Bigbang ‘Oh My Friend’ Piano Version by Yoonha Hwang | Bong: Making of Haru Haru

Listen to this one. it’s so fun

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I can recognize the song right away, the real song is so rocking and everything, and this version is something you would hear as a theme song to a kid’s TV show, which is so cool that he can transfer something like Oh My Friend into something like this, I was bobbing up and down as I’m listening to it. Yoonha FTW!!!!



credit: as tagged | 최타비단비.BigRoom@VIPZ


~ by Vicky on August 15, 2008.

37 Responses to “Bigbang ‘Oh My Friend’ Piano Version by Yoonha Hwang | Bong: Making of Haru Haru”

  1. yay! first! (i dnt rly care tho about being first…)
    omgsh >.< how does he no the notes?

  2. that was suppose to be a ending parenthesis….

  3. flowtracey

    he play by ear
    just listening to the song then play it

  4. geez thats be kinda hard (well for me)
    he must have a good ear

  5. flowtracey

    just an amazing pianist

  6. hahaha it looked like gd was confused (in the begining) then he hope or the hospital xD

    ._. thats creepy a lady standing behind he glass…. (i wish i was her at that time)

  7. LMAO look at this picture:

    there are hospital patients checking out KWON LEADAH! heheheh. so cute!

  8. whoa!! that is sooo cool!! i want to learn to do that!

  9. I didn’t listen to all of it, but what I listen to was neat, lol. It was like he made the song happy, like it was suppose to be about Bittersweet memories, lol. Tell him, he did a good job, lol. I want to learn the piano too, I think, lol.

  10. hahaa thats soo funny the patients are checking him out! i would so do that toooo! gah hes soo sexy!

  11. awww gdragon’s just walking and he still makes my heart go crazy :]
    ahahaa i love him; he’s so cute!
    lol the last pic is funny; with all those patients checking him out xD hahaa gdragon can’t go anywhere without girls checking him out<3

  12. WOW PRO

  13. Dam wow
    he is GOOD!
    i can recognize it too
    Lols; it does sound like
    a little kid’s song
    but it doesn’t when
    all the drums&guitar come in

  14. it sounds so cute!

  15. I really like this piano version. Its so fun!

  16. haha lol damn da guy is soo talented haha can he
    be my teacher lol hah n omg GD haha look so cute
    lol mcdonalds haha dats my favorite place to go lol

  17. janie

    HAHAHA i didn’t even notice that haha
    Bong is so hot even a sick patient have the power to get up and check him out haha

  18. he looks reli depressed and unenthusiastic lol

  19. lol, he always make the song sounds really fun and really pull you into the song….i love the effect that he used. not to mention I alsolutely love his haru haru version too….amazing pianist…

    LOL!! the people from the hospital are watching G-Bong in the last pic

  20. the piano version is funny ^^ i like it =)

  21. wow~~ its so funny
    i imagine BB get up & dance wearing cute clothes and dancing
    he is really good pianist for turning such a rock song into this funny melody

  22. i cant wait to watch the vid..
    but there’s no speaker in this library
    nvm i shall wait..
    its gonna be awesome i know =)

  23. regarding to my previous comment..
    okay i managed to borrow an earphone from my friend..
    ohhh this is so cute =)))))))))))
    loving every bits of it =)))))))))

  24. wow, it’s really unique.. i line the tones..
    GD is smiling to his fan(s)?! wow, i wanna go to korea..

  25. Wow, he plays so good ^__^ i wanna learn Oh My Friend on piano now! ;D

  26. he plays well, and GDRAGON is looking greatttttt!

  27. he’s so good. doesn’t even have a music sheet infront of him! all by memory!
    GD looking HOT >.<

  28. o kewl.. it sounds like it’s for a commercial jungle.. or like it would be the background music on dramas ^^

  29. correction.. jungle= jingle

  30. whoa!! that is sooo cool!

  31. He soooooooo Cuteeeeeeeee

  32. lol an old lady checking GD out in the last pic
    haha how creepy…xD

  33. this is cute
    but i still cant play haru haru
    somehow it doesnt connect..

  34. hi i’m live in mongolia … happy birthday kwon ji young.. your lpeasing collegtive me.. goood luck.. bye my id okey.. kiss you.

  35. I like sounds great. WTF that lady looks scary/weird but aw GD looks cute.

  36. I wonder what would happen if I flew outta nowhere and tackled my Bongie right there lol. Thank god we would be near a hospital because they would probably have me committed XD

  37. can u turn that song into a ringtone??

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