“Oh My Friend” MV

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No One can dissect something better than my gurl Ai. Read it here Oh My Friend MV Dissection

Big Bang’s 2nd Music Video “Oh My Friend” from their 3rd mini album “STAND UP”. Dae was incredibly sexy in that ring, then Baby come into the picture, wearing that oh my god so cute stripe vest with the red bowtie, this boy make my life brighter. Where can you find a mechanic hot like this to fix your car??? cause you bet I haven’t seen one, and one that skates too. haha. Is there a rule somewhere among these boys that when you go meet your friend it’s require for you to strip? haha. Baby and YB did it, and I’m not complaining. haha. TOP was freaking perfect as a cop, I mean DUDE! That lady was trying something on him, shoot, if he was a real cop, I’ll run a red light everytime he’s near. Okay, Bong Part = me laughing so hard I bump my head on my table. He finally found his perfect character to portray, what do you know. a psycho… WOW.. the way he was driving that car crack me up BIG TIME. even have sane enough to put on his own eyeliner. CONGRATS. This MV is overall fun to watch, I didn’t like OH MY FRIEND that much before but I think by watching this over and over again I will learn to like it haha


~ by Vicky on August 12, 2008.

105 Responses to ““Oh My Friend” MV”

  1. its loadingg.


  3. hhhahaah his facial expression is classic.

  4. the mv is so funny i freaking laughed so hard on the GD parts he really did fit the part well especially around 1:57

    and TOP al bundled up like that isnt what i wanted in the polic outfit 😦
    gdragon lol combover ?
    daesungs so hot now
    and taeyang on the skateboard is sexy
    new style of MV im seeing from these boys

  6. OMG that was hot 😯

    YB on the skateboaaaarrrddd 😆

  7. Uh…I can’t see the mv T_________________T
    apload it @ YOutube asap pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee…i can’t wait any longer…poor me

  8. watched the mv over again and GD’s leopard print jacket is kinda wierd like it’s so random. lol everyone is wearing t-shirts, wifebeaters, or normal jackets and then GD becomes the alien he is and wears a leopard print jacket

  9. YB!<3 sheesshhh he looks hot in anythinggg!
    LOL at GD teehee. i like the songgg alot more now.

  10. LMAO!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA, G-DRAGON!!!!
    My hubby’s a psycho XXXD I snorted into the omputer screen when I saw him and laughed liek crazy XXXD
    omo~ I refreshed your youtube like crazy until it was up XXD
    THANK YOU SO MUCH ❤ this just made my day

  11. this clip is madd
    plus GD’S parts are freaking hilarious LOL !
    and TOP as a cop ! my gosh !! LOL

  12. hahahah omgosh SEUNG RI is super ADORABLEEEEE

  13. LMFAO!!!! I LOVE IT!!


  15. OMG! Thank a lot!

  16. That was amazing…. and I really like this song
    It is totally awe-inspiring how Big Bang can take any style and make it awesome.
    and I wish YB was my repair guy OMG sexy!

  17. ahha seungri is so cute and when he took out
    his uniform n so did daesung n taeyang it
    blew my heart away hehe omg it was soo cute
    wen TOP was the police hehe lol and GD the
    psycho stealing cars haha dat was wow lol
    i liked his hair hehe

  18. AHHHHH THIS VIDEO IS SO CUTE and the boys fit into their roles PERFECTLY. 😀
    daesung is SUCH A HOTTIE and seungri is so cuteeeeeeee!!
    omg TAEYANG what a sexymechanicman lasjdlfkjlskdjalkdjfljalkj
    HAHAHA JIYONG. i love that boy <3<3<3
    and top was the PERFECT cop for sure, but i almost expected him to rip off his clothes and reveal his supersexiness. i was disappointed when he didn’t. 😦
    he sure was cute in all the random singing bits near the end though. :]

  19. i have to keep watching jiyong’s part over and over again. HAHA. he’s so funny!!
    does he even have his license yet, though? ;D
    and taeyang is HOTT on a skateboard!!

