Big Bang’s 3rd Mini Album Sweeps Online/Off-line Stores

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The group Big Bang has sold more than 30,000 copies of its third mini album “Stand Up” just two days after it was released on August 8. The album received an order of 85,000 copies from a retail dealer.

The album was completely sold out by 5:00 P.M. on August 9 at major record stores including Evan Records and the Gwanghwamun branch of Hot Tracks. The album was temporarily sold out on major online record stores including YGeshop and Internet Kyobo Book Store.

The manager at a record store said the album is selling at the same rate as Seo Taiji’s latest album.

Big Bang’s latest album defeated Seo Taiji on the Hanteo Chart and topped the weekly chart. The title song of the mini album “Day by Day” also ranked number one on Cyworld’s music chart, and Jukeon.

A total of 640,000 online users accessed the music video of “Day by Day” on YG TV, two days after it was unveiled to the public.

“Ingi Gayo,” a popular music show on SBS TV, alloted an unprecedented ten minutes for Big Bang’s first TV appearance since the album’s release.
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source:KBS Global
credits: shenyuepop

HOLY CRAP. Completely sold out? That’s kinda scary to hear when I haven’t got my own copy yet, YesAsia please hurry up, the fangirls are dying over here. Let us all pray and hope that YesAsia understand our pain and will ship out those albums fast!!


~ by Vicky on August 13, 2008.

33 Responses to “Big Bang’s 3rd Mini Album Sweeps Online/Off-line Stores”

  1. i think this proves they’re ready for the US.
    send them to america mr.yg!

  2. OMG wow dang BIG BANG lol ur da bomb haha i knew
    dey will dominate the field when dey come back

  3. vicky, you’re quick.
    gawd, im waiting for my album, hurrryy shipping and mailing!

  4. damn…and i haven’t even ordered a copy!!

  5. why am i not surprised at this news? :] ❤ i always knew bigbang would conquer with their music once again ! anyways, can’t wait till i receive my album ^^ hehe i’m one of the 85,000 who pre-ordered !

  6. WOW!!!
    sooo cool!!
    i give up vcki
    u want both Bong and SR so u put their last name together

  7. wow thats awesome!! totally sold out? HWAITING!

    whos seo taiji? are they popular too?

  8. Queenie

    i thought i state clearly before that i want both and nothing less haha


    Seo Taiji is like one of THE most successful artist, he make what kpop is today.
    YG use to be in the same group with him call “Seo Taiji and the boys”
    he was amazingly popular back in 1990s

  10. ohhhhh. ok :] well i think they dont have anything compared to big bang!
    big bang is beastttttt.

  11. DAYUMMMMMMM gaga

  12. i am waiting impatiently for my copy *cries* but yay go BB

  13. aww my friend ordered one
    but i guess she has to wait a while
    ok this is a random question but
    is G-daragon going out with Sohee??
    my friend told me this in summer school
    but i’m not sure if this is right..

  14. HOLY MOLLY! Daesung’s muscles are telling me “it’s nice to be wrappped around here, honey.” LOVE EM BOIZ!

    @hollaoranged, if that’s true then i should be happy! i like them both! hahahaha! MELLY relax! LOL!

  15. Umm.. What happened to the crazy pre-order number? Do they count that?

  16. hollaoranged

    yea i heard about that too
    how ppl been saying he ask her to marry him when she’s 20 or whatever
    but i doubt it, they only saying it because they’ve been spotting the two of them wearing similar clothing, but i think that’s pretty common since those are the clothes popuar in korea right now and lots of celeb are endorsing them.
    I don’t think you should believe anything you hear, in the kpop scene, stuff like this are normally 90% rumor.
    but if it is true then we should feel happy for him, though I don’t think we should interfere with his personal life.

  17. Gerard

    they probably only count the one that’s been purchase so far

  18. hahaha cool who’s melly?

  19. hollaoranged

    she’s one the fellow admin on here
    you may know her as “gdluvzmc” her real name is Melly and most of us call her that ;D

  20. omggg sold outt? of course..i need that album. yesasia hurry up

  21. i order mine..not here yet..

    i was so excited that i download their song coz i couldnt wait..its bad that i download it, but at least i still order still helping..a lil…

  22. @ann5 : i agree! send the boys to america =D

  23. OMG WOW!
    ARGH mines is NOT here YET!
    please yesasia FASTER!
    i’m like dying here!!!!!
    i need MINES!

  24. why is YB always in the middle.. can someone tell me this? dont tell me cuz he short???????????

  25. ^^ H0N likes the dont really know..ive always assume its coz of his height..maybe?…

  26. OMG!

    Congrat! BIGBANG!

  27. VAN_bbFighting

    hahaha. yea that’s kinda of a big reason
    because of his height

  28. more than 30,000 copies!!!! 😀 8)

  29. i got an email from yesasia saying that they shipped my order already.. havent received it yet though.. hopefully we’ll get it tomorrow.. i friggen heart BIG BANG!! lol

  30. but if preorders were abt 85,000,
    and the album is sold out…doesnt it mean they sold ALOT more than 30,000!?
    what happened to the news abt them selling more than 100K already?
    im confused lol

  31. haha I got mine in HK!

  32. naturalhonee

    the preorders for this album was close to 100K
    but consider since they haven’t ship it out and there’s a problemw with it being sold out, so far they only count the one that’s already been purchased

  33. Congrats Big Bang. I love the picture YB looks so sexy with that crown.

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