081708 SBS Inkigayo: Haru Haru Performance

08.17.08 SBS Inkigayo
Haru Haru Performance
259 MB

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Don’t say I never warn yall. Baby looking mighty fine on top of that piano. Just the way I like it haha. Enjoy the HQness.

credit: Super Man Gerard. hahaha

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There should be a warning somewhere that says Baby’s gonna be sitting crossed leg on a piano, cause I almost didn’t catch a breath and die, will the piano be making appearance every performance?? I like it hehe. Red and Black… hot colors. There’s TOP wit those red gloves again haha, I like his fight with Bong at the begining haha, he perform during Uhm Jung Hwa’s DISCO today with hot hair haha, HOT, he even say “Happy Birthday to you” to UJH Happy Birthday to her!! . I guess they decide to stick with the 2nd choreography for Haru Haru? I like the 1st one better , but oh well, I’ll learn this one and learn to love it haha. Davinchi won Multizen Song, I was hoping the boy would but it’s only their 2nd week anyway, I’ll be rooting for them next week.

Anybody staying up to watch Family Outing? The preview look hilarious.

**EDIT: During the Multizen Song Award hahahahaha. Look at these dorks in the back got all excited because of the confetti



~ by Vicky on August 16, 2008.

114 Responses to “081708 SBS Inkigayo: Haru Haru Performance”

  1. damn VICKY our maknae is sOOO HOT in d beginning!!! I cant wait 2 download it n’ capture it!!! OMG…im dead..

  2. I’m the first to reply? SO cool! But I got to the performance too! I’m loving it, but Vicky, did you hear the fans chanting? Cuz I didn’t hear it or it is b/c they don’t have time? Yeah, baby seriously got us with his crossed legs agaiN! I think that piano will be on every single performance cuz it’s like the most important instrument to introduce the song, but Big Bang changes without notice…I think today’s choreography was CHANGED again from yesterday though! or it is just me?

    Yeah…I was disappointed that they didn’t win though but true…it’s only a week since their comeback, but on the other hand, we will get to see them performed more…

    I won’t be watching FO since I have school next week, got to get lots of sleep…


    wit his little red vest on and just sitting there……. oh my god.
    I feel my heart beat faster forreal

  4. Here’s another POS-Q video LOL

  5. n’ pardon 2 davinchi but who r they??? never heard of them…n’ YES i wanna watch family outing!!!

  6. darn..i missed it, i thought it was showing at 3:20pm korean time, which is around now? what time is family outing on?

  7. miss unknown

    They didn’t chant the whole thing, they only say “HARU HARU” I wonder why.. hmmm… maybe the whole name thing was a comeback special thing. I didn’t think the piano would be here this time since it’s such a hassle to have that for a live performance, thought it was only a comeback special thing, but HEYY~ I’m not complaining, as long as my man is sitting on that thing.. I’M SET!

    I have school monday and really should be switching back to normal sleeping schedule, i’m like dead right now cuz my mom wake me up at 9 PM to “eat noodles”… bad ones btw. No way am I ready for school monday, but who cares. anything for the boys

  8. Gerard

    ADDED IT!!
    I even give you a nick name now
    I came up with it with half my brain dead right now. how awsome am i? hahaha thanks

  9. Davichi? My wife Minkyung is in that group..


  10. J-G-RILEEN

    They’re a new group, their song is really good actually, it’s called “Love and War” you should give it a try, it’s a cute bubbly song, I like it, I have it in my iTunes, so I wasn’t surprise they win.

  11. Anna

    Because of the Olympic, the airing time for the shows isn’t on its normal time slot
    I tune in to wait ever since like 2 PM
    and according to SBS, they say Family Outing will be on at 5:20 PM today [KOREAN TIME]
    but totally recomend you tune in early just in case.

  12. Gerard

    kekekek married man

  13. ahh thanks vicky!!! by d way i noticed that our boyz seems tired 😦 ..ill go C it now “love and war”..

