More Pics in Japan

**EDIT: ADDED MORE PICS. I love this picture of them, being GANGSTER. hehe.

Everybody’s arm look so tiny compare to YB’s guns.

aww… look at that, Baby is representing my name, haha, some of you know my real name is Vi right? haha. TOP look like a little high in this pic, hehe but so cute. My friend just say something that crack me up big time

“Once upon a time and not too long ago, Kwon Ji Yong had hair on his lef side”
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hahaa. oh my god. I’m getting use to this hair already, so to the heck with it, and YB with his shade… dannng.. boi.

crediT:k-plaza \ bigbangpop \ beau1529@popcornfor2 \ dramakan

~ by Vicky on August 14, 2008.

70 Responses to “More Pics in Japan”

  1. ah! totally hot!! i love taeyangs hair! its growing on me XD

  2. omg these are the hottest boys alive. wearing black n stuff they got even hotter

  3. O_O Seung ri is so cute XD
    bigbang is hot =D

  4. LOL @ your friend.
    omggoshh. jiyongg’s smileee ❤
    geeeeeees. why sooo cutee jiyong ;]

  5. i can’t understand my man
    why he have those gloves while it’s summer there?
    don’t he feel hot?
    he don’t have to hide his skin like that? it won’t go away though

  6. ty’s so hot with shades omg omg..
    i miss dae =((((

  7. WAUW HOTT! ❤


  8. they’re all looking mighty fine ! =)=)
    TOP looks so cute ! =)=)
    and seung ri’s hair looks so soft and shiny …
    i feel like ruffling it up LOL !

  9. Ahhhh YB So Hot!

    SR Cute!!!!! haha

  10. Yeah I am getting use to GD’s hair, but DANG my baby(TOPie) looks hella HOTTTXD

  11. nya

    it’s part of his “style”
    the ones that he wear on Inkigayo look like Mickey Mouse glove though
    anybody else noticed that?

  12. God, they look so tired
    but so HOT!
    yea i’m getting used to GD’s new heir

  13. i do love G-D’s new hair now that the bald bit grew more than the first ever preview.

    my gosh G-D has a HOT smile on the first pic.

    and i so prefer Seung ri’s new hair than his spikes.

  14. vicky
    of course i notice it & it look perfectly cute for him
    but i just curious about his ‘style’ & want to speak it loud
    “why”? hehehehe

  15. one more vicky, about your frind say,
    1 tip for u
    go & buy wig for him
    so u won’t be sad when u look at him
    u even can arrange his ‘style’

  16. Is it just me, or does TOP seem fitter these days?

    He should lift his´shirt….just to be sure….

  17. spinx
    i have disscussed this thing with vicky earlier &
    our conclution it won’t happend
    coz its our TOP’s style
    it really cracked my hope

  18. All of ’em looks so — can’t describe in words !! I am loving Hubby’s hair more more !!

  19. getting used to GD’s hair already..^^
    i cant take off my smile whenever i see him!!..
    he’s so gorgeous!

  20. whty are they so cute….

    just saw this vid of big bang. it’s like clips of their success.

    it’s just too good to look back where our boys came from and compare them to what they are now. they are indeed giving this world a BIG BANG!

  21. how on earth does bong’s hair defy gravity like that?????

    and daaayum, i never knew how big YB’s muscles were until i saw that pic XXXXD

    hahaha i love the VIness of seungri XD

  22. omg i love gdragon’s hair, i cannot believe i didn’t like the first time i saw it -.- i’m sorry gdragon; i love you!!!.<

  23. seung ri is soooo cute i wanna hug him ❤

    and TOPiee woow he’s soo handsome..<3

  24. I love that gangster look…hahaha!
    TaeYang’s guns are definitely no match to anyone..hahahah!

  25. I’m totally digging GD’s mohican (sp???)
    That is to remind YB to drag TOP, Bong, and Baby to the gym…LOLL
    Is it just me or maknae looks like he hasn’t slept for ages (ok, i’m exaggerating, but he looks dead tired) and he doesn’t smile either…….i miss my maknae’s cutie smile

  26. wow
    compare GD’s arm with TY’s arm LOL~~~


  28. Wow, GD’s hair looks hot now!

  29. nya

    hell naw
    no wig is worth a spot on my husband’s head.
    that just ain’t gonna happen

  30. Aw, where’s DaeDae?

  31. Joli

    Dae is busy in korea and can’t go to japan because of this varitey show he’s doing “family outing”

  32. TOP and his STREET FIGHTERS glove. hehehhe.
    he’s so adorable!!!
    BABY is starting to look very manly these days! ^^

  33. OMG They’re So Cuteeee

  34. Vicky I love U

    you are very good girl for ViP

    Love all your Post and Your Video

    thanks So much

    i’m Thai. and i’m Vip

  35. awww dey all look so cute. men no dae dae… i luv it wen dey’re all 2gether and complete but oh welz. awww how come seungri maknae kinda look sad or is it juz me? luv d 1st pic haha dey were like ‘yeaa lean back’ haha. all of d pix r awesome thanx 4 sharing it! =>

  36. —naya2——maybe in his new movie?

