ELLE TV: Big Bang Photoshoot | Skoolooks Picture

**EDIT: Skoolooks just release this picture of the July/August Calender… all I see is my baby and loving’ it, and look it’s the old bowlcut. lord. TOP’s pouting face… Baby’s in for competition.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
credit: S.BigRoom@VIPZ

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Big Bang will be featured in ELLE Korea’s upcoming issue, a small clip of them doing the photoshoot. Thogh they’re dress in hot grown up clothes they still can’t stop being little dorks that we love so much. Bong likes to play his imaginary piano when he’s bored, TOP bob his head like he’s beat boxing, Baby just act like his adorable self and YB likes to just bust a move haha, and I noticed their pants are really tight right there. haha. Can’t wait to see this pictorial, it’s gonna be amazing. You add ELLE and these boys together and BAM.

This issue of ELLE will be release on August 20.

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~ by Vicky on August 12, 2008.

61 Responses to “ELLE TV: Big Bang Photoshoot | Skoolooks Picture”

  1. Oooo Sexayyyy. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  2. GDYB โค
    GDAE โค

  3. Bleh I don’t like tight pants on YB Dx

  4. I CAN’t see it! huhuhu! i’m cursed! why can’t i see them?
    must i sleep with my boss just for him to open youtube?
    hahahaha! i will never do that! WTF am i thinking.

  5. TOP&YB’sGiRL

    I almost bite my tounge when I read that gurl.

    must. think. pure. thoughts.

    can you download??
    i’ll upload it for you.
    but you won’t be able to view it with anything except the GOM Player

  6. vicky
    hmmmmm what do you mean pure thoughts? of all people you should know that fangirls can’t do that. LOL.
    unless we’re actually all perfect angels and perverts only when it comes to bigbang. HMMM. ๐Ÿ˜€

    they looks so freakishly HOT.

  7. seung ri is sooo adorable…
    and my husband TOP he’s handsome even when he pop his head ๐Ÿ™‚
    lool DS where his other eye..LOL
    thanx Vicky..

  8. orororo

    of course i know that.
    I will never stand in a fangirl’s way of having dirty thoughts but she was talking about her boss now hahaha.

    and i am a perfect angel thankyou very much. ๐Ÿ˜›
    perfect perfect perfect.

  9. LoL~!!

    Tae Yang just cant stop moving his body >.<

    aww~ they all r so HOT yet cute~^^

  10. vicky
    lolll. excellent. i guess i will continue to molest big bang in my mind then. HEH.
    btw thank you for the video and all your hard work! you and the rest of the fansite staff [?] make me happy. ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. orororo

    why do it in your mind when you can share it with me??
    HUH??? doesn’t sound like a bad idea is it?

  12. vicky

    iono. sometimes i like some … private time with my boys. you know?
    LOL eww i sound like a byuntae to the maximum. =_=
    i’ll let you know when my plan to kidnap them succeeds. then i will gladly share with you.

  13. so hot aigooooooo

  14. orororo

    HA! if there’s any kidnapping going on.
    I WANT IN.
    you remember that haahah

  15. haha..in elle video, what’s wrong with DS new hair style..
    with that style..he have no more eyes..T T

  16. hehe. in the skoolocoks pic, gd has wings at the end of his legs ;D

  17. KikixGD

    HGAHAHA. i didn’t notice that
    cuz he’s FLY FLY YE~ FLY TO THE SKY

  18. aghh~~
    dorky big bang in HOT clothes~~


    OMGD, I love you to death!!

  20. @orororo..&@vicky:..
    OMG…there’s a kidnapping
    i wanna be in..
    when we will start…loool>>(like if there’s one)
    really guys if there’s a kidnapping i’m gonna with u..:)
    i’ll take TOP and SR and u take the rest of them

  21. I want 2009 calender โค

  22. OOOH!! i kept pausing at :21 to look at YB little bootyyy
    that boy has short little legs LOL oohhh i love him.
    i really dont mind those tight pants at allll. =] haha im such a perv

  23. ghozt22

    NUH UH!!!
    there’s no way gurl
    you can join if you only take TOP
    I sign up for SR LOONNGGG AGO.

