i’m reposting this to remind everyone to RSVP for this MEET, on behalf of the coordinators. they would like to know the exact number of people coming to prepare for the # of guests, etc.

so if you will be able to make this meet, please RSVP by sending an email to:

note: GD isn’t gonna be there. it’s just a theme guys lol.
please look under the cut for further info on the bay meet. i’m very confident it’ll be a successful meet, & i’m looking forward to hearing good stuff about it. i have already got word that at least 13 ppl are going… which is definitely a lot to handle, trust. i hope you all can make it!


so guess the date? : MONDAY, AUGUST 18th, 2008 [ i totally have that memorized since i’ve been counting down like 100 days ago xD ]

anywayz, more details under here… so BAY AREA click to check it! i hope y’all can make it!



ok, BAY MEET will be happening on: MONDAY, AUGUST 18th, 2008.

as quoted from the organizers:
theme: G-Dragon’s Bay Area Birthday Party!
projected time: ~12pm til 5pm
projected meeting place: SAN JOSE’s CAESAR CHAVEZ PARK: South Market Street, San Jose, CA, 95113
What is it?: Bay Area VIP meet-up/pot-luck to celebrate GD’s birthday!
Who’s invited?: VIPs! Big bang fans only please! We don’t want haters to ruin everything :[
How do we get into the party?: Since we’re having a pot-luck, your ticket to the party would be food! Please bring ACTUAL food, meaning no chips/cookie/soda/candy/etc…! Also, we’re going to send gifts to GD, so if you want, you can bring your gift along with some money to pay for the shipping & we will send all of your presents to him for you guys! ^^
Projected schedule:

First, we’re going to play some icebreakers [games] to get everybody comfortable &social.
Second, we’ll start eating the lovely food everybody brought! :]
Third, we’re going to have a show & tell of the presents that people brought for GD!
Fourth, we’re going to have a talent show, so if anybody has some secret talent they’ve been waiting to show off, here’s your chance!
Fifth, there’s going to be a waterfight!! ^^ Please bring a change of clothes & supply yourselves with waterguns & waterballoons!
Last but not least, we’re going to sing three big bang songs! We’re going to start off with “With U”, then “Lies”, and end it with “This Love” [the english version] since it’s GD’s solo! :] So you should start practicing as soon as possible. ^^ There’s no need to be shy since we’re all going to be singing together in a big group!

The entire day is going to be recorded so that we can edit the video & send it, along with the gifts, to GD so he can watch it!

Last comments?: We would LOVE it if people could stay after the party to help pick up trash &clean up the park! We don’t want to get in trouble by leaving a mess

PLEASE RSVP BY THE FIFTEENTH; THAT’S A FRIDAY! RSVP by sending an e-mail to with the Title “G-Dragon’s Bay Area Birthday Party!” or IM xdinoroarrr / xXEternalxRaveXx / ganjiholic on AIM
We hope to see all the Bay Area VIPs there! ^^
— if you have any transportation problems or further inquiries on how to get there, contact KI @ or AIM: xXEternalxRaveXx

finally settled! also, any questions on the project overall, please contact me via AIM: MeLLYbLoOm12, email: or refer to all the links on the sidebar, or click HERE

have fun NORCAL KIDS! ❤


~ by gdluvzmc on August 15, 2008.

57 Responses to “BAY AREA MEET REMINDER”

  1. oh boo! I would love to swing by since I live so close but I have to work:(

  2. oh man this is gonna be the biggest Meet and greet everahhh!! Bayarea is VIP! ;p

  3. not sure if i can come cuz d next day is our school starts and my parents might not let me but i will definitely find a way!!! OMG bay area meet, even though im not sure if i could come bu im sOOO excited already!!! i wonder how many VIPz will b there!!! tnx 4 d info,..i will look more in2 it and decide,..cross fingers 4 my parents haha (cuz theyre sO “KJ”,mostly they wont let me go somewhere if theyre in it 2)..but anywayz i’ll really think about carefully, definitely find a way b there!!! wOw im reall excited..i really wanna come…^_^ ,..n’ its very especial 2 since its my (2) husbands B_DAY!!! tnx 4 info..

  4. 1st of all KID, from the way you’re droppin lines, you don’t sound too old yourself.
    i don’t hate on BAY area peeps. i got loads of friends there.
    second of all, WHACK is a good word in my book.
    please don’t come here & hate, & put ur real name up.
    you can’t possibly speak for the entire bay area.

    i love my bay friends. you need to get ur facts straight.
    don’t worry i deleted ur comment.

  5. Melly, wohoot! sounds FUN but i live too far from you. wish i could enjoy partying with the other ivips too.
    anyway have a nice time. and don’t forget to send our regards to you HUBBY. hahahaha!
    u-go girl!

  6. rofl! top&yb’sgirl. i cannot attend another meet w/o having a heart attack. 1 is enough.
    & this one’s for my baby.
    that’s TOO MUCH xD
    i’d rather leave it to the bay peeps.
    no worries, they’ll do me proud. xD
    i’ve been working closely with them in planning.
    some ppl apparently think i’m talking smack about the bay area citizens thinking they’re OLDER than me & shit, but talking like a lil 12 yr old.
    wtf? lol
    anywho, i will say hi to my hubby in other ways hahahaha.

