[English Subbed] Behind the Scene: Big Bang Haru Haru MV

Translation: Brokenfruit
Subbed by: Vicky

The quality got all crappy when i uploaded it on Youtube, so you can download the more HQ version hereImage and video hosting by TinyPic

We only sub the part of the boys talking since the lady in the background talk too much and only point out the obvious. haha. I love Bong and YB’s imiation of Pokemon hehe “BLAST OFF” SeungRi’s scene is just too cute, he couldn’t sleep so his dark circles got worse, don’t worry Baby, that won’t stop us from loving you. YB try to blame the beat, haha, because of the beat that he can’t drive, even the muscle man got tire of stopping Bong and TOPie fight hehe.

~ by Vicky on August 14, 2008.

33 Responses to “[English Subbed] Behind the Scene: Big Bang Haru Haru MV”

  1. thank u soso much 4 subbing the film!!!!!!Although u subbed only the part where boys r talking, it’s still more than enough 4 me!!!!!anyway, thank u so much^///^

  2. Thank you sooooo much for english sub. I laughed so hard haha

  3. lol “in this music video, all I can remember is stopping the fight.” that’s not true Taeyang, you also stood in the doorway….lmao

  4. thanks for the sub ^^
    GD sure is cute
    i wonder how scary his mom is? or should i ask Vicky?
    since its her mother in law

  5. nya2

    HAHAH. she is kinda scary sometimes haha
    a pinching machine if you ask me.
    even husband’s scared.

  6. Poor SeungRi, his dark eye rings got darker or what?
    The part where DaeSung said he was tired was cute!
    But nevertheless i think TOP’s the cutest!

  7. wow~~ Vicky
    make sure she is not near when u takled about her bad thing
    or she’ll pinch u and make sure u can avoid her pinch

  8. nya2

    hahaha. nah she know i love her to death
    my future umma in law.
    damn that sound good hahaha

  9. LOL that’s why yb pass out on the sofa coz he’s tired of all the fighting.

  10. vicky
    it sure sounds good, but i sure her pinch won’t be good
    i’ll give u advice girl,
    try practicing to avoid her pinch from now on

  11. Nya

    why would she wanna pinch this amazing daughter in law when I’m gonna do nothing but love her son like insane???
    HAHAH… no pun intended on the “love” haha

  12. Aww JiYong is so cute!
    the sun has risen so get up from you’re seat
    OMG they’re so funny, i love watching them
    Muaha his mom isn’t probably that scary
    and he’s just saying that..Lols; still funny
    thanks for the subs&trans

  13. vicky
    coz u have takled about her bad sode on her back
    and when she found u, be sure to listen for my advice

  14. thankyou, i’m downloading.

  15. hehe, best part was pokemon scene. BB are just too cute to be true!!!???!!!

  16. nya

    i didn’t talk bad about her haha
    her son say she’s scary
    which is a compliment for korean ummas

  17. omg i just realized that i used to have the same doraemon fan that the lady is fanning them with! OMG, i threw it away when i was cleaning my room one time. I wish i didn’t T_T

  18. lol xD even in a dramatic scenes they still act all goofy
    ^^ GD’s mom is scary? haha my mom is too
    when i dont listen to her >.<

  19. haha hilarious! GDYB w/ d pokemon. Top being innocent haha and needs 2 do it like a man. Seungri w/ dark circles so cute. Dae Dae juz being tired and YB got tired stopping d fights haha. Totally made me laugh.Thanx 4 subbing! =>

  20. thanks for subbing the video!
    LOL GD’s mom is scary!

    AWWWW my baby TY got tired of stopping their fight and passed out on the sofa… lol

    i kinda agree that he didnt do much in the video! oh well it was good though…and it’s funny how he blames the beat…


  21. LOL yay i understand it a little more now… hahah GD looks like he’s doing soulja boy when they were practicing top throwing him and he flew… x)

  22. wooooow… youngbae’s adorable here ! :O

  23. wat duh lol taeyang was talkin bout pokemon
    he soo cute lol..yah i was like wait taeyang
    cant drive haha TAEYANG N DAESUNG IS SOO CUTE

  24. LOL pokemon. i missed that part and was wondering what the heck they were talking about.
    cuties. ^^ thanks Vickyyyy

  25. when i saw GD say “outside is bright right now, right?”
    i thought he was going crazy for a moment with shooting this whole mv in 2 days xD inside a building..not going ouyside for a while hmm…lol

  26. aww this was so cute!
    SR and his eyes…OMO; get some rest.

  27. omgg.. SR was soo cute with his eye part hehee.
    and DS when he was like.. i’m tired with an innocent face lol
    omg.. love you all

    BIG BANG <33

  28. orororo

    don’t tell us our husbands are classic pokemon nerds too.

  29. do it like a man lmao
    aww poor babies
    they’re tired :[
    ❤ you!

  30. Lol!!!! YB was tired of stopping the fight xDD!

  31. haha can someone make a GIF of TOP crying like a kid part? xD

    no matter how many time i watch it i cant stop laughing~~ 😀

  32. they’re too cute…!
    thnx for subbin!

  33. Thanks!

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