  14. yah davichi song is catchy n’ their dance is cute..tnx

    is GROWING..yay =]
    Still HOT!

  16. anyone have the ending of the show? cuz i swear BB dissapear as soon as the camera moved. >.< Gerard i’m stalking ur youtube 😀

  17. aww I was hoping they would go back to the first
    choreogprahy. IMO, the one leg up thing in the
    chorus looks a lil.. awkward. iono. I’ll try to
    get use to it.

    but wow I’m surprised our loves didn’t win.
    they’re #1 on every chart.. but then if they keep
    winning every week so early, we won’t have many
    Haru Haru performances.

  18. kimberly

    yea i feel the same about that leg part
    it does look awkward.
    but i’m sure if we give it some time, we’ll love it haha

    yea if they win 3 times then they won’t be performing on inkigayo anymore, and that will just sucks.
    so this is kinda a good thing somehow haha


  20. Gerard

    or unless you want it to be “Mr. Kang MinKyung”


  22. congratz to Davichi for winning…
    i was hoping our boys to win…
    it’s okay…there’s still next week..
    n yeah,de one leg up thingy was kinda awkward n hilarious…lol
    i wanna watch Family Outing!! but they are showing ping pong rite now…

  23. Gerard

    just putting it out there in case you want it that way ahahaha

  24. crystal199187

    Family Outing will be on in like an hour
    they’re recapping the Olympic right now

  25. vicky~ r u gonna upload the HQ of this performance? 😀

  26. ah what channel or website does family outing air on? what time?

  27. i agree eith i Vicky! there should be a warning about baby sitting on piano =p
    was so good their performance! i love the news mickey gloves that top is wearing! is so cute ^^ and it fits so well on him!
    n i think the choreogprahy of haru haru is kind funny =p is basically jumping hahaha
    and about Disco, TOP’s clothes…, i dont have words to say abou that XD but he was really handsome! and was funny when he said happy bday in korean matching with the beat of the song! and then in english was the cutest moment!!

  28. wanie-chan

    what makes you think I won’t? haha

  29. OMG, top and his ” ow,ow,ow ” Weirdo that guy haha.
    TOP in DISCO was awesome, He had the nicest outfit ever haha.
    I hope they finalise the dancing soon, haha.

  30. tinaxxe

    you can watch it on channel chooser, choose CJB SBS.
    It’ll be air in less than an hour

  31. okay top leaves me dying here omg T___T
    Red and black are really hot colors omg..
    i’m loving his red gloves lol..
    and baby’s shoes look HUGE hahahaa~~
    I’m falling in luv with him too~~~
    GD’s hair looks more natural now 🙂

  32. vicky…

    thanks! can’t wait to download it!

  33. does anyone notice how cute SR looks when he does his hand thingie at the end of each chorus? i die everytime he does that..

  34. Rawr.. I hope fofansubs uploads the episodes quickly.. I’m way behind lol..

  35. i like the leg thing. might be cause i watched the music core comeback like a million times!lol. i think the running thing took too much of their energy while singing. so it could be a good thing.

  36. wanie-chan

    and the way he turn his little body.
    so freaking adorable it’s amazing

  37. Gerard

    I laugh without knowing what the heck is going on anyway
    I’ve been watching korean variety show for too long now
    it’s growing on me, I can understand a good portion of it without sub.
    I just love korean variety show

  38. vicky…

    agreed! he’s so adorable… im gonna download every single haru haru performance so that i can feast my eyes on him..
    hee hee hee im evil…

  39. damn~!!
    those boys look hotter and hotter
    everytime i see them!

  40. that was… the longest show ever. it was draggin bb’s performance til forever.
    but yea.
    i was shocked davichi won, but they deserve it as well, that song is real dope.
    & at the end, even THEY were shocked they won, & she started crying… awww…
    suju singing about pajama parties. thank gosh i wasn’t listening all too carefully.

    btw vicky: i sent you an email; i hope you got it? if you did reply, i guess i didn’t get it, so mind emailing me at my yahoo address? thanks.

