Shooting “Haru Haru” MV | Vote for Cutest Maknae: SeungRi!

**EDIT: Vote for Baby as the cutest maknae on Arirang HERE!!
PLEASE PLEASE VOTE! He’s #3 right now.

**JUST ADDED ANOTHER PARODY. with this one… haha… I just love the SeungRi in the car part.. watch it you’ll know what I mean, and please MATURED PEOPLE ONLY.

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Pictures of the TOP, Dae and Baby during the “hospital bed” scene in Haru Haru MV. TOP look so seriously sad, haha it’s hot. I love the pic that show Baby yelling in pain on that bed with his head down haha. Dae was so into his role, haha. and also the pic of Bong standing in front of the hospital looking… oh so thin.

I find this picture very artsy somehow haha. He is too damn skinny. SOMEBODY BUY HIM A BIG MAC!! This is how he fit through a dang window in a van.

credit: as tagged | 최타비단비.BigRoom@VIPZ

Haru Haru MV Parody by Reincarnation6


~ by Vicky on August 15, 2008.

75 Responses to “Shooting “Haru Haru” MV | Vote for Cutest Maknae: SeungRi!”

  1. lol a hench GD that would be funnny

  2. oww :3 i think that was so sad 😦

  3. aww. baby looks so sad…i want to hug him oh so much!

  4. TOP’s expression sure in a dark clouds
    but even so he looks hot enough especially in white hehehe…

  5. hahaha baby looks so emo right there…
    Gd is really skinny…sigh..wish he could eat more..


  7. i wonder what GD would look like if he was fat..
    or super buff..
    or soemthing..

  8. i very care about u GD
    take care urself my LOVE

  9. HyunJee

    uuhh… ONE


  10. if i was sick..
    will big bang come to my hospital room like that .. ?
    if only.. if only..

  11. lol! the pic of gd is making me think he can fit into that box on his shirt/tank ,
    he jus needs to curl up a bit tighter…
    and then we;d ship him off to us!

  12. “This is how he fit through a dang window in a van.” LMAO

  13. look at his collar bone ! <333 😀

  14. Hubby sure is super thin

  15. ..
    I dont think GD is that all skinny…
    just..skinnier than most ppl?
    hotty XD


  17. he really looks skinnier than usual..waah!
    we have to make him eat!..
    maknae looks so sad..but he still looks cute!^_^

  18. i registered and voted, and itll only let me vote once,

    how often can i vote? every ten min, or every day??


  19. babypan

    I think you vote once everyday
    I’m voting every freaking day

  20. vicky! you should post like 100 posts constantly saying baby needs our help! that maknae from TVQX has like twice as much as baby,

  21. maknae, lol.. I thought that Daesung was really in his role while watching the video first time. bcoz when girl touched Daesung, he didn’t recognized , haha..
    And i agree with you, brokenfriut…lol

  22. babypan

    DBSK fans are powerful, so I’m not surprise and I wouldn’t dream of Baby winning, but I have to try my best, can’t let my husband be less than number 2.
    I’m posting every place I could.

  23. i appreciate it vicky, you really rock. :]

  24. our maknae is now #2 !! 😉

  25. oh my goshh i keep refreshing that page to see how many more votes the top three get and seungris #2! im so happy!

  26. wow! last time i check he was coming 4th and now 2nd ! LOL
    yay seung ri!!!

  27. i actually prefer gdragon skinny like that :] but he’s not super skinny, he has muscles, i know he does, they just aren’t as visible sometimes.
    awwwwww yay seungri’s #2 !! =D

  28. seungrix3love

    Bong can really gain muscle if he just work out a bit
    I’ve seen him with guns before
    and WHEW! it is to die for

  29. we can only vote once?
    he is at no.2 now!!~~
    bravo bravo

  30. LOL the parody was so insulting & hilarious at the same time XD

  31. hahahha i thought that parody was the best one lol man i love how its always SR’s room and GD dnt even find a car , taxi, bike, etc. lol

  32. vicky,
    hahaa yeah i remember in the global warning tour, his muscles were a lot bigger; i was gaping at his pictures for like a month. ahahaa yeah but i like skinny too :]

  33. LOL, wow. . .

  34. ROF… funny stop insulting the man-liner.

  35. LOL @ the pictures. GD is soooo thin ! D: i wish he would eat more … or maybe he WANTS to be thin like that ..? haha.. awww look at SR crying in pain on the bed …. was that scene even in the MV? lol was he just doing that for fun? o.o silly maknae ! anyways, he’s #2 now in the voting! ill be voting for my baby everyday <333

  36. it looks like i could break gd. big bang needs to work out except 4 taeyang.

  37. Lmao yea..
    Dam they look serious
    and GD,hella yea he
    looks so friggen skiiny yo`
    aww is seungri alright??

    nononono~ XXXXD
    yaaaay baby’s at #2 now
    OMO, why is MinHwan so low in the chart? XD DOES NOT COMPUTE!!!