  20. ok..Can i get pulled over by TOP?
    also can i be stuck in a van with Bongie baby in a straight jacket? XD (insert perverted thoughts here) Bongie I love you lol

  21. i’m glad ppl’s perspective on this song has changed.
    & i’m also glad NO BRAIN was in it, you can feel the difference in the way the song was performed & that’s due to NO BRAIN. it has a more ROCK feel now.
    & the boys are more pumped obviously, jumping around like true rockers. sorry i used to be rock biased.

    anywho! think about the meaning of the song & the perfect timing of its simultaneous release with the olympics. i think it was an awesome idea, especially since the opening ceremony was SOO FREAKIN AWESOME! CHINA spent 10 years preparing that shizz, & i’m damn proud to be part chinese. that opening was so awe-inspiring, & in the grand scale of things took my breath away….

    just as this song has done. the lyrics are cute & powerful. way to rep KOREA, cuz they’re 3rd in medal count. that’s amazing!

  22. Kay-chan

    (whatever you inserted there Vicky is doing the same)
    When I saw Baby strip i was like “OH OKAY. DON’T STOP NOW”
    he look so cute with just a white shirt, black pant and white kick.
    he amaze me

  23. orororo

    i heard he’s trying to get one but he’s so busy with his music he didn’t have the time.

    and you know.. van…equals……. hehehe
    I think you know what I know and thinking but shouldn’t be thinking right now.

    and OH MY GOD i know
    I never have a thing for skateboard dudes
    but YB on a skateboard is just OH MY GAK.

    TOP didn’t rip of his clothes because he look too cool in his leather jacket
    and you know him, this boy he doesn’t know that he’s effin sexy. never show any skin.

  24. OMGGGGGGGG!!!! i love this video xD! i was LMAO!!!! xD!
    i liked the song before the video came out and know i’m loving it! ♥♥♥

  25. ahhh YB skateboarding is SOOOOOO HOTTTT….i will purposely break my car for this man…
    SR = cuteness extreme..i want a balloon animal
    GD = plays the perfect psycho…
    DS = sexy boxer…
    TOP = i will repair my car by YB then speed so i can get a ticket from TOP..its so worth it

  26. haha I used to ride around in a murdered out van like no brain’s.
    such a fun video!

    the laws I’d break just to be pulled over by TOP…
    seeing seungri in the mask just brought the thought jabbawockeez…(whom I dearly love. haha)
    YB on the board made me laugh… he seemed to be a bit scared to me…
    GD stealing the van=priceless.
    and daesung getting punched out only made me laugh more.


  27. Oh yeaaaaaa. 8)

  28. anybody who’s interest in laughing some more, feel free to read my friend Ai’s Dissection on the video.



  29. aahhhhaha, i love their side jobs.
    DS: boxer.
    SR: talking mime.
    TY: mechanic.
    TOP: cop.
    GD: physco.

    i love it.

  30. LOL ,
    i loveee this video ,
    i keep watching it over and over again .
    it’s so funny .

  31. Seungri’s going jabba wockeez [:
    ROFL @ GD being a psycho XDD
    TOP was fi0ne as a officer though LOL

  32. haha.. TOP as a COP!! so cool!!! ❤

  33. omg this vidoe is so cute!! haha XD I love my psycho husband lols!!

  34. taeyang on that skateboard was freakin porn lol
    daesung makes one sexy boxer
    seungri was cute as a mime **
    TOP is one hell of a cop
    GD… lol.. funny dude i tell ya. he never fails to crack me up

  35. OMG,Yong’s so funny =)) I can’t stop laughing =))
    Ri is si cute,my panda, love u…
    Top is a cop =)))))

  36. I LOVE IT!!! i didn’t know YB could skate – THAT WAS SEXY! LOL

  37. vicky
    LOLOLOL! you dirty dirty girl!!! let’s not go molesting people in vans, hm? it’s a little too public. HAHA.
    jiyong’s facial expression was SO CUTE when he happily drove away in the van. :] i don’t think i’d mind getting locked up with him in a van. but i wouldn’t want him in a straight jacket. lolll.
    in regards to taeyang’s hotness – ahhh it’s not just the skateboard. it’s also that cool confidence he has when he goes rolling around all grimy with that dirty wifebeater on. that’s sexy. lol.
    top DOES look cool but he would look cooler half-naked.

