Big Bang 2nd minialbum breakthrough sales of 100,000 copies

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Big Bang who has taken the Korean music scene by storm with just 3 days into the release of their 3rd minialbum “Stand Up”, has also made another breakthrough with the sales of their 2nd minialbum “Hot Issue” achieving sales record of over 100,000 copies.
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YG Entertainment spoke up on this, “Big Bang released 2nd minialbum ‘Hot Issue’ last year, and it had achieved album sales of 100,000 copies. They have set the record by being the first to release minialbum and also being the first minialbum to sell 100,000 copies.”

After their success with “Lies”, Big Bang came back with their 2nd minialbum last year with “Hot Issue” bringing us another hit song “Last greeting”. The album also include songs like “Fool” and “Crazy Dog” sampling song from Seo Taiji and Boys.

Big Bang’s 3rd minialbum “Stand Up” which has already achieved album sales of 85,000 copies, is doing very well as a steady seller in music stores, selling better than the average of their previous album. It is also predicted that they will achieved 100,000 album sales for this minialbum quite easily.


Wah~ only 3 days and 85,000 copies were sold, I won’t be surprise when it reach 100,000 copies, I once saw a picture of a VIP buy 15 albums at the same time, I was like “Wah~ this girl is dedicated” haha. Also happy that YesAsia album orders are now counted towards the album sale. So proud of our boys.

VIPs are amazing.


~ by Vicky on August 12, 2008.

28 Responses to “Big Bang 2nd minialbum breakthrough sales of 100,000 copies”

    I’m so proud!!! 😛

  2. wow!!!
    that girl must LOVEE big bang
    she brought 15 copies!!

  3. awesome! big bang figthing!
    dude that chick bought 15? u cereal??!?
    she totally should give me one!! or 2 or 3!
    she has enough ^^

  4. Wajoo ❤

  5. HA; of course they’re AWESOME!
    i’m glad my purchase on was counted =)

    WHOO i’m so happy for big bang (:
    DAMM 15 albums…WOW
    “Stand Up” must be LOVED everywhere
    GAWWDDD MINES isn’t coming yet
    ARGHHHH so mad! i want it NOW!
    Go Big Bang! That’s how you do it
    and that’s why VIPs LOVE!

  7. ~woot

  8. HWATING!! im soo proud of them. i hope BB is really happy with the sales :]]

  9. I’m jealous of her too
    she order it straight from YGShop with the photobook so she got the special photo album too.

  10. yay VIPz <3!!!

  11. hurray!!!

  12. I wonder if someone here knows how American bands compare to them?

    —-A real hit are “Arctic Monkeys”—for me anyway, does anyone here know them by chance?


    she’s a true VIP (= and a rich one i might add xD lol !! riight nooow im soo broke thaat i can barely afford one xD lol !!

  15. OMG im going to buy one too
    i’ve been posting bulleting on myspace to ask people to support BIG BANG

  16. DAMN. LOL, I want one….but again I can’t get one :[

  17. Why Does Israel so far away from anything that I love?!!!
    I wan’t to buy 15 copies!!!!!

  18. daummn that girl is crazy (in a good way)
    TT_TT i didnt buy one yet cuz i dnt have time to go shop where they sell it

  19. SO CUTE!!!
    i am going to have mine soon…

  20. big bang is AMAZING! they are seriousally like legendary. I’m so proud to be their fan. In like 20 yrs from now ppl are gonna strive to be as good as big bang. hehe
    p.s. i love jiyong in the pic. so sexy

  21. big bang, you guys are way too amazing!!! you guys deserve having your album being sold out everywhere!
    if i could, i’d buy 15 copies of their new album. but my parents would kill me if i did..
    but seriously, who wouldn’t want to buy this album?!

    can big bang get themselves to look better?! oh my god, seriously one day we’re going to faint and require medical attention if they keep this up.
    every single one of them looks even better than before!

  22. Big Bang is just amazing like that. =)

  23. I bought my copy from Yesasia . . . just waiting for it. Didn’t know that they’ll be coming out with a Japanese(English) version, so now I have to get that too. By the way . . . luv, luv, luv the site.

  24. Wow!!! i want one copy please 8)

  25. so proud ^^v
    Big bang will surely reach 100,000 copies for 3rd album
    i’m sure
    Big Bang fighting!

  26. I always think that they can do thaty.100,000< copieS?!!!!!!!!!!!!
    They are so amazING!!YEAH.GO MY VIPZZZ

  27. Juppie! I knew it! I am so proud! 😉 =D

  28. We vipz are crazy for them. Go Big Bang

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