  39. did this vid get posted yet? if so, my bad…

    its 080814 Mnet Wide News Ent – GDragon’s tears (found it through ygworld@wordpress)

    its kind of a combination of stuff

  40. dubseeXvip

    yea i’ve seen it
    but it’s just old clip of him really
    and since most of us here doesn’t speak korean we won’t understand it so that’s why i didn’t post it

  41. Haha, check out this parody from Haru Haru I found, I laughed so hard 😛

  42. YAAAAAAY! vote vote vote for our maknae (= yeees i agree… and make yong yong’s fries large and buy him some mcflurry too xD

  43. yay VOTE VOTE VOTE 4 maknae!!!

  44. vicky,
    what nationality are you?

  45. yeee..
    now he’s number 2!

  46. Hhohohohoho———the first one was actually quite funny!

    But nothing in comparison to the second video!! Now THAT was really FUNNY!!

    It seems like alot of people dislike GD……no wonder, with the crazy stuff he´s wearing lately….

    (no offense to anyone, well…I can´t help it….but this song sure as hell asks for it!)

  47. babypan

    haha that’s sudden
    but I’m Vietnamese 🙂

  48. spinx

    it’s not that ppl hate him haha
    people make fun of him out of love
    like i do.
    i make fun of him a lot cuz i love him and envy him for his uniqueness

  49. vicky, thats cool, have you learned some korean by listening to BB? lol

  50. babypan

    yea that’s part of it
    I’ve been into the k-entertainment scene for like 2 years now
    and i’ve been watching lots of korean shows too
    so i learn a lot from that

  51. LMAO!!! all of the parodies are really funny. It’s pretty offensive if you take them seriously…but I just watch it like a comedy show…hahaha. there’s been a lot of parodies for Haru haru lately, I guess people are really into the song…just like me
    Now, it’s all about GD eyeliners and his headband and his girly outfit….hahahah
    SR always has the best lines…LOLLL..the penny and low blood sugar
    Vicky, I’m Vietnamese and from Florida too (Orlando), what a coincidence….lol

  52. i just love these paroadys…lol..their so funny.

  53. funny parodys xD!

  54. i vote for SeungRi he is 2nd now! 😀

  55. lol melinda posted this up already lol

  56. vicky
    if i’m not mistaken, the parody by kisung85 already posted by gdluvzmc. why u post it again?
    the other one is funny too, but i like kusing85 more.

    our SR is lose by 89~~~
    that TVXQ fans sure are powerful.
    lets vote the best we can

  57. vicky
    eh? you’re Vietnamese?
    wow, i didn’t realize coz i think your English is so good
    i never think u are Asian hahaha…
    btw, how old are u?

    SR still number 2, i don’t think that they’ll let us vote everyday
    it’ll be tough to get no1.
    vote with everything u can girls!

  58. mannn, i love them.

  59. Wow, i actually never cried this time watching the mv of haru haru because the parody subs were so awkward x] lmfao.
    omgshie im viet too ^__^

  60. nya

    i didn’t know
    someone told me about it and tell me to check it out but i didn’t have the chance to until now.

  61. nya

    if you live in the US for 5 year of course you’ll speak fluent english haha
    and yes I am asian and i love it haha
    and i’m still young, only 15

    DSBK fans are powerful, I have no hope on Baby winning, haha, I already know that fact, but at least I want him to be #2.

  62. vicky
    ooo~~~ yup your baby is number 2 now. fdo everything u can to make it number 1! heehehe
    still so young, i’m 18 turning to 19
    have u try to vote with different ID?

  63. nya

    i think it notice it by IP address

  64. vicky
    its so hard & we can’t vote through HP
    but baby is losing to TVXQ~~~~~

  65. nya

    i really am NOT surprise that baby loose to DBSK hahaha
    eveyrbody know how scary and powerful DBSK fans are w
    we’re dedicated to Big Bang and they’re not any less

  66. vicky~~~~
    do it ASAP! hahaha..
    i tried voting with different ID and….
    it acctually worked!
    TVXQ is vote is doubled than baby now.
    we should try everything, many road lead to Rome

  67. Hey Vickie, Thanks for putting my Parody from Haru Haru on the website :D, much appreciation, ❤ Reincarnation6 ^_^

  68. wow vicky youre viet?
    wow weird cuz i am one too!
    CA baby!

  69. eeek.
    What happened to the parody, the one with the manliner?
    haha that was my favorite cant find it anymore.

  70. stina

    since olivia repost it again I just remove it
    but i think gdluvzmc post it a while back

  71. so hilarious! i love it!

  72. haha the parody was probably the best one i’ve seen so far 😀

  73. GD looks too freakin skinny. Its killing me.

  74. ha this is so funny ,
    oh and do you have to register to vote?
    or can i just click the vote sign?

  75. MAKNAE!!! So cuttteeee. <333333333

    I suddenly love him soo soooo sooo muuchhh! ):

    He looks so sad! Omg. He's so so so so so so so so so cute in haru haru.

    love you seungri!

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