  38. sweetsorrow
    omgah, that was basically the perfect summary of my reaction to this video. lol!!

  39. OMG
    Dam so HOT, SEXY, and CUTE
    Gawd top makes a HOT cop
    wow they were rocken it!
    Especially G-Dragon!

  40. CherrylovesYB<3



    I’ll make some more if you want 😆

  42. Taeyang has to be the hottest skateboarding mechanic ever.
    Gd plays the part of a psyco very well.
    I Luv this video!!!<3

  43. orororo

    HEY !! don’t be pointing finger at me and telling me I’m dirty when you think of the half stuff.
    I just say a van. nothing else
    you thought it about it
    who’s dirty now my friend????

    why would anybody want Bong in a straight jacket when they’re around him. THAT’S NOT SCIENCTIFIC.
    I would rip that shit up first thing.

  44. orororo
    Why not have him in a straight jacket? Then he cant resist XD omg i need to stop like right now.

  45. CherrylovesYB<3

    i call for Bong driving crazy and laughing like there’s a life time supply of eyeliner in that back of that van. haha

  46. you know … as like .. freebies or something. xD

  47. this MV doesnt need a Parody!!! sOOO funny already…haha…

  48. Ohkayyy Vicky. lol

  49. OMO!!!
    I LOVE IT!!!!

  50. vicky + Kay-chan

    vicky you TRICKED ME. shame on you for manipulating me into saying my dirty thoughts out loud. LOLL!!
    i kind of agree with Kay-chan. straight jacket = little to no resistance! more molesting power to me!
    but then there’s also little to no participation on his side. ;] ;] ;]
    OMG i think i should stop now. before i corrupt all the young innocent minds here.

  51. ACDC!
    OMG yes i agree with you Vicky
    Lols; i love this video
    cracks me up 🙂

  52. Kay-chan

    I like my man to response to me hahaha
    not just lay there like a corpse

  53. orororo

    I have my skills
    and it’s not school. then WHAT ELSE?????
    of course DUH.
    and dirty thoughts is included.
    it’s on the fangirl contract’s fine print haha

  54. PYSCHO . 😯

  55. grrr I messed up. lemme redo it lol

  56. CherrylovesYB<3

    HAHAHA. i love that one too
    him lying on that chair and wiggle around
    OH MY GOD.
    I laughed so hard tears are coming out haha

  57. i got this frist impression of the MV
    i totally agree with Vicky
    GD is really good with psyco line!
    GD psyco version totally match! hahaha
    for TOP.. ehemm.. so hot ^^v
    i wonder if u guys remember about ‘i am sam’ story?
    the police ahjussi want to make TOP as a police too but he fail
    now i know TOP police version is like this! freaking hot!

  58. He scares me …

  59. that was so funny!!!A different side of BIG BANG!! lovin it!!!

  60. iit’s sooo good my favorite video by them
    and it dosen’t have a storyline . Yayy! =)

    I love it so much the concept of them working hard
    and at the end of the day they just rock out and have fun ha ha =)

  61. awhhh…YB!!!! my H0N is so h0t!!!YB u can cum and fix/start my engine anytime…yadamean..*naughty thoughts*

    gd…lol..u crack me up..wow, him driving like that..dang, i guess its true..asians are bad drivers–only 2 kind of asian drivers..fast and dangerous or slow and dangerous…hahahaha

    top, u good looking in that popo outfit..*u can cum to my place and ill help u take off that outfit..remember to bring ur handcuffs*

  62. LOLLL
    LOVEEE the way GD did his hair in that van
    it HILARIOUS!!!!
    he sooo cute wen he act stupid
    b GOSH
    i agree.. i LOVE the part wen SR strip….. tooo bad he stop striping..
    n GOSH TY look soooooo hot on that stake board!!!!
    n wat u said about TOP is EXATLY wat i was thinking hihiihi
    i wont mind speeding of a HOT lookin Cop is chasin me
    n DS is hilarious hihiih wen he punch that dude without knowin is sooo cute hiihihihiih

  63. nya2

    I actually just saw that episode of i am sam this morning
    and OH MY GOD. TOP as a gurl… lord.

