Another Donut Parody by the7REAL

Credit: the7REAL@ YT / Soompi

Note from the creator:

My first time doing a MV parody…I was bored…=X

Oh damn, I spelled something’s KLEPTO not CLEPTOP ..LOL  

Guess we cant never get enough of good jokes! Glazed


~ by Momo on August 15, 2008.

16 Responses to “Another Donut Parody by the7REAL”

  1. omg! this is soo funny!!

  2. I was always having weird feeling toward the line “I’m so wrong, forgive me”. GD made it really sounds like “…f*ck give me” as he overemphasized it lol. I luv it though lol

  3. rofl it is really funny XD f*ck give me. lol and at the car parking lot that was so funny XDD

  4. seungri and porn. lol!

    and i love the *awkward silence* at the end.

    this is making me want to eat a donut now…


  5. The video is no longer available !!

  6. now i watched it, haha !! ‘Daesung even killed her dog. It was by accident. Seungri stole her wallet. Seung ri: Youngbae told me too’ lolz !!! FunnY and Seungri and Porn LMAO

  7. so this is all because of donut?
    OMG ~,~
    TOP, if u want to eat donut, u can come to my house
    and eat as much as u can hehehe…

    all thing that DS and SR do to the girl is scary
    BB violence version -.-“

  8. omg i love watching these parodies LOL they make the mv so funny x)

  9. wow it was all over donuts
    what’s up with seung ri and his porn? ahaha
    and daesung killed her dog
    wow funny

  10. AWWWW POOR TOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TT_TT
    dont worry i’ll get u more donuts!

  11. Lmao, Donuts
    funnies and seungri, porn
    eww.Lols; (:

    yes, no one should touch those. hahahhaha.

  13. They were wrong about the N word, lol, but other than that, this was too funny, lol.

  14. Now, I must go share the link with my Unni, lol.

  15. hilarious xD!!!!

  16. Haha TOP. Yum Donuts.

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