Big Bang in Japan

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hahahaha… it’s been a WHILE… and LONG WHILE since I see Baby NOT wearing skinny jeans.. hehe it’s a cute change. Dae joined the rest in Japan at that time, wonder what so funny that leave Bong laughing his butt off and Baby in his little maknae world doing the Baby Baby Baby dance. haha. Bong’s new hair… make him look extra fine when he’s wearing a beanie. huh? And the Japanese fans gave him something Pussy Cat Doll related… wonder what it is. and oh yea! TOP’s jacket glow int he dark hahaha.

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~ by Vicky on August 16, 2008.

62 Responses to “Big Bang in Japan”

  1. awww….how adorable!!!!
    SUNDAE is so cute!!!
    i love TOP’s jacket! looks very good on him.
    and i’m curious as to why Ji is laughing so much. hehehe.
    maybe the host people were trying to do the dance behind the cams. heheheh.

  2. janie

    or maybe he was looking at Baby’s butt wearing those pants hahaha

  3. I soooooo wonder what’s in that PCD bag. x_x

  4. seungri’s pants crack me up haha!

  5. haha baby in his little world again…Jiyongi weh??? y laugh sO much??? awww i sOOO wanna know…every1 is SUPER HOT!!!

  6. CUTE & HOTT

  7. TOP looks cool and so cute. Love the last picture!

  8. BAby and his own little happy world ^^

  9. aww everyone is feeling bong’s love even taeyang is doing it to daedae ^^
    so o.o glow in the dark jacket! give me one!
    haha even in the dark he will light up the place xD

  10. i agree with vicki
    it bee a while since i saw Sr and TY wear something else beside skinny jeans
    n HHH
    my Bongie look sooo HOT!!

  11. LOL, why is GD dying of laughter in all of the pics?
    Aww, Seungri’s so cute…his shorts/pants/whatever are so cute.

  12. SR looks so cute wearing those pants!!

  13. LOL sr’s pants ❤ cutieee. makes him look youngerr
    yea, what’s in that PCD bag ? O__O

  14. i hate daesung !!!! he took GD away from seungri 😦 😦 ..why why why …

  15. Daaaaamn! YB is KILLIN me with those shades on ! 😯

    First & last pic are soo cute xD

  16. i agree with kiki
    g dragon and seungri are soulmates

  17. I love sundae moments. haha Actually I love it when YB shows an affection/bodily contact with other members!!

  18. GD’s so cute. actually they’re all cute :] i love sundae!! PCD BAG? rofl i wanna know whats insidee

  19. LMAO vicky! i guess he could be. hahhahahhaha.

  20. i love how top’s face is all
    “remind me why i hang with these kids?”
    in the second picture ❤

  21. Heheheh………TY giving Daesung this hug really is the BEST picture.

    And yeah, finally GD wore some normal pants.

  22. huh? i want to know what happened. why is he laughing and a gift from pcd?

  23. hahaha i like TOP’s jacket *O*
    and i wonder what’s that PCD bag ?? :S

  24. Pussy Cat Dolls… o.O Okay…. XD XD XD

  25. OMO TaeSung Momment *Heaven* LOL


  27. i bet the pcd bag is like a bday present for gd or something loll

  28. GD looks super hot~ Maknae looks so cute as always~ SunDae LOVE!! =D~ TOP is just standing there, but looking oh-so-fine~

  29. awww they are all so adorable! hehe

  30. nawws. seemed like they all missed daee. ;D
    ahh jiyongg is soooo cute<3 keeps laughing :]
    haha. seungri is so cute, i swear. he looks so cute in those pants. ;]

  31. aweee.. this is soo cutee..
    especially SR.. in his OWN little world hehee
    and TOP looking espcially HOT with daesung and GD hehe

  32. DAMMNNN YB!! Looking good as always, well they all do too. SUNDAE!! How CUTE/SEXY!. hahahah
    Good to see them laughing and having fun while they’re in Japan.

