dont touch my butt!

Yes, another Haru haru parody.. i can’t get over these things; I cry when I watch the MV and then crap myself laughing at these things.

TEHEHE “You didn’t just touch me; that was statutory rape

Oh yeah, that one’s a bit dirty too =) ^^

Oh yes, fanfictions fanfictions;

On soompi I have discovered my love for a writer called… dun dun dah… orangebubbles

[one-shot] Facebook Status, Seunghyun Choi is no longer listed as “single” 

Hello There, ft. BigBang;

Awkward Turtles, ft. BigBang; feb17

Day Dream, ft. BigBang; apr8

[one-shot] The Perfect Sandwich, ft Teddy and GD

And another random one-shot:

Lol yes now to my annoyance I get this message:


“ Daily Maintenance

Please be patient as we complete our daily maintenance. This process should take no more than 30 minutes. Thank You. ”

grrr. ><  anyhow, read, enjoy and don’t forget to comment … writers hate silent readers.

Edit: OOPS!!!!!!!!! SORRY VICKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ALWAYS REPOST YOUR THINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM SUCH AN IDIIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


~ by 수현 on August 16, 2008.

25 Responses to “dont touch my butt!”

  1. already posted?

  2. what? TOP has a gf? ooh, im very happy and very sad at the same time.. lol

  3. who is TABI?

  4. omo so funny like it

  5. haha
    i love that first oneshot!!

  6. lol funny! lol good one!

  7. hasn’t this one already been posted?
    ==” confused.

  8. ha ha haha
    it’s so so funny

  9. ooh fanficcccccssss haha
    beijing fried rice xD

  10. Lols
    i love these parody
    they’re so funny

  11. vicky already posted this …

  12. lol vivky already posted this but im fine watching it again ^^

  13. *vicky

  14. There is a new version up!!


  15. hahah ohmo. this cracked me up 😀

  16. i already saw this parody xDDD! i will watch again 😛

  17. I’ve already read alll those fanfics >.< But they’re really good, I loved the Facebook one and Day Dream and…omg if I start I can’t stop.

    I already saw the parody a while back too, it was hilarious =)

  18. olivia

    oh my god, don’t think that I hate you.
    if I did something to make misunderstood I’m sorry.
    I’m never good at being the serious one and tell you about how it’s alrady posted so that’s why i delete my commenta nd went back to remove the video from my post

    anyway, I send a email to your gmail account, but since gmail and yahoo doesn’t work well, I’m not sure if it’ll get through, but I hope you’ll get it.

  19. puwahahahaha hilarious!

  20. That was funny xD

  21. I love all those fanfic ^^
    I saw 1 fanfic bout GD being a player! OMG!!
    I havent read it all yet >_<
    even my chapter 1 not finish yet lmao…

  22. lmao this was so funny >_<

  23. HAHA. This is my favorite one.

  24. I’m at an internet cafe’ so I’m trying not to laugh or cry ^^ I couldn’t help having some tears and couldn’t help giggling a bit ^^ I bet idf there were no subs I would would be crying outloud! At first I thought that was what they were really saying!!! hehe..silly me!

    Anywayz love it! Can’t wait till’ it comes on TV in Thailand and Laos ^^

  25. […] public links >> dun dont touch my butt! Saved by BierceTzara on Wed 05-11-2008 cheer up cheer up.. 😀 Saved by HannahDora on Tue […]

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