Haru Haru MV Parody by poopiness | STAND UP’s Day 6 Ranking

TOP got mad because Bong touched his butt. keke

credit: poopiness@youtube
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Oh my god, what is all this about touching TOP’s butt?? YB’s buff, DaeSung likes to too much and SeungRi’s illegal. hahaha.

UNDER HERE: STAND UP’s Day 6 Ranking


#1 Haru Haru
#6 Heaven
#11 Oh My Friend
#15 A Good Man
#21 Lady
#37 Stand Up [intro]



#1 Haru Haru
#2 Heaven
#4 A Good Man
#6 Lady
#9 Oh My Friend
#14 Stand Up [intro]


#1 Haru Haru
#2 Heaven
#3 A Good Man
#7 Lady
#11 Oh My Friend
#51 Stand Up [intro]


#1 Haru Haru
#2 Heaven
#3 A Good Man
#7 Lady
#12 Oh My Friend
#15 Stand Up [intro]


#1 Haru Haru
#7 Heaven
#12 A Good Man

Haru Haru  #1


A Good Man  #7.4
Lady  #10.25
Oh My Friend #10.75


Stand Up [intro] #29.25

credit: 도라대성형.BigRoom@VIPZ

~ by Vicky on August 14, 2008.

53 Responses to “Haru Haru MV Parody by poopiness | STAND UP’s Day 6 Ranking”

    its all about butt! but its funny so its okay ^^
    well, i can’t resist TOP’s butt too
    oh, me being a dirty girl
    vicky and orororo~~~
    you 2 should take a responsibility hehehehe

  2. nya2

    OH MY GOD. orororo!! DO YOU HEAR THAT??
    someone is infected by us. OH LORD.
    we are not whole to blame, haha
    first of all your fault for reading it. hehe

    and beside, you already have some of that “need” in your fangirl mind haha
    it’s just that me and orororo make it wanna come out the closet. haha

  3. hahaha… its real
    take a responsibility Vicky of course orororo too
    u should post a warning in all u’re post from now on ^^v
    OMG.. what i’m saying now? i’n not quite clear myself

  4. nya2

    haha. when fangirling time comes
    it just comes
    we can’t even think straight and you want us to rememebr to type out a warning????
    haha THAT AIN’T POSSIBLE alright.
    and don’t try to deny it
    you KNOW you love reading every bit of it
    I bet you either laugh your butt of reading it or you think about it and realize that it apply to you too hehe

  5. NYA and Vicky, seems that both of you really has the same interest. i couldn’t see the vid because youtube is blocked here.
    but tomorrow is the holiday so i can see it. i am dying to see parodies of haru haru really.

  6. damn~~ u got me! hahaha
    but i can go back straight since my man won’t let me being dirty
    he barely show any skin!!
    since i got infected about 30%, u and orororo take 15% reposibility each
    oh yeah, about the the download thing
    it still wont work~~~~
    i’ve tried it hundred times maybe
    ooo… its so cruel while it’s available infront of me but i can do nothing >,<

  7. TOP&YB’sGiRL

    hahaha keke
    all of us share the same interest
    it’s just for different members hehe
    don’t you ever get home from work gurl? well glad to hear you dont have to work tomorrow, go and watch all the goodie. have fun :DD….. take “have fun” in anyway you want hahaah

  8. nya2

    your man is so stubborn
    he’s like number 3 most sexiest man i’ve seen… he came after my husbands ehehe
    but he doesn’t realize that, it’s so freaking frustrating, who cares if he don’t have 6 pack? with a face like that boy?? you kill us already just by winking.

    and the download thing for the MV? still not working?
    that’s weird.
    you should restart your computer and try again or something
    that’s really weird.

  9. It was funny, but only in the beginning, then it kept getting lame.

    But the part that made me laugh the most was TOPs “Why did you say that oud loud, my mother works here!?”


  10. top&yb’sgril
    i’ll clear this out
    its not that i have the same interest i’m the victim
    if i have that kind of interest i’ll keep it secret fufufufu…

  11. wait, so VICKY likes BONG
    NYA2 likes TOP
    and who does ORORORO like?

    lol i wanna join, im a BABY fan >.<

  12. vicky
    well he is stubbron
    but i’ll accept it as his other good side
    at least he make all of us imagining it fufufu…
    only his face already make me overload & if he’s going to
    let out his skin i think it’ll be too much for me ~,~
    oh girl~~~ i’ve try every little thing i can
    but it won’t work. sob…sob…

  13. the yb’s too buff, dae likes it so much and sr’s illegal is funny!
    then after that it was ok..
    prefer the 2nd one better though

  14. babypan
    u can join but be carefull to not be infected hehehe
    u must ask her, coz i don’t know her
    all i do is post comment here, hohoho…

  15. babypan

    no no no Vicky likes Bong AND Baby
    orororo likes YB and TOP, her lifetime goal is to have TOP and YB cook for her naked ihahahahaha

  16. nya

    TOP would look so hot cover in blood… don’t you think??
    he’s gonna be in a drama later on as a assassinator… soo… killing ppl .. and TOP.. damn that would be hot

  17. orororo,
    thats some goal, can i be there when that happens? haha.
    i want to see baby in that new movie, i bet hes gonna look damn fine.

