Big Bang ‘Haru Haru’ Piano Version by Yoonha Hwang

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yoonha85 make a video response to the ‘Oh My Friend’ MV I posted on youtube so I thought I give a try and oh my god, this guy is amazing, with the song, at first I can’t recognize it but about 30 seconds into it…. all I can do is sit here, moving my foot to the beat and be speechless, it’s so awsome, you guys should listen to it. I love the fast beat he sometime add to the song, and also at the end where he did that with the special sound on the keyboard, so tight.


~ by Vicky on August 14, 2008.

40 Responses to “Big Bang ‘Haru Haru’ Piano Version by Yoonha Hwang”

  1. he’s really good!

  2. OMG…that’s really good!

  3. thats tight,..sOOO aldqhwdqbci…

  4. OMO-he’s flipping fantastic. And whatsmore he’s freaking awesome for spreading BB love! HOT! ^_^

  5. WOW!! he’s REALLY good!!!!

  6. good
    i wish i could play piano like that!!

  7. mann!!
    he makes me want to go n learn piano sooo bad!!!

  8. wow o.o
    i love it! he’s so pro at it..wish i can play like that
    looks so awesome! i wanna learn it sooo bad…
    but i know it’ll take me forever to get it right
    love it ❤

  9. A good musician!!!Haru Haru is the best song ever!

  10. ZOOOMG, you know how hard it is to play a rap song with a piano?! xD lol ! he’s awwesome !

  11. ahh shizz i was just working on doing a video like this. boooo

  12. wow he is so awesome!!

  13. MY cousin can play it on piano too he play
    by ear i was soo mad i was like shoot
    i need da music sheets haha damn his hands
    are like magic i cant even play at dat speed n i know
    how hard it is to keep da rhythm n beat goin

  14. kind of long. i yawned a little.
    it’s still really good though. he’s really talented!
    i love the one at the end!
    i wish i could play piano :}

  15. wowww.. im in awe, haha.

  16. Wow, this is so nice.

  17. i dunno.
    the song sounded different.
    i mean at some parts you can tell it’s haru haru but at other parts i could really say that it was.
    maybe just meeee.

  18. Oh man that was good! If BB made an instrumental version of Haru Haru, that would be an entry for me in the talent show! x]

  19. after listening, i cried again like a fool >,<
    too good~~~
    standing applause for that man

  20. OMG!!
    this guys is awesome!!!!
    damn I wish I could play an istrument 😦
    hehehe it was really good 🙂

  21. WOW this guy is good^^


  22. ooh, guy is amazing… wowo!!!

    ever since i heard him play flowerpot by loveholic (or alex)
    i was like this man
    can PLAY
    im so glad he did haru haru
    i love the effects he did
    thanks for sharing !
    favouriting that video fo shooo

  24. this guy is awesome.
    listened to so many of his piano versions already.
    and i’m loving the haru haru one.

  25. the special keyboard effect like BGM for some kind of korean drama? =P

  26. this guy is so so so so awesome!
    such a great musician!
    oh gosh how could his fingers be so….so flexible?
    omg..he plays piano like nobody’s business hahahaa
    *claps hand*

  27. omg.. he’s amazing

  28. wow he’s very good

  29. wow..he’s so good!
    omg! teach me! haha..^^

  30. wow he is really amazing O.O

  31. you play really amazingly

  32. omgg thats soo awsome:D
    do you happen to have the music sheet to this?
    i’d really appreciate it if u could send it to me^^

  33. where can I dowload this?

    i really want this..

  34. I want to be like him cause I love to play piano HARU HARU !!^^ But I can’t…

  35. where could i get the piano notes?

  36. wow soo good!!! haha good job!!

  37. where to download this piano version mp3??

  38. wow … this is pretty good …

    although it is a bit of a shame that he tends to swing it a bit and slow down but I can’t say much for myself can I? I fail at piano xD

    good job dude keep it up!

  39. what are the notes like letters not the actual notes the only whay i can play


    There’s a link to the piano music on there.

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