Big Bang Meets Japanese Fans

Korea’s popular group Big Bang (BB), arrived at Japan to promote their new album. With only four members showing up, they were extremely welcomed by fans, but yesterday, an online user compared Big Bang member, G-Dragon to Dragon Ball family and pointed out that their hairstyles are like twins.

Group Big Bang arrived at Japan and held a fan meeting to meet Japanese fans. Even though member D-Lite didn’t show up because of other work, Japanese fans were still excited to see the four members. G-Dragon thanks the fans for their support and Tae Yang hopes to show a manly side from their new album. Accordingly, their new album was sold out with 85,000 copies.

During the fan meeting, each of the members had a heart to heart conversation with the fans about their individual activities. G-Dragon have became an adult with different emotions. Tae Yang fully expresses himself on the stage. T.O.P. matured a lot in the music scene. The youngest member, V.I. spoke out his loneliness, “While everyone was working on their individual activities, I felt very lonely, but when the members are back together, the mood lightened up.”

On the other hand, yesterday, a Korean website posted up a picture of G-Dragon and Dragon Ball family together. An online user pointed out that the way G-Dragon cut off his hair from both sides to Skin head and the hair on the top was combed up, looked like Dragon Ball family. Not only was G-Dragon compared to Dragon Ball family, Uhm Jung Hwa, who worked with BB for her new album, was also pointed out by an online user that “her stage outfit is similar to Dragon Ball family’s, it is very funny.”

Credits to happimexd @ YGBB & Sing Tao Newspaper

Post taken from: stardaisy212@soompi



~ by Momo on August 14, 2008.

20 Responses to “Big Bang Meets Japanese Fans”

    HAHA dang i hope GD or Uhm Jung Hwa wasnt offended that is kinda sad thou :{{{
    I LOVE GDDD ❤ !!!

  2. ahahha that is so cute
    comparing GD to dragon ball z ahhaha cuteness!!!
    damn cant wait for them to do more perf!

  3. LOLLL
    it is true
    but think about it, it a good thing
    every one know that anime stuff if cute rite?
    and the compare GD to an anime dude!!!!

  4. Its mostly Jiyong…?

    That’s beginning to irk me…

    = /

  5. Lols; but G-Dragon is HOTTER!
    OMG Seungri is soo cute
    “While everyone was working on their individual activities, I felt very lonely, but when the members are back together, the mood lightened up.”
    Awww, such a cutie
    and G-Dragon; becoming an adult with different emotions
    uhmm okay i’m fine with that
    TaeYang; eh?…manly huh?
    he IS manly ALREADY! don’t worry
    and yes TOP did mature in the MV
    yea i hope GD & Uhm Jung Hwa didn’t get offened
    but on the good side, they make it
    look better then on DragonBall Z

  6. awww maknae ah ..dont worry ur w/ ur hyungs again!!! YES our boyz r HOT!!! maknae Fighting!!!

  7. aww seungri felt lonely well see now ur hyungs are here now
    omg maknae soo cute dis remind me of his letter dat he wrote
    to us online he say he miss eatin dinner wit taeyang aish

  8. Seung Ri felt lonely?? aaaw~ we missed them too, Maknae! but y’all are back and it’s all good~~~ =D

  9. omg i understand the newspaper… its like in chinese? aww baby feels lonely… not anymore 😀

  10. Yes, its chinese paper..

  11. ah~
    little seungri is feeling lonely. hahaha.

    people keep comparing GD to the dragon ball character. geez.
    that’s old news. hahaha.

  12. It could be worse. Atleast, they got compared to an anime that still seems to be rather popular. But I feel bad for Uhm. It’s kind of odd.

  13. So what if his hair looks familiar to Dragon Ball chrecter?
    G-Dragon is HOT no metter what his hairstlye is!!!!

  14. woo~
    i live in hk this hk newspaper
    i can get this news XD

  15. Hohohoh………this whole “more manly” stuff is too funny.

  16. OMG!!!
    My dad buys that newspaper LOL
    So I ran to the newspaper pile that we have to wait to be recycle after reading.
    Thank god my dad didn’t throw it yet.

  17. Dragon Ball family xDD! Lols xD!

  18. i used to be obsessed with dragon ball Z,lol/ and bb replaced that obsession.

  19. Poor Seung Ri baby should never be left alone. Haha omg thats funny GD looks better though =]

  20. i haven’t bought that newpaper!T^T
    if i found this, i’d keep it!=)
    but i know that TOP is working hard on doing gym since he needs to film in ..haha
    i’m wondering if his body become muscular like TAETANG @v@so TOP can also show his SUPER MUSCLE too!XD hah

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