  18. haha this parody is so funny.. i cant stop laughing..

  19. Lols; funny
    OMG yay Big Bang!

  20. vicky
    i can’t wait~~~~~~
    just imaginig it can make me fly high
    ahhh… i bet his eyeshigh will be too sexy
    all that boy need is those sexy voice & sexy eyes
    no, he won’t cooked for her naked it’ll be a though goal
    it’s TOP style, right?

  21. babypan
    i make an antidote for vicky virus right now
    would u like one?
    girl make sure u’re not imagining dirty thing on your baby

  22. hahaha..that was funny..all about Top’s butt..
    waaah! i cant stop looking at GD..he’s so hot!^_^

  23. vicky~~~
    i’m dying noe coz the download still not work
    even ‘oh my friend’ mv posted by tam are not working too
    please girl, could u give me another link?
    i still try it now but the result are all same ~.~”

  24. hahahah this video crack me up

  25. nya

    HAHAH. you can try
    but it’s uncurable.
    NOTHING can get rid of that virus my friend

  26. nya

    my computer is scanning for virus right now
    I do that once in a week
    so when it does that my computer is extremely slow and so is the connection
    i’ll see what i can do when it’s over

    GD GOT LOST. LMAO. ‘because he was acting cool, we waited for 3 whole hours, so gay ay ay ay’ LOL.
    ‘we are over. she’s a c-cup now. mom says she’ll bake me cookies”

  28. Lol. They were wrong for this, lol.

  29. nya,
    i cant promise youu that. i always think of baby, in every way. ><
    nah i like the vicky virus, its growing on me.

  30. that’s so mean!but it was indeed funny!!!haha…

  31. OMG.. man this MV .. so many parodies are made after it.. SO HILARIOUSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love big bang.. and thanks to those who made the parodies!

  32. Whats the real lyrics ? LOL

  33. man .. i jus love this MV its so good (orhginal ) n this one xPP xP
    love GD<3

  34. “you didn’t just touch me, that was statutory rape.”
    “taeyang’s too buff, daesung likes it too much, and seungri is illegal” !!! WAHHAHA

  35. nya2 + Vicky + babypan
    omg. what have i done???????

  36. nya2
    and YES it will definitely be a tough goal, but i aim high!! 😀

  37. HA; that was a good laugh. 🙂

  38. there’s another parody by kisung85 on youtube(= she makes lots of parodies aaaand her haru haru one is hella funny(; BUUUT some fans find her parodies offensive… i gueess it depends on your sense of humor(=

    lol ! this one’s funnyyy tooo xD pwahahaha! maknae xD

  39. lol i didnt know there this thing call “vicki virus”?
    i thought it was just a normal Big Bang virus (which i have it)
    n about see TOP n TY cook nake is just………… OVER RATED!!!
    (whisper) but still, invite me too
    how about invite ALLL of us, if all of us is there mayb we cn make the WHOLE Big Bang cook nake for us

  40. nya

    it’s a extra dangerous virus because it’s a friendly virus haha
    the person like it too much to get rid of it hehehe

  41. orororo

    you have create the most dangerous fangirl group out there

  42. vicky + orororo + babypan
    is it just me or the other victim is pleased with the virus? hahaha…
    the virus is too dangerous~~~~
    my sample fail
    looks like i have to try once again

  43. nya

    i’m telling you
    you love it you love it you love it
    but try to deny it because you still believe you are innocent… NOT

  44. Queenie

    HAHAHA. every fangirl already have the big bang virus
    the Vicky Virus came in and destroy the innocent system and make you think diry thoughts hahaha
    side effect of this disease, yOU LOVE IT AND YOU CAN’T DENY IT!!

  45. vicky
    ok girl, i lost
    those virus is extremely dangerous
    is it fault to go backt to the straight line?
    but BB are not let me back
    after i look at that esqiure mag vid. those virus is growing faster
    hehehehe… i’m dead now

  46. LOLLL!!!!!
    i really want to join the Vicki Virus club
    but if i join it then Big Bang will know i think dry thoughts about them (not that i dont, cuz i do)
    they might be afraid of me…..

  47. LOL!
    all this fight from a “vicky virus”
    the conversation was interesting…xD

  48. OMGG what is happening. i have definitely started something horrendous!!

  49. orororo
    thats why i called it Vicky virus
    or maybe i should change it into V&O virus
    shortened from Vicky and orororo
    u also got queenie as the member hahaha

  50. Queenie

    why be afraid
    i’M PRETTY SURE they know

  51. omg! lol…its haliarious~ but kin da eeww..i liked the so gay ay ay ay ay..lol.nice

  52. i thought those were real subs for a sec…lmao..that is pure GOLD!! the “say goodbye bye” part was a little epik high but the rest? oh baby. TOP is hot. and the crack subs were hilarious!

  53. I would love to touch their butts xp

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