081608 Music Core: Big Bang ComeBack Special | STAND UP’s 8th Day Ranking

08.16.08 MBC Music Core
Big Bang ComeBack Special
95 MB

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HQ Version ADDED!!

credit: Gerard

Watch it in better quality:

Big Bang: STAND UP Performance

Big Bang: Haru Haru Performance

Big Bang: OH MY FRIEND Performance

Big Bang: TALK after Performance

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The Comeback was awsome, duh! expected. YB’s dance at the beginnig, there’s like 2 dudes just stand there and watch him haha then Bong enter on top of a car with 2 dudes beside him, what? they got body guards now? haha. YB got on some interesting pants. Parts of the performance was cut short I think because they have to fit in the time slot, it’s not as complete as the performance on Inkigayo. For the Haru Haru performance, YB once again at the piano and OH MY GOD, look at that white room…. I can’t think straight when i saw that. ddannngg. They already change the choreography for Haru Haru, I just learn the old one and now they change it. Anybody notice Bong’s glove fall out when he shake his wrist too fast? haha During Oh My Friend, I squeal at the GRI moment, but then at the end I feel so bad for Baby!!!!! GD did that hand thing YB, TOP did it with Dae and just left Baby standing by himself, it’s so sad. Baby ah!!


#1 Haru Haru
#5 Heaven
#12 Oh My Friend
#14 A Good Man
#22 Lady
#39 Stand Up [intro]


#1 Haru Haru
#2 Heaven
#4 A Good Man
#7 Lady
#8 Oh My Friend
#15 Stand Up [intro]


#1 Haru Haru
#2 Heaven
#3 A Good Man
#7 Lady
#11 Oh My Friend
#51 Stand Up [intro]


#1 Haru Haru
#2 Heaven
#6 A Good Man
#10 Lady
#14 Oh My Friend
#19 Stand Up [intro]


#1 Haru Haru
#3 Heaven
#9 A Good Man

Haru Haru 1
A Good Man  7.2
Lady  11.5
Oh My Friend 11.25
Stand Up [intro] 31  

credit: 도라대성형.BigRoom@VIPZ

~ by Vicky on August 15, 2008.

69 Responses to “081608 Music Core: Big Bang ComeBack Special | STAND UP’s 8th Day Ranking”

  1. Shitty quality = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FEyQ1yG4tjk

    LOL 😀

  2. WOAH. that’s fast!

  3. wow already posted up

  4. Gerard

    always the fast fanboy haha
    added it

  5. ^^^ I saw the performance, but I didn’t see when Top did the hand thing with Dae though…Poor Seungri…must have felt really left out…but Vicky + me will be there for u…I did saw GD’s glove felt off too, but it looks like the thing that covers their mics somehow, but good thing it wasn’t distracting their performance & the white theme is definitely lovely! Last week was black, this week is all about white, wondering what’ll be tommorrow’s?

  6. miss unknown

    I saw Bong did it with YB and left Baby alone then I look over to the left and saw TOP did it with Dae I was like awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww……..

    I’ll be watching tomorrow to see.

  7. I love that GD so discreetly kicks the bracelet/glove/whatever it is when he raps again. I thought he didn’t even notice it when it came off and then he kicks it to get it out of the way. there’s his professional leader attitude again. haha..

    ugh… YB is seriously… gah… i can’t even…. damnit… the boy is damn hot… lol.

  8. GD dropped his glove
    and then he kicked it away when he started rapping again =)
    they lookk amazinggg it white ! 🙂

  9. yes FREAK yes i can finally watch it and then go to sleep!!! woot im so happy!!! finally i have been waiting!!

  10. Wanna watch, but it’s almost 4 am here LMAO and I need me some HQ. I can’t believe I’m actually gonna wait. It’s like I’ve gone crazy or something!

