ELLE TV: SeungRi during Big Bang’s Photoshoot | SeungRi “Oh My Friend” Shooting

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SeungRi during ELLE Photoshoot. He got so embarassed looking at his hot self photos haha. He was so happy with himself when he know how to work the iMac. hahaha. I LOVE HIM.


I’m excited for all of their individual video to be release, how excited am I?? THIS MUCH EXCITED.

I’m officially obsessed with this scene.

UNDER HERE: Baby shooting OH MY FRIEND MV in that cute vest and red bow.



~ by Vicky on August 12, 2008.

68 Responses to “ELLE TV: SeungRi during Big Bang’s Photoshoot | SeungRi “Oh My Friend” Shooting”

  1. LOL girls cant help but smile/giggle/laugh around him XD

  2. LOL..baby Y? Y? Y do u have 2 b sOOO adorable?..huh? cant hear U!!!


  4. ahh can’t wait for my dae dae lol hehe lol
    but seungri is always curious about everything
    he soo cute lol look at all da girls giggling

  5. Gawd! he’s soo cute! such a DORK
    aww poking at the computer
    “Oh he’s in trouble”
    Yes i love him too!
    Yeah who is NEXT?
    DaeSung. Yay!

  6. Lols that picture of G-Dragon is funny&Cute (:

  7. SR is soooo cute in the video
    at the beginin i think he try to act kul or something
    but w/e he is acting
    IT IS CUTE!!!

  8. ^ I agree that pic of G-Dragon is HILARIOUS!ahahha…gotta love that smile!

  9. omg hes too damn adorable >.< I swear if you werent Bongie’s Baby already(and I didnt love Bongie as much as i do) I would totally steal you, and hug you forever lol

  10. awwwww how cute!!!
    but Baby dont look good with eyeliner…
    makes him look tired…
    d panda eyes is fine w/out d eyeliner…
    then again it’s Baby…
    no matter how bad he looks, he manages to redeem himself by his natural act of cuteness…

  11. awee.. hes sooo cutee <33
    do you have eng subs for the vid tho?

    BIG BANG <33

  12. seungri is honestly the cutest guy

  13. omo individual videos..awesome! can’t wait for them to be released…ill be waiting for YB and his dancing *grins*…dae’s been growing on me alot too lolz

    ~aww SR, cuteness

  14. fatinDAbomb

    he already got pernamnet dark circle under his eyes
    so what’s the difference? haha
    but i have to admit
    i love him wearing eye liner
    look extra sexy to me

  15. sweetsorrow

    and don’t forget that half naked pose on the floor hehe

  16. vicky // lol how could i forget…nosebleed!

  17. LOVE him. loll he’s too freaking cute i swear. i wanna grab him out of my comp and hug him forever&ever&ever!(: hehee

    omfg GD’s scene was my fave part in the MV too. HAHAHA he fits the role so well, yet he looked so adorable being a psycho! that sounds so weird but since its bigbang anything would look cute:D

  18. UWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! maknae maknae maknae :3 i love him muchos muchos muchos xD lol ! he’s getting hotter by the day aint he ? xD lol ! but he’s still keeping his adorable side(;

  19. oh man. gd is a hot psycho. i kind of love that picture of him.
    ahhh seungri is so cute trying to work the imac… i fail with macs, so i think that the fact that he ‘knows’ how to use one is a talent that i’ll never have. T_T
    but omg seungri looked hot in that photoshoot.

  20. ha ha who wouldn’t smile and giggle
    he’s suchhh a cutie pie =)

  21. hehe I love that GD pic too!
    and that’s why I’ve made it my avatar.

  22. OMG Vicky u got a C gyang07 oh my friend video fancam @ youtube!! lots of g-ri…

  23. my gosh GD looks really happy driving!!! hahhaha! so cute!!!

  24. Omg, he’s so adorable! XD I love how he was poking the keyboard and when he saw pics of himself he laughed. Ahhh, so hot and cute. *Fangirl spaz*

  25. Swing that hair baby swing it! lol..Who else loved that part? gosh, my first love from Big Bang, he’s starting to grow more and more and more on me now..He can be so freaking sexy,and yet still be that lovable dork that we all know and love! 😀 aahh He’s maturing..and it’s turning out good! 😀

    Can’t wait for the individuals videos also!!

  26. SR is so cute >.<!!!

  27. Awww so adorable. Seungri. ❤ How can you not love him? 🐱

  28. AH so cute. seungri, my favorite 12 year old <3<3<3


  29. HOTTTTTT!!

  30. orororo

    HE’S 17 FOR GOD’S SAKE!!
    wahh~ stop bringing my husband’s age down hahah

  31. vicky
    LOLOL i’m so sorry! 😀
    i think i do it to remind myself that for now, he’s unattainable….! 😦
    or maybe it’s just because he’s so cute and sweet. ❤

  32. orororo

    yes he is anattainable.
    so back off horny nuna hahahaha
    1 more year and baby’s off to manhood

  33. He’ll be legal soon. In a couple of months. =P And technically, he’s already legal in Korea. XD He’s so adorable with that laugh. =P *Dies*

  34. the imac part is way too cute.

  35. LOL, I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw that part..

  36. Vicky
    LOL ewwww this nuna is not horny!! i am being pure and innocent and leaving seungri alone!
    it’s TOP and TAEYANG who are the true victims of my love and who will suffer when i finally kidnap them!! BAHAHA.

