Big Bang’s MARIE CLAIRE Pictorial | DaeSung during ELLE Photoshoot

**Edit: DaeSung’s ELLE tv video is release.

hehhe, Dae sitting all sleepy during his hair and make up section crack me up, he’s so cute whoa. look at the part where he stand next to that lady in front of the iMAC, how tall does Dae look? like amazingly tall, doesn’t he? he walk away all happy because his pictures turn out well hehe. and c’mon 43 seconds?? we want more!!!!

Mr. Choi

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Anybody still remember the country bum photoshoot that they did a long time ago for MARIE CLAIRE? We only get to see like 1 picture? Now all of the sudden, a bunch cam out, hehe, make me laugh, all of them look cute but….. hahaha… different, just 2 words. country bum. but cute ones. And then after that it’s the HOT one…. this is when YB haven’t show his new mohawk yet and everybody wanna see it but he keep hiding it under his hat.





~ by Vicky on August 14, 2008.

37 Responses to “Big Bang’s MARIE CLAIRE Pictorial | DaeSung during ELLE Photoshoot”


  2. ahhh look how they’ve grown :’] seungri looks so GQ!

  3. omo taeyang is wearing that jacket… that so many celebrities wore i forgot who though AHHAHA

  4. Yeah! This DS and Who next? haha

    Thank a lot!

  5. 43 seconds only? T______T
    I wanna see more, Dae’s smile melted me T_____T
    So cute omg!~~~~
    And yeah he did look amazingly tall beside that lady hahaha

  6. gahh 43 seconds only
    I wished it was longger
    I love dae’s hair =)

  7. Hello! Vicky (^^)
    i got this shot when i saw “Oh my Friend”
    GDragon bang to me ❤
    i wanna share on this site ;D
    i think may be GD made his suit by himself
    he he he 🙂

    Too fast to live Too young to die !!

    i cant found your email T.T

  8. aigoooooo 43 seconds only

  9. paradizekids

    yea i’ve noticed that too when I saw the video
    crazy Bong probably drew up that whole straight jacket himself.
    I have no words to describe how much I love this guy haha
    thanks for shariing

  10. omo! only 43 seconds? i wanted more daesang time! -_-
    LOL, awww falling asleep z.z omg u’re right he looked sooooo tall!
    his smile makes me happy when i m sad :]

  11. DEM BOIZ makes me wanna change my profession to a designer/ photographer. love them so much!

  12. awww.. i can’t wait for TOP!!!!

  13. They All Look so HHHHOOOOTTTT!!!!!!!!!!

  14. how can baby be sooooo hot :D…. seeing his face, put a smile on my face 😀 love him to bits, anyway they’re all hot 😀

  15. these pictures are soo fine! seungri looks wonderful in a suit XD and i see vicky got a new little sign, ‘mrs lee kwon’ :]]]

  16. BBTFW

    haha. so you noticed
    I thought it’s time to make it official
    and the first step is to make a sign haha

  17. wah!!
    hey that’s the same famous stylist!!
    i wonder why they always look so good in photoshoots haha~~
    compare big bang pictures that time and now..wah~~ BIG difference!!

    and DS seriously looks so handsome with his hair like that during the ELLE photoshoot haha~~

  18. I am totally in love with the last picture…!!!

  19. LOVEEE the last picture of SR, so hot.

  20. OMG, shouldn’t there be more
    NO but i guess.Yay Mister T.O.P
    is NEXTT! Gosh, i’m a Lee already
    but i’m not married to Seungri…

  21. gdragon looks soooooo handsome!! his bowlcut doesn’t look bad; he makes it work for him ^^
    omg seungri.. SEUNGRI IS LIKE CUTENESS AND HOTNESS OVERLOAD! gosh i love these guys<3

  22. DAMN! ji yong looks mighty fine dude….he is soo freakin
    hawt i cant take it no more! ahhh -melts- ^^

  23. CHOI TOP looks short in the jeans and black blazer.
    wonder what took them so long to come out???
    oh well, at least it came out. hahahah.

  24. DAESUNG is so cute! he’s so sexy checking out his own pics! kekekekek.
    can’t wait for TOP’s.

  25. daedae looks so tall! all those pictures are super cute!

  26. Daesung is so cute in the vid
    but i really dont like his hair… but he’s still ridiculously hot.
    Seungri is so cute in the pictures, he really knows how to model.

  27. oh my gosh… i can see daesung’s muscles THROUGH HIS SWEATER.
    HOLY COW THAT HOTTIEFACE. i just wish we could see MORE of his face and less of his hair. D:
    the last three pictures of top are love.
    i am excited for his turn. !!!

  28. wow seungri looks really good in these pics. Hahaha YB hair all flat looks funny. I dont understand how he hid it, cos when he was fully shaven it must’ve taken a while to grow the mohawk, so it must’ve be noticed

  29. how do they keep the hats on their heads?!
    it’s crazy!

  30. i totally miss seungri’s spikes lol

  31. as much as i LOVE GD,
    that blue shirt out fit he have on is soooo not fashionable (my opion)
    but that LAST pic of SR is KILLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. hahaha ohhh i remember the bowl cut xD!

    xD! Dae look so different with the new haircut but is sexy ;D

  33. how come seungri’s elle magazine post had his pictures in it, meanwhile this post has a jiyong overload ? I mean the posts couldn’t be seperate or something ?

  34. ahhh~~ how could these old pic appear suddenly at this time? o.0

    LoL Jiyongie still with the mushroom hair kakakaka~

    TOP = HOT COP look? 😀

    TY’s hair is soo cute that time~~^^

    BABY…stop giving me that look!! *faint*

  35. wow, this is a long while ago =O
    GD with bowlcut & wearing a tophat sorta reminds me a little of SG Wannabe’s Kim Jin Ho, hehe.
    the country look they wore is pretty cute.
    Seungri Baby just workin’ the camera at the end <3333 😀
    & he’s lookin’ real nice in a suit ;]

  36. Dae Sung is so funny. I think TOP, YB and GD hair looks better now. Seung Ri looks HOT in black I miss this hair style.

  37. omgggg.. seungri is SO hot rite there…
    LOOKINg amazing while killing me with his eyes
    -droolz- especially in a suit hehe
    and TOP workin’ the blazer hat look.. lovin it..

    BIG BANG <33

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