  11. zerohundred

    haha gurl
    you just caught the fangirl virus. BADLY

  12. omo I like them wearingg all white so hot

  13. haha seungri is soo cute lol omg i love
    it dang haha todae moment and gdyb moment
    i felt bad for seungri too haha its ok
    he got us haha lol WOW I LOVE IT HAHA

  14. AMAZING! as always.
    but I think I like the other choreograph better.
    it has more “feeling” & matches Haru Haru.
    maybe it looks better in HQ :]

  15. awww POOR my maknae 😦 ..C? they should have just kept SO-1 in d group sO if theres somethin’ like this no one is left out!!! i felt really bad, is like theyve already decided theyre “oh my friend” ..but anywayz as long as my maknae is still smilin’ im still gOOd!!! OMG..white is HOT on them (i think all d colors r)…n’ d new choreo 4 haru haru is mighty fine n’ its just a litle bit anyway!!! I think last weeks perf is still d best sO far mayb bcuz its completed n’ theres NO “maknae alone in d end” ..also noticed that our maknae is gettin’ cloC2x w/ Solbi haha..sO cute!!! yah i 2tally saw GDs glove fell off n’ then kicked it @ his rap part! I 2tally miss TOP n’ GDs rap in “oh my friend” cuz everytime i hear it i always remember TOP as a Cop n’ GD as a Phsyco..haha..2tally make me laugh..somehow i felt like Dae2x is tired mayb bcuz of his busy schedule lately then comin’ back n’ fort 2 korea n’ japan…n’ OMG YB just blew me again..hes sO HOT man but im not unfaithful 2 maknae OK..just sayin’ ^_^ ..anywayz i think d overall perf is awesome especially STAND UP w/ all d bodyguards..awww…damn!!! by d way THANK YOU SO MUCH Gerard 4 uplaodin’ FAST n’ VICKY (ILUVU) 4 postin’…:)

  16. that was awesome(X
    perfect as always
    i love them
    ahaha and on my bday too X]]
    the perfect present XDDD

  17. J-G-RILEEN

    nah~ though sometimes I hate it when things like that happen, but 5’s a good number, I like 5. people might hate me for this but I don’t like So-1, I just don’t, i don’t hate him, but don’t like him either. Baby is strong, he know his hyung love him and so do we.

    I like last week’s choreography better…. or it’s just me, cuz I already know last week’s dance and I like that one better because of that haha. Inkigayo performance was more complete when on Musi Core they have to push everything together because of that guy’s comeback stage at the end.

    Baby been close with Solbi LOOOONNG time now, i’ve seen a couple of fancam of him hosting off camera, he like to mess around wit his nuna, which is so cute to see. I love these 3 hosting with each other, there’s no uncomfortable feeling in the air like it did back then with TOP and WG.

    I laughed so hard at Bong just swing his leg and kick the glove haha HILARIOUS.

    Those body guards look weak to me, if they were the boy’s real bodyguard, I can totally take them down and kidnap the boys!! hahaha EVIL PLAN IN WORK!!

  18. Dang hecka fast!! Thanks for sharing. I was trying to watch it live but I didn’t know which channel it was on (I know mbc but which one?). LMAO Also lost track of time. When I check the time again I was like “shiet” missed it. LMAO good thing VIPs are always on the look out. haha

  19. ngawws. seungri is so cute just standing there while the other members were paired up.
    i bet their gonna notice their ‘leaving-seungri-out’ problem and on the next performance for oh my friend, they’re gonna have seungri join in with the hand thingy~ ;D
    & jiyong looked hot as usual. ^-^

  20. awasome, love the performent!!!
    funny for the dropping glove 🙂 i think it must be spoil the perfrom a litte, but it’s washed away after GD kicked it :))

  21. wow.. j-g-rileen and vicky.. nice essays LOL

  22. its a wristband not glove :-/
    that worries me that it was able to slip off 😮
    anyway SO good perf.