  33. Love TOP’s jacket
    looking fine as always
    they got me super obsessed 😛

  34. don’t hate daesung!!!!! hes adorable!!! <33

  35. I
    Tae-Dae LOVE<3333333333
    Tehehehe. =P

  36. they are all soo CUTE:D

  37. OMG Everybody looked so cute <3333

  38. GD looks so HOT! ❤
    haha, hes so cute, cracking up like crazy. 😀
    & Daesung looks really tall & hot! :p
    haha, the first pic looks so funny.
    TOP’s so calm! -0-
    Theyre such cuties! ❤

  39. Anybody has the timing for Inkigayo?

  40. wow they looked all so cute.
    top was awkward .. but this guy looks so calm.
    SR was enjoying in his little world, while dancing last farewell.
    GD was laughing so much, coz, SR or YB s dance??
    OOH, i like Dae, especially leg 😛
    YB looked relaxed//anyway , hot!

  41. love TOP’s jacket, looks good on him
    but i think his pants is too tight
    why Kwon leader laugh so hard? while TOP is so calm?
    there must be something really funny there
    shame we miss that funny part >,<

  42. LOL…BaeRi are doing the baby baby dance while G-Sung was laughing supper hard…so cute! SR is like the only person that is wearing comfortable pants…hahah…they all look so good! I wish we have a clip of this…Oh yea, SBS Inkigayo is on right now!!! If you want to watch BIg Bang performance & see who takes home the SBS mutizen, you must watch!!! I think that change the time b/c of the olympics…BUT GO WATCH NOW!

    how i wish a video for this event will be posted up soon T_T

    okay i spot an Aiba Masaki (from Jpop band Arashi) fan stuck at the back of the female host’s kimono (what a weird place to put it at >_>) in the PCD bag picture! multi-fandom for me! XD

  44. * (what a weird place to put it at >_> )

  45. OMG i miss seeing them

  46. oh no seung ri looks super cute in that pants..CUTE and ADORABLE xD xD
    Love gd’s outfit..the colourful top matches perfectly with his skinnies :p and dae looks so buff omg..
    hotness overload!!

  47. awww i love the first picture! eee they look good.

  48. Baby look’s so cute in the first picture!
    The little maknae boy!

  49. i actually really like SR’s pants ._.
    wonder where he got them; looks sick

  50. TOP IS SO CUTE. he looks like he’s just kind of hanging back. lol. and i love his vest.
    the last picture is so cute!! AHH they ALL look so cute!! :] except… what is mangnae wearing?? he doesn’t match the rest of them. he looks like he just rolled out of bed! lol!
    VICKY leave him alone! 😀

  51. cut and hot i like RIRI’S PANTS YB and DAEDAE aigooooooooooo kiawa kiawa

  52. orororo

    it’s not my fault that he enjoy it too much

  53. wohhh, i wanna know the present. maybe they were pussycat DOLLS, bwahahaha. i crack me up. no not really, i’m just freakishly hyper.

  54. seungri look so so adorable..i just wanna squeeze him ahaha
    theyre all so cuteee

  55. AHH!! CUTE 😀 lol its PCD :O

  56. Damn GD face is red haha. Aw Seung Ri is all the way in the corner. TOP seems to be like wtf are you guys doing.

  57. awh.
    baedae so cute =)

  58. i love the last pic! hahaha.

  59. AWW i love it 🙂

  60. i definitely agree with ‘CherrylovesYB’ and ‘snookie831’…
    YB looks really hot with those shades and i like it when he shoes affection to the other band member like the time when he hugged Mangnae when they won Song of the year award.

    I love the first and the last picture…

  61. HAAAAAAAAAY, you know yong yong.. you look cuuter with those kind of jeans :3 VERY VERYYY hooot(; aaahw ! the… uuhhmmmm daebae pic ! lol ! that sounds cuuuute.. daebae ❤

  62. People are just going wow over Seung-ri pants, lol. They look like sweats to me, lol. That is all, he is just wearing something comfortable, lol.

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