‘I love BIG BANG’ Tote Bag

Look at what I got in the mail today.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
My own fan-made Big Bang tote bag. Oh yea. It’s freaking awsome. I order it from this survey on Soompi. They use to have a ‘I LOVE KPOP’ design in Big Bang album format, so I ask if they could make a Big Bang one, and they did, I was jumping out of joy when I saw the design and order right away, I wanna tell you guys earlier but I wanna make it’s trust worthy first, it finally came today and I thought it was the coolest thing, it has all the Big Bang stuff written on it, lyrics, member names, their famous saying, V.I.P. And I think that some of you would be interested.

They also have “I love K-POP” design and DBSK design.

Price: $15.00 USD
Measurements: 13.5 x 13.5 x 13.5
You can also add a ribbon or pocket and zipper inside if you want. extra $2 for ribbon and pocket and zipper is extra $5
You can also order it in a different color, doesn’t have to be baby blue.
They ship from San Gabriel, California

US: $3.00
Canada: $5.00
International: $6.00
If you have a Soompi account, you can order it here

You can also order it on LiveJournal, on noasia

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


~ by Vicky on August 13, 2008.

80 Responses to “‘I love BIG BANG’ Tote Bag”

  1. YEAH first comment
    so cool =]

  2. i want know how much in euro =]


    Love them

    And i making TOP Happy birthday music =]
    Ghehe November

  3. BLUE!!! my fav. color!!!!
    It is soooo HOT!!!!!
    I am SOOOO getting one!!!!
    Thanks for sharing and making sure it trust worthy Vicky!!!!!!

  4. OMG that is SOO CUTE!!
    i want one! OMG i must order
    Dam, i gotta beg my sister
    [sigh] whaetever ima get one!

  5. Phung

    she didn’t say if she will accept anything other than USD
    you should ask though

  6. OMGGD! ITS SOO CUTE!~~ I WANT ONE SOOO BAD! i wish i could have at least one BB item. XD

  7. oh thank you so much for telling us!
    i’m spending all my money on big bang xD those t-shirts from before; i bought ended up buying 3 of them when i originally was only going to get one xD
    but big bang is so worth the money :]

  8. seungrix3love

    tell me about it
    these boys make us become a hobo with no place to live haha
    I just order a crazy ass expensive headphone just because I saw Bong wear it before.
    what is wrong with us fangirls?? IDK. but i’m loving’ it haha

  9. awesomeness. but a guy to have it would be hmm. lol they should make a boy bigbang bag for me! =]

  10. Oki Vicky

  11. his is really nice im ma get one for my cousin since she a girl haha and she loves big bang thanks for shareing

  12. that bag is made of win. i wonder if i could make one myself… but omg theyre so nice… i really need a job now. T_T i want to spend more money on bb.

  13. oh yeah, Vicky how long did it take for you to recieved it when you order it?? I want it before school starts and for a bday present.

  14. Sara

    I send it out on 08.05
    and got it today.
    because she only gonna make it after she receive the money

  15. aisH i want 1 too…do They accept UK POUNDS ???

  16. Okay i c, thanks!!!

  17. gdlov3r

    you should leave a comment and ask them about it

  18. thats cue

  19. random! (again)
    have you guys heard about the show called TVN’s 72hours?
    well i saw an episode with wonder girls on it before
    and now they have one with big bang and their preparation before their comeback!
    i just saw a clip and was wondering if anybody’s heard of it or if they have the full version of it.
    i wanna see it so badly!
    in the show, they stalk the celebs for 3 days! heh kinda invading privacy but who cares! 😀

  20. sharooonana

    hmm.. really?
    where did you saw it?
    can you show me?
    maybe I can go ask around to see if there is one

  21. Vicky

    here’s where i saw it
    hope it helps ^^

  22. sharooonana

    I think the show is “stalking” Hyori instead of Big Bang
    Big Bang fans just happen to be there because they’re on Inkigayo the same day

  23. oooo~ i SO want one! *runs off to soompi* =D

  24. OMG!!!!!!! OMG!! I want one sooo bad ;( why do I live in Russiaaa ;(((

  25. lol dang its nice haha
    haha wow i love it/

  26. That’s SO cute!
    I want one.

  27. the bag is so cute. too bad i can’t buy it. i wish i have something to rep. Big Bang though

  28. Vicky

    that’s what i thought at first, but in the top left corner (of the video), it says Big Bang Comeback Day 3.
    so yeah…

  29. and in the first 5 secs of the video, it says big bang comeback D-DAY

  30. oh my gahhd. i want one, and it’s in time for school.
    wait no, it’s too precious for school.
    GAHH! i want one now!!!

  31. ikr! i want one so i can show off BB in my school! ahh why dont i have a credit card to buy it online!?!?