  41. Vicky

    I know it’s funny, but I like knowing EVERY SINGLE WORD that they say cause I’m weird like that lol.

  42. wanie-chan

    if you’re evil then what am i?
    wicked witch of the west??

  43. Hey Vicky
    Im sorry
    I keep reposting your things

    SORRYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I FEEL SOOOOOOOOO DUMB =(


    whats your email… hmm… why dont you email me first, funkyliv@gmail.com

    yes ^^ i know it is soo lame. =) i made it when i was 11. what do you expect? ><

  44. gdluvzmc

    I haven’t check my email yet, there’s like gazillion unchecked mails, that’ll take forever to look at
    I’ll do that in after I’m done with all this downloading/uploading stuff
    tvant is running so my computer is extrememly slow.

  45. Gerard

    I use to be like that
    but after a while I just get use to it

  46. olivia18888

    what do you need my email for?

  47. lmao at the intensive ping pong on the channel right now.


    Daesung did so good, I’m so proud of him ❤

  48. OMG dey didnt win but its ok lol
    dey will next week haha lol dis is cute
    haha n dang its soo hot lol haha

  49. gdluvzmc

    I zoom through the whole thing and found your email
    already reply back 🙂

  50. let us both be wicked witch.. then use magic to kidnap him
    that’ll be fun…
    can do lots of indecent things to him… *drools*

  51. SAY GOODBYE!!!!!

    awwww, I can’t believe I missed this XD I was falling asleep over A.I. hahah
    I love the performance, it was really fun to watch ^^ everyone looks so good and I’m starting to fall in love with GD’s hair even MORE MORE XD

  52. Seungri’s vocal is soo right that’s quite sexxy!
    I like the first dance wayyy better. CHANGE IT BACK!

  53. wanie-chan

    using magic for love won’t work
    … violent might hahahahaa
    let’s get a van and a bag and fly to korea haha

  54. Lita

    I was falling asleep during the whole Inkigayo, luckily I woke up during Davichi’s performance which was before Big Bang’s
    the other song put me to sleep, esepcially when i’m sleepy and sick.

  55. VI

    the way he sing “AH AH AH AH AH ~”
    …. kills me

  56. vicky

    idk why i’m freakin out right now.
    but i didnt get anything yet.
    7 more hours til baby’s bday & i havent got anything done yet. =\
    where’d u send it to?

  57. vicky

    lets do that.. hehe
    neway i gotta go… i’ve been infront of my pc for 10 hours now..

  58. gdluvzmc

    to your gmail address
    i just resend it

  59. yea! another amazing performance.
    LOL at the gifs. they are such DORKS. ADORABLE DORKS.
    esp jiyong in the first one u can see his head appear than dissapear. hahhahahaha.

  60. wanie-chan

    i would if i don’t feel like crap right now
    my mom feed me chinese food and i just throw up and completely feel like crap. HEADACHE!!

  61. Thanks for sharing.

    Is there any video of the award portion? I want to see the boys messing around in the back. lol

  62. gmail must really hate me right now.
    i’ve actually havent been getting emails today. which sucks!
    please send to my yahoo one?
    sorry to bug you vicky 🙂

  63. Here’s the slighty better version LOL

  64. Pinyourwings

    you can watch it here


  65. Gerard

    added it
    and i just read ur description box too
    check out my comment hahah

  66. i guess its just me…..
    but it says the video is private and i cant watch it ㅠㅠ

  67. ahahaha yeah! he’s the best 😀

  68. I’m so mad I missed this because of the change of time!!
    I only caught a glimpse of the last performance..well I only saw TOP for a few seconds then it started buffering..lol..