  64. CherrylovesYB<3

    REALLY?? cuz it turns me on hahahah

  65. wendi

    INORITE! when’s the last time we actually laugh our ass off watching their MV?

  66. WOW.

  67. kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!! XD TOP is sooooooo hot!! zomgzomgzomg I’d def. break through some speed limits just to see him pull up on his bike~ XD

  68. GAAAAAAAAAWSH! im in love with this soong !! its such a different sound for bigbang(= hoow come top always has to be with the girls with super short dresses -__-;; either way he’s hot xD lol !! and maknae ! maknae ! maknae ! daamn he’s adorable !! aand ZOOOMMMGGG, youngbae isnt my favorite [gri is xD] buut daaaamn, i love his parts in this song, soo caaatchy!! aand DAAAANG i want him to be my mechanic xD lol ! smeeeexxyyyy ;D and yong yong xD lol ! ive never seen such a sexy phsyco in my life xD

  69. im going to end up watching this video over and over which is a good thing.(:
    yb on a skateboard is so effing sexy ! 😀

    where can it be downloaded or when ?
    hehe cant wait till it is downloadable.

    Big Bang fighting !!

  70. ilytaeyang

    I was gonna upload it but mediafire is being stupid
    it’s “under maintaince” right now
    I’ll upload it right after it’s up and running ;D

  71. vicky
    it must be an ugly girl (TOP)
    thanks God for making him as a man

  72. omg! dae dae is so funny 😀 and sweaty when he got out of that ring. BABY+outfit= cuteee x283472894, and i have to say TAE YANG is soo freaking hot here with the skate board and wifebeater 🙂 <3333 TOP hot as usual. GD LMAO his character! so hot when he’s crazy! :]

  73. Ji Yong as a psycho? muahahaha…can’t wait to see the vid…i’m not into this song so much but i think i’m gonna like the MV..why? this is the only chance to see a psycho Ji Yong which is once in the blue moon moment…hihi..

  74. hahaha I LOVE this song and now the mv makes it 100 times better! It was so fun..I loved every single part of it. I don’t want to repeat, so I’ll just say that I LOVED IT! haha as if I did not say it enough already!

  75. I just watched it and loving this song so much
    cause I get 2 see a different side of BB!!
    Dae and TY was super hot with their well built body omg…
    and TOP oh my godness..yeah I would run the red light too!! xDD
    Seung Ri is like so damn cute!! So adorable xD
    and GD??!! Hahahah loving his character inside!
    lol..its so funny 2 see him driving the car away from those guys xD
    this song rocks!!

  76. OMG
    i was actually smiling throughout the whole MV!!
    this is SO FUN!!
    DS is so funny boxing!!
    SR is looking SO HOT with the mime thinging and when he runs!! AHHH MELTS!!
    GD is SO DORKY as the prisoner lol!! look at how happy he was while driving the car away hahaha!!!
    and TY can’t be any hotter skate boarding!!
    i’ll die if i get caught by Mr.CHoi TOP, effin hot policer hahah~~

  77. vicky
    puahahaha!! i must not have read the contract carefully then! 😀 well good thing i have a really really good excuse to be pervy now. LOLOL.
    i’ve been thinking about writing big bang a letter… which i would love to do once i figure out what to write and screw up enough courage to do so. lol. but just now, after reading all these other comments, i figured out what to say.

    dear big bang,

  78. orororo

    add another thing

    PS. wear extra underweat. at least 4 layers.
    then maybe you’ll have time to escape

  79. mad mv 🙂
    the more i listen, the more i start to like.

  80. Just when I thought it could not be possible to be amazingly sexy and adorkably cute at the same time, Daesung, my love, has to go and prove me wrong. This video is blazin’. Period.

  81. very different but its great to see them step out of the box.

  82. Vicky

  83. you’re WORSE THAN MEEEE

  84. orororo

    I told you
    I have a way with these kind of thing
    I usually dont write or anything
    but when I do… you bet it’s nobel price worthy hehe

  85. yea i didn’t like the song either, but watching the video now, its cute and addicting.

