BBFansite Editors Please Read! Important!

An Admin (마시멜로) from BBVIPZ sent me a memo about VIDEO DISTRIBUTION AT OUR SITE.

As i mentioned it before, anything taken out from BBVIPZ, U MUST ASK FOR PERMISSION. Once ur granted with the permission, then u can only POST IT HERE. ESPECIALLY TAKING VIDEO(s) OUT FROM BBVIPZ, please ask permission to the original uploader first before redistributing the videos with DOWNLOAD LINKS.

Train VZ (Admin) mentioned that In Korea, there can be problems when someone redistributes videos by providing download links of self-encoded videos to other websites without permission. This is different from usual video scraps using youtube and such. They understand that it is hard for foreign fans to ask for permission for every videos, but they would really appreciate your cooperation on this matter. Please understand that VIPZ takes the redistributing problem seriously. You can always redistribute videos after you get permission .


WE ARE VERY THANKFUL TO VIPZ BECAUSE MOST OF THE INFORMATION ON BIGBANG, COMES FROM BBVIPZ is easily accessible for anyone eventhough ur not a member to compare to other sites. Let us give them the same respect and some gratitude as they have given it to us.

Editors/Admins, please do the necessary. Thank you and so very sorry that i have to post this on this wonderful day (GD’s Bday).  



~ by Momo on August 17, 2008.

5 Responses to “BBFansite Editors Please Read! Important!”

  1. Oh Wow…Thanks for the warning/bad things
    but it’s okay because we need to know too
    Yay! =] Happy Birthday Kwon,JiYong!
    i love him, Lols; but yea thanks :]

  2. aaawww! GUILTY! but just a little! thanks for the info though!

  3. ditto! Thanks for the heads-up.

  4. I didn’t know that it wasn’t allowed to do that.
    Uhm..where can I ask the permission?

  5. I will check on every vids b4 i put em up Momo ^^
    thanks 4 da info :3

    P/s : I din kno it was illegal till Momo post this up >_<Y

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