    I didn’t want to post because I was still angry..haha
    but then I saw your edit..and it made me laugh! :
    GD seems so happy! lol
    Gosh, they’re such dorks! I love them!

    BBisLUV 😀

  69. haha…our boys are such dorks…
    thanks Vicky….
    i’ll wait for an hour or so…

  70. brokenfruit

    there’s a new video that you can watch.. i took off the low quality one

  71. Gerard

    you may not notice this but he’s very very sexy too hahaha
    but i heard about his last win
    1/10 of a second??
    holy crap.

  72. Thanks Vicky!

    Gah, the boys are so adorable! I’m glad that even though they didn’t win, they’re still happy. Jiyong’s birthday is tomorrow, right (because Korea is one day ahead)? Happy Birthday, Jiyong. They definitely need to win Mutizen next week as a happy birthday gift/anniversary present. 🙂

  73. lol yeah.. 1/100 of a second

    Phelps – 50.58
    Other dude – 50.59


  74. hahaha thanx Vicky ^^ fewww the piano xDD!



    If you don’t already know..

    I really..


    love you LOL :]

  76. Gerard

    My dad and I was arguing, he say the other dude should’ve won but because he did’nt reach out his finger long enough.
    and i was like “nah phelps’s just awsome” haha

  77. Gerard

    you’re welcome my friend.
    don’t love me too much
    minkyung might get jealous. hjahaha

  78. i wanna watch the boys be dorks =]P i checked the link from the comments but the bbviproom page takes too long to load for me so i can’t view it TT^TT but is that multizen award video on youtube though?

  79. oh wow…. congrats to Davichi for winning.
    I expected Big Bang to win but Davichi’s song is extremely strong too. They just get Song Of The Month for last month. If Hyori didn’t make her comeback, i’m sure Davichi is now banned from Inkygayo due to the 3 wins rule and then, today, Big Bang will win. But since there is Hyori, Davichi’s win is delayed until now.

    J-G-RILEEN, you should def. check these girls out. They are like THE rookie of this year. They are cute, their songs are catchy, and they def. have the voice. One of my fav. new group this year.

    Our Big Bang will win next time though. I believe in our boys.
    However, I like the first dance better… the second dance seems a little ‘weird’ to me…

  80. aww that was a nice performance. :] i liked the little fighting thing at the beginning too! but i don’t really like the new choreo. :/

  81. oww thnx vicky you are awesome ^.^ oww and vicky, is it me or you dont love gd anymore xD and love baby so much?? ^.^ oww i hope they will win soon ^.^

  82. LOL @ them playing with confetti

  83. yea! another amazing performance.
    aigooooooo them playing with confetti haha i hope they will win soon

  84. is it just me or does baby get more and more breathtaking with every performance lately HEHE (:

  85. I’m gonna be completely honest. The choreography for the chorus is whackkk. It looks like an electric slide/chacha gone wrong. However, the rest of the performance was dope, and the vocals were on point ANDDDDD the little dance @ 2:05 is my absolutely favorite thing in this entire world.


  86. vicky

    to tell you i’m dumb

    i dont really need it
    i just thought it would be cool

    but you obviously don’t agree
    ahh well.

  87. oh yeah, and sorry that i posted the fan fiction thing in the wrong spot, i just thought people might see it more if i put it up on the main bit ok? i already said sorry that i repost your stuff… ITS ACCIDENTAL OK??? couldn’t you just say something like “hey, i already posted this…” or “hasn’t this one already been posted?
    ==” confused.”
    rather than… “the parody is already been posted and you can post the fanfic in the fanfin section of the site”


  88. I can’t believe that I slept and completely forgot about their performance. oh no no no what kind of fan I am. Red and black, very cool. I can’t wait to watch the HQ perf. The gifs, haha they’re so dorky, playing around even though they’re not the winner? I’m sure they’ll get plenty of awards with Haru Haru

