Big Bang: Esquire Magazine September Issue Pictorial

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You’re talking to a freaking living corspe right now… after i saw Baby with that finger near the mouth expression…… yea… I’m dead. … dead…dead…dead..dead.. this is like the first time the 2 SeungHyuns have a solo shoot together, Baby have to stand on that thing cuz TOP is too dang tall haha. All of them just look freaking mighty fine.

i just HAVE to upload HQ up for you guys, cause I KNOW you will enjoy it as much as I did. It’s UNDER HERE. and also Caps…. yea… I can’t help it man.

Esquire Magazine

Big Bang September Pictorial

45 MB

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~ by Vicky on August 14, 2008.

46 Responses to “Big Bang: Esquire Magazine September Issue Pictorial”

    “Baby with that finger near the mouth expression
    yea… I’m dead. … dead…dead…dead..dead.. ”
    i know what you mean, yea i’m dead too
    OMG they look HOT, GDYB. they always have fun together
    the 2 suenghyun’s. Shorter seunghyun is almost as
    tall as the taller seunghyun. DaeSung, gosh when
    does he stop smiling, he jumped alot! Lols;
    Ah GD did the finger near the mouth expression too
    but i died/melted when i saw seungri’s
    Yay, more to Download

  2. haha omg dats hot. SR is such a dork soo cute ahh~. GDs facial expressions…voluptuous! and SR trying 2 copy Tops post and top was like ‘wth r doing? want me 2 punch u?’ haha in a cute way. Ahhh~ can’t w8 2 see all d pix and save em and stare at em for like hekkkaaa long time hehe! x]

  3. Awesomes

  4. woahh dat was fast hehe. thanx 4 posting d pix! =>

  5. OMGGG somebody should really sbu that videoo

  6. now i could stare at em for hekkkkaaa long hehe! x]

  7. OMG OMG…911

  8. Seung Ri, don’t let the bowl cut evovle! Other than that, smashing poses and faces. ^^

  9. *gasps i love all of jiyong’s poses!
    they’re so cute and so hawt ^^

  10. @ xkiimx : oww you’re too right ^.^

    and of course i love them all of big bang members poses ^.^ they are too cute everytime 🙂 i love u all ^.^

  11. omg..
    what a good day to start the morning! 😀

  12. Wow—WOW—-WoW—–you´re really fucking cool, arn´t you?!

    Thanks a million for the pictures!!!

    But damn it, I knew TOP was the tallest, BUT hell, he really is sooo much taller than the rest of them!

    One of the best shoots so far.

  13. OH MY GOD! this photoshoot is sooo freakin perfect. babyy looks soo fcuking hot. i wanna jump him!!! i m getting used to gd’s hair too :] TOP looking soo mannn! AHH i have no space for bb pics anymore. i wish i knew what they were saying…. :[


  15. omggg how cuteee.
    gd & seungri is doing the same finger-near-the-mouth pose.
    haha (:

  16. OMG GD is soo irresistible…and TOP&SR too…BB<3

  17. GDYB looks like they r having soo much fun together
    these pics. of them r soo killing xPPP
    question? y they starting to put eyeliner?

  18. @ azngrl23
    i think cuz they want to look more muscular..or something
    and the eyeliner looks really hawt ^^
    i love it ❤

  19. i love it, they look like, no they are models.

  20. My favourite thing about album releases=


    but its sooo not good for my health. My heart beats too fast and I can barely breathe. Not to mention it just gets hotter.

  21. LOL seungri is such a cutie. i just want to snuggle him to deathhhh
    top looks really uncomfortable on set 😀 but his photo turned out really casual and OMGAHHHHH REALLY SEXYYYASLDKFJLSKJAFLJ@(&ALKFJOAISDOFU)!@&)&

  22. at 2:12ish i see daesung’s belly button! RAWR he is getting so sexay.
    i think daesung and taeyang have the best poses, and seungri tries really hard ^^ and is getting there. lol.
    jiyong’s hair looks better when the right side is slicked back a little bit like in the video. :] looks yummmyyy.
    and in the part where seungri and top pose together, their legs look realllly long and they look realllllly tall :DDDD
    LOVE these boys.