  86. I LOVE THE MV, it’s so diff from the other MVs they did and it’s so fun looks like they were having fun making it. oh I wish seungri was in it more xD but over all GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!! xDxDxD I hope they make HEAVEN’s mv!!

  87. kimvipbunnie

    I hope they do too, but since this is a mini album, and like ALWAYS, YG only came out with 2 MVs, i think they make a MV for this song for the sake of the Olympic and how YG say this song fit the mood for the Olympic. It’s a thin chance that ther’s gonna be another MV for this album

  88. ————-Weeeeell——first of all I must mention again just how much I like this song.

    Secondly—-I actually really like the video!

    Though I must say the beginning looked a bit “cheap” in comparison to the res of the clip.

    And (I think this is the first time I´m saying this) I didn´t like TOPs part here. That police stuff didn´t fit him at all. (we didn´t even see his face properly)

    Another uniform would have helped….but, oh well.

    The part where they meet up in the garage is the BEST!!!
    The way the camera kept turning was fantastic!

    And I´ll use this opportunity to mention just how cool this “No Brain” is! Seriously—Big BANG should definitely do something with him and his band again!

    ———–GO NOP BRAIN————————

    But all in all a really cool video. I liked that Daesung and Seungri got more parts here. Good for them.

  89. hahaha LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT

  90. —————–One more thing to add———–

    I so love the way they all jump towards the end!!

  91. while maknae was stripping i was like don’t stop now please don’t stop he he.yb was hot and dirty,yum yum.


  93. this mv was so funny! i cracked up when i saw baby putting balloon animals on peoples heads!

    vicky! you got me calling seungri baby now! XDD


  95. oh!my god TEMP so cute

  96. HAHAHAHAHAHA i luv it! gds parts were so funny! aand seung ri so cute! and why does top always needs to have a girl with him? (oh well) tae yang looks so manly and technical. dae sung is funny

    i post the same thing on youtube

  97. OMMO! I like this MV! TOP is so HOT, Seung Ri is so cute! and GD’s parts were make me laugh! LOL

  98. omg WOW GD was well goin crazy ova drivin dat car hahaha lmao i think he was enjoyin it huh? lol an SR look absolutly adorable awww at first i didnt recognise DS an i was lyk huh? but den wen i herd his voice i was lyk omg DAESUNG??!!!
    an dat rock guy in da car was goin crazy tooo!!!
    hahaha ova all it was a mad an crazy mv (in a gud way) XD

  99. O WOW!!!!I’m SOO LOVING this MV right now!!really made my day!ESP how GD looked so SEXY AND HOT in leopard skin and EYELINER!!omg i’m dying bcos the whole action of putting it on, covering his eyes …seductive man!!!!HE SUD ACT in some movies or drama ,seriously!he can really act~~pyscho/angst person u name it…

  100. omgg.. that was HOT.
    they were hot.. hehe.. esp. taeyang.. and his boarding skillz
    hehe.. and top.. omg yes.. i totally agree with ALL of the
    comment at teh top.. espcially the one about running red lights
    and seungri being soo adorable =)

    BIG BANG <33

  101. wow…. seung ri ma baby is so freaking cute wearing that vest and bow tie, but then wen he took off the gloves, and vest, man tht was smoking, the way he run soooo hot, i will love to have him near me haha, ah i just love him too much, sorry for being bias but ma baby is hot haha, well the rest is hot too, TOP cop O_O wow he suits it haha, mechanic for taeyang wow smoking, haha GD as a psycho never see tht coming lol, and dae looks good as a boxer lol
    overall i love the mv….. its good but never better than haru haru lol, ^^

  102. OH MY FRIEND!
    gosh that was awesommeee!
    Seung ri was awesome as who he was.
    gd was cool as psycho.
    top looking cool.
    daesung agian WOW.
    yb is looking FINEEE.
    Wow, i just fell for it. Gosh, too AWESOME!

  103. omg!! i love the mv! haha..GD as a psycho..
    what a perfect role!..^_^ it really made me laugh..
    and omg! taeyang’s body! so hot..i’d bring my car
    to him everyday..haha ^_^

  104. omg!!! i fucking love this song and video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. All I can say is oh wow. It’s mv is different and I like. I would love to get stopped by TOP’s =]

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