  23. GD is SO pro [: ❤

  24. looks like GD has been working out well:o)

  25. Gerard

    HAHA it’s what we do
    too bad we can’t use it for school… well me at least

  26. huongface

    i know!! i just saw a better quality video and and his guns are like wow, but idk if it’s just that he was standing under that light

  27. i agree Vicky… let me in on the plan too lol

    :ahh.. sighs: that white room scene was like freakin sex man..
    i hope they perform an acoustice version to that song.. that would be so hott

  28. latiana

    glad i’m not the only perverted one when it come to that now hahaha
    when I saw Baby wearing all white sitting with his leg crossed on that piano……… i wanna… do.. so…MANY.. ILLEGAL THINGS!!!

  29. LMAO!! ME TOO!!

    i was like..
    “YB.. DS.. SR… why are yall doing this to me. what did i do to yall!!” ::sigh:: devastation i tell ya lol

  30. latiana

    HAHA. add this at the end

    “but don’t take me wrong i LOOVEE every second of it”

  31. i know right lol.. they know they’re doing… so cruel. I LUV IT!!

  32. yuen193 is right it was a wristband.

    And I Love Dae’s voice! He needs more parts.

    and GD always = ❤


  34. arghhh~~~ vicky~~~
    those dirty image are coming again when i see them in white
    i also spot your plan there hehehe…
    i can’t deny my virus now
    i love boys in white~~~
    count me on your evil plan ^.^

    i looked at TOP’s hair & i think it’s shotened a lot since the last perf
    he must have it cut
    ohh, so HOT,
    now i feel like being zombie
    this perf knocked me out

  35. nya

    I can actually think of a kidnap during STAND UP
    but after saw the piano scene….XD

  36. Cool performance >.< awww but i missed the old haruharu choreo U.U
    beside that everything was perfect =D TODAE, GDYB, GRI <<<333
    i’ll download the HQ later 😛 thanx Vicky 😀 😀 😀

  37. is the download version goh the full songs, or is it cut a bit like the performance?
    LOL why does TOP alway wear glasses buh then take them off straight after he starts singing hehe.
    Goh my Stand Up album todai wooooooooo soo happy!!

  38. vicky~~~
    have u try it?
    we can vote for Baby with different ID~~~
    show our fangirl strengh!

  39. i think that may be one of TOP’s signature moves maybe?? i dunno.. but i noticed that too

  40. AHHHH!!! I felt like jumping up and down myself! ^^ keke…
    I wish one day Big Bang would come back to Thailand or Lao one day….!!!! >O<
    My Friend is a new style of music for Big Bang still love it ^O^ LOVE ALL OF EM’!!!!

  41. And I hope eng subs come soon ^^

  42. hoichu

    it has the STAND UP, HARU HARU, OH MY FRIEND PERformance and the MC cut at the end

  43. Awww
    What’s wrong with the music quality?? O_O
    It’s not balanced at all -. –

  44. thnaX^^

  45. thank you

  46. who’s TABI????????????

  47. wah
    they changed the dance routine of Haru haru again~~
    less jumping up and down so they can breathe more while singing~~ saving energy yeah?

    i don’t like how they cut off alot in stand up and haru haru..
    and i also realized that they changed some singing part of Haru Haru too
    like after YB did his bridge part, instead of the beat coming out, they sang the part after that in a slow melody hehe~~
    pretty cool~~
    and GD still doesn’t forget to put on his drawing thinging under his eye for oh my friend hehe~~
    effin cute~~ G-RI moment~~ YAY!!

    and TOP and Dae Sung looks so happy after doing the hand thinging in the end of oh my friend~~
    awww…i’ll pretend as if i’m doing it with SR too haha~~
    thx for sharing alot!

    @luv: tabi is TOP hehe~~

  48. wowoooo!It’s great as usual!!Love the way they perform their three songs!SR is so lonely in last secene~when everyone is holding hands without him!haha!poor SR!