  32. sharooonana

    they probably just point out whey it’s so crowded
    cuz if a show that stalk big bang exist that air 2 days ago it would show up in big bang fan cafe at least once
    but i haven’t seen anything
    but i’ll keep an look out for it

  33. ooh
    i saw that before
    & i was gonna buy it, but it seems a bit too plain`ishh to me so yeaa…

  34. OMG I’m so jealous! haha I want one! I guess I have to go order one now. haha Thanks for sharing, letting us now.

  35. Aww.. you’re so nice checking if it’s legite and stuff. Vicky = the best. Love you. 🐱

  36. I waaaannttttt itttttt 😯

  37. im prolly gonna get it ^^
    but why is everything backwards? O-O

  38. It’s cute.

    I want one now.


  39. Is it legit?

    And no, it’s not for me. lol

  40. meikim82

    haha thankyou
    i was gonan order it anyway
    it’s too cool to not have haha

  41. Rebecca

    well they follow the design Big Bang have for their “ALWAYS” and “HOT ISSUE” album and on there some of the words are backward

  42. Gerard

    well i got mine today so it’s pretty legit
    and i wasn’t thinking that it was for you… now i’m a bit suspcious… HMM.. haha

  43. omg thats soo sick

  44. baby blue happens to be my fav color, so I reallie like it! I’m debating whether or not I should get one when I am like so broke!!

  45. all we must do to order is post our “confirmation”/order form thing under that same post on soompi right ??

  46. the design is awesome.. sigh. .iwant one..but i cant get one..huhuhuhu

  47. AHH!
    Im awesomely jealous!
    ACKKK, ouu.
    I want one.

  48. how long did it take to receive it after you ordered it ?

  49. aww wut if u dun have an account at either site u post up dere ! grr i want one ! ekke i want one like urs! ekke it look soo nice & bbyblue is like my fav color keke XDDD wahh! please mail me back XDD

  50. Rebecca

    yup, then she’ll PM you and ask for the address to confirm it

  51. Rebecca

    I send out my payment on 08.05
    and got it today, which is 8 days later

  52. did this person actually make that herself/himself??? like screenprinting it and all??? that’s sickkkk, in a good way

  53. tinaxxe

    yea they actually came up with the design themselves and make it
    pretty cool


  55. ohh wow that bag is so cute >.<

  56. i jus ordered mine!!
    cant wait for it
    thanks for sharing ittt

  57. OMG! I also saw these on Soompi! I was debating whether I should get a bag….hmmm…but anyways, Vicky [nice cellphone chains!so cute!haha]

  58. I WANT ONE!
    but does anyone know when they’re gonna stop making/selling them?
    please let me know, because i AM interested =)
    thank you!

  59. wow~~
    it’s SO PRETTY~

  60. Suzie

    I don’t think they’re stopping anytime soon
    They have like this little shop they’ve been running, so I dont’ think they will stop

  61. wendi

    haha thanks.
    my dad been yelling at me for it, they weight more than my phone haha

    I’ll think about it..hmmm

  63. May i know how much is it in Singapore dollars? 😀

  64. charlene

    i’m not sure if they accept anything other than USD
    you should ask them

  65. OMO I SO WANT THE BAG. but…….

  66. I just ordered mine!
    Can’t wait to use it for school!

  67. wow the bag is soo cute
    hey i spy a blackberry O.O hehe ^^

  68. omg
    the bag is really cute.
    im going to ordered soon after i get money from my parents.so i can carry to school.

  69. Vicky

    ahh; thanks for telling me! =)

  70. the thing is…how do you order?

  71. xkiimx

    haha. a pretty useless blackberry right now
    I’m on probabtion from my dad
    he cut the texting and internet connection on my phone, I’m living in cavemen hell right now.
    never pissed off your parents with cellphone bills. it’s UGLY… and SAD…

  72. kimx3

    If you have a soompi acount, you can leave a reply there with the order form then she’ll send you a PM asking for your address then after you confirm it but telling her she’ll make the bag and contact you to send in the payment after it’s done.

    if you have a livejournal account, go to noasia and click on the link there and see how you can order and follow the direction on the page

  73. Vicky

    wow that sucks..yea i kinda did the same to my parents~~i dont wanna go back there >.<
    lol thanks i just did the soompi reply thing after i read this
    so thanks and hope my order will come ^^

  74. im SO getting this yo!!

  75. anyone from MALAYSIA who’s interested?i am but i dont think im allowed buyin stuff online so maybe we could oreder in bulk and meet up or something?LOL idk but its just an idea =D

  76. kimx3

    yea they’re kinda of a ticking bomb
    when they’re silence… it’s pretty calm
    but when they get mad.. holy crap.

    and glad you figure out how it works
    hope it’ll come to you soon too!!

  77. This is actually cute and it doesn’t cost a lot.

  78. which site did you buy it from??

  79. omg.how do i buy this? how much? i live in usa.:)

  80. i know im like, a year late, but iw as wondering if i can still buy this..?

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