  24. @J-G-RILEEN
    yea call 911………….. FAST!

  25. omgomgomg… theyre SO FRIKIN HOT -dies-
    sighh.. theyre just soo fine.. esp daesung in the pic
    with the glasses.. and top too..
    who am i kidding?
    ALL of them are hot.. espcially GD with his expressions haha
    love you all

    big bang <33

  26. i died when i saw baby and Daesung.
    they are WAYYY too HOTT ! X]]]
    daesung. hot. HYPERVENTILATING !!!!! XDDDD
    why are they torturing us? X]]]]
    hot hot hot hot hot ((X

  27. Daesung looks good up in here!!!

  28. after all of those mouth quarrel,
    i like to thanks Vicky for this post
    ooo~~~~ BB is so hot~~~~~
    especially TOP’s gaps
    girl u really know what i want
    if u compare this to a game, BB is the winner
    they blow me up in 1 counter attack
    i’m KO now

  29. Cute!!!!

  30. HAHA I LOVE JI Yong Ah’s~ Hair in this ^^

  31. i actually gasped when seungri did the finger beside the mouth thing..
    so pretty cant even breathe aha

  32. i love gdragon’s hair and face expressions! i love his hair just as much as top’s now xD and omg he has the cutest face expressions ever!!!!!!
    those gdyb pictures are sooooo cuteeeeee<3 i miss g-ri though =(

  33. Daesung was so hot , at the first picture. He is now growing up lol… our boys look greaaaaaaaaaaaat as always;

  34. I died ❤ (((((((((:

  35. yowza!!!!!!!!! man, i wish i could buy this mag, everyone is smokin!!!!! i have to give a shoutout to daesung – the hair + sunglasses = hottttttttttttttt

  36. the sexiest men alive

  37. you’re killing me with all of these hot pictures here!
    Seriously, I felt like I died and came back in heaven with these boys!

  38. i LOVE that picture at the end ❤
    i can’t take my eyes off of TOP
    he’s too good looking
    doesn’t help that hes tall too
    omg i wanna meet him
    and them
    the whole gang
    and daesungs getting hotter and hotter and hotter… and hotter..
    seungri’s just absolutely adorable and so is YB’s smile
    his eyes smile too
    i love eye smiles
    they make my heart melt
    and damn GD’s just an insane joker keke

  39. awww can someone please sub this?!!! please please please! 😦

  40. OMG~~ really love they wearing those nice outfits!!

    Jiyongie still the best poser+expression xD

    TOP? he dont even nid to do anything already super duper HOT!!

    Baby’s outfit was my fav <33 i wanna bite him so much!! xD

    DS look like a spy something? hehe

    TY = HOT ninja!

  41. aaaaaaaa, seung ri aaaaa~~~~~i’m dead….he’s just too freakin, not cute..but SO HOT~~~

  42. this video is hot hot omg..~~
    everyone of ’em is so hot and lovable and adorable
    TOP is like so hot that I found myself hard 2 breathe while watching xD
    Dae is hot too, damn muscular >’ his hairstyle too xD
    and I’m so loving GD’s hairstyle more n more~!

  43. Really HoTT

    Nice poses

  44. DUDE…either Maknae stole GD’s old bowlcut or GD just gave it to him like a hand-me-down. i sorta noticed that. hehe J-JOKING ^__^

    ~GD is really givin’ a Dragon Ball Z feel from his look. it’s funny how there’s even gonna be a DBZ movie coming soon too O_o
    ~TOP is a cOOL Mr. Suave B)
    ~”Secret Agent DaeSung” B)
    ~Taeyang…where’s his individual pics? :{
    ~SEUNGRI O_O omGD he’s getting GOOD @ pics XD cuz HOLY $#!& the 4th & 3rd to last pic of him <33333!!! he must be getting lessons from Jiyong, *note the thumb-on mouth pose* LOLZ!

  45. Oh god these boys are beauty. Can’t stop spazzzing at these pictures.

  46. :[ you don’t have these pictures anymore

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