  37. orororo

    I feel bad for YB and TOP already……. LORD.
    what will this nuna do????
    but everyone knows it will be tiring.. LORD

  38. im amazed that you can find pictures like these. incroyable!!

  39. oh..magnae so cute!
    dats why bong love him
    maybe someday i’ll steal magnae from him

  40. Vicky
    you sure you’re 15??? hahahahahhaah PERVERT!!! 😀
    what could this nuna do that would be so tiring?? what a question.
    hmm i will have to think of a proper response to that!

  41. orororo

    wanna see my birth cetificate to be sure??? a 92 baby for sure haha
    well there’s lot of THINGS that can be tiring in life.
    moving, sitting, lying down…. even breathing can be tiring sometime *wink*wink*

  42. Vicky
    HMMMMM too bad we won’t be doing any of THAT. ;D
    instead, this nuna will be WORKING those boys. it will be beyond tiring. it will be PAINFUL and EXHAUSTING.
    i’ll make them sing and dance and rap and cook for me CONSTANTLY.
    and we’ll play roshambo and hopscotch if they’re not too tired! 😀

  43. awww… seungri has grown so much!!! i love him too!!! ❤

  44. orororo


    like you can contain it
    that is a lie

    and just eat ramen alredy, or order take out
    it’s way easier haha

  45. Vicky
    LOL you make me sound like an animal. which i probably am HMMMMM.
    hmph, why settle for ramen when i can have sexy shirtless boys cook for me every single meal?? and btw, yes that IS THE PLAN.

  46. orororo

    who say you can’t have naked boys cook ramen for you???
    I DIDN’T SAY THAT. hahaha
    it’s okay if you want them naked
    just don’t get on the counter.
    you might get burn. BADLY… hehe

  47. how does he do it?! why is he so cute and all! GAH! i have no more room on my computer for bb pics!!! i ❤ the way he said “otohge” what do i do? SO CUTE!

  48. Vicky
    WHYYYYYY do you put such thoughts into my head?? D: i thought i was supposed to be the old and dirty one. now i will never sleep.
    hmm naked boys cooking ramen. sounds plausible. but then again it takes a lot to please me. naked boys AND good food sounds yummier. 😀 in different ways HAHA.

  49. —–I don´t know if it´s just me, but Seungri really seems so much more mature now, don´t you think?

    Now he´s always been confident, but now he has that “calm confidence”-if you know what I mean?

    Whatever. He seems like a really funny guy.

  50. orororo

    apparenlty you don’t know how much korea love their ramen
    they like it HOT AND SPICY
    you be sweating when you eating it
    which is the PERFECT food for the moment if you do decide to just throw away my advice and climb on that kitchen counter -.0

  51. spinx

    HE HAS mature a lot since debut
    he’s extra confident when he’s dancing for sure,
    he have imporve a lot in every field ever since debut and i’m rreally proud of him

  52. Vicky
    it’s funny you mentioned that, because i am korean!! ^^ lol
    hmm fine. i like it HOT AND SPICY too… so MAYBE i’ll have ramen once in a while. but it isn’t good for you! food hand-made by top is much better, i’m sure. 😀
    i like my boys hot and spicy too. ;]
    but counters are cold. and slippery.

  53. orororo

    well nobody give me that memo before.
    so you know how you like it
    though the counter are cold and slippery, hotness from the boys will tame it

    and may i ask why the cold and slipperiness of the counter can affect u and ur man anyway???
    what are you planning on to do with that counter??

  54. i never thought i could have dirty thoughts about our maknae but seeing him in that bed makes me want to molest him in my mind.

  55. Vicky
    uhhh i was planning to COOK! i’m also quite short so i’m afraid that when i try to climb onto the counter to get my bowls of ramen from the cabinet it will be cold and i will slip off and crack my head open and die.
    which is why i’ll stay away from the kitchen. lolll. instead, i’ll ask top to get the food and cook it for me as i happily watch taeyang sing and rip his clothes off for me.

  56. sexYBeast

    you’re better than me
    I just don’t do it in my mind hahaha

  57. kawaiiiiiiiiii my seung ri..
    he really made my day …just seeing his face make me happy and now i saw his smile aaaah amazing..
    and when he know how 2 work the iMac”ooooh”..he was like the baby when he know 2 do something 4 the first time :)kawaiii

    stop thinking….:)
    he’s already have 2 gurls fighting on him..be away from him 😦

  58. orororo

    you’re short but TOP isn’t hahaa
    ask him to get it for you
    that 1 m 81 of hotness

  59. Ohhhh… I love Seung Ri! ❤ ❤ ❤ He is my favorite members of BB! He is always sooooooooo cute and he looks very handsome and hot! 😉

  60. Oh man, Seungri’s mad sexy with the eyeliner.
    And the black suit.
    Haha, so cute…he touches like 2 keys on the keyboard and is amused.

  61. hahahahaha sr was like ‘o!’ when he touched the key boards
    so cute

  62. jess

    it has been a while since we saw Baby amuse with anything
    i love that face of his

  63. so cute can you make the video in hq of Seungri???
    i very want to see it clear please

  64. Seungri is so cute
    Can you make the video in hq of Seungri???
    I very want to see it clear please

  65. Seungri is so cute!!!
    Can you make the video in hq of Seungri???

  66. He so cute!!!
    Can you make the video in hq of Seungri???
    please make it in hq

  67. Seung Ri is so cute.

  68. lOVE SeungRi forever

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