  7. first of all grandma, i didn’t say that your hating on bay area ppls. & I’m not hating and I said that in my comment that you deleted, so YOU get your facts straight, I just want you to clean up your words, coz I’M from BAYAREA and i don’t like getting dirty words from other Disneyland city, for you, your bayarea friends may not get offended by what you said, but there’s still lots of ppls. who get offended by it, & put my name up? why? is your real name gdluvzmc?

  8. >…< Oh well, we’ll see.

  9. hi, my name is melinda, & i hail from DISNEYLAND CITY.

  10. oh & here’s the old comment
    so everyone can see how stupid it sounds

    ahemmm ahemmm, first of alll don’t start sh*ttting on bayarea, maybe bayarea ppls. just confused what city in bayarea, coz we are not dumb what cities are consider as bayarea so don’t start thinking that bayarea vipz are all dumb..not here to fight with you & start sh*ts, i just wanna YOU to clear up what you said..Coz’ as youuu said we listen to hyphy music as that we also get hyphed up when someone start talking smack about us…alright? so next time just keep your words in your age level, coz you know how old you are ok? andd we listen to big bang’s songs, and it’s hyphy music isn’t it? so you’re calling it whack?? what kind of vip are you? welll, that’s all i’m going to say. No hatee feelings on you, i just wanna clear things up..

  11. I’m sorry… but “bayareavip” you’re making everything even more horrible than it is. Melinda was just saying it as a joking kind of way. nothing really offensive I see on there. Please lets just drop this argument, and just focus on the upcoming album and this upcoming bayarea event! ;D

  12. So now you’re calling me stupid? aint what you’re doing is stupid? I just want your words to be clean & now you’re making a big deal out of it. Okay just say whatever you want to say I just want to make my point clear. Let’s just all respect each other & from the very start, who made fun of bayarea? it might be a joke, but as what I said people get offended by it and not all your words has the same definition as others.

  13. ^ which is why they’re MY words, & you should read it MY way.
    you can keep ATTEMPTING to disprove me, but i won’t sway.
    if you don’t like it, don’t bother reading it.

    DISCLAIMER: i am not poking fun at bay area kids.

  14. Woah someone’s gettin amped. How cute. Hence the sarcasm. Obviously, it was a joke. Maybe you’ll get a sense of humor once you pull that stick out cha anus. Dude your comment was deleted due to absurd language so how about you come correct. It wouldn’t have been blown outta proportion if you watched your language from the jump, yeah?

    Only reason she’s holding back from saying what she’s gotta say is cause she’s the admin, but since I’m not. I won’t. But hey, no hard feelings HAA.

  15. $bayareavip: i don’t think anyone took it seriously like you did just let you know. everyone so far hasn’t said ANYTHING about what she wrote but comments about event and how excited they are about this project.
    and besides, this is just a JOKE. and there are more than one meaning to a word ‘whack’ and i am not sure how you understand ‘hyphy’ but go to and search those two words. you will find out that they aren’t harsh. and one more thing ‘hyphy/hyphy movement’ was used for hiphop music that was created in san francisco area. i would say she used the right word.

  16. and you should get to know melly more before you comment about her words. i can see that you don’t know her well enough. time for you to learn more about her.

  17. ohmygodddddddd~ :/
    I WANNA GOOO SO BADDDDDD. since its all “GD” related.
    AND you’re gonna send a recorded video of yourselves having vip fun. like OMMMGGG. LOL
    anyways. have fun yoooo~~ :”(

  18. so you’re saying I(VIP) should read YOUR words in YOUR WAY???
    from the very start, I just want you to clean up your words, but other words keeps coming out from you.
    Okay, As what KI say “end this”.
    No harsh feelings and i’m not hating on you!

  19. Well, damn, there, yayarea pride.

    And like, dude,
    I’m so in.
    I totally know how to get to that park by light rail
    and I think I’ve been there a couple of times myself.
    Most likely~;
    only problem is my work schedule.
    Perhaps I can move stuff around by Friday if I have work on
    that Monday. [:

  20. And by Friday,
    I meant the fifteenth. Dx

    And GD-themed…?
    Dress up like GD? x’DDDD

  21. did i stutter?– that is exactly what i mean.

    i really don’t care if you’re hating on me or not, & i’ve think we’ve established that i don’t see anything wrong with what i said, i do not intend on changing it.

    the other 8 ppl up there, 1/2 of em from the BAY who totally ignored what YOU think are harsh comments, didn’t even complain about it;
    & the other 1/2 calling you out — don’t give yourself more problems. go vent elsewhere.

    lol my bad joanne xD

  22. so wasn’t the sky soooo beautiful today??