  49. thanks ncly

  50. LOL at the body guards!!!! haha, they just stood there looking all gangstery…
    huhuhuhuh….it was soo short!!!!! They even cut out the beginning narration where VIPs do the chant…I miss hearing the chant. They even cut out SR+DS [door conversation]..lolll..as in their verses during the door part
    Is it just me or I love SR’s bouncy hair…lmao…it was bouncing whenever he shakes his head
    Solbi + SR little argument was too cute….i like seeing Solbi with the boys
    Black and white combo is just HOTTTTT
    I thought the sound system for the SBS perf was better than this one but I like MBC’s background better, look so hardcore with all those graffiti and TVs with BIGBANG on it…and a lot of their headshot posters

    LOL..i bet leadah Kwon plan all those G-Ri moments during the song to make it up for SR for the ending

  51. Wow, again.
    Taeyang playing the white piano & everyone wearing white almost killed me.
    GD & Top were SO HOT!
    Lol, GD’s little wristband thing fell off.

  52. thanks for the download! vicky, will you be putting up the HQ download link for the talk part too? thanks!

  53. luv

    Tabi is a nickname korean fans gave TOP

  54. ncly

    they probably only cut it as a one time thing since the olympic and there’s not enough time slot
    it probably won’t happen to the normal performance they will do later on

    i want my CD now! Grr
    yes i want some more!
    Yes; HOT!
    oh yea i saw his glove fall
    and GD no handshake for seungri
    aww sad, but it’s okay i guess

  56. thanks VICKY

  57. wow..i love their choreography..even thou they changed the
    original one..haha ^_^
    poor maknae at the end..but it was still awesome!!^^

  58. i think this performance was better..hmm maybe it was the use of the equipment either way i love it! ❤

  59. i stream this also..i was wacthing the whole show..at 1st it was going all good and then BAM!!!! when it was BB’s performance it started to buffer like hell..i wa goin nuts..overall performance is good..shorten, but still good…

    yeah, and saw that GD’s wrist band fell off..after it fell off, he even kicked it so that they wont slip on it—made it very natural…leopard?..only GD will wear these things and pull it off..

    why?..YB?..please dont wear that jean again or ever..its ugly..now, ill have to talk to them noonas of yours so they wont ever have you wear them jean

    DS…boi, ur white pant were so tight…dont go jonas brothers on me now..

    top, huh?..high water pant..u still look gorgeous…funny how he was singing oh oh oh…

  60. i luv it but why did they shorten all the songs?
    aw poor gd arm thingy fell off during haru haru… haha so funny how he kicked it to the side wen it was his part.
    i luv how the lined up in height order xD
    YAY! top got to talk in the interview!!!

  61. aww thanks for uploading this! they’re so good

  62. awwww…its still #1!!!

  63. i think they’re suppose to be “thugs” and not bodyguards,lol. they have their own crew.

  64. those big guys are totally uncalled for!! ahaha…

    they did greaT!!

  65. gd looks so sexy during oh my friend xD
    i hope they dont change the choreography every week.
    and better not change the lyrics too -_-

  66. Vicky

    TOP again with the cd thing. Can’t stand it poor CD!!

  67. Stand Up
    hahaha random bouncers nodding in the background XD OMO GD’S SEXY SMIRK AT 1.25 *melt* lol i love TOP’s CD advertising XD and i’m sure at least one person counted down to ONE instead of ZERO XD *snort* it’s amazing how they sound so good live
    Haru Haru
    OMG WHITE PIANO ❤ wow, nice to see the boys in white again XD i can’t believe they cut out TOP and GD’s rap, that’s one of my favorite parts T.T oh well~ that awesomeness makes up for it =3 new dance moves? ^^ i’m glad they kept the ‘eh~eh~eh’ part, hehehe
    Oh My Friend
    HAHA DHE HAMINGOOK XD dada~da-da~da. i will always love how they perform Oh My Friend, that is most definately my next dream in life, to watch them perform it live ^^ IN OSAKA ON MY BIRTHDAY. OMG ITS PERFECT. why did i have to go to the Global Warning in BKK? XD JK~ I don’t regret it but OSAKA performing OH MY FRIEND on my BIRTHDAY. eeesh, you boys love to tease me TT_______TT

  68. Hahaha I lmao when I saw those “tough guys” standing next to them during Stand Up.

    And GD’s bracelet BROKE off..

  69. They look great! I love Haru Haru.

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