  37. top’s super fine in all the pictures &so is yb!
    how come seungri isnn’t smiling? :[ he looks really down.

  38. maybe seungri’s sad daesung’s not there! :[

  39. thanks for posting these pics Vicky! your comments ALWAYS make me laugh!

    OMG! TY’s ARM and his SHADES…mighty HOT!
    I actually DO like GD’s hair and his SMILE in the 7th pic >.<
    I like TOP’s hair as well…and why isn’t Maknae smiling? :S

    anyways, they all look so hot is black.
    my baby TY looks so energetic posing and he’s always smiling!
    i like his smile in the first pic the most!


  40. awww my maknae didnt even smile at all!!! i miss his smile sOOO much in his pictures!!! d rest of d boyz r HOT…GDs hair is bang’em ..TOP ncaeojvyqpuei ….TY damn boy, ur GUNs r scary but sexy haha…maknae ah looked tired 2!!! i miss daedae 2…

  41. LOLOL! if only Dae was there to compete with Tae’s guns xD
    none of the other dudes can even match xDD

  42. Love g-dragon, HATE HIS NEW HAIR 😦 what did they do to his hair? 😦 😦

  43. oh my geee! GD LOOKS TOO DAM GOOD! lol. GD makes me feel bad being a girl. cause he have such nice arms LOL

  44. i love these pics theyre so hot and mighty fine

  45. we can compare yb guns to ds 😉

  46. Wheres DAE SUNGGGG ?
    Wahhhhh sigh yah so hotttt

  47. ah taeyang is killin me haha lol but i miss
    daesung haha if he’s there den it even outs
    da guns haha

  48. TOP looks so good and I think I’m used to GD’s hair now.

  49. GD’s smile is soo killing me aww soo cute wen he smiles
    his hairstyle isnt that bad afterall not #1 fav. but GD looks nice w. anything on him xPPP

  50. mmmmm taeyang ❤

    lookin at him smiling is makin me smiling to!!!

  52. gds hair is growing on me!! i knew he was gna work it out somehow…

  53. Its GD people. Bongie makes anything look good. XD

  54. vicky
    u don’t know before u try
    if its not fit, u can just throw it away

  55. They look sooo good. G-Dragon’s hair is awesome and hot. TY, my boo, is just too hot to handle.

  56. Taeyang has such a cute smile… so cute.. thanks for sharing

  57. i almost died because TOP’s eyes are amazing.

  58. AMG TOP is killing me right now xD *Heaven*
    lol and Young Bae!!
    damn im starting to think G-Dragon loks hot now with his new haircut hehe
    and Seung Ri finger modeling man lol he really is good at it lyk the photoshoot where he had shades on his finger were lyk perfect piece of art xD

  59. nya

    why try when i already know the outcome??
    no no no no no…

  60. jeezmus! seungri’s frakin hair.
    so cute.
    dang, i would totlly get a matching haircut w/him. :]

  61. vicky
    u sure that it won’t fit?
    but i think GD look fine with everything he wear,
    although there’s time when we should adapt to his style like this mohican style.
    first is shocking, but as time goes by it look fit on him.
    i think i can accept his hairstyle now.
    it worth to try

  62. nya

    well from many experiment i’ve seen
    NOBODY look good in a wig hhaa
    so nuh uh

  63. vicky
    this converstation is becoming weird and weird
    we talked as if GD would really use wig
    i wonder what kind of response GD have if he heard this?
    i bet he’ll laught so hard

    that MF must have grudge on me
    it’s already the 2nd day & still the same

  64. vicky~~~~
    at last i can download it
    it put me in such an effort~~~ sigh~~~

  65. nya

    glad to hear it work for you 😀

  66. yeah
    i put soooooo muchhhh effort on it
    coz i can’t wait any longer
    i went to my friend house to borror her laptop
    go to hotspot to download it.
    it really is weird. it just won’t work on my computer

    anyway the HQ sure is good
    TOP and the other looks hotter in HQ
    thanks ^^v

  67. nya

    they would even look hot on youtube quality
    but HQ… OH MY DAMN
    that’s all i can say

  68. vicky
    thats why HQ is number 1
    since in youtube u can’t really look at their face clearly
    after i looked at HQ i found out that GDis too~~~ thin
    did u take a good care of your husband vicky?
    give him a proper meal

  69. nya

    it’s not my fault he doesn’t eat
    and no matter how much he eat he always make me feel fat for a girl haha

  70. They look so hot! YB with shades, TOP gloves? I don’t get you. GD with a smile just makesmy day. Seung Ri is doing his thing change your hair though. Miss DaeDae =[

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