Upcoming Concert in Japan??

Jewelsae, a Japanese VIP and a member of VIP Japan Official Fanclub mentioned that Big Bang will be having a concert tentatively on:

  • October 27 Osaka
  • October 29 Nagoya
  • November 1 Tokyo

Further details have not been disclosed yet. Will update later.



~ by Momo on August 15, 2008.

15 Responses to “Upcoming Concert in Japan??”

  1. realli? i wish i can fly there n see the concert but i got skool ><

  2. yayyyY!!!!
    i can go!!
    i live in tokyo!!!
    so happy!!!!

  3. Sweet job!


  4. hey i heard big bang is coming back on aug. 20th. what are they planning on doing? can anyone tell me.

  5. ^
    i think they are doing music shows and promoting “Haru Haru”

  6. wow, i wanna go .. but my schedule is just a mess. i wanna go a live that will hold in osaka 😉

  7. OSAKA.
    OCTOBER 27.
    that is soooo perfect.
    one of my favorite places on earth on my birthday
    TT______________TT WHY, BIG BANG, WHYYYYY???

  8. wah~~
    JVIPs are so lucky~~
    big bang is so busy with concerts and stuff….
    ony 2 years of debut but already over 20 or may be even 30 concerts?
    sweep the whole asia baby!

  9. OMG Wow,
    that’s like 3 days later from my
    birthday. too bad i can’t go

  10. lucky japanese fans *o*

  11. does anyone know their schedule when big bang comes back for aug. 20 and 21? please let me know.

  12. Yeah hopefully more people from Japan will get into them.

  13. its trought???? im an italian…and i love bigbang…ill go into the world for see they!!! please… further details!!!

  14. omg here in tokyo *-*

    waaaa BB rocks!!!

  15. GYA!!! I live in OSAKA! WTF !*_*

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