    ::attempts to cut the tension::

  23. YAY!!!I think I can make it! GO VIP!! We’re showing love here, not hate!heheh…

  24. (ahem^)…GD is causing some mayhem.
    can’t help it eh…he’s just so damn hot.

    let’s keep the fire down until the party begins.

  25. awh..i want to come..i only live like 2 hrs away..hahaha..maybe i should stop by cause it end at 5..

    so i see there was a lil thing going on up ^^there…well, i didnt get offended..from SAC…HELL YES!!!oh well..who cares

  26. i can’t wait. :]]]

  27. Can’t believe there was a misunderstanding
    anyways none of my business

    And to all Bay area vipz hope your meet and greet is as fun as ours XD

  28. AWWW…SHUCKS!! i really really want to go but it’s a monday! i’m from sac too…so i don’t think i’ll be able to go. *pouts

    But im not sure if im allowed. We’ll see….

    haha jk
    that’d be kinda weird..kinda sorta not really..xD

  31. the ‘’ email address doesnt seem to be working for me.
    is there anyone that could help me get there or tell me any ways to get there with public transportation?

  32. @geneva. try the RSVP email, she could help you out.
    otherwise try the AIM sn’s. we’re on like 24/7.

  33. we all shout out our prides from where we are from.
    just like everybody here in this site who shouts for bigbang and cheer for them like there;s no tommorow.

    let;s just be positive and be SENSITIVE about how we comment or post something in anywhere.
    im sure bigbang won;t like their vips get mad at each other. rite??

  34. it’s ><

  35. FIXED! sorry. it was 2 am
    forgive me

  36. ahhhhhhhhhh
    I’m so crossing my fingers that I can go to this :]

  37. OMG! i wunna go! but i’m not sure how i’m gonna get to SanJo.

  38. awww im gonna be in LA or LV (iforget) for vacation on that day, then im going to there later on….. =[ oh well

  39. Aw that looks like it’s gonna be so much fun! especially the theme!

    Too bad I don’t live near there..

  40. aww i hecka wanna go. i live like 45 mins away so i could prob take bart. but i have soccer practice at 4 T_T

  41. is gd gonna be there??

  42. Omg!!! I wanna go so bad TT____TT
    but I live far away!!!
    hubby b-day and I can’t do anything for him !!____!!
    so sad ~~~~~ but juz so you know Saranghae Jiyong ah!!!!

  43. Anyone from Milpitas going and don’t have a ride?
    Could help you find your way around with light rail. [:

    I’m not sure about my schedule at work,
    but hopefully I’m working around ten so I’d be out by…
    Is that OK?

    @Melly: What? x’D

  44. =O san jose NOOOSSS MUST GET A RIDE THERE ><

  45. Cant come i live in Holland =[

  46. eek.
    gdluvzmc-melly, im still sad that i missed out on the LA one. we should do something else for his bday.
    like something gd-radical.
    perhaps a matching tattoo, or extreme hairstyle. piercings?


    jk. very much so.

  47. LOL great! I don’t live in San Jose anymore ahaha.. I’m in Sacramento now :[

  48. ok sO i got an answer 2day if i can gO or nOt n’ …huhuhu..sadly i cant, my cousin who went 2 d philippines 4 her vacation just came back 2day n’ she wanted 2 spend 5 days in here which also means i cant gO anywhere bcuz i have 2 b with her…5 days which means i will have 2 miss d meeting ..i tried 2 ask her if she could just go with me but our parents have plans 4 her …we have 2 accompany her while shes here basically…wah wah ..i really wanna gO..sOrry VIPz i cant gO…do U know that 4 d 1st time i hated being with my family too much..but its nOt like hatin’ them gonna change everything’ n’ bsides theyre my family o-ayt!!! anywayz i’ll just visit here 4 updates …ahhhhhhh….i hope there will b a 2nd chance!!! 😦

  49. DAANNNG. I live like 45 mins away and I want to go. But I have no ride. ><

    Anyone willing to give me a ride? XD

  50. hmm wasn’t this scheduled to have the hosts’ friends friends group perform big bang songs too? O.o?

  51. damn im sOOO depressed i think i’ll need another therapy session!!! 😦

  52. @CHARLiE: I think because they couldn’t find a proper location with the proper equipment, that had to be cancelled,
    I’m not sure. D: But something like that. LOL.
    But like, as a group, you can still perform just for fun. x’D

    And like, freak, I’m working at 12 on Monday so I’m not going to make it in time at all. :/
    I really want to go. ; ;
    I hope everyone has fuuun!

  53. Too bad I can’t make it…My school starts the next day and I’ve already been having trouble adjusting to school wake up schedules. >.< *sigh* It’s okay, San Jose would take a while to get to anyway… =( Oh, well, as for you guys who are going, I hope you all have lots of fun! Have fun for me, okay? =D

  54. tomorrow oh koolzz maybe i’ll come

  55. Awhh i want to go but the point is.. this place is MILES away haha…

  56. yu guys make me jealous! GRRR.
    It sounds more fun than what we did in LA! (:<
    lol, i would so go there, But i live in LA. T.T

  57. Hi All !!.. Greetings

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