. my baby daedae );
    where are u?
    btw they’re looking greatt!
    go BB!!

  67. QUESTION~!

    sticking up the index finger in korea ~ does that mean anything?

    i notice that they do this sometimes. xD

  68. OMG!!!! it’s a crime to be so g-d damn HOOOOTTT!!!!!!!

  69. Hahah aww there so CUTEE

  70. ahhhhh so sexyyy
    o0o0o gds has pink gun earrings! i have blue ones my friend got them for me (i luv them btw if u r reading this JL)!
    i want TOPs gloves, scarf, belt, shoes, shirt…. wait nm i just want him <<3

  71. omg so HOT!!! You know what GD’s hair isn’t as bad as ppl think…..

  72. Wow, these are like the hottest pics ever!
    GD’s hair looks pretty good.
    SR looks SO CUTE.
    And Top & TY are hot as always.

  73. wew…

    i miss dae…

    o em gee…

    i loph my gd here!!!

    his smile…

    melt my heart


    i loph to see his cheesy smile..

    he is cute!!!!

  74. You guys rock…!!!

  75. these boys totally make my heart warm. ❤

  76. babe i think you needa remove those shades. please & thank you<3 lol

  77. OMG I know just what you mean!
    I’ve saved so many pictures of Big Bang that my computer is gonna bust! XD I just can’t help myself either..

  78. to : mary
    sorry am i too late?
    today they’ll go to メ~テレ B studio (2-10-1 tachibana, nagoya) around 18:30-20:15
    but you need to complete the application first (07/18-08/04)
    are you live in japan?
    will you go to see their concert in oct?

  79. i love you GD.

  80. to: riney
    it’s okay. what application is that? i don’t live in japan, i’m just visiting. i really wanted to see them in tokyo, but i didn’t know where they were meeting. do you know where the fanmeeting was?

  81. OH! BIG BANG !!!!!!!!!THEY R SOO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. I thiNk Now I lyke Gd’s new Hairdo !!

  83. to : mary
    how about giving your e-mail?

  84. When is their concert in Oct.? And where?

  85. When and where is there concert in Oct.?

  86. 10/27 osaka
    10/29 nagoya
    11/1 chiba
    and full album will be released on 10/22

  87. when’s their next concert in Korea?

  88. about full album, i mean the alubum which will be sold in japan.

  89. to: riney
    contact me through there

  90. Nice pictures. I like it.

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