  24. Vicky
    no no noooh..there is way..
    I’ll join u and take TOP and SR ๐Ÿ™‚
    if u want we can share him 50/50 ?! soo what r u saying..lool.
    or i’ll take him all 4 me..muhahaha
    it sound like if he was just 4 us ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. ghozt22

    stubborn fangirl like me refuse to share baby with anybody
    i’m even willing to give up on Bong for him
    haha. so u stick with TOPie ahahaha

  26. Aww they’re soo cute
    Lols; i love watching
    G-Dragon & Tae Yang laugh
    they look soo cute
    and like BEST FRIENDS
    but they were laughing at
    Dae Sung though, [meanies]
    usually they laugh at seung ri
    fighting over them..hehe funnies
    whatever i gots G-Dragon!

  27. OMO…GDYB MOMENT!!!! – ah i live for those LOLZ that was so cute, the two are alwayz just laughing by themselves while the others are like “what the heck??” HAH

    i dont like the tight pants on YB either but its cute how he just dances around…everywhere…

  28. the last scene when DS is surounded by GD’TY and TOP is so cute>< I am just geussing but I think they might be making fun of DS’s hairdo???HAHAhA!!! And poor SR, he was totallt forgotten by their bros!haha!

  29. sweetums..and his YB’s pants arent tight..lol..they look normal..

  30. Were GD and YB laughing at Dae? >_> Then YB’s like it’s cool. Lolz. Their laughing was cute. YB can’t stays still haha.

  31. OO they looks super cute
    but Ughh i was waiting for Seung ri message today
    and it is the 12th of this month…..

  32. haha..funny how the older members laugh at poor dae ^_^
    GD’s so hot!! i totally love him!!..^_^

  33. Vicky
    u don’t want 2 share with anyone ..so SR is mine..haha(yaah i’m soo stubborn fangurl)
    how could u give up on GD..u will make him shape his other half head…. looooool:)
    yaah i agree with u i’ll stick on TOPie and SR.
    i’ll not let u goo until u give up of Seungri..muhahaha..
    how lucky seung ri 2 gurls fighting on him..

  34. i miss GD’s bowl hair cut..
    his bun…
    his hair during the last farewell promotion..

  35. wat did g-dragon say about daesung?


  37. they all look so cute! =]]]]]]โ™ฅโ™ฅ

  38. seung ri so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee

  39. i luv d wings behind GD’s leg

  40. ghozt22

    I can’t make Bong do what he can’t do .
    he’s 10 times more stubborn than I am.
    so I have no hope in that.
    But Baby can be tame. will never give up

  41. bronxbaby101

    he say that DaeSung look like this comedian with the same hairstyle

  42. aw! seungri looks so hot! hehe. he is all mine! :DD


  44. omgg theyre so hottt
    seungri is soo pretty..cant wait for oh my friend mv ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. omggggg they r like soo hot
    G-Dragon looks hot with any of the member xP

  46. AHH these are so cute!
    i love the little wings on them =)

  47. lol
    @vicky @ghozt22
    hey i want to join the kidnappin club!!
    since u dont want Bong anymore ill take him
    well even if u didnt give him up, i still woulda take him anyway
    but since u gave up on him.. we dont have to have the fight that u and ghozt22 have
    but i do agree with ghozt22 i think u guys should share SR…. cuz i cn tell that none of u gonna give up

  48. daesung kang ftw


    Lovin the new hairstyle, seems as though he’s getting a lot of attention these days, which is a veryyy good thing. its about daggone time.

  49. heehee thats hawt (the vid)
    tops so funny in that pic

  50. yb and dae at the end. so sweet.

  51. Oh mannn.
    Big Bang in all black suits = killer.
    OMG…can’t wait.

  52. hahah i like it when YB jus cracks up when GD is making fun of daesungs hair LOOOL

  53. LOL!!!! Dae at the end xDDD!

  54. vicky + ghozt22 + Queenie

    what happened??? i go to sleep and not touch the computer for 10 hours and now there’s a kidnapping group. lol!
    nobody touch top!! i claimed him long long longgg ago. ๐Ÿ˜€

  55. YB is dancind to UHM JUNG HWA’s DJ song CUTE!!!
    They all look so HOT!!! I love how they behave together.


  57. Vicky..
    i won’t give up on him 2 on my baby

  58. ghozt22

    well then let’s cling onto these boys until their fingers fall off haha.

  59. BEAUTIFUL! โค

  60. OMG! GD&YB…they are soooooo cute!
    My YB can’t stop moving his body! SO HOT!
    Maknae is cute!
    TOP! SEXY!
    Dae sung and his hair! lol
    thanks for sharing this with us!

  61. DaeSung looks so cute.

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