  89. BBismyLife

    oh my god hahaha
    please don’t think that way
    i love bong to death
    there’s no comparison between the 2 okay haha
    i love them both equally

  90. olivia

    well no if you want it, you can just click “EDIT” on my comments
    and you’ll see it, I fill it out right there
    I just don’t wanna post it out to public cuz I’m worried that I’m gonna get a gazillion of spam mail haha
    and my inbox is already as crazy as it is

  91. olivia

    oh my god, don’t think that I hate you.
    if I did something to make misunderstood I’m sorry.
    I’m never good at being the serious one and tell you about how it’s alrady posted so that’s why i delete my commenta nd went back to remove the video from my post

    anyway, I send a email to your gmail account, but since gmail and yahoo doesn’t work well, I’m not sure if it’ll get through, but I hope you’ll get it.

  92. LOL at the top XD it looks like TOP’s pinching his nose
    awwwwww, get better soon ><

  93. Lita

    School is starting tomorrow
    I pick a GREAT day to be sick
    sometimes I amaze myself.

  94. Awww
    I watched this vid earlier but i didn’t watch the whole
    video. And now the video is not available? O_O
    oh I’ll download it anyways =D haha

  95. the GIFs are hilarious! 😛 I loved their performance 🙂

  96. Aww.
    😐 memory full?! How come 😦
    *sigh* I can watch this later i guess -. – * i hope*

  97. OMG! they look so hot~~~
    vicky, they won’t give any warning, coz they want fangirl to have that kind of reaction like u ^^
    i love their fight at the beginning too, 2 hot man with a fight aww~~~
    naw man… how could we think straigh of them but they won’t let us to?
    since this virus infected me, i found myself being like a ‘
    dirty old man’ hahaha…

    well at least you can spend all day at home celebrating bong’s birthday? ^^;;;;
    tomorrow’s the first day of school for me too >0<

  99. nya

    you are one
    we are all hahahaha

  100. lita

    nuh uh
    i gotta drag my butt to school even if i’m about to pass out
    ahh….. i hate school man

  101. AH, SERIOUSLY??? ahhh~ VICKY FIGHTING!!!!!!!! >O<

  102. LOL!!!!
    i was getting kinda freaked out about school but then i looked closely at those GIFs and saw GD grinning like an idiot at the confetti XD i laughed aloud and now i feel better~~~

  103. lita

    I’m not freak out about school.
    i just hate waking up early.
    i don’t see why we have to go to school anyway.
    i know how to read and write.. in 2 language, isn’t that more than enough? haha
    i even know the whole time table
    that’s a bonus

  104. vicky

    oww ^.^ lol i see :3 i love all too 🙂 thnx 4 reply ^.^ but when i saw you just talk about sr then i thougth that but now ok x3

  105. LMAO the confetti

  106. uhh the video is unavailable. it doesnt show up :[[

  107. babypan

    Gerard just add a HQ version of the performance

  108. Ooh, this version is SO GOOD!

    I loved the beginning because GD & Top were all up in each other’s faces like in the MV.

    And of course…Taeyang on the piano just killed me again.

  109. wow, thanks Vicky and Gerard!! we love you, coz we love bigbang , hehe !
    our boys looks so hyper as always, actually Im not a teenager..?! but i really addicted them 😉

  110. wow o.o the performance was hawt hawt! love the begginning fight…i seriously thought they were about to have a fight scene o.O im so stupid~~lol lookey at GD with the confetti xD

  111. I was sad that they didn’t win but oh well maybe next week. Whats up with TOP wearing gloves. Seung Ri looks so cute. I’m getting use to G-Dragon’s hair now.

  112. haha xD so funny!! ^^ enjoying the confetti! LOL

  113. unni..can you upload this to somewhere else?..ehe..it wont play..TT TT..huhuhu..i cant watch…thanks unni..

  114. the GIFs are hilarious! hahahahha!! i wanted to watch it….

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